Friday, 2018-06-22

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adriantknikolla: No Adjutant doesn't do federated invites, but I'm curious how you're doing that in ksproj. Keytstone can't create a user in an external source, so I was going to add support for a pluggable user store which would talk to an external source for users/roles/groups, and handle the keystone parts in keystone.00:42
knikollaadriant: I don't do anything to the external source. We are part of a federation of academic institutions, and allow login from any of their identity providers.00:45
knikollaBut when a user logs in, they won't have any projects. So invites just assign the logged in federated user to the invited project.00:46
adrianthmmm, in theory then if a shadow user already exists in keystone, Adjutant can potentially 'invite' it and assign a role.00:47
knikollayep. when someone click on the invite link with the token, they log in, ksproj figures out which user they are based on the token they received from keystone and assigns them.00:47
knikollaso the identity of the token is what defines who is the invited user, rather than their username/email.00:48
adriantoh ok, so until they login, they don't exist in keystone, but once they do, then ksproj can act00:50
adriantso we'd potentially need a similar variant of the invite process in Adjutant that handles a case like that.00:51
* adriant needs to play with federation00:51
knikollaadriant: yep, ksproj -> keystone -> external idp -> keystone (create shadow user) -> ksproj with unscoped token and no roles -> ksproj assign role based on the invite link00:53
adriantknikolla: yeah, I think we can probably do something very similar in Adjutant, and potentially have it dynamic based on what the domain is configured for.00:55
adriante.g if sql backend, then invite/create user as per normal, if external source, require login and shadow user creation before invite00:55
adriantthe Task/action workflow can figure that out, set the token to require certain fields which the gui will interpret in Horizon, and handle that part differently.00:56
adriantor just have two variants of the invite process which you can turn on.00:57
knikollaadriant: i'd be for the latter. We're moving away entirely from SQL users, so we'd want to disable that.00:57
knikollaand enable the federated invite only.00:58
adriantCool. Yeah, there would be a bunch of work to make it play nice, but I don't think it'd be that painful. And a lot of the code would be the same for both invite processes00:59
adriantand yeah, the way Adjutant's APIs and such are configured you'd effectively have the same API as two different pluggable variants you can turn on.00:59
adriantknikolla: there will hopefully be a lot of work later this year as I refactor a lot of the Adjutant internals, but if you're interested in helping me with features like that, I won't turn you away ;)01:02
knikollaadriant: cool. I'd be happy to help if that avoids me having to maintain another tool.01:02
knikollabut i'd have to finish this up in the coming month or so.01:02
adriantknikolla: no rush, Adjutant should be nicer to work with when I get done with the refactors I have planned anyway, and trying for feature parity with what you end up with in ksproj as the first step you do would be a sensible plan01:05
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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: [WIP]Add auto increase primary key for unified limit
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Expose duplicate role names bug in trusts
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openstackgerritVishakha Agarwal proposed openstack/keystone master: Added check to avoid keyerror "user['name']"
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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Add auto increase primary key for unified limit
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openstackgerritlvxianguo proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient master: fix misspelling of 'default'
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openstackgerrityanpuqing proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient master: Delete keystoneclient.client.HTTPClient and request
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openstackgerrityanpuqing proposed openstack/python-keystoneclient master: Delete keystoneclient.client.HTTPClient and request
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yglhi all11:20
yglcan someone guide me to a good link on how to configure keystone-to-keystone federation in openstack ?11:20
cmurphyygl: did you see already?11:25
yglcmurphy: thanks a lot. I will check it11:26
cmurphyygl: i have a blog post too that might be helpful
yglcmurphy: thanks11:30
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Fix duplicate role names in trusts bug
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yglcmurphy: can a LDAP be considered as an IdP ?12:00
yglcmurphy: if that is the case then , can we say a keystone with an LDAP backend as a federated keystone  ?12:01
cmurphyygl: only if you're using Active Directory ADFS which provides a SAML endpoint12:02
cmurphyygl: LDAP can be used as a regular identity backend for keystone but we wouldn't really call it federated12:02
cmurphyit's more like a drop in replacement for the sql database12:02
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yglcmurphy: so in the regular AD as  identity backend for keystone case. is keystone involved to some extent in managing the authentication ?12:08
