Friday, 2014-06-27

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ptoohilldlundquist: were you making a v2 agent base after all?03:00
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sbalukoffOh hey! dougwig or rm_work: One of you should give ops to the bot, eh!17:03
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dougwigflavor meeting going on in #openstack-meeting-317:32
sbalukoffSorry, was in another meeting here. Joining the flavor meeting.17:34
xgermanme, too17:37
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rm_workthought the bot was supposed to get auto-ops from chanserv18:44
rm_workvivek-ebay: the BP was accepted!18:46
rm_workvivek-ebay: are you still planning to write some test code for the new stuff, or did you get pulled onto other stuff?18:46
rm_workI can handle it if you are busy, otherwise go for it :P18:46
rm_workI was going to do some tweaks today to get the code up to the most recent BP spec18:47
rm_workwhich will involve some DB model refactor and a few more method tweaks18:47
vivek-ebaylets do make api changes...i will pull in your latest and write tests18:47
rm_workok, i'll let you know when I've finished that and then you can pull / reset your DB18:48
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rm_workah, looks like people don't typically bother giving openstack bot ops :P19:21
rm_workbut we like the bot more than they do :)19:22
ctraceyblogan: around?19:23
rm_worki see him at his computer19:23
ctraceywe need a robotic nerf ball launcher19:24
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rm_workshould i poke him for you?19:28
ctraceyno need19:30
ctraceyjust when he returns is fine19:30
bloganctracey: im here19:32
bloganctracey: wasn't paying attention to irc19:32
ctraceyi am integrating the CLI now that I have devstack and whatnot workin19:32
ctraceycreating a listener now...19:32
blogani've got some updates for that branch19:32
ctraceyhave you had luck creating them/19:32
blogani mean they're just db entries right now19:33
ctraceyyeah of course19:33
ctraceyi am probably just missing some code19:33
bloganctracey: probably i've been cleaning a lot of it up and dong every call i can think of19:33
ctraceyq-svc is crashing on filtering the resulting _view19:33
blogani feel like i've seen that before19:34
ctraceyok - well you will soon be able to use the CLI ;)19:34
bloganive got rest calls all saved up, but cli will make it easier19:34
ctraceyits also catching things like bogus uuid's etc19:35
ctraceyso that is good19:35
blogancatching them client-side or waiting for server to validate?19:35
ctraceyi have moved to nodepool for time being19:35
ctraceyserver validate19:35
ctraceywant to still take a deeper look at the routing19:35
bloganyeah thats the kind of stuff this last 10% of fine tuning is doing19:36
bloganlittle validation things like that19:36
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ctraceyyeah, so far so good19:36
ctraceyis yor latest on oslbaas?19:36
blogando you remember if we decided on never allowing a user to modify a listener's loadbalancer_id after it has been added, or to allow a user to null it out and then assign antoher loadbalancer_id19:37
ctraceyi do not19:37
xgermanid do - never modify19:37
bloganwell I had a PR to that one, but it hasn't been merged in yet, but I'm just working off of that so I'll add this up there soon19:37
ctraceyI planned to gather a bunch of "what is allowed" questions once I have a base19:37
ctraceyyeah I saw the PR19:37
ctraceyok - it'll be great to get that in...19:38
ctraceyill take a look19:38
blogangive me a few19:38
ctraceyno rush19:38
bloganand if you want to accept it please do19:38
ctraceywont get to it for a little but19:38
bloganive been meaning to politic for yall do accept it because its not right if i do it19:38
ctraceyand i'll move my changes over there too19:38
ctraceyheh - i failed github19:38
ctraceyi wasnt "watching"19:39
ctraceyi HATE how gh does that19:39
ctraceyif i create a repo/org just make me a watcher19:39
bloganno kidding19:39
ctraceyis that too much to ask?19:39
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bloganctracey: pushed it up19:51
bloganill be back in 45 mins bc i'm going to play some foosball (jorgem did not know what bbiab meant)20:06
jorgemblogan: Thank you for the clarification sir20:07
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dougwigthe meeting channels have it op'ed.22:27
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dougwigblogan: I expected a few tweaks would be needed along with your eventual review.  is it fundamental busted in a way that changes the interface?  if not, I'd suggest we get it in, and then iterate on it, rather than waiting.22:42
blogandougwig: no i dont think its too bad, I think the main thing is self.driver.plugin, but you're probably right about that, the interface is fine22:43
blogandougwig: i'd rather not have to do another patch set but I didn't want it to go through if it was somethign major22:43
blogandougwig: so I'm trying to figure it out right now and make sure it's good with the interface22:44
dougwigI'm sitting here with frozen peas on my junk, hopped up on Valium, so I'm as close to a captive audience as I'll ever be.22:47
dougwigThat was likely tmi.22:47
blogandougwig: what the hell happened to you?22:47
dougwigLet me know; I modeled the plugin thing off of current drivers.22:52
bloganlol it was all me23:00
blogandougwig: its all good, it was the plugin code calling the driver. I forgot to pass the context, but it ended up taking the imported context module soooo yeah23:01
dougwigPhew.  A new patch set would've erased a +223:02
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blogani know, sorry to give you a scare23:03
bloganbut hey at least it exposed a bug in the plugin code23:03
bloganI'm surprised more didn't come out23:04
dougwigyou're just that awesome, man.23:04
bloganwell speaking a bit too late23:11
blogani mean early23:11
blogananyway i put that PR in could you look it over and maybe merge it in if nothing glaring sticks out23:11
bloganjust so people have something to work off of23:12
dougwigWill look now23:13
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sbalukoffHoly shit, it's Friday! Where did this week go?23:17
dougwiglooks good enough to merge, done.23:19
dougwigone thing i wanted to bring up with you: currently we leave it to the drivers to reach back into the plugin and manually delete the db object.  can't we just do that after the driver op call, if it works without an exception, and remove the need for each driver to do it manually?23:20
dougwigahh, the agent case, just like status.  bugger.23:21
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