Monday, 2018-06-04

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openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/kayobe master: Enable iPXE boot in ironic
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ktibiHi mgoddard13:21
mgoddardhi ktibi o/13:21
ktibiso good meetings last week ?13:21
mgoddardyes, interesting13:22
mgoddardtalking about tripleo :)13:23
ktibiho with redhat ?13:23
mgoddardhad to leave my kayobe hat at the door13:23
mgoddardno, a customer13:23
mgoddardhow are you?13:23
ktibiI hope you removed that idea from his head13:24
ktibiyes good, I finish my docker upgrade, 17.05 -> 17.12.1 and now I works on openstack update (minor)13:24
mgoddardno, they have good reasons to go with tripleo13:24
mgoddardso not using the rh one?13:25
ktibimgoddard, yes, I talked with Jeffrey and for him, kolla should work with docker-ce13:29
ktibibut I have issues with upgrade. Container fail to start with "open /dev/console: input/output error"13:29
ktibiNeed to reboot the node and the container can start13:29
ktibiI don't know if it's because I use a virtualised plateform for my test (with QEMU)13:30
ktibiI'll test an upgrade with a physical node soon.13:30
ktibimgoddard, I have question for you13:36
ktibiI don't know why, but kolla install SDK python on my node with 2.4.2 version13:37
ktibiBUT ! kolla use latest version13:37
ktibiI need to make a "pip install -U docker"13:38
ktibifor 2.4.2 ==> 3.X.X13:38
ktibivery strange :/13:38
mgoddardhmm, not sure13:39
mgoddardare you using virtualenv?13:39
ktibibecause with docker 17.12.1 I need to have last python docker package. Without that, kolla fail to deploy (issue with docker API)13:40
mgoddardhmm, not sure about that one13:40
mgoddardah, could be upper-constraints?13:41
ktibimgoddard, what's an upper-constraints ?13:45
mgoddardfrom the requirements repo13:45
ktibiin kolla ?13:45
mgoddardglobal openstack requirements13:46
ktibibut why we use that for kolla ? ><13:46
mgoddardso that new python packages don't break old releases13:47
ktibican't be override ?13:47
mgoddardyes - kolla_upper_constraints13:47
mgoddardyes - kolla_upper_constraints_file13:48
ktibineed to copy all file in this vars ?13:52
mgoddardit may work without it13:52
mgoddardbut you will be at risk when python packages change13:53
mgoddardor you can modify the file13:53
ktibiok so need to add tje file in kayobe-config13:53
ktibiand modify docker version13:54
mgoddardyes, might work13:54
ktibimgoddard, do you think kayobe for queens is ready ?14:31
mgoddardI hope so, we're about to deploy it :)14:32
ktibifresh or upgrade ?14:36
ktibiok you can do it :D14:37
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openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed openstack/kayobe master: Add Dell PowerConnect switch support
openstackgerritKevin Tibi proposed openstack/kayobe master: Add some regex for build image
openstackgerritKevin Tibi proposed openstack/kayobe master: Add some regex for build image
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