Wednesday, 2014-07-16

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ctraceydougwig: testing client still06:04
ctraceyshould have it in tomorrow06:04
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dougwigctracey: that's great, thanks.16:49
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dougwigmestery: did avishay from radar talk to you about their driver timeline?  if they can get the code submitted in time, i think it should be considered as an exception for getting into juno.  (they have an existing driver, it's just an interface change, ...).16:58
dougwigi haven't spoked to them at all, just saw the bp.16:58
mesterydougwig: The radware folks?16:59
mesterydougwig: I reviewed their spec, had one minor comment, otherwise it was submitted before SPD so it should be ok to merge.16:59
dougwigyes, this one:
dougwigoh, they got it on the 9th, missed that.  ok, nice.17:00
dougwigthanks.  :)17:00
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dougwigreminder to fill out your standup info:
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dougwigdo we have an agenda for today's hangout, or is this another coding week?17:21
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ptoohillIm assuming its another code week as i have yet to hear/see an agenda of sorts.17:23
sballeI have no items for today's agenda.17:27
dougwigsbalukoff ?17:27
dougwigblogan ?17:28
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blogandougwig: im back17:59
rm_worksballe: hey, were you still thinking about scheduling a talk at the summit with regard to Barbican integration?18:00
sballeSam was going to do that18:01
rm_workI wonder if I could get on that18:02
rm_worklooks like for us Rackers that's the only we get to Paris <_<18:03
sballerm_work,you should ask him18:04
rm_workyeah, thanks18:04
sballeI scheduled a talk on Octavia with Jorge and Stephen18:04
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sballerm_work, Where do I find the log from last week's LBaaS meeting.18:27
sballerm_work, I am trying to read up on the decision around talks. I know I was going to coordinate and I am 10% sure Sam was doing a talk around Object model, API, Barbican , etc18:28
sballes/10/100% ;-)18:28
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blogansballe: i dont think sam was going to do a talk focuses on barbican, just more about the v2 api, the process of that, the new driver interface, tls and L7.  im sure tls will touch on barbican but I'm not sure how in depth he planned on going18:42
blogansballe: i'm sure the majority of the time will be spent on people yelling at me for doing some things wrong18:42
sballeblogan, oh so maybe I misunderstood. I thougth he was going to add Barbica integration18:42
sballerm_work, You shoudl submit a talk and once you sync-up with sam you can edit the abstract to fit what he is not talking about.18:43
sballeblogan, :)18:45
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crc32I'd like to participate in the talks about TLS on the lbaas side. Where would I go to sign on for that?19:14
dougwigand suddenly the rackers are super motivated to be speakers...  ;-)19:21
sbalukoffdougwig, ptoohill: I think we're going to hold off on the Wednesday Octavia meetings until Neutron LBaaS is in good shape, as far as getting features in for Juno. Octavia being a "vendor" for Neutron LBaaS (at least initially), we won't be able to do much if we don't get Neutron LBaaS's API and object models into good shape, eh.19:21
dougwigi figured they were Wednesday LBaaS meetings that would gradually morph into Octavia meetings, but it sounds like we don't have enough overflow topics from IRC or things that need voice for it to be needed yet.19:23
sbalukoffdougwig: That was the consensus I thought I saw when this came up on the mailing list.19:23
dougwignet net is no meeting today, sounds like.19:23
crc32sbalukoff: would you be interested in talking with me and 2 others about TLS on the lbaas side at the paris summit since Bluebox is pretty invested in it as well?19:23
dougwigfyi, sam's agenda:19:24
sbalukoffcrc32: Sure!19:25
sbalukoffcrc32: Did you want to come up with a talk proposal there, or do you want me to draft one?19:26
crc32I'm thinking sam and evengy should be there with possibly adam aka rm-you19:26
crc32or rm-work or what ever his name is19:26
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crc32sbalukoff: Can you draft one up. I'll send a message to evengy to  see what his thoughts are and you reach sam cause I'm guessing you know him more.19:27
sbalukoffcrc32: Sounds good. I'll work on that in the next day or two and get y'all's feedback on it, eh.19:29
crc32thank you. But reach out to Sam since it sounds like you two already have repor.19:30
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dougwigjust in case you're not all madly refreshing the code review etherpad like drunken monkeys on crack, there's a flavors review WIP now:
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sbalukoffOh, sweet! Is that following the flavors framework spec that's (still) under debate?20:07
sbalukoffI guess I can read the code and find out. XD20:07
ctraceyis there a meeting today?20:09
bloganctracey: no20:11
ctraceyblogan: how are you curling members?20:11
ctraceyis it /lbaas/pools/<pool id>/members.json?20:11
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bloganctracey: yes that works20:23
bloganctracey: though a get on /lbaas/pools/<pool_id>.json should also give you a list of members20:23
ctraceysorting though the sub attr stuff now20:24
dougwigsbalukoff: it's following mark's spec, with eugene's spin, i'd assume.20:31
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ctraceythe members logic gets a bit weird that it is not its own top level resource21:01
dougwiginteresting heat thread about health monitoring/auto-scaling on the ML.  lbaas is mentioned near the end, but it does have broader implications, and very obvious octavia implications:
dougwig(depending on how insular vs team player you want to view things.)21:02
dougwigctracey: if by weird you mean, "simpler for the backend", then i agree.  :)21:02
dougwigif by weird you mean, why is this different than all the others?, well, i stlll agree.21:03
ctraceyyeah not sure how the client will deal with this21:03
ctraceyothers are working well21:03
dougwigmember commands require a pool arg or they fail?21:03
ctraceywell its not even that far really21:04
ctraceybc the client doesnt like this model afaict21:05
dougwigi'm sure all the code we've written is perfect.21:05
ctraceyfeel like it should almost be "neutron lbaas-pool-member-create21:05
ctraceyvs neutron lbaas-member-create21:06
dougwigi wouldn't object to that.21:06
bloganctracey: i know they've had child like elements before, but those have been mostly for PUTs for associations21:15
bloganyeah pool member would be fine by me too21:15
ctraceythat is the difference21:15
ctraceythat is always 1:1 right?21:16
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bloganpool to members is 1:M21:22
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ctraceyblogan: er that is what I meant actually...duh :)22:06
ctraceyotherwise we are not doing much loadbalancing22:06
bloganits proxy as a service22:09
bloganokay my local isn't showing it either22:12
ptoohill :)22:12
blogangithub is though22:12
bloganim an idiot22:14
bloganim in a detached head state22:14
bloganand pushed it22:14
rm_worksbalukoff: heh yes, prior to like, yesterday, we were told "you are not allowed to sign up for talks without prior approval, and BTW we won't be approving people"22:14
rm_worksbalukoff: and they finally said "ok fine, go ahead and sign up to do talks if you want"22:15
rm_worki guess there was enough outrage :P22:15
xgermanI am wondering what happend to the UDP LB panel Mark and i were planning :-)22:24
rm_workxgerman: oh right, we were all supposed to be on that22:26
rm_workand if I recall correctly, it was supposed to be held in a pub :P22:26
sbalukoffSo, speaking with some of my team mates here we have a couple other ideas for talks, and we'd love to get collaborators on them if y'all are willing, eh.22:27
sbalukoff(Hopefully some of these will be accepted, eh!)22:27
sbalukoffOh yes, that's right! The UDP LB panel. XD22:27
sbalukoff*totally* happening in Paris.22:27
xgerman*totally* :-)22:28
sbalukoffAnyway, we're going to write them up, but other than the one Susanne already submitted (about Octavia in general), there's Carlos' idea around talking about TLS (with a couple others), and a general "How to contribute to OpenStack" talking about some of trials and tribulations we've gone through, specifically around Neutron LBaaS and Octavia.22:30
sbalukoffAnyway, if y'all are interested, I'll share the google docs where we'll have the draft talk proposals written in a couple days.22:30
xgermanyeah, that sounds good22:31
blogansbalukoff: i have plenty to talk about trials and tribulations of contributing to openstack22:36
xgermanI bet you do :-)22:37
bloganits more "things I wish i knew before I started"22:37
xgermanwell, they should run it more like Star Wars - assign a Jedi master to each apprentice... the force is strong in you, Brandon...22:38
crc32So is the TLS talk still a go for you sbalukoff I was thinking of injected rm_work in my talk as well.22:39
rm_workyeah, I have some stuff to say around using Barbican for TLS Cert/Key storage for other Openstack services22:40
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xgermanrm_work, make that a user talk22:41
xgermanso end users can store their certificates22:41
sbalukoffcrc32: Yep, it's still a go for me, eh. Did you still want me to write the first draft of the talk proposal?22:43
crc32yes. also also ask if Sam Ber  is a go too. I think the TLS interaction is a complicated enough process to warrent a seperate talk.22:44
sbalukoffcrc32: Will do!22:44
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