Tuesday, 2014-07-08

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dougwigblogan: do the unit tests pass on the branch?02:35
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bloganthey should, though I ran into one that was not passing in the vmware tests because of a missing table, but I couldn't figure that one out02:36
bloganyou run into any issues02:38
dougwigjust started.  i was going to refactor one of your tests to be a lot shorter, and fix the main noop driver at the same time.02:39
dougwigi like your 4k+ review.  :)02:39
bloganyou dont touch my tests!!!02:39
bloganlol i know02:39
dougwigwe should start a pool on how many patch sets.  i'm in for 50.02:40
bloganoh god02:40
blogannum patch sets = num lines of code02:40
dougwigthey have a pile of 'hacking' reviews that are going in soon, which should cause rebasing hell, as well.  (one bit me.)02:40
bloganwhat sorts of changes are in store?02:41
dougwigwe're still on this branch, right?   bp/lbaas-api-and-objmodel-improvement02:41
blogani squashed and rebased02:41
bloganand pushed it to that branch02:41
bloganon oslbaas02:41
dougwigsee the pep8/flake8 reviews at the top of the list here:  https://review.openstack.org/#/projects/openstack/neutron,dashboards/important-changes:review-inbox-dashboard02:43
dougwigjust got a test bomb (usually a syntax error in a python file), which testr hides like a demon.  let me track that down.02:43
bloganhave you pulled down the new branch?02:44
dougwigyes.  let me try a tox -r02:44
dougwigmaybe my env is messed up02:45
blogandoes run_tests.sh work?02:46
dougwigfox failed again.  let me try run_tests.sh02:47
dougwigthat's cranky too.  let me track it down.02:49
blogandamnit I forgot Dustin in the commit message02:54
ptoohillpatch set 202:55
bloganit can wait for a real patch set02:55
dougwigi'd expect that to be a long list by the time all is said and done.02:55
blogani fully expect patch set 1 to be greeted by all reviewers with tears of joy exclaiming that had the written this it would be exactly the same way02:56
dougwigi expect you'll get tears.02:58
bloganeveryone will be crying after this02:58
dougwigi'm still bombing out.  let me try linux instead of os x real quick.02:59
bloganwell there's your problem03:00
dougwigmacs are supported for unit tests; didn't you see how many were at the summit?03:03
bloganlol i use one03:04
bloganbut i run linux on it03:04
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dougwiggot it, after futzing with manually creating the venv.  hmm.   battery life remaining before: 7 hours.  battery life remaining during: 1 hour, 10 minutes.03:44
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dougwigzz_blogan: is this a v2 change?  in your test noop, in health monitor manager, you call self.plugin.update_status.  in v1 land, health monitors call self.plugin.update_pool_health_monitor05:24
dougwigzz_blogan: here's my bomb, on both platforms05:41
dougwigand indeed, that path does not exist.  did we miss an upstream merge?05:42
dougwigok, it looks like you might be behind the branch?  because the branch is now using oslo.db, and your file is still using neutron.openstack.common.db.  maybe you have a .pyc hanging around?05:48
dougwigstandby, pr with fix incoming05:55
dougwigstill need an answer to the update_status question.05:55
dougwignevermind, it's right in git.  ok, no clue how i got into a place where git thought life was up to date and it wasn't.  re-cloning.05:58
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avishnoiHi folks14:51
avishnoii have one query regarding pool member creation14:51
avishnoianybody up for it ? :-)14:51
avishnoiI created pool and added two instances to it14:54
avishnoiwhen i see details of the pool14:55
avishnoimember's id mentioned in member :{} are different then the actual instance id14:55
dougwigThat's normal.  The member object contains the server ids14:55
avishnoican you explain a bit14:57
avishnoiwhat do you mean by server ids, do you mean host machines id?14:57
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dougwigMember is a standalone db object for Lbaas.  It contains a few bits of data plus an instance I'd, and pool links to the member object.14:58
dougwigId, not I'd14:58
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avishnoidougwig: okay, but when i see member object, its id is also not same as instance id15:00
avishnoiactually what i want to do is, whenever user creates the pool with instances, i want to fetch their CPU statistics using ceilometer15:01
avishnoiand ceilometer actually need instance id15:01
avishnoiand i am getting member id15:01
dougwigRight.  If you give me a few to get to a computer, I can tell you which field it is15:02
avishnoiand instance id = member id15:02
dougwigYou're right, it's not saved.  Currently, youd have to look up the member, get it's ip, and then use that to look up its instance.15:06
