Wednesday, 2018-05-09

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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Fix the test for unique IdP
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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Remove token driver configuration
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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Remove token driver configuration
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openstackgerritStephen Finucane proposed openstack/oslo.policy master: generator: Reimplement wrapping of 'description'
openstackgerritStephen Finucane proposed openstack/oslo.policy master: trivial: Fix file permissions
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RajuQuestion on keystone regions and tenants. Is there a way to restrict restrict region access to specific tenants?12:21
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lbragstadRaju: there is a endpoint to project mapping API within keystone13:06
lbragstadso depending on the project you're working with, you'll get endpoints in the catalog specific to that project13:06
lbragstadRaju: here is the API reference -
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lbragstadmordred: ping13:09
openstackgerritHarry Rybacki proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Define a set of basic default roles
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mordredlbragstad: heya13:35
hrybackiProcess question -- if we have a LP is raised in Master but determined to actually exist in say Queens and Pike, do we create a LP for each 'backport' that will be required?13:35
mordredlbragstad: what did I break?13:35
lbragstadmordred: o/ nothing, but i have a question via proxy... a classmate of mine is deploying a small openstack cluster for scientific purposes and is kicking the tires13:36
lbragstadmordred: he had a question about all these rc files laying around with credentials and wondered if there was a better option13:36
lbragstadi thought of clouds.yaml, and wondered if that'd be a better option?13:37
mordredyes. noone should ever use rc files for any purpose13:37
mordredhe should totally use clouds.yaml ... and ...13:37
* lbragstad waits anxiously in anticipation13:38
mordredif he wants, he can optionally put his secrets into ~/.config/openstack/secure.yaml alongside clouds.yaml if he wants to13:38
mordred(although I'm not sure that actually buys him a ton just as a local user)13:38
lbragstadoh - so clouds.yaml contains the mapping and endpoints, and looks for secure for the password13:38
mordredyah. it'll merge the two files if it finds both13:39
lbragstadoh - nice13:39
mordredit's more useful for places putting clouds.yaml into config management13:39
lbragstadthat makes total sense13:39
mordreddeath to rc files13:39
lbragstadis clouds.yaml parsed on every request?13:40
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lbragstadso after i update it, i don't have to source anything?13:40
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cmurphylbragstad: that's correct14:00
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lbragstadthanks cmurphy14:07
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lbragstadkmalloc: curious if you want to follow up here?
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lbragstaddoes anyone else get this when using os-cloud ?14:40
lbragstadfwiw - my endpoint doesn't have a version appended to it (e.g. http://localhost/identity)14:41
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gagehugolbragstad I usually specify the version14:42
lbragstadgagehugo: in the url?14:43
* lbragstad facepalms14:44
gagehugowell the url and in identity_api_version14:45
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abhi89lbragstad: Hi Lance.. can you please take a look at its regarding personal data being logged when configured with ldap..14:47
openstackLaunchpad bug 1767323 in OpenStack Identity (keystone) "Keystone ldap logs personal information" [Undecided,New]14:47
kmalloclbragstad: +a14:51
lbragstadabhi89: that information is only logged when log level is debug14:52
lbragstadabhi89: so you have an issue if you turn debug logging on in production?14:53
abhi89lbragstad: yes, PI is logged in only debug mode.. many times we would want customers to turn on the debug mode & provide us with the logs, in which case the customer is not aware that his PI is getting logged..14:54
kmalloclbragstad: we can probably offer some filtering in ldap config too. But, this very much goes to (and I agree) don't run prod with production14:54
kmallocDebug in production*14:55
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kmallocWe can't 100% sanitize debug logs.14:56
lbragstadso would we expose a configuration option that only allows specific information to be, or not be, logged?14:56
kmallocThat filters out attributes from the ldap resources14:57
kmallocWe can make some assertions based upon the rfc for people14:57
kmallocI can take this on, it is med. Priority at best. Largly, it is to limit pii pulled from ldap.14:58
lbragstadcool - i'll update the bug14:58
kmallocSo it won't ever leak into logs.  That said.... Don't run production in debug, especially with regards to gdpr14:58
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abhi89kmalloc, lbragstad: sure, thanks14:59
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kmallocYep. Np15:04
lbragstadoh - not sure if folks here saw, but apparently there is test storyboard deployment available for practice migrations15:07
