Wednesday, 2017-10-18

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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: due to unscheduled restart of zuulv3.o.o you will need to 'recheck' your jobs that were last running. Sorry for the inconvenience.00:32
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openstackgerritShan Guo proposed openstack/keystone master: Remove v2.0 assignment schema
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lbragstadwxy_: let me know if/when you want to visit with sdague about the unified limits stuff13:32
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dims@lbragstad : wxy_ : i'd like to listen in too, ping me too please13:47
lbragstaddims: will do!13:47
lbragstadit'll be exciting to see that stuff work into the release :)14:05
lbragstadin queens rather14:05
dimshey knikolla14:15
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dimswhen are you reaching sydney knikolla ?14:16
knikolladims: i think on sunday14:16
knikollai leave on friday and arrive on sunday. sounds like a fun trip.14:17
knikollareturn flight on thursday evening.14:18
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dimsknikolla : ack, i reach sat. return thu as well14:45
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gagehugoptg in Dublin huh16:02
raildogagehugo, yeap, Feb. 26th, right?16:06
ayoungOooh.  Dublin!16:09
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magicboizayoung: ping16:34
magicboizayoung: can I ask you for some help with x509+federation?16:34
ayoungthe second request is much gooderer.16:34
ayoungmagicboiz, happy to help16:35
ayoungcmurphy can you tell gyee that I need him in here?  Heh Heh.16:35
magicboizayoung: sorry, I'm not used to IRC convention (not yet :) )16:35
ayoungmagicboiz, Its OK.  I treat it as a teachable moment.16:36
magicboizayoung: I'me getting error like this: "Cannot find "remote_id_attribute" in configuration group mapped. Trying default location in group federation."16:36
magicboizayoung: I have created a idP to reflect my x509 CA16:36
magicboizayoung: mapped rules16:36
ayoungmagicboiz, paste your mapping file please.
magicboizayoung: I've linked idp and mapped rules...16:36
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magicboizayoung: this is my CA cert (public):
magicboizCN is "devstackca"16:41
ayoungmagicboiz, I don't think it your  CA cert is used in the rules, only the client cert16:41
magicboizayoung: I think you're right, but why?16:42
ayoungthe anyoneof syntax looks funny, too16:42
ayoungone sec...16:42
magicboizayoung: this is the keystone_error.log:
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*** gyee has joined #openstack-keystone16:43
gyeeayoung, you were looking for me?16:43
ayounggyee, !16:43
ayoungYes, yes I was...we have magicboiz here trying to do Federation with X50916:43
ayoungAFAIK you are the only one that has every tested that16:44
ayoungcmurphy, you ROCK!16:44
ayounggyee, mapping file is:
ayoungerror log is
ayoungmagicboiz, I suspect you should drop the anyoneof rule and just get it working for a single cert with a known value16:45
ayoungyour mapping is too complex for my simple mind16:45
ayoungonce you have that working, try it with one that is the next level of complexity16:46
magicboizayoung: I've got it from here:
gyeemy slides from the talk16:46
gyeelet me check the mapping16:46
ayoungmagicboiz, ah!16:46
ayoungthere is a config value you need to add in the file16:46
ayoungunder federation, gyee has remote_id_attribute16:47
ayoungremote_id_attribute = SSL_CLIENT_I_DN_CN16:47
ayoungI hate that16:47
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gyeeyes, you need to set remote_id_attribute16:48
ayounggyee, you rock...those slides are going to help magicboiz much more than I am16:48
* ayoung goes for more coffee16:48
gyeeno problem16:48
magicboizayoung: yes, I think that param is already set in my keystone.conf:16:48
magicboizstack@ubuntu:~$ grep remote_id_attribute /etc/keystone/keystone.conf16:48
magicboizremote_id_attribute = SSL_CLIENT_I_DN_CN16:48
magicboizgyee: Your config is pretty similar to mine16:48