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cmurphyygl: yes, keystone has to accept credentials and pass them on to AD to do the authentication12:12
yglcmurphy: ahh ! in that sense it is not a true federation. got it now :)  thanks a lot12:12
cmurphyno problem :)12:13
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hrybackilbragstad[m]: okay first draft is up ( but I need to double check things and make some 'cosmetic changes' that I implemented half way through the audit14:33
elbragstadsounds good14:34
hrybackiif there is anything obvious missing please let me know14:34
hrybackibut we can use ^^ to map out (tentatively) all of our APIs to role/scope(s) and I'll start making changes to our policy accordingly14:34
elbragstadcool - i should be able to talk a look a little later today14:35
hrybackigreat -- I'll try to get all of my updates in this morning14:36
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elbragstadkmalloc: what should we do with bind?15:50
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kmallocelbragstad: ?15:55
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kmallocReading up.15:55
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kmallocelbragstad: not seeing reference to bind?15:59
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elbragstadthe fernet token provider doesn't support bind16:08
elbragstadand it's the only token provider16:08
elbragstadi'm checking to see what impact that has on x50916:10
kmallocbind is, iirc, mostly for krb5 stuff.16:10
kmallocit sounds like we need to just drop all the bind functionality16:11
kmallocsince we have nothing but fernet16:11
kmallocnon-api impacting.16:11
kmalloclets just drop token-bind code16:11
kmalloci can roll a patch shortly16:12
kmallocif you want16:12
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elbragstadso - removing bind won't impact ^16:13
elbragstadconfiguring service accounts to authenticate via x509?16:13
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kmallocshould have zero effect16:13
kmallocbind was "did the token auth with form X and maintained it"16:13
elbragstadso we supported x509 via token bind and another patch for authentication via x509 that was unreleated16:14
kmallocright, bind was added enforcement to the token on top of auth16:14
elbragstadso we can drop bind code?16:14
kmallocwriting a patch to do so right now16:15
kmallocunless you want to do it16:15
kmallocwe should totally be able to drop the bind code16:15
elbragstadi'm in the middle of ripping everything apart16:15
elbragstadi should be able to work it into my patch16:15
elbragstadand pull it out later16:15
kmalloc[the fact that we use fernet only now means we can't even test the bind code]16:15
kmallocand with most everyone moving to fernet, clearly no one is using it16:15
elbragstadthat would include removing then16:16
elbragstadhow we want to track that removal? bug or removed blueprint?16:17
elbragstadtechnically it was never deprecated directly16:17
elbragstadit was deprecated indirectly via UUID token deprecation/removal16:17
kmallocthe code is unused [it's a unit test, totally synthetic]16:18
kmallocthe uuid deprecation explictly called bind out.16:18
kmallocit fakes the token and checks against the faked-token16:18
elbragstadok - i'm going to lump the removal into the abomination of a patch i have going, then propose it16:19
elbragstadagainst master as it's own isolated patch16:20
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kmallocelbragstad: annnnd now the slow part, writing these tests:16:35
elbragstadthat's usually the most refreshing part16:35
kmallocit's a lot of tests and a lot of mechanical work to set them up16:36
kmallocbecause enforce is such a blackbox16:36
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openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: Add functional testing gate
tadams12083Does anyone know why my ocata openstack install will import ldap users and groups but the groups don't have the member information. From the little I can find online my keystone ldap group config looks correct and it is showing up in keystone.18:41
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Introduce new TokenModel object
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: WIP: Simplify the issue token code path
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Cleanup keystone.token.providers.common
* elbragstad hits the "Save Game" buttom18:59
elbragstadkmalloc: it'll need more polish.. but it works19:05
openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: Add functional testing gate
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Remove token bind capabilities
elbragstadkmalloc:  ^19:32
gagehugo+6 -423, nice19:33
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Remove token bind capabilities
kmallocelbragstad: thnx19:36
kmallocelbragstad: i should have tests for @protected replacement19:36
kmallocthen i can fianlly start moving apis.19:36
elbragstadthat's exciting19:36
kmallocthis one has been painful.19:36
elbragstadi swear... "Rocky - the release of painful refactors"19:37
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kmallocwe can talk about the massive code shuffle: ->keystone.subsystem19:37
kmallocfor the stuff that isn't .api19:37
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kmallocelbragstad: want to see something awesome19:49
