Wednesday, 2017-02-15

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient master: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-keystoneclient master: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Policy in code
lbragstadravelar1 rderose ^ comments have been addressed - thanks for the reviews!04:21
ravelar1lbragstad just a small typo where you made the change lol04:28
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Define a richer policy by default
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Policy in code
lbragstadravelar1 ah - nice catch! done ^04:31
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lbragstadravelar1 johnthetubaguy has proposed a couple specs the build on the work we were talking about earlier today -
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ravelar1lbragstad ha no problem it is late. And sweet, saved to book mark to discuss with anthony04:52
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lbragstadravelar1 awesome - just fyi but those are the next steps nova is vetting for their policy story04:53
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wllabshello, everybody.04:54
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bretonlbragstad: any followup on ?11:15
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robcresswelllbragstad: I'll be around today till about 2100 UTC if you want to talk PTG14:07
lbragstadrobcresswell I'm assuming we're going to do a cross-project session for horizon and keystone, are there any times that you've already committed to?14:12
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robcresswelllbragstad: Our schedule is pretty open14:21
robcresswelllbragstad: (sorry, had a meeting just then)14:21
robcresswelllbragstad: I haven't assigned times to anything yet, so we can work around Keystone happily.14:22
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lbragstadrobcresswell awesome - wanna shoot for an hour on wednesday afternoon?14:24
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lbragstadrobcresswell and do you think there will be more or less than 20 people in attendance?14:25
robcresswelllbragstad: Oh interesting, I assumed keystone would be a horizontal. So we're Mon/Tue.14:25
robcresswelllbragstad: Less then 20.14:25
lbragstadrobcresswell do you know if there is going to be anyone around from horizon on wednesday?14:26
lbragstadall keystone tracks are wednesday - friday?14:26
robcresswelllbragstad: I don't know the status of the others, but I'll be around. I would imagine david-lyle will be too.14:27
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robcresswelllbragstad: btw whats your tz? I forgot :/14:28
lbragstadUTC -614:28
lbragstador Central Standard Time14:28
lbragstadrobcresswell I know most the keystone folks are getting in late tuesday or early wednesday, should we still plan on having something on wednesday afternoon in hopes there will at least be a couple horizon folks around?14:29
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robcresswelllbragstad: Yeah sure14:31
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lbragstadrobcresswell sweet I have it on the schedule from 2:30 - 3:30 on Wednesday in Savannah14:32
robcresswelllbragstad: Sounds good14:33
bretonlbragstad: we should also talk to Heat about the issue with trusts btw14:36
bretonlbragstad: any idea when?14:36
* breton missed all ptg planning14:36
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lbragstadbreton yeah - i have that listed as one of our topics14:38
lbragstadbreton i think i have that tentatively scheduled for thursday afternoon14:39
lbragstadricolin has been contacting me about it14:39
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dstaneklbragstad: i just responded to a ML thread about bringing back PKI tokens14:45
lbragstaddstanek nice - i was just about to start drafting something14:45
lbragstaddstanek i wanted to ask a bit more about their caching setup14:45
lbragstaddstanek and how large their catalog was14:46
dstaneklbragstad: the test uses nocatalog14:47
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lbragstaddstanek do you happen to remember all the caching issues we fixed as a result of fernet?14:52
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dstaneklbragstad: nope. did we have issues caching fernet?15:00
lbragstaddstanek not fernet specifically - but caching issues in general15:01
lbragstadfernet just exposed some of those issues15:01
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dstaneklbragstad: i don't remember token issues, but that doesn't mean there weren't any over the last year. they are using mitaka to test i think.15:07
