Wednesday, 2018-05-30

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_KaszpiR_hey, I've got a question, using keystone url with /healthcheck I was expecting it to also report if the keystone is able to connect to the database16:00
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kmalloc_KaszpiR_: the healthcheck middleware doesn't know much about keystone itself16:08
kmallocJust if the wsgi app is responding.16:08
kmallocI expect we need a better healthcheck page that keystone itself is responsible for, not the oslo-middleware one.16:08
kmallocYou could write a plug-in to healthcheck to give it more info16:09
kmalloclbragstad: I almost have flask dispatching working.16:09
kmalloclbragstad: figuring out how to morph the routes.Mapper to match, I think I need to explicitly add /v3 to the route, since paste isn't doing it's magic anymore.16:10
kmallocAnd I'll have some.json home fixes I need to add, but it really is getting close.16:10
kmallocEverything is loading and we are dispatching to the right mapper/router.16:11
_KaszpiR_kmalloc thanks for the info, was expecting more thorough healthcheck response, but as I know better limitation/use case I can focus on different approach16:11
kmalloc_KaszpiR_: Id be happy to accept a better healthcheck mechanism for keystone. :). But right now it's pretty far down the list of things I'd like to work on.16:11
kmallocIf you are interested in helping to build one, I'd support it to be merged.16:12
kmallocBut I know, omwtimes that is a large request, esp. if you have a lot of other things going on.16:12
_KaszpiR_our keystone use case is rather limited, not to mention human power :(16:12
kmallocYeah, figured as much.16:13
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kmalloclbragstad, cmurphy, johnthetubaguy, mordred: Want your opinion(s) [not OpenStack related]; Glossy *very* bright screen (500nit) or Matte Screen (300nit). Cost difference is ~$17. Same resolution 1440p, both non-touch. I am very torn and want some outside brains #LazyWeb16:31
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gagehugokmalloc do you like bright screens?16:40
gagehugoI usually keep mine pretty dim, but that's me16:40
gagehugoI don't think I've used a glossy screen on a laptop other than on a macbook16:42
kmallocgagehugo: usually dim, but when i'm sitting somewhere with direct sunlight, extra brightness is very much appreciated16:46
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hrybackikmalloc: I've grown fond of this bright, glossy screen. Being able to use it outdoors (face away from main light source but using extra brightness) is the winner point for me18:06
hrybackiMBP has same level of brightness iirc18:06
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kmallochrybacki: yeah.18:11
kmallochrybacki: very similar (if not the same) depending on the specific panel [each computer tends to be slightly different...]18:12
kmallocholy crap... i think i have flask dispatching working.18:12
kmalloci.. woooooo18:13
kmallocnow i just need to run a full test run and massage version discovery bits and json_home18:13
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hrybackikmalloc++ congrats! Do you have patches up for this anywhere?18:14
kmallochrybacki: almost doing pep8 and running a local full run.18:14
kmallocbut it's damn close18:14
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert Keystone to use Flask
kmallochrybacki: it's not done, but that is actually dispatching in tests and treats each subsystem as its own "app" for legacy -> flask conversion18:23
kmallochrybacki: it also makes a ton of legacy code disappear once we move to flask-native things18:24
kmallochrybacki: related, I know a TON more about webob and it's "helper" decorators now.18:26
kmallocit's kinda gross.18:26
kmallocthat probably wont pass unit tests as is.18:26
kmalloclbragstad: ^ see 56837718:26
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert Keystone to use Flask
kmallochrybacki: looks like i need to fix some msgpack stuff in keystone as well some "encoding" bits are deprecated18:33
kmallochrybacki: wow, ... this might almost pass unit tests. it's...18:34
kmallocpassing the majority of them.18:34
kmalloclbragstad: what was the limit code review? i lost it in the scroll back. looking through review.o.o as well18:39
lbragstadit's in the specs repo18:39
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*** ayoung has joined #openstack-keystone18:40
