Monday, 2014-09-08

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dougwigsbalukoff: sweet?  which days/times, exactly?00:29
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TrevorV_Is anyone active right now?03:05
TrevorV_blogan, sbalukoff, a2hill, rm_work, rm_you, ptoohill-oo?  Bueler?03:06
a2hillyou rang?03:07
TrevorV_hey man, I'm getting a silly error that I can't figure out03:07
TrevorV_I finally got my machine at home to let me install a partition of linux (rather than just working with python in windows which feels like I should kill myself)03:07
TrevorV_So, I'm trying to install requirements on the new OS, and its failing with this:03:08
TrevorV_Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement oslo.config>= (from -r requirements.txt (line 26)) (from versions: 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.3.0)03:08
TrevorV_For some reason, its saying PyPI doesn't have any other versions than that03:09
a2hillIve ran into this error, dont quite remember fix though :/03:09
TrevorV_However, when I run "yolk -V oslo.config"  which was a suggestion by a post online, it shows all the versions I could install, and it includes those and the requirement I need03:09
a2hillis it during rox tests?03:09
TrevorV_No, just "pip install -r requirements.txt"03:10
TrevorV_So I checked my versions of pip and virtualenv, which posts online said that could fix it by upgrading03:10
TrevorV_Both are most recent03:10
TrevorV_Idk what to do at this point03:10
TrevorV_It wouldn't even install it from Git03:10
TrevorV_I couldn't figure out how to get pip to do that03:10
TrevorV_My next step was to pull down the source, but I really really really don't want to do that :(03:11
TrevorV_blogan is apparently busy/sleeping right now (rare for him) because he's not answering texts/calls, so I can't get specific help03:12
TrevorV_Its a requirement he had in our octavia requirements03:12
TrevorV_I'm sure its supposed to be there and everything, that version specifically, but for some reason I can't find anything on how to update package listings or something like that03:12
TrevorV_Just lost, and want to get some work done and "can't"03:12
TrevorV_brb rebooting03:15
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TrevorV_a2hill, did you remember anything else or am I SOL?03:19
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TrevorV_Alrighty, I'll check with peeps tomorrow then03:24
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a2hillSorry, got caught up. TrevorV_ I dont remember exactly what I did to fix similar issue. Are you running pip yourself and not via devstack? I think i remembering having to downgrade pip or something else because of a version conflict. Sorry for not being of much help :/03:35
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a2hillor maybe update virtualenv pip install -U virtualenv03:40
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dougwigTrevorV_: to  builds venvs.  no need to hand install reqs03:55
dougwigtox, not to03:56
TrevorV_dougwig: its in a virtualenv that its failing :(03:56
dougwigTox -r ?03:56
dougwigPastebin error?03:56
dougwigas in, can you put the error in a pastebin so i can see it?03:58
dougwigno longer typing on my phone.  :)03:58
TrevorV_dougwig: yeah, let me reboot into linux real quick and I'll hit you up on IRC again in a second03:58
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a2hillI was going to suggest tox -r but said it wasnt during testing04:00
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blogandougwig: his pip's package index does not have the updated oslo.config for some reason, only has 1.304:00
dougwigthe venv should build it's own pip infrastructure, including the index and oslo.config04:01
dougwigthe error is something earlier in the chain, if that's breaking.04:01
blogani told him to pastebin/gist the full error04:01
blogani suppose he'll get to it04:02
TrevorV_alright, what command would I run to first set up all the stuff required for the project?04:02