dougwigMembers can point at non nova ips, which will make it more fun.15:06
avishnoithis is bit complex15:08
dougwigI'm still tapping on my phone.  Will you be around in an hour?15:09
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ptoohillWith the current progress, should we assume TLS, L7 and anything else is to be left for next cycle?15:59
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dougwigthey're juno-3, if not K.16:05
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ptoohillwhats deadline for j-3 bps?16:07
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dougwigjuly 10 gerrit, july 20 accepted16:23
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ptoohillthank you16:27
blogandougwig: did you figure all that out?16:28
dougwigblogan: yes, there's a python 2.6 pull request waiting for you16:29
dougwigi'll have some status questions for you when you've got a sec.16:29
blogandid you fix the nested contexts or something for 2.6?16:30
bloganill just look lol16:30
dougwignested contexts and dictionary comprehensions.16:31
dougwigand oh my, you loved them.  :)16:31
bloganhad i actually thought about 2.6 i wouldn't have done them obviously16:33
dougwigi did the exact same thing.  :)16:33
bloganwhat better way to learn than to make the mistake first16:34
dougwigif not for centos/rhel, we could also just not support an ancient python.16:34
bloganif not for python 3 being backwards incompatible, there would be peace on earth16:36
dougwigi was mindlessly converting last night while watching dr. who.  at about line 800, i was thinking, 'jeez, this is a long test.'16:36
dougwigpython 2 -> 3 is just a good time to switch to ruby.16:36
bloganping mestery16:39
mesteryblogan: howdy man!16:40
bloganmestery: oh just bc im from texas you greet me with "howdy"16:40
dougwigblogan is feisty this morning.16:41
mesteryblogan: :P16:41
bloganmestery: so there have been complaints about the lbaas v2 patch set being too many lines, and rightfully so as I suspected would happen.  How would splitting a review work in this case?16:42
dougwigyou could do db + tests and then the rest.  that'd split it in 2.16:42
blogandougwig: thats what I figured but wasn't sure if thats the proper way16:43
bloganill bb in a few, i gotta get some lunch and bring it abck to my desk16:43
dougwigit's gotta be pieces that can be tested separately but which don't yet link together to something else.16:43
dougwigok, we need to talk about healthmon status.16:44
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bloganok dougwig lets talk17:02
dougwigscroll up to my question at 11:25pm, before i got myself into git hell.17:03
dougwigbasically, you're calling a different status interface in v2 than in v1, and i wanted to verify that it was intentional, and the old entry point is gone?17:03
bloganoh i see17:05
bloganlet me verify what I think it is right now is correct so let me look at the v1 code17:06
blogandougwig: ok so that was just me testing, so the driver can call whatever it wants, it won't be calling update_pool_health_monitor now, since health monitors are not child REST resources of a pool17:09
dougwigi'm cool with whatever it needs to call; i just need to know what the right thing is, so i can fix the driver.  i'll fix that and add the proper delete calls at the same time.17:10
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VijayBblogan: You there?17:10
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dougwigit's my turn to run to lunch, and it's a meeting, so i'll be back in about an hour.17:10
VijayBblogan: You need to amend the commit to replace Co-authored-by: Vijay Venkatachalam <Vijay.Venkatachalam@citrix.com> with Vijayendra Bhamidipati <vbhamidipati@paypal.com>17:11
dougwigif avishnoi shows back up, i was able to chase down the instance id in the api by going from pool -> member -> nova list, and then matching on either the float or fixed ip.  i didn't find a cleaner path.17:11
VijayBpeople are getting confused between us all the time since we both were with Citrix at one time D:17:11
dougwigi just read that as "we were both born at citrix at the same time", and i thought "whoa, hardcore.  wait, that can't be right."17:12
blogandougwig: if just needing to update the status then either method works, update_status or update_healthmonitor, however with the update_healthmonitor you dont need a reference to the sqlalchemy model class17:12
dougwigshit, i need some caffeine.17:12
bloganVijayB: i was going to ask you but I saw that was the email you've been using so I wasn't sure17:12
dougwigthe v1 method takes both the hm object AND the pool object, i assume for associate?17:12
VijayBdougwig: Hahaha no we weren't born at Citrix at the same time, but highly probable that we were both born in the same city ;)17:13