lbragstadkmalloc: and
kmalloci am maybe 10 tests from having working flask :)18:41
lbragstadour authentication api reference is... interesting18:41
kmalloclbragstad: oh regarding the behavior spec stuff check out just as a conceptual bit18:42
kmallocit feels very much like what our specs were intended to solve.18:43
kmallocbut something we can leverage i had another doc page i lost, but it was good18:43
kmalloci'll see if i can find it18:43
kmallocwe also need to fix to use rfc3986.validator from something else18:44
kmalloclots and lots of spam about deprecation18:44
kmallochey, not bad, 54 tests to fix.18:47
kmallocahahaha and a bunch are because i messed up the new loadapp18:48
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lbragstadi might need some help figuring out how to make these docs maintainable19:09
kmalloclbragstad: docs... unfun19:10
lbragstadi kinda went down a rabbit hole with the authentication documentation19:10
ildikovkmalloc: lbragstad: hi :) I don't want to interrupt your discussion, but would love to ask for a quick chat when you're available19:14
lbragstadsure - what's up ildikov19:14
kmallocildikov: hey, i'm here.19:14
ildikovhey :)19:15
ildikovso we had that cool session last week on Keystone and Edge19:15
kmallocildikov: Oh also yay, I mapped your IRC name to who you are in person :) [I'm often terrrrrible at that]19:15
ildikovkmalloc: relax, I checked yours too to be sure before I pinged :)19:16
ildikovI talked to johnthetubaguy quickly yesterday as he seem to have some use cases that overlap with our ideas on the Edge side19:17
ildikovI will also talk to the OPNFV Edge Cloud project members next week on setting up a test environment19:17
ildikovand was wondering whether either or both of you would be available to discuss where we got with this19:17
lbragstadfrom what i gathered last week19:18
lbragstadit sounds like we're at the point were we need to start documenting different federated deployments19:18
lbragstadand highlighting where they can be useful19:18
ildikovthere are weekly calls on our side and for their project as well or we can find a separate slot to discuss ideas and possibilities19:18
lbragstade.g. if you're pursuing edge use cases, an architecture like this would be best because of X, Y, and Z19:19
ildikovlbragstad: johnthetubaguy is working a blog post to summarize last week's discussions including some architecture diagrams on their scientific cloud federation use case19:19
lbragstadoh - nice19:19
lbragstadthat'd be good19:19
lbragstadbecause then we can start deploying it and seeing where they tip over19:19
lbragstadand open bugs/file specs as necessary19:20
ildikovI hoped to use that and some diagrams from the edge side and see what would make sense to start testing in OPNFV19:20
ildikovas we need to figure out the lab setup, etc on that side and trying to shoot for some automated testing at some point19:20
lbragstadright - that would be idea19:20
ildikovand I hoped to get some involvement from the Keystone team to make sure we're going to the right direction19:21
lbragstadfwiw - knikolla was really interested in this, too19:21
ildikovas I'm very enthusiastic but less knowledgable at this point... :)19:21
lbragstadildikov: are you looking for a specific architecture to start testing today?19:21
lbragstads/testing/playing with/19:22
ildikovlbragstad: I thought to pick up the federation part and see how that works first and then we can look into the edge specific things like what if someone cut the cable and things still need to work19:22
ildikovif that makes sense?19:22
* knikolla is in a meeting, but will read back19:23
lbragstaddo you have specific questions about federation we can answer to help level set, if needed?19:23
ildikovin OPNFV we need to specify PoDs, like they have a 6-server setup with a jumpstart server, 3 control nodes and two computes19:23
ildikovwhich is more of an HA scenario19:23
ildikovwe could rethink it and set it up being multiple regions maybe on the same/similar footprint maybe to see how federation works19:24
lbragstadyeah - the main reason we started seriously considering federation in my opinion, is because of the data replication issues19:24
ildikovwe are also thinking about multi-lab environment at some point, but probably a single-lab scenario would be easier to start19:24
lbragstad(not only from a technical perspective, but also considering data regulations and what-not)19:25