ayoungCould not map any federated user properties to identity values16:49
ayoung/opt/stack/keystone/keystone/federation/  line 53816:49
ayoungmagicboiz, the heavy artillery is breaking out the remote debugger:16:49
magicboizgyee: your "any_one_of" in mapped rules is more complex than mine (which is empty)16:49
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gyeemagicoiz, that's because how the cert is parsed16:51
gyeei.e. SSL is terminated at HAProxy or Apache16:51
gyeethe RDNs of the cert subject DN may get re-ordered16:52
magicboizgyee: do you find any issue in my mapped file?16:52
knikollaayoung: oooo rpdb, that looks amazing16:52
magicboizgyee: I'm testing with devstack WITHOUT tls16:53
magicboizayoung: rpdb that sound pretty complex for me :)16:53
ayoungknikolla, it has saved me on more than one occasion. Caveat that multiple trips through the same code path are not a food idea.16:53
ayoungmagicboiz, nah...just shows you what is going on in a running system16:53
gyeeany_one_of cannot be empty I think16:53
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ayoungthink of it like getting an X-Ray while you are in the middle of a road race :)16:53
gyeeotherwise, it match nothing16:53
ayounggyee, he can just drop that stanza, right?16:54
knikollaayoung: i used to pdb, but that got tricky with everything running through apache16:54
magicboizayoung: :)16:54
ayoungan empty block is not the same as the absence of that block16:54
gyeetypically in a production env, SSL is terminated at HAProxy or one of the first layer LBs16:54
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magicboizgyee: ok, so I should try with any_one_of = "C = ES, ST = Madrid, L = Madrid, O = devstackca, CN = devstackca"??16:55
gyeethe SSL certificate attributes are passed via headers16:55
magicboizgyee: yes I know, but now I'm trying to setup a PoC with devstack.16:55
gyeejust enable logging of the headers at Apache16:56
magicboizThe problem with devstack+TLS is that configures a TLS apache proxy for every (fxx) service (keystone, horizon, neutron...)16:56
gyeeand you'll see what they look like16:56
magicboizgyee: so I had to enable SSL/443 on sites-enabled/keystone.conf16:56
magicboizgyee: according to logs, they're passed ok (i think):
magicboiz'SSL_CLIENT_S_DN': [u'CN=castillo,O=devstackca,L=Madrid,ST=Madrid,C=ES']16:57
kmallocwow, gyee lives!16:58
magicboizso it might be "any_one_of" which is empty and not matching anything...16:58
gyeethat's what you need in any_one_of16:58
magicboizok let me try....16:58
gyeewow kmalloc is Morgan?16:58
*** jmlowe has quit IRC16:58
kmallocgyee: yep16:59
gyeekmalloc sound too C++ish :-)17:01
gyeeI remember the alloc malloc days17:01
kmallocgyee: kernel malloc is too C++ish?17:04
magicboizgyee: something has changed, now I'me getting "Could not find domain: devstackca."17:08
magicboizI was trying with domain "federated_users"...17:08
gyeethat means mapping is workig17:09
gyeeyou mapped the O rdn to domain17:09
gyeeif you want to make user to federated_user domain, you need to change to map17:09
gyee"domain": {"name": "federated_users"}17:10
gyeetypically, the information on the cert dictates what domain the user belongs to17:11
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magicboizgyee: ok. I think that problem is solved. great!17:14
gyeegood :-)17:15
magicboizgyee: Now, after keystone "executes" sso_callback_template.html, I'me get redirected to horizon login window, but i get "Login failed: You are not authorized for any projects or domains."17:16
kmallocmagicboiz: that sounds like the user doesn't have a grant on a project17:17
kmallocwhich is a totally different issue (and possibly not related to your setup of SSO/Certs)17:17
gyeeyep, like kmalloc said17:18
magicboizkmalloc: checking pdf from gyee I found some diffs in my configs vs his configs....let me double check...17:18
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gyeemy slides are outdated17:19
magicboizFor example: OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_MULTIDOMAIN_SUPPORT = False (in my config)17:19
