Friday, 2014-06-20

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dougwigyay, bots01:05
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sbalukoffAlso Doug: While I am an asshole, I didn't mean to single you out or anything with my response to the mailing list.01:16
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dougwighahahaha, remember when i said that i'm difficult to offend?  that didn't even register on my "he's an asshole" meter.01:22
dougwigit's a valid point, and the only reason i didn't beat you to a response is that i'd like to double-check with my CTO on our expected level of involvement.  that i intend to stay deeply involved with lbaas and neutron is a given (and we're looking intro servicevm), but i do expect that as long as octavia is defined as just the haproxy/vm backend, i'll be less01:29
dougwiginvolved in actually coding most of that part.  if and when lbaas splits out more generally, it'll be a very different story, and then i think that there *must* be vendor involvement among the cores.  on the third hand, it also looks like the primary job of a core is just being a reviewer that you trust, and reviews are something i'm always happy to help out01:29
dougwigwith, and i don't view as a conflict of interest.  tldr; it won't offend me either way, and it was nice to be mentioned.  :)01:29
dougwigand sbalukoff, for someone that calls himself an asshole, you worry a lot about being an asshole.  a trait that not many assholes share.01:30
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sbalukoffdougwig: Thanks, eh! I'm a little different in person versus in text simply because I know that context, inflection, sarcasm, etc. don't translate well to text.01:40
dougwigyour in person persona actually jived perfectly with what i expected, since i think that my text style often comes across similarly.01:41
* dougwig weeps uncontrollably at 30k feet due to sbalukoff's statements.01:42
sbalukoffI'm happy I'm giving someone next to you on the plane a story to tell their significant other.01:43
dougwigha, check out this tstorm dodge:
dougwiganyone here run the neutron unit tests directly on their mac?  the wiki hints at it being supposed to work.01:46
sbalukoffdougwig: Nice, dude!01:47
sbalukoffAnd no, I'm not sure how to do that.01:47
dougwigmy experiments are being hindered by gogo in-flight wifi and building a virtualenv not really getting along.01:48
sbalukoffThe hotel wireless is sucking tonight. About 20% packet loss.01:49
sbalukoffSo, you probably have better internet there at 30k feet.01:49
dougwigi finally gave up and used my phone as a hotspot at the hotel.01:51
sbalukoffI'm tempted... Not actually trying to do anything all that productive.01:56
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dougwigdlundquist: how goes the shim?03:47
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dougwigflight delayed until 1am.  fun times.03:56
sbalukoffInternet still sucking here.04:04
sbalukoffAlso, still not really doing anything productive.04:05
dlundquistI've got the easy part done:
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dlundquistdougwig: Also, it looks like we lost ops in this channel04:05
dougwignah, the openstack bots can make ops for the infra team.  and i think topics should be open now.04:07
dougwigindeed not, i'll talk to infra and get some folks added to the bot perms list.  i'm apparently not on it yet either.04:07
dougwigi'd suggest maybe stashing a helper dictionary in the driver class, to tie the lb/listener together.  maybe when you see an lb, just save it to the dict, and then when you see a listener, emit both, and when you see >1 listener, raise a not supported exception.04:11
dougwigonly way that i can think to save state between those two managers easily.04:11
dougwignah, that'll break with multiple neutron-servers.04:11
dougwignull out lb, then use reach around neutron db calls when listener gets called.04:12
dougwigonce you are translating those objects to dicts, you'll be in the land of dragons.04:12
dlundquistI thought I could use associations to load the associated records from the DB as needed04:13
dougwiggood idea to make it at the driver level, though.  keeps the plugin clean.04:13
dougwigah, yes.  forget that we have that luxury now.04:13
dlundquistI don't see much value of the helper outside the shim driver-- should I move both into a single directory with a ?04:14
dougwigboth is shim driver + ?04:16
dlundquistI'm not entierly sure yet, but I think I'm going to need to the load balancer plugin object to provide backward compatible APIs04:17
dougwigif you end up with multiple files at that level, then yeah, i'd put it in a directory.  definitely leave the abstract_driver where it is, though.04:18
dlundquistStuff like this scares me: port = self.plugin._core_plugin.create_port04:18
dougwigit should, that will bit us if lbaas proper gets split out.  :)04:19
dougwigi think it can switch to a rest call, though.04:19
bloganyes it can04:19
bloganhello btw04:19
dougwigarguably self.plugin should have a create_port() that calls uphill, but i'm not sure how much we want to peel the onion in this refactor.04:20
dougwighiya blogan.04:20
dlundquistTrying to find how much of the load balancer plugin interface is being used with:  grep -r 'self\.plugin\.' neutron/services/loadbalancer/ | cut -d: -f2- | sed -e 's/^[ \t]*//' | sed -e 's/[^ ]* = //' | cut -d\( -f1| cut -d. -f1-3 | sort -u04:21
bloganim worried about the create_port call being done in the same transaction as the create load balancer04:22
bloganbut i kept the same code for now04:22
dlundquistWhile I have to both here, can I get your option on naming: shim vs v1_shim?04:23
bloganwould there be a v2 shim?04:23
dougwigdlundquist: the plugin interface calls aren't really a problem.  it's when it reaches even deeper that you've found a "problem interface".04:23
dlundquistbut, we should wrap the plugin interface since I would image the new interface would not have methods like populate_vip_graph04:25
dougwigdoes python have a string.find() method that can be used as a boolean?  i can't find it, if so.04:25
bloganthats being used in the radware driver isnt it?04:25
dougwigthe plugin can switch from neutron methods to rest calls, so it's fine there.04:25
bloganyou want the index of a particular character?04:25
dlundquistand embrane04:25
dlundquiststring.find() != -104:26
dougwigyes, got used to ruby's shorthand for cleaning up the conditionals.04:27
bloganwell im getting shitty internet04:27
dougwigit's going around.04:30
dougwigdlundquist: we can always write a neutron api extension for the calls being made that don't have rest versions, which is why i'm not too concerned right now.04:30
dlundquistI'll keep plodding along04:42
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ptoohillQuestion: would we trash the current ref impl TLS support BP in favor for new BP with HAProxy 1.5 or just amend. The BP will be similar, but much more simple as it really will only require the updates to config building.14:34
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dougwigamend, i'd think17:14
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dougwigbtw, were we actually adding UDP as a valid protocol in the plumbing?  if so, i'll add support in the a10 driver while i'm tweaking it for the new interface and tls.17:45
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german_dougwig, UDP all the way :-)18:33
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ctraceyblogan: is there one particular branch you are working off of?19:54
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dougwiglatest noop driver on gerrit.  my first time with mock, so fixing the unit test took awhile.19:59
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bloganctracey: lbaasv2 branch21:39
blogani really need to just push it up to gerrit21:39
ctraceyblogan: yeah - lookin at it now21:39
ctraceytrying to reconcile it with my cli stuffs21:40
ctraceyit may help to at least drop those other branches if not in use21:40
bloganlol yeah that was probably confusing, ill drop all but 2 of them21:41
ctraceyhoping to get some hacking done on my flight21:41
bloganyou flying out of austin or san antonio?21:44
ctraceyfwiw: my changes are in pieces on Gerrit, but I have them all rebased into one here:
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bloganctracey: i'll give it a look some time today, or this weekend22:28
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