Thursday, 2014-09-04

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rm_you|blogan: you there?00:33
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bloganrm_you: now I am01:31
rm_youssee PM01:32
rm_you*see PM01:32
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bloganwho is that last +1 on amphora?01:50
blogansomeone is stuffing the ballot boxes!01:50
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rm_youblogan: have you still not voted for amphora yet? >_>01:59
blogani have not01:59
bloganthematic names are cool and all, but i think they detract from actual understanding of what they actually are02:00
rm_youi think amphora is actually quite clear02:02
rm_youmuch clearer than most of the others <_<02:03
bloganif you know what amphora means02:03
rm_youit's another word for container, without being the word "container"02:03
rm_youI knew what it was before <_<02:03
bloganwell i would wager 95% of people aren't as enlightened as you are02:03
rm_youso you're saying I'm too smart now? :P02:04
bloganno, that you have a light within shining as bright as 1000 suns02:05
rm_youumm... cool? :P02:06
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bloganso other than adam, no one else knows what the hell amphora is14:59
bloganthats a name that got thrown in at the end of the vote yesterday15:00
bloganits a roman container15:00
xgermanI had our naming specialist Julian look at it15:00
sbalukoffWhich goes along well with the roman naming theme.15:00
sbalukoff(ie. "Octavia" is a roman name.)15:00
blogangoes along well with it but no one knwos what it means15:00
blogani will fight this! but will accept the result15:01
xgermanI am a quick study15:01
sbalukoffblogan: Again, I don't see a problem with this. It doesn't take much for people to get up to speed on this, and it has the benefit of not colliding with other names (which would carry an implied meaning from the get-go)15:01
bloganxgerman: you know how to google i see15:01
xgermanindeed :-)15:02
xgermanmore coffee - I need to be alert when Stephen comes :-)15:02
sbalukoffI'm supposed to be sleeping right now.15:02
sbalukoffSo... I'm going back to bed.15:02
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blogansbalukoff: if we're okay with making people look up what amphora means for octavia, why would we nto be okay with expecting people to look up with device/application/mechanism/pod means for octavia15:04
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sbalukoffblogan: Because they won't-- people will make assumptions about what it means because those words carry meaning in other similar contexts.15:36
sbalukoffIf you have to look up the definition of amphora, that means you didn't have a previous meaning attached to the name.15:37
sbalukoffPlus, I like that it can be shortened to 'amps' for casual conversation. :)15:38
sbalukoffAlso, 'amphora' wasn't my suggestion originally. But rm_work totally convinced me it's the right name to use.15:40
sbalukoffSo, blame him.15:40
rm_mobileYeah, I think looking it up is OK, for the reason sbalukoff mentioned15:42
rm_mobileVoting closes... 12:00 in what time zone?15:44
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dougwigit was my suggestion.  i got inspiration while... umm...  doing something.17:04
dougwigmountain time zone.  although since it was rather irregularly shoved in at the last minute, i don't think we can really stand on ceremony on a deadline.17:04
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dougwigvote vote vote   ... or register your objection at how sloppily run this vote has been.17:38
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rm_workdougwig: yeah but there does have to be an official cutoff at some point18:14
rm_workdougwig: is it too late to undo moving the votes around like that?18:19
rm_workit's confusing and makes it hard to find out who voted for what without going to the history playback18:20
dougwigmoving what votes around?  i copied the original for the runoff.18:20
rm_workthe highlighting says they all belong to you?18:21
dougwigoh crap.18:21
rm_workmaybe undo? :P18:21
rm_workcan look in history... but... it's suboptimal18:22
rm_workneed to use ctrl-z :P18:22
rm_workotherwise :/18:22
dougwigdangit, i got disconnected.  i fixed a few of them, but it's reverting the folks who aren't connected to my color.18:22
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crc32Sounds like some voting irregularities going on here.18:23
rm_workyeah ah well18:23
rm_workwe can look in the history to verify18:23
crc32we got some hanging chads in either pad.18:23
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dougwigtime to file a lawsuit.18:31
crc32its 2000 all over again.18:33
crc32so when is the vote closed anyways18:33
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bloganyes you can't know if i voted already! i get another vote19:07