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lbragstaddstanek yeah - I thought we had some issues somewhere related to caching15:08
* lbragstad has to go dig15:08
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Policy in code
lbragstadantwash rderose ^15:50
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lbragstadping antwash, raildo, ktychkova, dolphm, dstanek, rderose, htruta, atrmr, gagehugo, lamt, thinrichs, edmondsw, ruan, ayoung, stevemar, ravelar, morgan, raj_singh16:01
lbragstadpolicy meeting in #openstack-meeting-cp for those interested!16:01
lbragstadcc johnthetubaguy16:01
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*** thorst_ has joined #openstack-keystone16:09
bretonlbragstad: heat plans to have it thursday morning16:09
lbragstadbreton yep - i schedule it with them in their weekly meeting16:09
bretonlbragstad: perfect16:10
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bretonlbragstad: thanks for doing it, i dropped a ball with it16:11
lbragstadbreton no worries - the scheduling in kinda hectic right now16:11
lbragstadI want to try and have something a little more official (schedule-wise) by the end of the day16:11
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openstackgerritayoung proposed openstack/keystone master: Refactor Authorization:
openstackgerritayoung proposed openstack/keystone master: Refactor is_admin
openstackgerritayoung proposed openstack/keystone master: Add is_admin_project check to policy.json
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dstanekjohnthetubaguy: does nova have an api implemented for policy discovery?17:04
edmondswdstanek not today17:05
dstanekedmondsw: so as a deployer you still generate a policy file for horizon?17:06
lbragstadto me that sounds like something that will go hand in hand with the capability api17:06
lbragstad(or the capability api could build on it?)17:06
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edmondswdstanek I don't actually use horizon17:06
edmondswbut I would assume so17:06
*** mvk has joined #openstack-keystone17:07
dstaneklbragstad: yep, i'd think so17:07
*** ngupta has joined #openstack-keystone17:07
edmondswlbragstad ++17:07
dstanekedmondsw: yeah, it wasn't immediately obvious is the generate sample config would include overrides or is there was a new way to do that17:08
edmondswdstanek good question... I haven't played with that17:09
dstanekantwash: ravelar: something to look into ^17:10
*** dikonoor has joined #openstack-keystone17:10
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lbragstadlooks like oslopolilcy does all the generation17:11
dstaneklbragstad: is there a new way to include the overrides?17:15
*** d0ugal has quit IRC17:16
* dstanek thinks it's time for lunch17:18
lbragstaddstanek in the policy file?17:18
lbragstaddstanek er - in the generated policy file?17:18
lbragstaddstanek i thought so17:18
lbragstadi'm having trouble finding the nova/oslo command for it though17:19
dstaneklbragstad: same trouble i was having :-)17:19
lbragstadcc johnthetubaguy ? ^17:19
johnthetubaguysorry, which thing you looking for17:20
johnthetubaguydoes help?17:20
johnthetubaguythe policy file just becomes overrides only17:21
johnthetubaguyso no file at all by default17:21
dstanekjohnthetubaguy: how do you generate a full policy for horizon that has the defaults and overrides?17:21
johnthetubaguywhy does horizon need that?17:22
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*** ngupta has joined #openstack-keystone17:22
johnthetubaguyoslopolicy-policy-generator --namespace nova --output-file policy-merged.yaml17:22
dstanekjohnthetubaguy: i thought we still needed to deploy policy files so i knew how to display stuff17:22
johnthetubaguyI think is what you want17:22
johnthetubaguydstanek: thats news to me, not heard about that17:23
dstanekjohnthetubaguy: cool, thanks. i'll play around with that17:23
johnthetubaguyactually it tweaks a distant memory about what horizon was wanting that for now17:24
*** chlong has quit IRC17:24
dstanekwhen you deploy horizon you had project policy defaults for nova, keystone, glance and others in the conf directory. i had to change the keystone one when i use the cloud policy sample on keystone.17:25
dstanekdavid-lyle: ^ that's still the case right?17:25
johnthetubaguyso if its just the defaults, the generator should give you the default file17:27
johnthetubaguythe merge should let you look at overrides + the defaults in the code17:28
dstanekjohnthetubaguy: from what i understood the policies had to match. so you have you some overrides then they'd have to make it into the horizon copy as well17:28