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gyeenow that keystone support auto project creation, I'll need to update the slides17:19
magicboizgyee: those slides are pure honey :)17:19
magicboizshould be included in official keystone doc!!17:20
gyeethey are mostly there, in bits and pieces17:21
* lbragstad heads to lunch17:22
*** aojea has joined #openstack-keystone17:22
rybridgesHello all. Have a question. I am wondering if there is any kind of batch API available in the python keystoneclient in the ocata version. For example, let's say I want to create 100 projects, is there some API that I can use to create all of those projects in one call rather than doing 1 call per project?17:25
ayounggyee, that was pretty cool.  Well done.17:25
ayoungrybridges, nope.  And I kindof wanted one, too.17:26
gyeeayoung, thanks17:26
ayoungnever quite figured out how to do batch with REST17:26
rybridgesThanks ayoung. So there are no batch API for any keystone operations at this time then?17:26
gyeedo it with Ansible17:26
ayounggyee, still one call at a time.  Pay for the round trip.17:26
gyeeI am a big fan of Ansible now17:26
gyeeayoung, I am about to do a POC with Ansible Tower17:27
ayounggyee, as am I...BTW, I am now A Solutions Architect, which is Salesese for Sales Engineer.  Which means I get to work with Ansible as part of my Day job17:27
ayoungTower that is17:27
ayoungI get to learn and play with all our cloud techs: cloudforms, ansible, openstack, openshift, rhv17:28
gyeethat sound like a dream job!17:28
ayounggyee, more travel.17:29
ayoungjust started, and 90 days trainup, so I won't really know what it is like until after the turn of the year17:30
ayoungbut one thing I want to do is gather up real user stories from customers and have honest feedback.  Turn them into real reqs17:30
gyeethat's very important, it's an eye opener when we write code versus writing production-ready code17:31
gyeethings seem easy for developers could be a daily struggle for operation guys17:32
ayounggyee, I know...people find work-arounds, the go on about their job, and it never gets communicated upstream.17:32
gyeehope you enjoy travel more than I do these days :-)17:34
gyeethem seats on the plane seem to be getting smaller and smaller17:34
gyeeeither that or I am getting wider :-)17:35
ayoungHoping to keep the travel mostly limited to the North East.  My Region is New England.  SO far they've sent me to RDU17:36
magicboizgyee: got it. User was not correctly related with project.17:38
magicboizgyee, ayoung: thanks so much guys!!17:38
gyeeyou're welcome17:39
ayoungI'm pretty impressed.  I though that was going to be worse.17:39
magicboizayoung: jajaja without debugger!!17:39
gyeeayoung, in a production system, you'll have to jump through hoops to run rpdb17:40
gyeethat's assuming customers security people let you17:40
ayoungyep, but you should be testing out the X509 setup in development first I'd hope17:40
magicboizgyee: if I set remote_id_attribute in keystone.conf, can I add another sso idP (a keycloack server for example)?17:40
gyeemagicboiz, yes, remote_id_attriute is per provider, afaik17:41
ayoungwe really need to do away with that config value17:41
ayoungall per protocol stuff should be per protocol.  Doy17:41
gyeeayoung, agree, that should come from mapping as well perhaps17:41
magicboizgyee: remote_id_attribute is set under [federation] section.....17:43
*** wes_dillingham has joined #openstack-keystone17:44
ayounglet me see how that is used. I think we can do away with it.17:44
ayoungremote_id_parameter = CONF[protocol]['remote_id_attribute']17:46
gyeemagicboiz, you can configure remote_id_attribute under the protocol section17:46
gyeethat'll overwrite the default one17:47
ayoungso at a minimum, yeah, you should be able to do it per protocol...although 2 different X509 configs are not going co-exist that way17:47
magicboizayoung: great. I need a domain with x509 idP and another domain with ldap or sso/saml217:47
ayoungmagicboiz, so, try adding an [X509] section to your config file and move the value there, and make sure we ain't broke nuffin17:48
*** mvk has joined #openstack-keystone17:48
ayoungplease to be removing it from the [federation] section or you will get a false reading17:48
