Saturday, 2016-10-08

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: Undeprecate options used for signing
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: remove deprecated `[endpoint_policy] enable` option
openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone: Move audit initiator creation to request
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openstackgerritgecong proposed openstack/oslo.policy: Change assertTrue(isinstance()) by optimal assert
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stevemarjamielennox: i don't think we've deprecated most of the plugins in ksc01:46
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openstackgerritDave Chen proposed openstack/keystone: Deprecate `endpoint_filter.sql` backend
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cnfhow do you inspect endpoints with openstack cli?14:28
cnfopenstack endpoint show identity for example just says there are ultiple endpoints named identity, but i don't see how to add an interface, for example14:28
raildocnf, you can use using the --service option14:34
raildoor --interface14:34
cnfraildo:  ah, ok14:35
cnfyeah, that works14:36
cnfi'm writing some wrapping scripts to do the initial user / role / endpoint / etc creation14:36
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raildocnf, nice :)14:39
cnfyeah, I am playing with keystone, and I got tired of doing that manually every time14:39
raildoscripts are always good14:40
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cnf if anyone is interested16:18
cnfstill a work in process, of course16:18
dstanekcnf: cool16:19
cnfdstanek:  I got tired of doing it manually every test ^^;16:20
dstanekcnf: i do most of my stuff in ansible. for example, will create a new keystone node federated with test shib16:20
cnfdstanek:  not a bad idea16:21
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raildodstanek, ++ here on ufcg, we are using ansible to deploy the cloud based on master16:26
dstanekcnf: actually here is the real setup
dstanekraildo: do you use osa or something custom?16:27
cnfdstanek:  nice, thanks16:27
cnfi'm still just messing about too much16:28
cnfso much I do not understand, still16:28
raildodstanek, it's basic osa, but with custom playbooks for specific services16:29
dstanekraildo: very nice16:29
raildodstanek, yes, it's a new version from our cloud, just a few users are using it right now, but we want to make it the single version from our cloud across our university.16:31
cnfI hope the swift (and swift3) people will be online this evening ^^;16:31
dstanekhaving swift issues?16:31
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cnfwell, mostly swift3 issues16:40
cnfI had swift working16:40
cnf(before I wiped my test keystone database like a dumbdumb :P )16:40
cnfatm. trying to key my keystone back into a sane state16:41
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cnfhmm, nothing works anymore, though i think i have everything back in keystone16:51
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cnfhmm, strange17:02
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cnfright, I have no idea what I am doing wrong17:18
cnfso if I have a new keystone instance17:19
cnfand I add the service users and roles and endpoints back17:19
cnfthen horizon should show me everything again, no?17:19
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dtroyercnf, it may not be exactly the setup you are looking for, but DevStack does have all of the steps for a working Keystone.  Also, the functions file has a lot of wrapper functions for OSC than can be useful for examples of scripting it.17:58
cnfi never had any luck with devstack17:58
cnfalso, I do want an actual working swift setup ^^;17:59
dtroyerlooking thought lib/keystone might be helpful in identifying steps17:59
dtroyerI'm not suggesting using it to build your setup17:59
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cnfok, swift works again18:08
cnfnow to get swift3 working o,O18:08
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openstackgerritpawnesh kumar proposed openstack/keystone: delete python bytecode including pyo before every test run
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cnfhow can I enable keystone api v2 again?20:36
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morgancnf: enable it? in general you should not need to re-enable it. it isn't disabled unless you disabled it, which case it would be reverting the changes you made. Likely changes to paste-ini21:11
cnfmorgan:  i think it is enabled, i'm just having a hard time getting swift3 working21:11
cnfit seems keystone responds with a 404 if your call to /v2.0/s3tokens has wrong credentials21:12
cnfso I just was 404's in the logs, and assumed it wasn't responding to it21:12
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morgancnf: it could be that the credential is wrong21:13
morganthe 404 is not indicative of disabled apis unless you removed the API from the paste pipeline21:13
morganit could also indicate the credential is not found21:13
morgani admit it's been a while since i've looked at s3token21:14
cnfyeah, it seems it indicates credentials not found21:14
cnfwhich is just weird21:14
morgan(and it's also saturday, so i wont be able to really look closer until next week)21:14
cnfso I can't figure out what credentials to use21:14
morganwhich i appologize for.21:15
cnfit's ok21:15
* morgan nods21:15
cnfnot everyone spends their WE breaking their head on this stuff :P21:15
morgani try not to21:15
morgani just saw it and wanted to say v2.0 shouldnt be disabled unless you've gone out of your way21:15
cnfuhu, thanks :P21:16
cnfwhich is weird for other reasons, but i'll get to that later21:16
cnfcyberduck just will not work on v221:16
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cnfok, got why it wasn't working23:04
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