TrevorV_I'm in linux now04:02
bloganhave you pulled down octavia?04:02
dougwigcd blah04:02
TrevorV_Just straight tox?04:02
dougwigyou should just need bare python interpreters of the right version installed.04:02
bloganone worder04:02
bloganand tox04:03
dougwigapt-get install python will do 2.7, and google "ubuntu python 2.6 repo" for the place with that one.  or appropriate place for your distro.04:03
bloganthere's a good deadsnakes ppa that'll give all versions of python04:03
bloganthrought apt-get04:03
dougwigbut "tox -r -e py27" will flush out if there's something more fundamental broken.  that'll just do the py27 env04:03
dougwigblogan: yeah, that's the first hit when you google.  couldn't remember the name04:04
bloganhow's it going TrevorV_?04:05
TrevorV_lots and lots and lots of red04:06
dougwigbtw, it works natively on a mac, too.  don't need linux.04:06
dougwigunless your name is blogan.04:06
dougwigthen you overpay for a mac and put linux on it.04:06
TrevorV_I'm doing "tox -r -e py27" right now04:06
blogandougwig I paid nothign for the mac!04:06
dougwigpastebin the error.04:06
dougwigtax doesn't own part of your soul?04:06
TrevorV_dougwig, he also doesn't use the mac side of mac... he put linux on it04:07
bloganyou mean the rax soul tax?04:07
bloganTrevorV_: thats what he was talking about04:07
bloganyou need to install the python-dev04:08
rm_youTrevorV can prolly guess what i'd tell him to try :P04:08
TrevorV_rm_you, no one likes you get out of here04:08
* rm_you reads the pastebin now04:08
rm_youTrevorV: too late, you summoned me earlier :P04:09
bloganadam's like candyman04:09
TrevorV_I only said his name once, doesn't count04:09
rm_youyou said the words and i appeared04:09
bloganwhat word or words must be invoked for you to disappear?04:09
TrevorV_word*  I said one word***04:10
rm_you"cool, got it working" or something to that effect04:10
bloganTrevorV_: is this the same erorr you've been getting?04:10
rm_yougot it04:10
TrevorV_blogan, wut?04:10
rm_youthis is ubuntu?04:10
blogansudo apt-get install python-dev or python27-dev04:10
blogani forget which one04:10
TrevorV_I just did python-dev04:10
rm_youyeah you're missing other packages04:11
rm_youthat will cause you problems, i had this same issue04:11
bloganprobably some mysql package needed as well04:11
TrevorV_Sweet, why doesn't it tell me other packages?!?!04:11
rm_youit does04:11
rm_youbut they're buried04:11
TrevorV_NO YOU DOES04:11
rm_youit's kinda lame04:11
rm_youerr, yes also I do :P04:11
TrevorV_Its still failing blogan04:11
rm_yousudo apt-get install libxml2-dev04:12
rm_yousudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev04:12
blogandifferent message?04:12
rm_youinstall those two04:12
rm_youand it should probably work04:12
TrevorV_re-running tox -r -e py2704:12
dougwigyep, what blogan said.04:12
rm_youit's a recursive deps issue04:12
rm_youagain, i am assuming this is ubuntu, the package names are slightly different in debian04:12
bloganim sure it is04:13
TrevorV_yes, its ubuntu.04:13
rm_yousee line 349 in your pastebin -- literally the exact issue i've had before04:13
TrevorV_I'm not carlos04:13
rm_you libxml2-dev and  libxslt1-dev04:13
TrevorV_I just installed those two04:13
rm_youremove your .tox folder04:13
rm_youand then try again04:13
rm_youit will need a rebuild because it ends up in a weird state04:13
bloganeven with -r?04:14
TrevorV_Man, you'd think these installation requirements would be in some file to be installed during a requirements installation in one swift motion or something.04:14
rm_youhopefully should go better this time04:14
dougwigtox -r wipes it04:14
rm_youwell, this same thing happened in barbican, i added those packages to their quickstart wiki page04:14
rm_youah k never used -r04:14
rm_youi'll remember that04:14
rm_youalways removed it manually :)04:14
TrevorV_in this case its not "--recursive"04:14
dougwiguseful to chuck a -r in there every week or so, since neutron changes so often.04:14