ayoungsuggest you remove it first, make sure it is broken, then add to the [X509] part and ensure it know, to keep from fooling yourself17:49
magicboizayoung: well, I have defined as "mapped" actually17:49
magicboizayoung: ok17:49
ayoungah, yeah...17:49
ayoungyou are going to want to distinguish between the two protocols.  THey can both be implemented with mapped17:50
gyeeyou shouldn't call protocol "mapped"17:50
gyeemapped is very generic17:50
*** catinthe_ has joined #openstack-keystone17:53
*** catintheroof has quit IRC17:53
magicboizok, adding section:17:55
magicboizremote_id_attribute = SSL_CLIENT_I_DN_CN17:55
magicboizdid the trick17:55
*** lbragstad has quit IRC17:56
ayoungmagicboiz, you might be OK with that, if the other plugin you use is not 'mapped'17:57
ayoungI don't think we enforce the strings that are used for the protocol name, either17:58
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack-keystone17:59
magicboizayoung: ok17:59
magicboizI do really LOOOVE when I launch the cirros instance and I can ping
gyeeto paraphrase the operation people, you nightmare just got started :-)18:01
*** catinthe_ has quit IRC18:01
ayoung I think we are way too restrictive there18:04
ayoungmagicboiz, you might have to cheat.  You can mess with both the external and the mapped options...I don't think you can add an X509 option.  Which is not right18:05
*** catinthe_ has joined #openstack-keystone18:05
ayoungwe need ALL of the Federation information wrapped up in the protocol object  of the Federated data.  None of it should come from config.18:05
ayoungI'm going to open a bug on this,.18:06
magicboizayoung: ok... I quit from now....until tomorrow :)18:06
gyeewe got x509 and saml working at the same time18:06
magicboizayoung, gyee : thanks again for your effort helping me :)18:06
*** catintheroof has quit IRC18:07
gyeeno problem18:07
ayounggyee, yep, probably by using different names of the plugins.18:07
ayoungsaml, X509, and Kerberos should all be implemented via mapped, but we need a config value for each18:07
gyeeayoung, you may be right that we can't use the same plugin for two different protocols18:07
ayoungand, since we can't dynamically name a config section, I bet you set one of them in the [federation] section and the other in [mapped]18:08
gyeebut the name is just artificial right?18:08
gyeeyou can have different names using the same "class"18:08
ayounggyee, sort of.  look at the link I just posted and tell me how you read it18:09
openstackLaunchpad bug 1724645 in OpenStack Identity (keystone) "remote_id_attribute config options prevents multiple protocol variations for Federation" [Undecided,New]18:11
gyeeayoung, I can double check with our QA to see if anything had changed. But we got both x509 and saml working at the same time18:14
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack-keystone18:14
ayounggyee, try to get 2 different X509 setups working side by side, or 2 SAML18:14
ayoungwith different mappings, etc18:15
gyeeoh that may not work18:15
*** catinthe_ has quit IRC18:15
ayoungyou can use the same IdP, but use different attributes from the assertions18:15
ayoungwe need to move remote_id_attribute from the config file to the protocol object.18:15
gyeeyeah, that's good poit18:15
*** lbragstad has joined #openstack-keystone18:16
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o lbragstad18:16
gyeeayoung, I don't see it as a problem though18:17
gyeefor x509, unless we want to different attributes as IDs, which doesn't make much sense, we don't need two different ID mapping18:18
*** AlexeyAbashkin has joined #openstack-keystone18:19
kmallocyou can somewhat do dynamic configs, but it's wonky18:20
kmallocnot recommended from a usability standpoint18:21
gyeekmalloc, maybe zookeeper or consul or something18:22
kmallocnah, we could do it in oslo.config if we needed. but ugh. lets not do that18:22
kmallocnow, we could provide the config in a delimited manner (and a list config) where we can stack most of the config on a line and split it apart... again not super usable18:23