bloganVijayB: lol that wasn't you17:13
bloganVijayB: sorry man17:13
VijayBblogan: Np! ;)17:13
blogani remember you said you used to work at citrix so i thought that was you17:13
bloganthe real problem is too many Vijays17:13
blogandougwig: yes taht is correct17:14
VijayBhahaha yeah too many Vijays.. it's all because of a very famous actor of the 80s.. all his movies had his name as Vijay.. so Moms went crazy17:14
blogani was named after a soap opera character :(17:15
VijayBblogan: that would make us cross continental brothers ;p17:15
blogani feel your pain!17:17
VijayBsame here v_v17:17
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rm_workVijayB: do you know if vivek is in today?17:37
rm_work(you're both at ebay, right?)17:38
avishnoidougwig: there?17:43
bloganavishnoi: he went to get some lunch but told me to tell you:17:47
bloganif avishnoi shows back up, i was able to chase down the instance id in the api by going from pool -> member -> nova list, and then matching on either the float or  │17:47
blogan                                 │                     | fixed ip.  i didn't find a cleaner path.17:47
bloganthat did not paste correctly17:47
bloganbut its legible17:47
avishnoiyeah, that's the way i also figured out.17:48
avishnoiblogan: thanks for conveying the message blogan17:48
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avishnoiso can i raise bug/enhancement for this ?17:49
avishnoibecause i think if member object contains the reference to instance -id it will be more convenient for folks who wants to collect stats for each pool member from ceilometer17:50
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enikanorov_avishnoi: theoretically a member is not necessarily a VM17:53
enikanorov_so it might not have id17:53
enikanorov_but i'm fine with such enchancement17:54
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avishnoienikanorov_: can you give be example of any other possible candidate for members ?18:04
avishnoienikanorov_: can port be a member ?18:04
enikanorov_port - no. right now member is just an ip18:04
enikanorov_nowhere is stated that it is a VM18:05
enikanorov_it can be ip address outside the subnet18:05
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avishnoiokay, but the way i am looking at this enhancement is -- to include the associated resource object in the member object details IF ANY18:07
avishnoithat way i think we are not making this exceptional case for VM18:07
VijayBrm_work: Hey Adam, both Vivek and I are in a meeting.. he's in today.. I'll let him know so he can ping you after the meeting's over..18:07
rm_workVijayB: ok… i just want to catch him before he spends a lot of time on those tests (hopefully i am in time) because some stuff changed18:08
rm_workand also I got a few of them done yesterday at the barbican mid-cycle meet18:08
avishnoienikanorov_: can you direct me, where i can create this enhacement/bug ? launchpad? or do we have bugzilla ?18:09
enikanorov_avishnoi: launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron18:09
avishnoienikanorov_: cool thanks18:10
VijayBrm_work: Sure will let him know..18:11
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vivek-ebay@rm_work hey18:48
rm_workso, it looks like the admin-api is being deprecated probably18:48
rm_workso I ported the code over to the main API18:49
vivek-ebayoh ok...thats great.18:49
rm_workwith RBAC rules to restrict access18:49
rm_workyeah, makes testing much easier18:49
rm_worki did a few of the tests18:49
rm_worki am going to check those in18:49
rm_workand i need to work on some local fires right now...18:49
rm_workso if you wanted to go from there18:49
vivek-ebayok got it. I see some pushes from you yesterday18:50
rm_worki need to do another18:50
rm_workand … i don't know what I was thinking, but I literally just removed the admin-api18:50
rm_worki need to undo that18:50
rm_worksince that will be a separate BP/CR obviously, lol18:50
rm_workanyway, i pushed the tests18:51
rm_workrunning tox should come up clean18:51
rm_workand coverage is… non-zero ;P18:51
rm_workI based the two sections I added on the existing container tests18:51
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bloganmestery: did you get earlier message about the review?19:00
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mesteryblogan: I did, will look19:00
bloganmestery: its more just a question about whether it should be broken up into smaller chunks, and if so how should that be done19:01
mesteryblogan: That's always the million dollar question :)19:02
mesteryblogan: I think that myself and amotoki are the cores on your patch, let me talk to him and figure this out.19:03
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bloganmestery: excellent, thanks very much19:03