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amphorahey i've heard some unsettling rumors that the name amphora is going to be used in your project.  I have a copyright and trademark on that name so you can't use it.19:10
bloganoh really?19:11
bloganwell damn I guess we can't use it19:11
blogansbalukoff, dougwig, and rm_work will have to abide by the law.  It is disappointing.19:11
rm_worklolol blogan nice try19:12
rm_workamphora (bran3993@nat/rackspace/x-psgcrpvitdhfcvze) joined the channel.19:12
bloganoh wow someone with a similar name19:12
bloganthat works at rackspace19:12
blogan6000 people, it happens19:12
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bloganseriously though, between having this decision hang around for another day and going with amphora, i would go with amphora19:16
bloganthe war of attrition has defeated me19:16
TrevorVI would still fight, but he's right, it would be in vain.  Since people seem to like naming things that either don't make sense (octavia, which is a car) or require looking up a definition to make sense of it (amphora........ self explanatory)19:24
* TrevorV wants to note that he isn't complaining about octavia, just using it as an example19:24
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dougwiguser amphora, lol19:43
a2hillSo, battlestar-loadtallica??????19:48
dougwigalright, i'm going to re-spin the review as amphora.  standby, and you can always -1 there if you need.19:58
bloganjust stay with vm20:10
blogandougwig: can I -2?20:10
dougwigi certainly can't stop you.  :)20:17
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dougwigbtw, octavia's jenkins should be fixed now. patch was merged into infra.20:41
rm_workremember the plural is amphorae :P20:42
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* blogan vomits20:54
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openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed a change to stackforge/octavia: Initial directory skeleton
dougwigthere ya go.20:59
sbalukoffHey y'all!21:00
sbalukoffI'm back after meeting with the HP team for a few hours.  What was the result of the vote?21:00
sbalukoffother than blogan vomiting?21:00
rm_workAmphora/e FTW :)21:02
dougwigreviewers, please go put your mark on that review.  pretty much everything else depends on it, so let's get it out of gerrit.21:03
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rm_workdougwig: what is client/ ?21:03
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dougwiganything of note in the hp meeting?21:03
rm_workwhy is there a client folder21:03
dougwiga placeholder for the CLI/api client.21:03
rm_workyeah, isn't that usually in a different project named python-octaviaclient ?21:03
rm_workto match what EVERY other project I'm aware of does21:04
dougwigyep, but we also put specs in tree, so i followed suit.  figured we could split it later.  or, if someone else wants to go setup the stackforge, hit it.21:04
rm_workI guess that's ok for now -- as long as they stay completely separate :P21:04
rm_workwe can pull it out later, yeah21:05
rm_workone major reason for that is that the python-clients don't follow the same release schedule21:05
rm_workthey aren't locked by the Juno feature freeze, for instance21:05
dougwigstackforge doesn't follow the normal release process, either.  :)21:06
rm_workas long as it's clear that eventually it will need to be pulled out :)21:06
dougwigi agree, and both the client and spec subdirs should be their own repos at some point.  seems like extra bookkeeping right now.21:06
rm_workI feel like could just be since the path is octavia.amphorae.drivers.driver_base21:09
rm_workwhich is also similar to what other projects to21:09
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rm_workI'll just do a huge comment :P21:09
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rm_workdougwig: comments posted21:14
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sbalukoffdougwig: Will do momentarily, eh!21:23
openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed a change to stackforge/octavia: Initial directory skeleton
rm_work+1 :)21:33
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sbalukoffQuestion for all of you: Are y'all running with python 3.3 in your environments at all? Or is everyone on python 2.6 or 2.7?22:22
sbalukoff(I'm wondering how worthwhile it is to have python 3.3 or 3.4 checks enabled for Jenkins)22:22
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dougwigeventlet and python3 are incompatible.  i'd leave the check if it worked.22:33
dougwigi enable py34 and pypy in any project that it'll work for.22:34
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rm_worksbalukoff: lolol22:44
rm_worksbalukoff: i have py33 via pyenv for many other projects22:45
rm_workbut i don't *use* it, really22:45
rm_worksbalukoff: was reminded of this:
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dougwigrm_work: ahh yes, such a silly piece of failed social engineering.23:28
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