Thursday, 2021-02-25

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stephenfinknikolla: I think I need your ack for a new release of ldappool if you have a moment12:49
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andrewbogottI'm trying to figure out about scoped roles in Keystone Train.  I had the impression that I could give a user the admin role in system=all scope and then it would be able to see everything in every project but that seems to not  be the case in my test install.  Is here some flag I have to set to enable scoped roles?20:23
andrewbogottI was expecting this to be the be-all/end-all:20:23
andrewbogottbut that user still can't do anything at all20:23
gagehugoenforce_scope under [oslo_policy]20:29
gagehugosystem scope is generally reserved for more "system" roles:
andrewbogottthank you!  Trying...20:35
andrewbogottyeah — right now I'm just experimenting.  I have a system user that's hacked into every project and I would love to have it just work without that :)20:35
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andrewbogotthm, I'm still missing something20:36
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andrewbogottodd, I've removed my policy.yaml file entirely but still get a deprecation warning.20:41
andrewbogottIs that a clue?20:41
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andrewbogottgagehugo: do you have time to walk me through this a bit?  I have "identity:list_endpoints": "" and my user has system=all admin and I have  enforce_scope = True in keystone.conf20:58
andrewbogottand yet20:58
andrewbogottAm I totally misunderstanding how this is meant to work?20:59
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gagehugoI think you need to specify system scope in your clouds.yaml, but Im struggling to find documentation atm21:06
andrewbogottI'm not sure I know what a 'clouds.yaml' is — do you mean in the custom policy?21:07
andrewbogottFor what it's worth, I tried removing my policy.yaml and letting it fall back on all defaults and get the same behavior21:08
andrewbogottthank you for looking!21:10
gagehugowhatever credentials you are using for "openstack"21:10
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openstackgerritBen Nemec proposed openstack/oslo.policy master: Reinstate double deprecation test logic
andrewbogottoh, I see… I'm doing all this via environment variables but it's likely equivalent21:15
andrewbogottI gave my 'testadmin' user admin role in a single project and I can access things there.  So I'm convinced that I'm not just making a typo in the password :)21:17
gagehugoTry setting OS_SYSTEM_SCOPE to "all"21:17
andrewbogottno change21:19
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gagehugomight need to make sure OS_PROJECT_* are all unset21:23
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gagehugofor that "testadmin" user21:25
andrewbogottthat did it21:25
andrewbogottThe fact that that works suggests that I don't understand what system scope actually means21:26
andrewbogottLike, having system admin doesn't confer admin on projects?21:26
gagehugoI've not used it much myself yet, but it's more for operations that don't necessarily involve projects/domains21:29
gagehugomodifying endpoints, service management, or listing information about hypervisors21:31
andrewbogottyep, that makes sense as a scope21:31
gagehugoavoiding giving someone "admin" in a project just so they can tweak those things21:31
andrewbogottI just read the sentence 'System administrators are allowed to manage every resource in keystone' and thought they really meant it21:31
andrewbogottI guess maybe what I want is 'admin' on the default domain21:31
andrewbogotthm,  nope21:32
andrewbogottI kind of thought that the original use case for scoped roles was to provide a univeral reader.  If a system reader can only read system things but not things /in/ the system, and a domain reader can only read domain things but not things /in/ the domain...21:34
andrewbogottthen I have misunderstood what this years-long initiative was about :(21:34
andrewbogottBut, anyway, not your problem!  Thank you for helping me sort this out, I will read some more docs and code and see if what I need is supported.21:34
gagehugoour docs need some improving on system scopes, I had to dig into the osc code to see what value it was looking for21:39
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adriantknikolla: any chance of getting looked at again? :)22:59
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