Thursday, 2014-07-10

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mesteryblogan: We're on this one now:
mesteryblogan: Hoping to get that one merged today.16:32
mesterysbalukoff: Any issues with ^^^16:32
sbalukoffmestery: I'll have a look! (In a meeting at the moment.)16:37
mesterysbalukoff: No worries.16:37
mesteryblogan: When will a driver for the new LBaaS API be reviewable?16:37
sbalukoffOh-- I had a look at that one and I think I've already +1'ed it.16:38
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mesterysbalukoff: Nice, thanks!16:40
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dougwigmestery: for the no +2 without a driver, were you meaning a driver in the same review, or just a driver in gerrit somewhere?16:59
mesterydougwig: Gerrit :)16:59
dougwigok, that we can do.  :)17:01
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sballesbalukoff, Ping17:29
dougwigreview etherpad:
dougwigabout to go on wiki17:30
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sballedougwig, Thx :-)17:35
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roharablogan: is it possible to update a listener's connetion_limit in the new API?18:02
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ptoohillare we making a bp for the agent refactor?18:31
ptoohillwe can piggyback off of the bp for the ns_driver 'refactor' as v218:31
ptoohillatleast i assume, unless theres objections of course18:32
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ptoohillrohara: yes, the connection_limit can be updated18:34
bloganmestery: since i foudn out last night that the shim layer will not work with the agent, a v2 agent is going to have to be made for the namespace driver to work with the v2 API18:36
bloganrohara: it should be possible, i might have missed that on teh docs18:36
roharablogan, ptoohill: thanks18:36
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rm_workvivek-eb_: any blockers?19:04
vivek-eb_not able to complete it due to internal tasks.19:05
vivek-eb_did you submit changes for review ?19:05
vivek-eb_with WIP19:05
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bloganmestery, markmcclain: ping19:31
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mesteryblogan: pong19:33
mesterywhats u0p?19:33
bloganmestery: do you know of a reason haproxy would need the agent, and not just be built without using the agent?19:34
bloganmestery: i'm just wondering if it is possible to do the haproxy driver just as the reference implementation for v2 for now, that way it gives more time to work on the agent refactor, and more time for the tls and l7 to be worked on19:34
mesteryblogan: ++19:35
bloganmestery: do you know if mark would agree?19:35
mesteryblogan: I think that makes the most sense, I think he would, he's talking to someone else in person here.19:35
bloganokay, ill start on that then, and when you get a chance could you ask him if he has any hard objections to that and let me know19:36
dougwigi also like this plan.  blogan +119:37
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mlavalleblogan: ping20:27
bloganmlavalle: pong20:28
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mlavalleblogan: I pushed to gerrit the tempest clients for the new LBaaS api:
mlavalleblogan: rohara is working on the test that will use the clients.20:34
mlavalleblogan: so soon we will need something to test against. How do we deploy the new LBaaS code in a devstack? Is there a guide?20:35
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bloganmlavalle: there is not a guide, the guide is in my head!  right now i'm starting work on a reference implemntation of it, but its possible to use the NoopLoggingDriver once this gets in:
bloganmlavalle: it'll require two config lines in the neutron.conf, I'll try to write something up tonight on how it should look20:42
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mlavalleblogan: thanks. I will ping you tomorrow :-)20:55
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bloganmlavalle: i will be out tomorrow, we're going on a team outting20:59
blogani'm sure ill be on at some point in the evening and throughout the weekend20:59
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mlavalleblogan: have fun! let's synch up on Monday20:59
bloganmlavalle: sounds good, have fun in minneapolis, keep mestery in line21:00
mesteryblogan: You know it sir ;)21:01
dougwigmestery and markmcclain were getting fresh in the irc meeting, so be careful...21:01
mlavalleblogan: I don't commit to that. keeping mestery in line would be a challenge21:01
mesterydougwig: o_O21:01
mesterymlavalle: Heh :)21:01
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dougwigblogan: found an example of why we want to send a full object to stats(): many drivers need the tenant_id for scheduling, and with just an id, the first thing they have to do for stats() is to turn around and query the db for the tenant_id.22:50
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