johnthetubaguyjust reminds me how much we need to get the capabilities API sorted17:28
robcresswelldstanek: Yeah, Horizon still needs updated policy files if you want it to accurately display/hide what a user can do.17:28
johnthetubaguyOK, sounds like you need the merge one then17:28
dstanekrobcresswell: thx17:29
johnthetubaguymust get the capabilities API sorted17:29
robcresswellIs there a common policy API or anything yet? My understand was that it didnt exist17:29
dstaneksomething to document as we change policy to be in code17:29
robcresswelljohnthetubaguy: +lots17:29
dstanekrobcresswell: not yet17:29
robcresswellHorizon could drop 3/4 of its config if we had an API to see what User X can or cant do17:30
robcresswellits nearly all just duplication.17:30
*** d0ugal has joined #openstack-keystone17:30
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*** d0ugal has joined #openstack-keystone17:30
johnthetubaguyrobcresswell: is there a good bit in the horizon code to look for the list of questions you need answering?17:31
*** thiagolib has quit IRC17:31
robcresswelljohnthetubaguy: We have dozens of those kinds of settings17:32
robcresswelljohnthetubaguy: If you just search the settings doc for a service name you'll find a lot of settings that should really be API controlled on login.17:33
robcresswelljohnthetubaguy: Same situation with policy, we just use copies of the files to control what a user can or cant see.17:33
lbragstadravelar antwash this seems like it would be the next logical step after moving policy into code -
*** jaosorior has quit IRC17:35
* antwash adds link to 1000 tabs opened already haha 17:36
*** nkinder has quit IRC17:37
robcresswelllbragstad: Not just operators, that'd be pretty useful for Horizon too. I dislike digging through service code to find out which policy rules do what :(17:37
lbragstadrobcresswell ++17:38
lbragstadso far, i think regardless of the overall direction we take on policy, we can agree on two things. 1.) move policy into code 2.) provide well written descriptions for each policy, describing *exactly* what it does17:39
* lbragstad shamelessly stole that from johnthetubaguy 17:39
antwashlbragstad : lets use this :)17:41
lbragstadantwash if that helps you and ravelar stay organized, go for it :)17:42
*** d0ugal has quit IRC17:42
antwashlbragstad : yeah centralized location for a lot of information lol17:42
*** prashkre has joined #openstack-keystone17:43
lbragstadgrabbing lunch17:54
openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
*** dikonoor has quit IRC18:02
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openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Api-refs for extending user api for fed attributes
*** lucasxu has quit IRC18:20
*** tqtran has joined #openstack-keystone18:31
*** adrian_otto has joined #openstack-keystone18:36
openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
*** adrian_otto has quit IRC18:40
*** MasterOfBugs has joined #openstack-keystone18:45
openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
openstackgerritRon De Rose proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
*** ravelar has quit IRC18:57
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lbragstadbreton you wanted to talk about hierarchical quotas, right?19:40
lbragstadbreton fyi -
*** chlong has quit IRC19:51
bretoni'd love if morgan or ayoung participate there, as main opposers of my ideas19:53
ayoungbreton, I have no problem with your idea.  I just think it is going to die the way it has every other time19:53
ayoungbreton, what happens is we talk through the issues with the CInder and Nova teams, and they realize that it is not a Keystone issue to solve and the proposal comes off the table19:54
ayoungI've been through it Thrice so far19:54
ayounglast time was Atlanta, IIRC19:55
bretonayoung: i agree. Not a keystone issue at all. I want to move part of the issue to keystone.20:00
bretonayoung: so come join us again in Atlanta :)20:01
morganwait what am i missing?20:04
* morgan context shifts20:05
morganbreton: summary of how far back i should read?20:05
lbragstadgagehugo was the only spec that existed for tags, right?20:05
morganis this re: centralizing policy in keystone again?20:05
morganaka storing policy.json there?20:06
morganayoung: ^ cc20:06
lbragstadgagehugo there isn't another one floating around somewhere that has context in it is there?20:06
gagehugolbragstad not that I'm aware of?20:06
lbragstadgagehugo ok - just double checking20:06
bretonmorgan: quota limits in keystone20:09
dstanekmorgan: not that i am aware of right now. policy is going the other way right now :-)20:09
