Monday, 2019-05-13

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openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed x/kayobe master: Support arbitrarily named Docker drivers
openstackgerritMark Goddard proposed x/kayobe master: WIP: Switch default docker storage driver to overlay2
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mgoddard#startmeeting kayobe14:01
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mgoddard#topic rollcall14:01
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mgoddardHello o/14:01
priteauHi \o14:02
dougszhey there14:04
radekshi there \o14:04
mgoddardhi radeks :)14:04
mgoddard#topic agenda14:04
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mgoddard* Roll-call14:05
mgoddard* Announcements14:05
mgoddard* Review actions from last meeting14:05
mgoddard* Kayobe whiteboard
mgoddard* Discussion14:05
mgoddard** Stein release planning
mgoddard** Train summit summary14:05
mgoddard** Kayobe seeking official status14:05
mgoddard** Github repo mirroring14:05
mgoddard** Bug review & squash14:05
mgoddard* Open Discussion14:05
mgoddardNo announcements today, unless someone has any14:05
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mgoddardhi jovial[m]14:06
jovial[m]have we started?14:07
mgoddardAlso no action items to review14:07
mgoddard#topic Kayobe dashboard14:07
*** openstack changes topic to "Kayobe dashboard (Meeting topic: kayobe)"14:07
mgoddardWe have a CI failure on master currently in the seed upgrade job14:08
mgoddardIt appears to be something to do with mariadb in bifrost14:08
mgoddardjovial[m]: has kindly offered to look into it14:08
mgoddard#action jovial[m] to investigate seed upgrade job failure14:08
mgoddardmoving onto review priorities14:09
jovial[m]I wish there was an easy way to run a zuul playbook to recreate :(14:09
jovial[m]does everyone else just run the stuff manually? or am I doing something wrong?14:09
radeksthe same question here14:10
mgoddardjovial[m]: there aren't too many commands to run thanks to the scripts in dev/14:10
mgoddardI believe the zuul team are adding that feature14:10
mgoddardupgrades are a bit more challenging to run14:11
jovial[m]Ok, I will proceed manually and eagerly await that feature :)14:11
mgoddardit's a good opportunity to get to know what the CI tests are doing :)14:11
mgoddard#topic Stein release14:14
*** openstack changes topic to "Stein release (Meeting topic: kayobe)"14:14
mgoddardIIRC there was a problem with bifrost last time I looked at this14:15
mgoddardIt needs a bit of time spent to work out what's going on. Hopefully otherwise it's close14:15
mgoddardWe have a few patches open now, I guess we need to decide what makes the release soon14:16
jovial[m]always the bifrost ;-)14:16
mgoddardyeah :(14:16
priteauI am afraid I haven't had time to look again at my Cumulus patch :(14:17
mgoddardHopefully there will be time before release14:17
mgoddard#topic Train summit summary14:18
*** openstack changes topic to "Train summit summary (Meeting topic: kayobe)"14:18
mgoddardI sent that to the list14:18
mgoddardthat's the Etherpad from the feedback session14:18
mgoddardwe had quite a few people involved, and the main concerns seemed to be around documentation14:19
priteauNice to see Cody was there14:19
mgoddardI think at that stage of the summit I was a little fried, so perhaps didn't get the most out of the crowd14:20
mgoddardstill, some good points in there14:20
mgoddardThe workshop went well, and the room was packed14:20
mgoddardSome familiar faces, and some new14:21
mgoddardHopefully we planted a seed for some people14:21
mgoddard(pun not intended)14:21
mgoddardAny questions?14:21
mgoddard#topic Kayobe seeking official status14:22
*** openstack changes topic to "Kayobe seeking official status (Meeting topic: kayobe)"14:22
mgoddardI think its time for us as a project to seek official status14:23
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mgoddardwe're pretty stable, and have a good user base14:23
mgoddardthere are a few options14:23
mgoddard1. a new deliverable of the kolla project14:23
mgoddard2. an official OpenStack project14:24
mgoddard3. a top level OpenStack foundation project14:24
mgoddardthe first requires buy in from the kolla team14:24
priteauThe third option, is this like Airship?14:24
mgoddardpriteau: yes14:25
mgoddardit's not clear to me that there's enough overlap with kolla contributors right now for 1., but we could propose it14:25
mgoddard2 vs 3 would probably be a question for OpenStack TC/board folk14:26
priteauThe 2nd option is well documented. Not sure how people end up in the 3rd.14:26
mgoddardwe're fairly tied to OpenStack right now, so it seems a logical association14:26
dougszI suppose 1. might be awkward for the potential OSA support that was hinted at14:26
mgoddard1 is easiest - kolla team votes, similar to Tenks14:27
dougsz(if it ever gets implemented)14:27
dougszOpenStack Ansible14:27
mgoddarddougsz: its a fair point. It was just an idea but might be worth keeping in mind14:27