* kmalloc concurs with lbragstad 19:25
ildikovah, interesting19:26
lbragstadchances are - federating multiple regions meant to be a single deployment is going to expose to interesting cases in our federation implementation19:26
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ildikovI see the world more from the NIST/IEEE effort as well as edge right now :)19:26
lbragstadif that's the case, you're probably already a few steps ahead of me, then19:26
ildikovlbragstad: I'm brainstorming here really, hence I would like to have you guys on board to tell us what makes sense and what does not :)19:27
*** felipemonteiro has joined #openstack-keystone19:27
lbragstadso - if i had all the time in the world... and could pick up testing this immediately19:28
lbragstadi'd probably create two separate deployments19:28
kmallocsolution: clone lbragstad19:28
hrybackiGitHuman ?19:28
kmallocgit clone dev/lbragstad -b19:28
ildikovkmalloc: that would be handy :)19:28
lbragstadmake it so...19:28
* hrybacki high fives kmalloc 19:28
lbragstadbut - i would create two super small deployments19:29
lbragstadat least initially19:29
hrybackinah, I saw a show about this. never works out as planned19:29
lbragstadand federate them together19:29
kmallochmm. hrybacki somehow some routes aren't being cleanly added to the Mapper [most of the test errors] in the current flask-i-fication patch19:29
hrybackinsfwish reference:
kmallochrybacki: but i'm down to 51 failing tests, most are version/json_home/discovery, which I expected19:30
ildikovlbragstad: so we can use servers in the same lab, but make sure they are separate deployments and do the federation that way, right?19:30
hrybackiI tip my hat to you kmalloc19:30
lbragstadyeah - that'd be a good start19:30
kmallocildikov: yeah.19:30
kmallocthat would be where i start19:30
kmalloci'd start*19:30
lbragstadthen you have a couple options19:30
kmallochrybacki: like... notably the ._add_resource bits for say OS-OAUTH119:31
kmallocit's... weird. i bet i'm just not reading the mapper right.19:31
lbragstadyou have two deployments, right? then you can either federate them with an external identity provider, like Google/ADFS/etc... or federate them with each other19:31
*** lifeless has joined #openstack-keystone19:31
* kmalloc sees the time and realizes... dogs need love (it's been 3hrs since i was home) and #PuppyThings19:32
kmallocso, brb once i get back and empty the dogs.19:32
openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone-specs master: Follow-up -- replace 'auditor' role with 'reader'
ildikovkmalloc: that sounded a little weird I hope everyone survives :D19:33
*** nicolasbock has quit IRC19:33
ildikovlbragstad: cool, I like that the small setup already has multiple options :)19:33
kmallocildikov: it is intended to sound weird. but... it's an accurate description of what I must do. dogs are full of <doggy stuff> and will empty on <doggy walk> :)19:33
ildikovI get the point, just too visual for a statement of 'empty the dogs' :)19:35
lbragstadildikov: the main difference between the two is that the first option requires that source of identity to be a separate system19:35
lbragstadthe second option requires one or both of the keystone's from each deployment to have the identities for the users19:35
ildikovlbragstad: I will bring this small setup option up next week on the OPNFV Plugfest and see where we get with it19:35
ildikovlbragstad: kmalloc: knikolla: we plan to do a Summit recap on the Edge Computing Call next week. Would either of you available for the Keystone bits?19:37
lbragstadwhat time is the call?19:37
ildikovthe call is Tuesday 1400 UTC on Zoom19:37
ildikova bit early in Pacific Time, but doable19:37
lbragstadok - so that's 9 am for me19:38
lbragstadthat should work19:38
ildikovlbragstad: awesome, thanks!19:42
lbragstadno problem - looking forward to it19:42
ildikovlbragstad: here's the wiki with meeting info:
ildikovlbragstad: I will add the Zoom link there soon too19:43
ildikovlbragstad: or I can forward you the meeting invite if you would rather have that19:43
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-keystone19:45
lbragstadildikov: sure - then i can put it on my calendar19:45
*** nicolasbock has joined #openstack-keystone19:48
ildikovlbragstad: done19:50
ildikovlbragstad: me thanks! :)19:50
*** raildo has quit IRC19:50
lbragstadno problem!19:50
*** markvoelker has quit IRC19:54
knikollaildikov: that time works for me too.20:02