morgandstanek: right, phew20:09
morganso, the biggest concerns with quata limits in keystone are the following:20:09
morgan1: Asking keystone every time for "are we allowed to do this, quota wise", aka, where does this data get stored/communicated to the consuming service?20:10
morgandoes it go in the token body?20:10
morganmost services do not *want* to ask keystone yet again for quota data.20:10
dstaneki'd rather have a small lib that uses something like a redis backend20:10
morgan2: is the data stored in keystone for actual consumption or in the consuming service20:10
morgani am not opposed to having quota limits set in keystone. i am opposed to creating something no one will use and adding it to our contract20:11
bretonmorgan: limits in token, usages are stored in the services themselves20:11
morganFTR: with the resource-options code, we can easily add this information20:11
morganand i am even less opposed now that we can just define (and validate) the data easily, but not need to expand columns endlessly for it.20:12
morganit's a single migration to add resource options to a resource type, then we define the options.20:13
dstanekbreton: limits in token?20:13
morganif the other projects will consume the limit, i'm happy20:13
bretoncurrent problem is that quotas are a mess20:13
morgandstanek: he's saying add the limit (aka, vm_count) in the token body scope basically20:13
morgandstanek: so the token body would hold quota information20:13
morgandstanek: not what is consumed, but what the limit(s) are20:14
dstanekhow would that actually work? the token would hold all of the limits for the project/domain it is scoped to?20:14
breton4 services with quotas, each with different naming and capabilities20:14
morgandstanek: yep.20:14
dstanek...and every parent above20:14
morgandstanek: not too difficult to do, we already have to resolve that.20:14
morganbecause we have to check "enabled" everywhere20:15
dstanekmorgan: looking up the hierarchy isn't difficult, but the variable amount of quota data feels wrong20:15
dstanekunless you now scope a token to a service (like nova) and we dump all nova's quotas in there20:16
morgannah, we would only show the limit (min) for the whole hierarchy20:16
dstanekthat was you don't also need to include glance's, neutron's, etc.20:16
morganexcept you kindof still do20:16
morganbecause -- yay --- nova talks to glance on your behalf20:17
bretondstanek: otherwise services have to do silly stuff like copying the entire project tree20:17
morgandstanek: i don't feel like quota info on a domain or project as part of the scope (limit data, not actual consumption) is inappropriate20:17
morganit is a value/option for the <resource>20:18
dstanekso in that model every token has to carry a largely static catalog of limits20:18
morgandstanek: well the body20:18
morganit would be a soft store (populated like project data) on validate20:19
morgannot something we add to the payload20:19
dstaneksure, but that's retrieved everytime you use the token20:19
morganif it is done in the same manner as the resource_option data, it will be done as a join'd load20:19
morganso, like i said, i'm really not opposed to this as long as the projects agree to consume it.20:21
morgani also can see a relatively easy side-band utility to pull the data into keystone- the only concern is re-training people to put the stuff in keystone vs when they talk to nova... or some kind of proxy (ick)20:22
dstaneki don't really like that model because you have quota defined in keystone, but the actual usage data somewhere else20:23
morgandstanek: quota centralization (for limits) kindof needs to be done somewhere20:24
*** ravelar has quit IRC20:24
morganit does feel like a property of the scope resource20:24
dstanekmorgan: what about the usage of those quotas. is that left to the service itself?20:24
morganit would be.20:25
morganthe service is the only thing that can know what is being used20:25
morganalso the service is responsible for reservation->use->marked-consumed20:25
morgancmurphy: changed your nic on us. :P just noticed.20:26
morgandstanek: we could centralize another way, but like i said, this feels like a keystone[resource-subsystem] thing20:27
morgansince quotas are tied to project/domain info20:27
dstanekthat feels very strange to me.20:27
dstanekeverything is related to a project, but not necessarily to identity20:28
bretonlets break keystone into auth and resource20:28
* breton ducks20:28
morgansince keystone is authortitative to the properties on the project...20:28
morganbreton: *cough* see specs.20:28
