Monday, 2014-07-14

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dougwigblogan: do health monitors and members require parent objects, or can they be created independently?01:50
bloganhealth monitors can be, members require a pool01:53
bloganhows it going dougwig?01:55
dougwigand hm's are 1:1 with pools right now as well?01:59
dougwigjust need some unit tests, and then i'll be ready to upload my driver as a WIP, and doing some end-to-end testing with your branch.02:00
bloganyes that is correct about hms02:04
bloganah good it'll be good ot have another driver to test with02:05
dougwigi was aiming at tonight, but i think it'll be monday or tuesday.02:10
dougwiglook at the db code, pool<->listener is 1:1 right now?02:12
dougwiglooking, not look02:12
bloganyes right now it is 1:102:13
bloganwe decided that in the meetup02:13
bloganand make it many to many eventually02:14
bloganwait did02:14
bloganM:1 was the eventuality02:15
dougwigi remember we punted on m:n, but i couldn't find the linkage that made it 1:n in the current code.02:15
bloganlistener to pool02:15
bloganyeah it shouldn't be 1:M, L7 rules will give that ability02:15
dougwigright now i can only do ".default_pool", right?  can we put in a helper so that "for pool in listener.pools:" works, and the drivers can pretend it might be multiples?02:17
bloganwell id ont think it'll ever be multiple pools02:18
bloganbut i could be wrong, im not sure exactly how the L7 implementation will look02:18
dougwighmm, i'll go with default_pool now and deal with it in juno-3, when l7 hits.02:20
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dougwigok, then i think the only thing that isn't a 1:1 rest pass-through for me is vports (listeners), for which i need to wait for a load_balancer to attach them to.02:21
bloganyeah that sounds about right02:25
bloganwell by the time the driver gets a listener, it'll already have a loadbalancer attached to it02:25
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blogan_dougwig: did you get my last message?02:26
dougwigsession persistence is on pools, correct?02:31
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dougwigooh, you're here twice.02:48
blogan_yes vpn acting up again02:52
dougwigyou should get a service with one of the largest cloud operators in the world.  oh, wait.  :)03:29
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sballesbalukoff, ping?13:32
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bloganmestery: how does the global requirements work? can neutron only use the libraries in the global requirements now?16:25
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mesteryblogan: That's correct I believe.16:33
mesteryblogan: For that, I'd send email to the lsit or pop into #openstack-infra16:33
bloganmestery: so that means we would need to add the Jinja requirement into the global requirements now?16:34
mesteryblogan: I *think* that sounds right, yes.16:34
bloganok thanks mestery16:34
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bloganmestery: there was already a blueprint for refactoring the namespace_driver to work with a the new jinja config and new driver interface, should I put the reference implemenation for the new driver interface under that blueprint or under the same one I've been working under?19:58
mesteryAn existing BP is already there?19:59
bloganbasically does the refrence implemenation need to be in the same blueprint as the extension/plugin review chain for that review chain to get accepted19:59
bloganwell a spec19:59
mesteryAh, now I got it.20:01
mesteryI think you can add a mention to your spec and we're good20:01
mesterysound ok?20:01
bloganso keep it partially implementing the bp/lbaas-api-obj-mode-refactor blueprint, but mention that blueprint i just linked?20:01
bloganmestery: ^^20:09
mesteryblogan: ++20:10
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bloganmestery: when you say mention in the spec, do you mean mention in the commit message?20:21
mesteryblogan: either way I think20:22
bloganmestery: okay I'll mention it in the spec, when this is done I'll probably need you to look over the change request chaining and make sure I did it correctly20:23
blogani mean ill mention it in the commit message20:23
mesteryblogan: roger sir20:23
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rm_workvivek-ebay: you had any further luck with those tests?20:35
vivek-ebayhey, will ping you in few mins. meeting.20:36
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