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vivek-ebayrm_work: what is tox command to run just one test method ?19:10
rm_worki don't know19:10
rm_worki was running them in PyCharm19:10
vivek-ebayhow do you run it ?19:11
rm_workright click on method -> Run/Debug19:11
rm_workeasy peasy :P19:11
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enikanorov_blogan: usually it's API, DB and Driver part19:15
enikanorov_blogan: initially it was done that way19:15
bloganenikanorov_: by API do you mean extension?19:19
enikanorov_blogan: yes19:19
bloganenikanorov_: I can definitely do that, and just link the reviews together?19:19
enikanorov_blogan: i think it should be done as a sequence of patches depending one on another19:20
enikanorov_so the last one is collecting whole work19:20
enikanorov_blogan: there should be something here https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Gerrit_Workflow for the reference19:21
bloganenikanorov_: excuse my ignorance, but by patches do you mean commits in the same review or, patch sets in the same review, or separate reviews?19:21
enikanorov_blogan: that would be several separate reviews, such that next review depends on previous one19:22
enikanorov_so when you checkout the last one of such sequence, you'll get whole work19:22
enikanorov_here it is: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Gerrit_Workflow#Add_dependency19:22
bloganon that link is it the last part?19:22
bloganokay that seems to be the easiest thing to do19:23
enikanorov_an example: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/89694/19:23
bloganawesome thainks enikanorov_!19:25
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dougwigvivek-ebay:  tox -e py27 neutron.tests.unit.blah:Class19:49
bloganenikanorov_: each one of those separate reviews needs to have its own unit tests, and those unit tests need to pass correct?19:53
enikanorov_blogan: it's preferable.19:54
enikanorov_btw existing unit tests imo are messy19:54
enikanorov_they test plugin and extension at once19:54
bloganenikanorov_: lol ive noticed19:55
enikanorov_i'd prefer seeing separate tests where extension is tested for validation and policy and plugin is tested for persistence logic and such19:55
enikanorov_but that's too much of routine work19:55
bloganeniaknorov_: i was actually going to do that after this is all done19:56
bloganenikanorov_: but that makes separating the extension and plugin/db layer tough bc those tests wont pass19:57
enikanorov_well, then they just go with the part that can actually be tested19:57
enikanorov_(e.g. plugin or db plugin part)19:58
bloganenikanorov_: yeah, it just might not cut down on the number of lines as much as people wants, but i'll just have to do what I can19:58
dougwigblogan: ok, so we agreed that v1 hm status used two objects.  did you modify v2 to only need one?20:03
*** jorgem has quit IRC20:04
blogandougwig: yes because that was due to the many to many relationship pools and hms had in v1 versus the many-to-one (or even one-to-one) in v220:04
dougwigahh, then we can keep it with update_status and the interface remains consistent?  i like that much better.20:04
dougwigok, unless you scream, i'll update the noop driver for that + deletes, and make a few other tweaks, and send a pull request to you.20:05
bloganyes, though i reserve the right to scream, this is a very fluid thing right now20:06
dougwigscreaming in fluid sounds dangerous20:06
dougwigyou'll drown20:06
bloganonly if i breathe back in for another scream, then I'll just have projectile water vomit20:06
bloganor drown20:07
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dougwigvivek-ebay:  tox -e py27 neutron.tests.unit.blah:Class20:09
vivek-ebaythanks dougwig20:10
dougwigthis gets you reasonably quick and complete coverage for our stuff:20:11
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blogandougwig: thanks for fixing those py26 issues, i wasn't looking forward to doing that20:15
dougwignp, it was a slow dr. who episode.20:15
bloganyeah I'd like to really clean those tests up to be real unit tests but in the interest of time i decided to follow the same process20:16
bloganactually doing that would be a good learning exercise for anyone who wants to learn the code base though20:17
*** VijayB has joined #openstack-lbaas20:20
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dougwigconcur, it would, don't you have interns?  :)20:26
*** sbfox has joined #openstack-lbaas20:28
dougwigwell, fixing the noop driver shrinks your diff by 147 lines.  3000 more to go.20:29
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bloganwe have one intern but he's on our existing lbaas product20:34
blogandougwig: ive got a decent idea on how to break it up20:35
dougwiglet me give you a quick PR before you structural hammer on things, to make my merge life easier?  :)20:35
bloganlol sounds good20:35