morgandstanek: i worry that we have a potential issue with a new service being quota authoritative20:29
morganjust because it requires asking the service about quota each time20:29
morgansimilar issues with a policy service (i don't mean like congress, i mean something storing policy.json)20:29
dstanekif we do anything in keystone land it should be a separate "microservice" like thing that we can easily get rid of20:29
morgandstanek: i think the more important bit would be encoding it in the token or not20:30
morganif it isn't in the token, not really worth centralizing it in keystone20:30
morganif it is, everyone gets the quota information as part of the auth context20:30
morganand it makes sense.20:31
morganmordred: ^ because you have interests in quota-y things20:33
morganmordred: thoughts on centralization of the "limit" (not the consumption) bits20:33
* mordred reads20:34
dstanekthe argument for putting it in keystone regardless is that it would be much easier to get it deployed20:34
*** ravelar has joined #openstack-keystone20:34
morganmordred: breton has proposed putting quota information (limit) data in keystone- attached to the resource itself, communicated via the token body20:34
morganaka, vm_limit would be a project-setting20:34
morganconsumption and the like would strill be nova's job20:35
morganjust the limit info could be calculated (inc. heirarchy data) and communicated via the token.20:35
mordredworks for me - BUT ...20:36
mordreda) currently the quotas in most projects are implemented as an unenforced key/value mess that you can think you're raising a quota/limit for a project but you aren't becaues typo20:36
*** jerrygb has joined #openstack-keystone20:36
mordredwe should fix that20:36
*** jamielennox|away is now known as jamielennox20:36
morganmordred: each limit would be validated explicitly on quota-name key and a value that makes sense20:37
morganmordred: the way i see it20:37
mordredbut then you get in to a versioned cross repo schema dance if nova wants to add a new quota/limit key20:37
mordredBUT - I love it20:37
morganmordred: they would need to define a new option20:37
morganno schama change in keystone20:37
bretonthere will be table with keys basically20:37
bretonas i see it20:37
mordredright. but that's what I'm saying is bad20:37
morganthe way i look at doing it, it would use the resource_option code20:37
mordredbecause that's what is it NOW and it's terrible20:37
mordredthere should be a set of keys defined in the API that are part of an api contract20:38
morganwe define an option in code, it is validated20:38
mordredthe keys shoudl not be data20:38
morganand it is part of the api-contract20:38
morganas well as verified on the backend20:38
* mordred hands morgan a pie20:38
morganwe actually generate json-schema20:38
morganfor the options20:38
bretoni would love to talk about it all, but lets talk at the PTG. It's 11:38pm and my brain sleeps20:39
morgananyway. i can support this concept *if* the other projects agree to consume it20:39
dstanekeach service should define it's own keys20:39
morganand we have a path forward to get limit setting from service to keystone.20:39
morganand the other services are ok with cross-repo dance to add new authoritative keys20:40
morganbreton: anyway ^, and sleep well20:41
*** aasthad has quit IRC20:42
dstanekis there already a spec for this?20:42
morgannot that i am aware of20:42
bretondstanek: there is, but in a bad shape20:43
dstanekbreton: fair enough...go get some sleep20:53
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openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
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cmurphymorgan: yeah, felt like the right time for a change21:47
*** ravelar has joined #openstack-keystone21:52
lbragstadmorgan python-memcached lacks py3 support, right?22:01
morganlbragstad: some cases22:01
morganit is supposed to support py3 but it doesn't really22:02
lbragstadmorgan can you give me the two minute version of the biggest pain points we have with python-memcached?22:02
*** Krenair has quit IRC22:02
morganthe maintainer is not active, py3 support is spotty at best22:02
morganlibrary is really poorly designed22:03
morgan(it was fine back in the day, but it really doesn't look like something you'd write now), all functions not really class-based22:03
lbragstadmorgan does the design of the library prevent us from doing specific things?22:03
morganand finally, it explicitly relies on thread.local22:03
morganit makes it hard for us to do thing22:03
morgannot impossible22:03
morgani would like to drop it on the floor and never look at it again22:04