ildikovknikolla: cool, sent you the calendar invite20:03
ildikovknikolla: thanks!20:03
knikollaawesome! thanks20:04
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*** mvenesio has joined #openstack-keystone20:08
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*** mvenesio has quit IRC20:13
kmallocildikov: i'll add it to my calendar, hope i can be there20:13
ildikovkmalloc: sounds good, thank you20:13
kmallocildikov: my only concern is that 1400 is a bit early for me to hop on meetings, i have morning things to do (that's 7am Pacific)20:13
kmallocso i might need to just lean on lbragstad and you for summary/followup20:13
kmallochassles of west coast US living.20:14
ildikovkmalloc: I know, scheduling meetings is tough... :/20:14
kmalloci trust knikolla and lbragstad if i can't make it20:14
kmallocbesides, they can't sign me up for much more work than i already take on :P20:14
*** felipemonteiro has quit IRC20:20
ildikovkmalloc: good, we always need volunteers :)20:21
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-keystone20:25
kmalloclbragstad: oh look at that, we have a buggy test20:29
kmallocit's... doing the complete wrong thing20:30
kmallocgo figure20:30
kmallocor well, keystone is doing thr wrong-ish thing, the test is doing thr right thing.20:31
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Overhaul the authentication API reference
openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: Add LDAP user-backed functional testing gate
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lbragstadhas anyone seen an issue like this with api-ref for docs?
*** sapd has quit IRC21:07
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kmallocnope, but it looks like we aren't pulling in one of our modules that we lean on via the extras21:29
kmallocmy guess is we need to specify [ldap]21:31
kmallocand somehow we're not21:31
kmalloclbragstad: how in the actual...21:38
kmalloclbragstad: this test doesn't make sense.21:38
*** lifeless has joined #openstack-keystone21:38
kmalloclbragstad: it's using .admin_request, which seems to omit tokens21:38
*** lifeless_ has quit IRC21:38
kmalloclbragstad: am i dumb?21:38
kmalloclbragstad: am i mis-reading this? why would we ever omit tokens in a restful test case for an api under @protected?21:39
kmalloclbragstad: looking at test_bad_authorizing_roles_name21:40
kmalloci think this test was succeeding by accident21:40
kmallocit was succeeding by accident21:41
kmallocwooooooo, test bugs.21:41
lbragstad.admin_request is supposed to get an admin token21:43
lbragstadi think21:43
*** itlinux has quit IRC21:43
kmalloc.put .post etc21:43
kmallocthose wrap and get a token21:43
kmalloc.admin_request is just "call admin endpoint app go"21:43
lbragstadthat sounds like a v2.0 test utility21:44
kmallocthe test i found was accidently succeeding because it was hitting a non-existant route21:44
kmallocv3 uses it, but is magical21:44
kmallocanyway the test was hitting: /OS-OAUTH1/authorize_token21:44
kmallocnot /v[3|2.0]/OS-AUTH1 ...21:44
kmallocand looking for a 40421:44
kmallocwith flask we're being more explict about not automatically encoding every 404 to json21:45
kmallocin our old wsgi stuff, any 404 was indistinguishable21:45
* kmalloc rolls eyes21:45
kmalloci think i found like 20-30 of these tests doing the bad thing(tm)21:45
kmalloci think i'm going to respin .admin_request and .public_request to be private, we should *never* use them directly21:46
kmallocbut i'll do that as a followup21:46
kmallocoh man, nope, well that was still a rabbit hole21:49
kmalloci think i'll fix the version stuff next.21:49
kmallocthen that should leave me with like 20 or so tests left failing21:49
kmallocthen this will be ready for review21:49
kmalloci am still torn if we allow direct loading of middleware or not21:50
kmalloci really kindof don't want to allow it21:50
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gagehugolbragstad seeing the same issue here
lbragstadour docs might be broken22:33
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gagehugowonder if something updated :/22:38
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lbragstadcmurphy: whenever you're finished up with your blog post would you mind passing me a link (no rush)? i'd like to include it in my post22:48
lbragstad^ that goes to anyone who's writing up a summary22:50
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