TrevorV_27 passed after rm_you 's suggestion04:14
bloganlol @ dougwig, still working in neutron04:15
* TrevorV_ never had to anyway... but was supposed to o_004:15
rm_youTrevorV_: so it worked?04:15
blogandougwig what airport you at right now?04:15
TrevorV_python2.7 did, rm_you04:15
TrevorV_I'm checking 2.6 now04:15
rm_youthe rest you can either use their repo04:15
rm_youor use pyenv04:15
dougwigsitting on my couch, though this friday i go to philadelphia, via chicago, houston, and detroit.04:15
rm_youi like pyenv but that's cause on OSX it's really the only good way04:16
dougwigeh?  vent works fine on mac04:16
dougwigdamn this dumbed down auto-correct dictionary, apple.04:16
rm_youdougwig: to get python2.7 / python2.6 / python3.3 / pypy / etc04:16
TrevorV_dougwig, what are you using for an IRC client?04:16
rm_youdougwig: venv doesn't do that :P04:16
dougwigrm_you: i'm using all of those with venv.04:17
TrevorV_2.6 worked fine too04:17
rm_youis venv != virtualenv?04:17
dougwigi did have to build my own brew package for py33, since brew is on 34 now.04:17
TrevorV_now we all know 3.3 or whatever will fail, because shitty04:17
dougwigrm_you: same thing04:17
rm_youwell right, you use virtualenv with them once you've INSTALLED them04:17
dougwigTrevorV_: because eventlet04:17
rm_youusing pyenv04:17
dougwigoh, i see.  i think i got them all via brew.04:17
* TrevorV_ said that on purpose dougwig 04:17
rm_youvirtualenv doesn't have a way to install python versions :P04:17
rm_youpyenv is a really clean way to install python versions without mucking up your system04:18
rm_youand keep them all under control04:18
dougwigblogan: hoping to avoid airports next month, as elk season starts oct 5th.04:18
rm_youwhen i tried using brew it absolutely fucked my system04:18
TrevorV_brew was amazing while I was using it04:18
rm_you(with regard to python -- I use brew for everything else still)04:18
rm_youyeah brew is awesome :P04:18
rm_younot brew's fault that python packaging is so wonky04:19
TrevorV_dougwig, blogan may have died... or he's tending to baby04:19
blogandougwig: do elk fly where you're from?04:19
dougwigbrew with multiple pythons sucks when it tries to link them all, true.04:19
TrevorV_HA HA HA04:19
bloganor is it a bunch of hunters coming in?04:19
dougwigblogan: no, which is why i don't want to be in airports.  rule #1 of elk hunting: go where they are.04:19
bloganoh you'll be the hunter04:20
dougwigmost days it's more aptly described as "hiking with a rifle in the cold".04:20
bloganhow does elk meat compare to venison?04:20
dougwigMUCH better.04:21
rm_youI miss elk04:21
dougwignone of the gamyness.04:21
rm_youthe people who kept cows on our property used to drop by and give us extra elk meat they got from their hunting04:21
rm_youvery much miss some good elk04:21
bloganive never had elk, i'd like to try it for sure04:21
bloganthat is my one gripe about venison, too gamey, have to soak it in a brine04:22
bloganeven then i can still taste it sometimes04:22
dougwigthe biggest trick with elk is a) finding them, b) not panic'ing when you walk up to your dead one, realize it's the since of a hippo, and that you have to get it to your truck.04:22
rm_youeh then again i also like venison :P04:22
bloganso whats the solution for getting it to the truck?04:23
TrevorV_Manual labor04:23
dougwigquarter it, then four 60-100 pack humps.04:23
dougwigit's a long day04:23
dougwig60-100 lb pack humps04:24
rm_youcutting up a huge dead animal in a field in the middle of nowhere in the cold and wet is funtimes :P04:24
bloganah makes sense, i suppose you may have to cover it up so scavengers (animals and people) don't take it04:24
rm_youglad i have not had to do it personally, my dad used to go do that for people04:25
dougwigusually i chuck my orange hat on its head.  makes it more obvious it's not alive to others, and makes it smell like human, which is plenty on the first day.04:25
rm_yousounded not fun :P04:25
