Monday, 2019-03-04

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mgoddard#startmeeting kayobe14:00
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mgoddard#topic rollcall14:00
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mgoddard#topic agenda14:02
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mgoddard* Roll-call14:02
mgoddard* Announcements14:02
mgoddard** Denver summit forum CFP is open until March 8th14:02
mgoddard* Discussion14:02
mgoddard** Denver forum topic brainstorming
mgoddard** Introducing the Kayobe whiteboard
mgoddard** Stein release planning
mgoddard* Open Discussion14:02
mgoddard#topic announcements14:02
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mgoddard#info Denver summit forum CFP is open until March 8th14:02
mgoddardIt's the Stein feature freeze this week. Given that we don't yet have any Stein features, I don't think we'll observe14:03
mgoddard#info Stein feature freeze this week14:03
mgoddardhi dougsz14:04
mgoddardAny other announcments?14:04
priteauThe freeze is only for official projects following the cycle-with-rc model14:05
dougszCongrats on the superuser article:
mgoddardLet's move on14:06
mgoddard#topic Denver forum topic brainstorming
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mgoddardAt the Denver summit, we'll have a chance to propose topics for the forum. The deadline it 8th March14:07
mgoddardwe can use the above etherpad to brainstorm topics14:08
mgoddardWe had a combined user feedback and roadmap session last time14:08
mgoddardIt worked quite well, although it was a bit of a squeeze to cover both sides of it14:09
mgoddardFeedback was definitely valuable14:09
mgoddardAnyone have other ideas for things to discuss? Did that format work well (for those who attended)?14:10
dougszWorked well for me14:10
priteauI think it worked well. I agree that user feedback is the most important, if there is not enough time roadmap discussion can be done somewhere else14:11
mgoddardverdurin: pescobar: ktibi: hi, we're currently in the kayobe IRC meeting, discussing the Denver summit forum topics for Kayobe. Since you attended the last one, please update if you have any ideas for topics to discuss, or feedback on how we could improve based on the last one14:13
ktibimgoddard, sorry, what is the channel for meeting ?14:14
mgoddardUnless we see any bright ideas in the next few days, I guess we should stick to the script14:14
mgoddardktibi: you're in it! (this one)14:14
ktibiho god. sorry for that ^^14:14
mgoddardno problem!14:14
mgoddardLet's move on14:15
mgoddard#topic Introducing the Kayobe whiteboard
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mgoddardI created another etherpad, this time for our whiteboard14:16
mgoddardIt's based on the idea used by ironic for planning, prioritising, etc. and is a key part of each meeting14:16
priteauNice idea14:17
mgoddardSo far I've added links to the status page for each release, current CI status, planning docs, review priorities and feature status14:18
mgoddardIt only works if we keep it relatively up to date :)14:18
mgoddardNormally in ironic a few key people try to keep it update day to day, but most people just update their feature status prior to each meeting14:19
mgoddardA key part of it is review priorities - what should reviewers be focussing on this week?14:19
mgoddardso a section of each meeting should be agreeing on those priorities14:20
mgoddardbecause we're at the start of a release, I couldn't see anything of particularly high priority, but if anyone has a patch they'd like eyes on, feel free to add it14:21
mgoddardalso, if you're working on a feature, please add it to the feature status. I think we can stick to the larger features for this to avoid too much overhead14:21
mgoddardAny questions?14:22
priteauThere are only a few patches on the kayobe project currently. I need to rework mine to integrate feedback.14:22
mgoddardYes, we put in a good effort at the end of Rocky which cleared the backlog nicely14:23
mgoddardOnwards and upwards14:24
ktibiI'll test upgrade Q=>R soon. A lot of path under approach14:25
mgoddardktibi: great, look forward to your feedback14:25
mgoddard#topic Stein release planning
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mgoddardWe're getting pretty close to the OpenStack Stein release now. I think if we're going to stay close it's going to need to be a small one for us14:26
mgoddardKolla plan is to feature freeze in 3 weeks14:26
mgoddardor rather during the week of March 18th - 21st14:27
mgoddardwhat we might want to consider is a small initial Stein release, then some other feature releases14:28
mgoddard(against Stein)14:28
ktibithe goal is to sync kayoB release with kolla ?14:28
mgoddardktibi: ideally14:29
mgoddardktibi: or at least at a similar time14:29
mgoddardso we should probably have a feature freeze at a similar time, agree?14:30
ktibior maybe one more week14:31
ktibiif we want to add feature about the last kolla feature14:32
mgoddard#info Kayobe feature freeze 25th - 29th March14:32
mgoddardthat gives us 2 weeks until the Stein release. Normally kolla should be 1-2 weeks after that14:33
mgoddardif we branch stable/stein then we can continue feature development on master14:34
mgoddardthere are a couple of issues with the patch to move to stein currently, so we'll need to resolve those14:34
mgoddardI think both may actually be kolla-ansible issues14:34
mgoddardI think that's all on Stein, unless anyone has any more?14:35
mgoddard#topic open discussion14:36
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mgoddardAnyone have anything else to discuss?14:36
mgoddardOk. Have a nice day everyone14:37
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priteauThanks everyone14:38
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