bloganone win though, jenkins +1'ed the latest patch set20:35
dougwighmm, one tiny change in your db test and it exploded, which means that the noop driver has something way broken.  standby.20:37
*** sab has joined #openstack-lbaas20:44
bloganoh and i meant to change that noop driver in the tests to use yours, though i would have made some changes20:47
dougwigi'm doing that now, no worries.20:48
dougwigand there are changes.20:48
*** sab has quit IRC20:48
dougwigto the driver, not the test.  test was a one-liner.20:48
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*** vivek-ebay has joined #openstack-lbaas20:49
dougwigblogan: is there a reason your passing id directly to stats() and not the lb obj?20:54
bloganto the driver?20:54
dougwigyour noop signature:  -    def stats(self, context, load_balancer_id):20:55
dougwigabstract signature: def stats(self, context, obj):20:55
bloganno particular reason, just following the plugin convention, that can certainly be changed20:55
dougwigsecond question, most of the deletes are of the form _db_delete_obj (e.g. _db_delete_pool), but member is delete_member().  any reason?  :)20:55
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dougwigok on stats, let me give you this pull using _id instead of obj, and if we want to switch it later, it can be separate.20:56
bloganah so that was because the api's delete member actually calls delete_pool_member, so I just called the actual db method delete_member, it can be changed to be consistent for sure20:58
bloganthough all that woudl be solved by doing composition with the database instead of inheritance, which i was planning on experiementing with but haven't had the time yet20:59
dougwigjust making sure it was expected.21:01
dougwigi've got dueling unit tests now due to the stats() mismatch, one sec while i resolve that.21:02
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dougwigpr up21:11
bloganoh yeah on the stats i have a feeling people are gong to want stats per pool21:17
dougwigyep, i figured we'd eventually put stats on everything.21:20
dougwigbut as a driver guy, i'd still rather call obj.id than have to go look up the id if i happen to need meta-data to finish my request.21:21
dougwigit's like a ninth order issue of consistency.  nothing to worry about.21:24
dougwigbut stats is its own mixin because i expected it to get added to other objects before juno shipped.21:24
bloganoh no21:25
bloganfail review on my part21:25
blogani had squashed your previous PR into the same commit, and i don't think you got that change in21:26
dougwigneed another push, or can you recover?21:28
bloganattempting to recover, but another push might be the easiest21:29
bloganone sec21:29
dougwigworst case, it's gotta still be in my fork:  https://github.com/dougwig/neutron-oslbaas/tree/bp/lbaas-api-and-objmodel-improvement21:30
bloganreflog is always the safety net21:30
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bloganokay do another PR21:34
bloganrepull though21:34
dougwigok, one sec.21:34
dougwiglet me just archive my local first21:35
blogansounds good21:35
bloganwhat is in gerrit vs whats on the oslbaas branch is the same21:36
dougwiggit think it's up to date, and then the pull is 4000 lines.  one sec, let me see if a recursive diff will be cleaner.21:38
bloganyou're probably just better off deleting your local branch and just repulling, of course after you get the changes you just made out of the local branch21:39
dougwigyep, got the patch.  let me apply to a new branch.21:40
dougwigthere you go21:42
bloganmuch better, thanks, sorry for the trouble21:43
dougwigit's no biggee, i'll just hate you forever.21:43
bloganyou already did so it meant nothing21:43
dougwigright, right.  let me go back to sharpening my knives and dreaming of revenge.21:44
bloganwhats the email gerrit recognizes you with?21:45
bloganok squashed and repushed21:47
bloganback to oslbaas21:47
blogantime for breaking apart21:56
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dougwigthe review shrunk by just a wee bit.  :)23:02
dougwigok all, it's time to start +1'ing the smaller review chunks, so we can start to get stuff in:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/105331/23:05
dougwigplease put your feedback in there so blogan can get to patchset 50.23:05
dougwigoh, you beat me to the mailing list.  nvm.23:06
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bloganwell i put all but the first as a WIP bc they will still be changing23:08
bloganwell more like additions being made23:08
blogani know people are going to not like the tests not being in the same review as the pieces it is testing23:09
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bloganalright ill bbl23:22
*** blogan is now known as zz_blogan23:22
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