* elbragstad pushes his glasses up19:50
kmallocnow i just need to go figure out why were hard locked on sub 1.0 flask in openstack19:51
kmallocbecause THAT right there is badass.19:51
elbragstadhuh - nice19:52
elbragstadi bet that'd help with the plugin stuff we have19:52
kmallocturns out flask has been < 1.0 for ~3 years in our g-r20:07
kmallocso, before u-c/l-c work20:07
elbragstadhuh - nice20:07
kmallocelbragstad: hopefully we can get that landed and i can lean on the new testing bits, just so nice to be able to context manager for a client20:07
kmallocrather than the wonky stuff we currently do20:07
kmallocwith as c: do X20:08
kmallocgee whiz, that would make our test cases a LOT simpler20:08
kmallocno more ".admin_request" things.20:08
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kmalloc[well maybe, depending on if .client goes through the whole middleware stack]20:09
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openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: [WIP] Add functional testing gate
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: WIP: Remove KeystoneToken object
elbragstadkmalloc: ok - that one is really messed up ^22:04
elbragstadi think i have a bunch more unwinding to do :(22:04
elbragstadsomehow oslo.policy is failing because we changed from using KeystoneToken to TokenModel22:06
elbragstadwhich is in an internal only object22:06
elbragstadbut it gets set on the request context in keystonemiddleare, which we override22:06
kmallocelbragstad: @protected is weird.22:07
kmallocshow me a traceback, i bet i can show you why it's failing22:08
kmalloc[if you have one that isn't just a 401]22:08
kmallocthough my guess is that you're not extracting a sane bit of info about the subject-token.22:08
kmallocand booom splody22:08
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elbragstadline 195 of that trace22:09
elbragstadthe credentials dictionary contains a 'token' key22:09
elbragstadwhich is an instance of KeystoneToken, which inherits from dict22:10
kmallocdon't look *there*22:10
kmallocthe policy_dict has a non-type that is unexpected22:10
elbragstadi didn't think i added anything that would put that in the credentials dict via middleware?
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kmallocno, but the credentials dict comes from auth context22:13
elbragstadi'll dig into this a bit more... i need to through through everything anyway and reorganize bits of it, it's all a mess still22:15
kmalloci'm not sure if it will be easier to do after @protected is gone, but somehow i think it will be22:16
kmallocjust because you have more knowledge of what the dict is going to end up looking like22:16
elbragstadit's all pretty opaque22:17
kmallocthough, just for your benefit you may want to add in a debug in the call to policy controller.enforce22:17
kmallocand print the creds/policy_dict/etc22:17
kmallocand see what changes between pre-patch/post patch22:18
kmalloci can only comment on the amount of time it's taken me to write a comparable bit of code that isn't full of suck22:18
kmallocat least a week or two, and this time we have usable docstrings.22:19
kmallocit's still super opaque22:19
kmallocjust less "fog" and more "black box"22:19
elbragstad^ before and after22:20
* kmalloc waits for paste to load22:20
elbragstadproject_id is None...22:20
elbragstadso, something must not be grabbing that from TokenModel property?22:21
kmallocthat is my guess.22:21
kmallocit helps that i've been digging around in that code for the last week22:23
kmallocso, you need to look at what is setting things in the policy_dict.22:23
elbragstadack - good call22:23
kmalloci *think* domains are magical callback related things.22:23
elbragstadthanks kmalloc22:23
kmallocso, it may not even be hitting @protected in the normal way22:23
elbragstadthat helps22:24
* kmalloc is going to be sad when your fix lands before enforcer does and the rebase hell22:24
elbragstadwe'll see22:24
elbragstadthere is a lot of cleanup left22:24
elbragstadi wanted to get to the oslo.limit stuff this week22:24
kmallocyeah. we're on colliding paths.22:24
kmallocjust because flask touches everything .22:24
elbragstadso does KeystoneToken apparently22:25
elbragstadand refactoring the entire token provider api22:25
kmalloceyah, sorry i wrote a ton of KeystoneToken code22:25
kmallocmy bad.22:25
elbragstadmeh - that's not the bad parts22:25
kmallocHAH i bet i know what is going on22:25
kmallocthe policy_dict has an explicit flatten22:26
kmallocyou're passing a non-dict item in22:26
elbragstadyeah - it's in utils22:26
kmalloc*OF_COURSE* oslo_policy is exploding22:26
elbragstadi was *just* lookinga t that22:26
kmallocit's not using the token key, it just can't figure out wtf to do with it22:26
kmallocyou need to make that flatten code do a token render into the policy dict22:27
elbragstadwhich is why the creds dict looks odd22:27
kmallocand you should be fine22:27
kmalloclook in common.authorization22:27
kmallocit might be set somewhere in there.22:27
elbragstadline 7622:27
elbragstadi'll go chase that in a day or two22:28
kmalloci have a serious appreciation for the insantiy of a RBAC enforcment model we built22:28
kmallocif i could totally re-write it, i would22:29
kmallocbut... i don't think i get that luxury22:29
kmallocmostly because of how "our published policy" works.22:29
elbragstadthanks again for the help kmalloc22:32
elbragstadi'm going afk for a bit22:32
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