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lbragstadpeople from the storyboard team are offering to do test migrations for projects to this test system15:08
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lbragstadso - if anyone is interesting in tinkering with storyboard with real-ish data, it'll be available15:08
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hrybackilbragstad: which people?15:28
lbragstadhrybacki: as in who is going to be doing the mock migration?15:31
lbragstaddiablo_rojo offered to get things going for us15:32
lbragstadi think it also gives them an opportunity to test out the migration tooling they have15:32
lbragstaddhellmann was impressed with it15:33
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hrybackiawesome, I'll make a point to reach out to him this week15:39
hrybackialthough diablo_rojo is definitively masculine :P15:40
lbragstadkmalloc: this goes hand in hand with the ksm patch :)
lbragstadhrybacki: this might also be applicable to our work now
kmalloc+1, looks good in general15:52
lbragstadthanks kmalloc15:52
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lbragstaddoes anyone have talks during the summit they want mentioned during the project update?16:03
lbragstador does anyone know of keystone talks that we should mention?16:03
lbragstadluckily the project update is early in the week, so we have the opportunity to plug talks16:04
cmurphylbragstad: :)16:11
* cmurphy should start prepping for that16:11
lbragstadperfect - it's already on the list16:12
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystonemiddleware master: Introduce new header for system-scoped tokens
lbragstadanother question related to the project update16:24
lbragstadfor the Stein release, are there any big initiatives we can already see being targeted to that release?16:24
lbragstadright now i have cross-project default roles, consumption of unified limits, and a couple other things...16:24
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openstackgerritFelipe Monteiro proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Patrole (RBAC) Keystone Gating
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lbragstadcmurphy: i don't want to spoil anything, but are you going to do a live demo in your app cred talk?16:40
cmurphylbragstad: yeah i think so16:41
cmurphywill def be an easier demo than the federation demo16:41
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kmallocnot much can be more complex than federation demos :P17:29
kmalloclbragstad, cmurphy: what IDE (if any) are you using these days?17:29
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lbragstadi use vi17:29
cmurphykmalloc: vim17:30
kmallochmm, i guess i should look into the volume of magic to make it work like a real ide17:30
kmalloci've never put much effort into that.17:30
cmurphyme neither17:30
cmurphyi don't really use ides17:30
lbragstadi use about 100 lines in my vimrc to get the magic17:30
kmallocmostly i lean heavily on the "jump to definition" and "find all usages of" type magic17:31
kmallocand... auto-complete.17:31
kmalloci know that isn't a TON of magic in an ide.17:31
lbragstadyeah... the jump to funtionality is nice17:31
lbragstad has some good reads17:32
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lbragstadkmalloc: that thing you and zzzeek were talking about yesterday was specifically for multi-region keystone deployments?17:49
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gagehugo\o/ vim18:53
gagehugoatom is kinda ok too18:54
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kmalloclbragstad: yea19:20
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lbragstadwow - nice.. os cloud config works with system scope19:30
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kmallocgagehugo: sadly atom required py27 =/20:39
kmallocgagehugo: i was hoping to avoid py27 on my system ;)20:40
lbragstadi'm having a hard time groking something20:40
lbragstadwho feels like being a rubber duck?20:40
kmallocwait... wut?20:40
kmallocoh sure20:41
kmallocbounce ideas20:41
lbragstadso - we have a paste pipeline20:41
lbragstadcurrently build_auth_context is processed in front of token_auth20:42
lbragstadwhich calls this -
lbragstadas far as i can tell - the variable `token` within that scope only refers to the token id20:42
lbragstadwhich is getting pulled from the header20:43
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lbragstadthe last bit of that method calls fill_context()20:43
kmallocthat is support the old admin token string thing (the process request bits and what not)20:43
kmallocbefore fill_context20:43
lbragstadone of the first things we do in fill_context, is build a context object20:44
lbragstadand shortly after that we use the token to generate a token model, which requires a token reference20:45
lbragstadthe part i don't get is where keystone if performing that token validation call and setting that reference in the request environment to be pulled out later20:45
lbragstadwe don't use keystonemiddleware, which is the part the does this for other services20:46
kmallocright we can't use ksm20:46
lbragstadthere is a method called fetch_token in that same middleware, but it looks like dead code20:47
lbragstadwe don't call it anywhere in keystone afaict20:47
kmallocthat is called from the super class, which is KSM's auth_token20:48
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kmallocwe override for local "gets"20:48
kmalloccalls the super, so KSM, which in turn is going to call fetch_token20:49
