Thursday, 2018-05-24

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ktibimgoddard, this is the version support by redhat
ktibiI think it's the best version for centos host08:39
mgoddardthat is not the one installed by kolla, right?08:44
ktibino kolla install docker-engine 1.12.608:48
ktibimgoddard, and the package is update : last build 2018-05-1808:49
mgoddardi guess it's heavily patched?08:50
ktibimgoddard, kayobe overcloud service destroy will destory volumes ?08:50
ktibiI try to downgrade docker to 1.13.1 whitout lost data08:51
ktibifor me I remove all containers, remove docker-ce, install docker 1.13 and redeploy. I think I keep volume data no ?08:52
mgoddardyou'll have to check kolla, I think it does destroy volumes08:52
mgoddarddocker stop $(docker ps -q); docker rm $(docker ps -aq)08:52
mgoddardthat will work08:53
ktibimgoddard, yes I think fail for mariadb08:57
ktibibut I can fix with manual action08:57
mgoddardthat's an odd one. you sure that globals.yml has been regenerated?09:49
mgoddardneed to include localhost in --limit09:49
ktibiyes I use without tag09:49
ktibierror is in during deploy on fresh host09:50
ktibiThe error was: 'dict object' has no attribute 'ipv409:50
ktibibecause now I use breth5 so yes eth5 doesn't have IP09:50
ktibiMay 24 11:19 ../kayobe-config/etc/kolla/globals.yml09:50
ktibiyes file is regenerate09:50
ktibimgoddard, so strange because kolla_external_vip_interface and kolla_dns_interface have same value in kolla-ansible.yml09:58
mgoddardare you sure you're not overriding it in etc/kayobe/kolla/globals.yml?09:59
ktibino but in kayobe/kolla.yml ><09:59
ktibisometimes I want to leave my job and go in my bed !10:00
mgoddardgood idea10:01
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/kayobe master: Update kayobe-config repo URL to openstack/kayobe-config
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openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/kayobe master: Fix Ansible warnings for use of until with {{ }}
openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/kayobe master: Add the storage group to the inventory
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