mgoddardit didn't have any immediate interest so probably won't happen right now14:28
dougszPersonally, it would be nice to remove some of the boiler plate with closer integration of Kayobe with KA14:28
mgoddarddougsz: got an example?14:29
jovial[m]the double templating?14:29
dougszInventory files, config14:29
mgoddardwould be nice14:30
mgoddardI think there will always be those who want a separate kolla-ansible though14:30
mgoddardwe could consider other ways of adding kayobe's config knowledge into a more vanilla kolla config14:31
mgoddardideas on a postcard please14:32
mgoddardI think we've drifted a bit. Good topic though14:32
mgoddard#topic Github mirroring14:32
*** openstack changes topic to "Github mirroring (Meeting topic: kayobe)"14:32
mgoddardGithub mirroring to was broken by the switch to opendev, since kayobe is now x/kayobe14:33
mgoddardthis means we have a stale mirror14:33
mgoddardand it will only get more stale14:33
jovial[m]kill with fire?14:33
mgoddardInfra offer to archive the repo, although I assume you'd still be able to clone it so that might not help that much14:34
mgoddardThey can also move it to another org, e.g. kayobe/kayobe14:34
mgoddardI've hesitated with this due to the official project bid, which could move us back to openstack/kayobe :)14:34
jovial[m]do you own the kayobe namespace?14:35
priteauIt could take a while to become official, IIRC there's a discussion with the TC which could take time to schedule.14:35
mgoddardapparently someone else does14:35
jovial[m]if they haven't used it in ages you can ask github to transfer it14:35
jovial[m]maybe we can even keep the logo ;-)14:36
priteauJoined GitHub on May 23, 201714:36
priteauNo public activity since14:36
mgoddardwhat should we do?14:37
mgoddardwe have updated docs to use opendev14:37
johnthetubaguyfor reference on the TC discussions:
priteaumgoddard: I think it's worth asking GitHub about the kayobe username. It might not take long and then people who want to use GitHub will still be able to do so.14:38
priteauUntil we move back to openstack/kayobe if the official project process is successful14:39
jovial[m]how would we keep the mirror in sync?14:39
mgoddardpriteau: true. There's probably a bit of work in setting up a mirror sync job14:39
mgoddardhopefully openstack/kayobe would redirect to kayobe/kayobe, and then support removing the redirection14:39
johnthetubaguyFWIW, there seemed to be lots of folks saying, I want kolla but I wish it did the base install the triple-o can14:40
mgoddardI think that's a good argument for being part of kolla14:40
jovial[m]if you move a repository on github the old link redirects to the new one - so, does that mean would still work?14:40
mgoddardwe have the PTG on 28th & 29th May, I'm going to bring it up then14:41
johnthetubaguyI wonder if its worth having a vote, noting that the failure means you consider being a top level openstack project under the TC?14:41
mgoddardjohnthetubaguy: vote on what, and by who?14:42
johnthetubaguyoops, I meant kolla core voting on kayboe joining kolla, a bit like tenks14:42
mgoddardright, thats what we would have to do. Want to test the water first though14:43
johnthetubaguymakes sense14:44
mgoddardI'm getting the impression people think we should try to grab the kayobe org, is that right?14:45
mgoddard#action mgoddard to enquire about kayobe org on github14:46
mgoddard#topic Bug review & squash14:46
jovial[m]I quite like our slick new x/kayobe branding14:46
*** openstack changes topic to "Bug review & squash (Meeting topic: kayobe)"14:46
mgoddardI was thinking we ought to have a bug review & squash session14:47
mgoddardperhaps an hour or two to review open bugs, then some more time spent on sharing some out and squashing them14:47
mgoddardany takers?14:47
mgoddardjust me then :)14:48
jovial[m]I'll be up for squashing some :D14:48
priteauSounds like a good idea, at least making sure all the bugs on Storyboard are still valid14:48
mgoddardit's not the most exciting job, but it is important14:49
mgoddard#action mgoddard to schedule bug review and squash session14:50
mgoddard#topic open discussion14:50
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: kayobe)"14:50
mgoddardAnyone have anything?14:50
mgoddardkayobe-seed-upgrade-centos : SUCCESS in 1h 01m 34s14:50
mgoddardEither the seed upgrade job is just flakey, or it is now fixed...14:50
mgoddardThanks for attending everyone14:52
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jovial[m]so I think you are right about the seed job having fixed itself, but it now looks like we have an issue with tenks' `exceeded retry limit of 15 whilst waiting for resources to become available` - seen that twice now16:47
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mgoddardlooks like the seed upgrade job is working again, but Tenks is now failing while waiting for resources in placement :/17:31
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openstackgerritMerged x/kayobe stable/rocky: Prevent use of KVM for Tenks VMs in CI
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