Tuesday, 2019-04-30

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codrcodzhey folks. i'm at summit and looking forward to your workshop. quick question: have you guys done any testing with customizing kolla-ansible to use kata as the docker container runtime for increased isolation of services?16:34
jovial[m][m]codrcodz: I don't think anyone has tried that yet16:36
codrcodzsounds neato though right? :-)16:37
codrcodzthat might make upgrades a bit more reliable since you won't be sharing a kernel with the host OS anyone. It decouples the two even more.16:38
jovial[m][m]it does, would it still work with host mode networking and privileged containers though? I think a lot of the benefit of using docker is just for dependency isolation.16:38
jovial[m][m]Mark Goddard will probbaly have a better answer than me though :)16:40
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