Friday, 2015-02-20

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stevemarlhcheng, uhhh that is reaching far into my memory banks00:10
stevemarlhcheng, i wouldn't be surprised if that isn't an issue any longer00:11
lhchengstevemar: I can still add invalid user_id into the role assignment API00:12
lhchengstevemar: could be by design to supported federation?00:12
stevemarlhcheng, yeah, that's what i'm wondering00:12
openstackgerritIan Cordasco proposed openstack/oslo.policy: Add Rules.from_dict classmethod
stevemarlhcheng, for federation they will inherit roles from groups, so it doesn't apply there00:12
stevemarlhcheng, i'm wondering about the tokenless auth stuff... and keberos00:13
stevemarcause they will perform an identity lookup00:13
stevemarso maybe yeah, you could put the check back00:13
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lhchengstevemar: I put the patch back up and wait to see the reviewer's feedback :P00:14
stevemarlhcheng, good call00:15
lhchengstevemar: hmm since the patch is abandoned by the owner, I can re-open it right?00:15
stevemarlhcheng, i'll reopen it00:15
lhchengstevemar: thank you sir!00:16
stevemarlhcheng, reopened sir00:16
stevemarno no, thank you for fixing it00:16
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gyeemarekd, jamielennox, samueldmq_, back00:31
gyeetoo many meetings today00:31
jamielennoxneedscoffee: so i made openstackci a maintainer for -kerberos and -federation, any idea if it's going to work now?00:32
needscoffeejamielennox, not sure, going to chase jeblair down or mordred00:32
needscoffeeand/or clarkb et al00:32
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: Move eventlet server options to a config section
openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: Regenerate sample config file
gyeejamielennox, you have a new patch for nova-neutron?00:38
jamielennoxgyee: it's going to take a while to get the requirements filtered through00:38
gyeei c00:38
jamielennoxbut i guess it'll pass gate now so i can at least rev it in preperation00:38
gyeejamielennox, but you'll need to refactor it to take out the adapter hack right?00:39
jamielennoxgyee: yea, but that's pretty trivial00:39
gyeeyeah seem like it00:39
openstackgerrittakehirokaneko proposed openstack/keystone: Adds a validation param "max_username_size".
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openstackgerritPriti Desai proposed openstack/keystone: Fix for listing role assignments by project admin
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harlowjawould the keystone folks mind writing/looking @ and i'd be cool to get your guys thoughts on the WSGI part there (maybe even a little user-story for how keystone made this possible)01:51
harlowja^ would be much appreciated01:51
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/keystone: Avoid multiple instances for a provider
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/keystone: Enable endpoint_policy, endpoint_filter and oauth by default
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.policy: Fix the order of args to assertEqual in tests
openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.policy: Use assertTrue or assertFalse where appropriate
openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.policy: Add Rules.from_dict classmethod
openstackgerritJamie Lennox proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient: Allow passing logger object to request
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gyeejamielennox, looks like the new neutronclient broken something?03:09
jamielennoxgyee: i think it's just related to the icehouse dependency list03:10
jamielennoxthey're up to 2.3.11 or something stupid - the client was pinned <2.403:10
jamielennoxmight be time they bumped the minoir03:10
gyeeharlowja, keystone runs in apache2 so we are not impacted by eventlet stuff right?03:11
harlowjagyee i think so; but the experiences of the keystone folks with this might be useful to document03:12
harlowjaand/or include in that spec03:12
gyeejamielennox, ouch, yeah, time to bump version03:12
gyeeharlowja, ah ok03:13
gyeejamielennox, I like the ML sequence, 1) yeah we have a new neutronclient, 2) kudos, 3) oh shit something break03:14
jamielennoxgyee: haven't actually seen the ML03:14
jamielennoxgyee: i got notified that launchpad had closed a couple of my bugs03:14
gyeeseem like an old movie scene keep repeating itself :)03:15
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/keystone: Use oslo.policy instead of incubated version
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: Provide additional detail if OAuth headers are missing
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/keystone: Use oslo.policy instead of incubated version
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/keystone: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/keystone: Use oslo.policy instead of incubated version
openstackgerritAbhishek Kekane proposed openstack/keystone: Eventlet green threads not released back to pool
haneef_jamielennox: Any comment n this issue:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1423660 in python-keystoneclient "keystoneclient password plugin reports "user-name" as parameter but only usern" [Undecided,New]07:09
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openstackgerritJamie Lennox proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient: Make executable
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystonemiddleware: Updated from global requirements
jamielennoxhaneef_: so user-name won't work from CONF file, it would have to be user_name07:13
jamielennoxhowever that should work07:13
jamielennoxoh - you did that07:13
jamielennoxhaneef_: umm i'm just running out, is where the work happens07:14
jamielennoxthe user_name opt has dest=username, so it should be set on CONF.keystone_authtoken.username07:14
jamielennoxso by the time load_from_options() is called username= will be the kwargs07:15
haneef_Shouldn't stevedore report username as param in this case.  Confusion happens because stevdore reports the param name as user-name07:16
jamielennoxright, i made username the deprecated version07:16
jamielennoxmaybe i shouldn't have, but there was already project_name domain_name etc07:16
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haneef_yes. user_name is more consistent07:17
jamielennoxhaneef_: i'll have to look more closely on monday07:20
jamielennoxuser_name is really the only option we have at the moment that has a deprecated version so its possibly it slipped through07:20
jamielennoxhowever I'm sure i had that all tested to make sure the deprecations were being handled correctly.07:20
jamielennoxhaneef_: i've got to run - post on the bug if you figure out what's happening07:21
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystonemiddleware: Move auth_token into its own folder
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: Imported Translations from Transifex
openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/keystone: Use oslo.policy instead of incubated version
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Akshikim getting "Target WSGI script '/var/www/cgi-bin/keystone/main' cannot be loaded as Python module" while configurin federation for keystone any help, i followed, im using icehouse on ubuntu 12.0408:50
Akshiki have the downloaded the and has created the link as well and even tried giving 777 permission08:53
Akshikany help would be of much help08:54
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: Remove duplicated test for get_role
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openstackgerrithenry-nash proposed openstack/keystone: Refactor domain specific loading
openstackgerritMarek Denis proposed openstack/keystone: Ehncance user identification in mapping engine
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samueldmqhenrynash, looking at the data-driven chain10:34
henrynashsamueldmq: ok10:34
samueldmqhenrynash, in general, looks really good to me ... any improvements (if any) could come after ... if we go for adopting that approach for all backends and then putting creating generic, etc10:35
henrynashsamueldmq: yes, I agree - we could use this approach a lot more if we like it10:36
samueldmqhenrynash, yep, that's the advantage of working with more experienced people, we know a lot of things .... I personally had no idea on that approach10:37
openstackgerritMarek Denis proposed openstack/keystone: Make Rule.Processor_UserType class public
samueldmqhenrynash, thanks!10:37
henrynashsamueldmq: you’re doing pretty well youself...10:38
samueldmqhenrynash, I hope so :-) thx10:38
samueldmqlbragstad, ping - gyee let the honor to you (
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openstackgerritMarek Denis proposed openstack/keystone: Move UserAuthInfo to a separate file
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stevemardolphin, can you +A this, we're all ibmers:
stevemardolphin, and the patch that depends on it :)20:23

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