lbragstadmorgan just looking for a single thing that makes our lives harder22:04
morgani tried to take over the lib multiple times, and the current maintainer is very hard to reach even thogh he agreed to it22:04
morganand since i can't get the LP project and pypi bits put over to me/openstack22:04
morgani can't take it over22:04
lbragstadthat makes sense22:04
morganso... my new plan: drop it22:04
morgandrop it like it's hot22:04
*** wolsen has quit IRC22:04
lbragstaddumb question time22:04
morganpymemcache is the way to go22:05
lbragstadwhat about thread.local is a problem for us?22:05
morganhaha, it isn't22:05
morganit is a problem for anyone using eventlet22:05
morganwe don't use eventlet so... no issue22:05
morganbut it sucks for keystonemiddleware22:05
lbragstadin services that run in eventlet22:05
jamielennoxwhat sucks for middleware?22:05
morganthread.local allows for the lib to consume all the memcache sockets22:05
morganif a service is hit hard22:05
morganso, you can end up DOSing your memcache server itself22:06
morgansince eventlet creates green threads and each greenthread gets a connection to memcache22:06
morganit's the reason we tried the pool thing, but we're battling python-memcache to patch that out22:06
morganit's all around awful22:06
morganwe should get a pymemcache driver in dogpile22:07
morganand we should make oslo.cache default to that22:07
morganand we should never ever ever use python-memcached22:07
*** chris_hultin is now known as chris_hultin|AWA22:07
morganlbragstad: the other alternative is to fork python-memcached, but kindof feel like pymemcache is so much better why bother22:08
lbragstadmorgan ok - cool22:08
lbragstadmorgan i'm prepopulating an etherpad for the PTG on the topic22:08
morganalso pinterest folks are smart ;)22:09
lbragstadmorgan would you be interested in driving that discussion22:09
lbragstadI imagine it to be quick22:09
morgansure... i mean the discussion is super simple22:09
morgani might even have code posted by the PTG22:09
morganit's literally "here is dogpile driver, oslo_cache, use that"22:09
lbragstadmorgan yeah - i agree, i just want to air it out, document the tribal knowledge, and come up with a list of action items to move towards a solution22:10
morganthe bigger issue is getting keystonemiddleware to use oslo.cache22:10
lbragstadmorgan what does keystonemiddleware use now?22:10
lbragstada home grown cache implementation?22:10
morganpart of that is because swift22:11
*** thorst_ has quit IRC22:16
lbragstadmorgan would you also be interested in driver the VMT discussion for identity related projects?22:18
morgani can participate22:19
morganthough i would prefer to not be driving that one.22:19
lbragstadmorgan moderate?22:19
morgani can help on it, mostly i can communicate what the VMT wants from the projects22:20
lbragstadmorgan that'd work22:20
lbragstadby drive I don't mean be stuck with the implementation22:20
lbragstador work22:20
morganthe work is finding folks willing to do the threat analysis22:21
morganand publish it22:21
lbragstadI want drivers to be folks who have an interest in seeing something get done and speaking to it22:21
morganthis is not something i can do, and since i'm not the PTL i don't want to drive too hard on it22:21
morgani am happy to discuss the needs22:21
morganbut they are largely the same as what was put in the meeting22:21
morganand barbican has done this, so the detail can follow in their steps22:22
openstackgerritRon De Rose proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
*** chris_hultin|AWA is now known as chris_hultin22:26
*** spilla has quit IRC22:29
openstackgerritRichard Avelar proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
morganlbragstad: might be something to discuss at PTG22:33
lbragstadmorgan ok - let me see if I can find a spot for it22:34
lbragstadmorgan how long are you thinking the discussion will take?22:34
morganlbragstad: and can probably get a +A since no one else has poked at it22:34
morganlbragstad: short discussion it's just "is there a reason we shouldn't do this deprecation"22:34
morganif we22:34
morganre really doubling down on fernet22:34
morgandropping uuid is a good plan22:34
lbragstadmorgan ++ that reminds me that we need a deprecations session22:35
*** Krenair has joined #openstack-keystone22:36
*** ngupta has quit IRC22:38
openstackgerritRon De Rose proposed openstack/keystone master: Extend User API to support federated attributes
*** prashkre has quit IRC22:44
openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: Force SQLite to properly deal with foreign keys
*** edmondsw has quit IRC22:48
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