lbragstadwth - i totally missed that20:50
lbragstadand we override it because we're not an external service sitting behind keystone20:50
kmalloclbragstad: yes20:51
kmallocand because we support old-"admin" style tokens, if we didn't we would be able to eliminate a chunk more of that process_request20:51
kmallocsince... fetch_token is the magic part20:51
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lbragstadand it's set right here
kmalloclbragstad: also note:
kmallocwe have an active "kill the token_auth" part because it's superfluous20:55
lbragstadthat gets handled by ksm, too?20:55
kmallocmost of that is merged into the authcontext middleware if it isn't (by that patch)20:56
lbragstadoh - nevermind20:56
lbragstadi see it20:56
lbragstadits in the Request class20:56
kmalloctoken_auth filter does *nothing* interesting20:56
kmallocit used to do a ton more20:57
kmallocbut we've been making our code better.20:57
lbragstadthat makes sense20:57
kmallocwe still need to merge more things down imo20:57
kmallockeystone should not, in any-way-shape-or-form, offer multiple middleware/filters20:57
lbragstadyeah... it takes a bit to wrap your head around how context is handled20:57
kmalloci'm of the opinion we should just merge authcontext down into the service_3 or whatver the basic one is20:58
lbragstadafter staring at some of the other context middleware bits of other services, it'd be nice to build context all at once20:58
kmallocso keystone (the app[tm]) is everything keystone20:58
kmallocand the pipeline is *really* just adding external things20:58
kmallocwe are mostly there20:58
kmallocnotably, ec2 and s3 need to be merged still20:59
lbragstadit seemed a bit strange to build a context object and then override a bunch of stuff when the RequestContext constructor is really rich20:59
kmallocand a few other things... though authcontext may need to be separate20:59
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kmallocbut if we merge ec2 and s3 into service_v3, the questionis json_body21:00
kmallocbut i think that can come before authcontext21:00
lbragstadwhat about it?21:00
lbragstadjust where to put it in the pipeline?21:00
kmallocoh it's a keystone specific thing21:00
kmallocwe can merge that in too21:00
kmallocwe could collapse authcontext and after into service_321:01
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kmallochealthcheck cors sizelimit http_proxy_to_wsgi osprofiler url_normalize request_id are all external to us, right?21:01
lbragstadi believe so21:01
kmallocah url_normalize is not21:01
lbragstadwe offer four middleware bits,21:01
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lbragstadoh - right21:02
kmallocwe could probably move url_normalize after request_id21:02
kmallocand merge it in as well21:02
lbragstadyeah - i can't imagine that ordering would be important21:02
kmalloci don't see why we can't make keystone a single entry in the pipeline and anything/everything else is meant to be external21:02
kmallocwant me to spin up a patch to try and finish this up?21:03
lbragstadsure - if you don't mind21:03
lbragstadi was just tinkering with another series21:03
kmallocit is effectively removing the pipeline [which... i mean we could do that too, in the grand scheme of things]21:03
lbragstadto give hrybacki a leg up on the default role stuff21:03
kmallochonestly,if we could ditch paste all together, i'd be stoked21:03
lbragstadwell - it is a dead project21:04
kmallocso merge our bits together and pull in something else to glue our parts/other parts in21:04
lbragstadkmalloc: would that make building the context object simpler?21:04
lbragstadnot a hard requirement, just curiosu21:04
kmallocbut it means we can streamline a lot of things in general21:04
kmallocsince we control the entire entry21:05
kmallocno one can wedge something in the middle to break us21:05
kmalloci am still an advocate of getting us on Flask21:05
kmallocwhich could, in theory, simplify our context generation code.21:06
kmallocsince it becomes part of the flask framework [filter] instead of pulling all this stuff together ... oddly21:06
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lbragstadso would all this middleware get pushed into the keystone.common.wsgi.Router object?21:07
lbragstador be invoked from that point?21:07
kmalloci'd have to look at current-state-of-flask21:08
kmallocto know21:08
lbragstadsome where right after it comes off the pipeline and before it hits the router map?21:08
lbragstadgot it, that makes sense21:09
*** mvenesio has joined #openstack-keystone21:10
lbragstadregardless the system-scope process and context handling will be similar either way i think21:10
lbragstad is what i was trying to do21:11
kmallocthat wont changemuch21:12
lbragstadbut more importantly (some what unrelated to middleware) this is how i'd like to try and break apart the default role tests and protection tests
* kmalloc goes hunting for "how I merged the filters together" patches again.21:13
kmalloci know i did  most of these...21:13
kmallocthat looks reasonable21:14
lbragstadwhich should help with the organization of it all21:14
lbragstadbut also - it's dependent on decoupling bootstrap from the cli stuff21:14
*** dmellado has quit IRC21:15
lbragstadso maybe i need to revisit that first21:15
kmallocyeah, do the underlying work first21:15
kmallocmake your job easier and reviewer's jobs easier too ;)21:15
* lbragstad makes a note to pick up tomorrow21:16
lbragstadthere is a race condition in there somewhere yet21:16
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