*** AlexeyAbashkin has quit IRC18:24
gyeemaybe we don't need protocol? just provider and mapping is good enough?18:24
gyeenevermind, I wasn't thinking :-)18:25
openstackgerritSamuel de Medeiros Queiroz proposed openstack/keystone master: Delete users before deleting domains
openstackgerritSamuel de Medeiros Queiroz proposed openstack/keystone master: Delete users before deleting domains
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samueldmqlbragstad: cmurphy ^18:30
lbragstadsamueldmq: sweet - thanks!18:31
samueldmqlbragstad: ++ I added a question in the patch18:31
samueldmqI am not sure how to test the migration18:31
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ayounggyee, I'm not sure you are wrong there...what does the protocol object have on it if not this...looking18:48
kmallocsamueldmq: -1, added a comment on how to test the migration18:55
kmallocsamueldmq: but the -1 is for the test and verifying that in all cases re-adding the FK (if it exists) wont break anything18:56
samueldmqkmalloc: comments appreciated. I will follow your suggestions19:00
samueldmqkmalloc: regarding the delete with cascade I will leave as an improvement, we can do that consistently for other things too19:00
samueldmqfor now I think just fixing the issue is fine19:01
samueldmqbut I like the suggestion too.19:01
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cfriesenlbragstad: I've abandoned, but while testing it I noticed something interesting.  When I had a large number of endpoints (260) the code at  would hang.  It works fine with 13 endpoints.19:06
cfriesenThe "openstack" client seemed to work fine with the larger number of endpoints.19:07
cfriesenIs there something wrong with that code, or should I open a keystone bug?19:09
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lbragstadcfriesen: that code looks ok to me20:00
lbragstadand you said openstackclient was behaving fine with that many endpoints?20:00
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Specification for system roles
cfriesenlbragstad: yes, I ran "openstack endpoint list" no problem20:38
cfriesenthis is with the stable/pike branch of devstack20:39
lbragstadcfriesen: so - it's limited to either keystoneauth or python-keystoneclient20:41
lbragstadhaving to deal with a bunch of endpoints20:41
cfriesenseems like it, yes20:42
lbragstadas far as i know - ksa deals with the endpoints in that situation20:42
lbragstadif you want to open a generic bug against keystoneauth, i'll see if someone more experienced with the library can take a look20:43
lbragstadgeneric as in just reported the slow down20:43
lbragstadcc mordred efried cmurphy ^20:44
efriedosc isn't going through ksa?20:45
cfrieseninterestingly, with two regions it works, but with three it doesn't20:46
cfriesenit just hangs indefinitely at the last line20:46
efriedcfriesen Cool, let's get a bug with a repro.20:46
efriedcfriesen How long have you left it?20:46
efriedAnd how long does it take with 260x2?20:47
cfriesenwith 260 endpoints its maybe 5 seconds to run "openstack endpoint list"20:48
cfriesenwith 39 endpoints it's 1.9 seconds.20:49
cfriesenbut the python code seems to hang indefinitely....I've left it for over a minute.20:49
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cfriesenhmm...seems to be the third keystone endpoint that is causing the problem.20:59
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cfriesenbug opened:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1724686 in OpenStack Identity (keystone) "authentication code hangs when there are many endpoints" [Undecided,New]21:03
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cfriesenokay, looks like it is specifically three or more keystone admin endpoints that trigger it, the public endpoints don't matter21:07
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Deleting an identity provider doesn't invalidate tokens
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kmallocsamueldmq: i don't think we can change the behavior for a cascade actually22:14
kmallocsamueldmq: the more i read it22:14
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