dougwigit's actually more fun in the cold/wet, because when it's nicer out, you end up butchering inside a swarm of yellow jackets.  literally hundreds of them.04:26
TrevorV_thanks for the help rm_you dougwig blogan04:27
bloganwtf yellow jackets up there are attracted to blood?04:27
TrevorV_I'm off for the night.04:27
TrevorV_See ya :D04:27
dougwigprotein, yeah.  you've never had them buzz your grilled food?04:27
dougwigTrevorV_: night04:27
blogannope, i really haven't04:28
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dougwigit's texas.  you probably six gun them out of the air.04:28
bloganlol well I do kill any and all nests i come across04:28
bloganeven deer hunting I don't come across them04:28
blogangranted it's just field dressing the deer and then tossing it into the back of a truck04:29
dougwigi must kill 20 nests a year.  my house has a cedar shake roof, so it's like a candy store.  and i'm allergic to the damn things.04:29
rm_youblogan deer hunts? I guess I should have guessed, since he lives in TX and owns a truck? ... wait04:29
dougwigyeah, gutting a deer has never had the same effect.  skinning/quartering takes a lot longer, and exposes a lot more surface error.04:29
rm_youalso, any Rammstein fans? I'll just leave this here:
bloganrm_you: awesome04:30
bloganrm_you: i gree up in the deer capital of texas04:31
bloganand grew up!04:31
dougwigwhitetails, black, or mule deer?04:31
rm_youwe used to have deer running around outside our house... we didn't shoot them though :P04:32
bloganmy uncle is saying he's been seeing some axis deer out there, but I haven't seen any04:32
bloganrm_you: was your house in the city?04:32
dougwigi've never gone after anything but mule deer (city boy growing up, only started hunting a few years ago.)04:32
dougwigrm_you: animals near your house are pets, not food!04:32
rm_youblogan: lol no, middle of the country04:33
blogandougwig: god wouldn't have made my dogs so tastey if he didn't want me to eat pets04:33
dougwigwe have a small herd of 15 whitetails in our subdivision.  but we're the last sets of houses before the mountains, and we sometimes get mountain lions.  (of course, we pretty regularly get those in town, too.)04:34
bloganmmmm mountain lion04:35
dougwigi never tasted it.  any good?04:36
bloganlol i haven't either04:36
blogani really haven't had many exotic meats04:36
bloganand i dont know if i'd consider that exotic04:36
blogannative exotic04:36
dougwigi regularly get stalked by them while hunting (i think they're playing), and we stumble across a lot of bears.  but i've never hunted either.04:36
blogani hope you're going out with others then04:37
dougwigeh, sometimes.  i like hunting alone.04:37
bloganwe have some mountain lions where I come from, but I've never actually seen one, just stories from my family04:37
blogando see coyotes though04:37
dougwigunless it's a bad food year, they really don't want to mess with humans.04:37
dougwigand the bears are very direct, and i have a rifle, so they lose that equation.04:38
bloganblack bears?04:38
bloganoh you can just wrestle those, it'd be just like wrestling a baby04:38
dougwigonly very rarely are there grizzlies this far west04:38
rm_youok, we did used to shoot the coyotes that were in our yard04:39
dougwigusually we just yell at them.04:39
blogani remember coyotes attacked my camp, and then my dog attacked them and saved my family.  Then later we realized that dog got rabies too, so I had to shoot it04:40
dougwigblackies and cats are cowards.  wolves are far too smart to mess with humans.04:40
dougwigi think you read that in a book04:41
bloganwhat book?04:41
dougwigold yeller04:41
bloganyou mean my biography?04:41
dougwigi knew that had a blogan vibe.  especially when the dog was writing load-balancing code for its master.04:41
bloganyeah, too bad disney ruined it and took that part out of the movie because it was too "unbelievable"04:42
dougwigthey just weren't ready for pair programming yet.04:43
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jschwarzHi guys! About 2 weeks ago we talked about a feature to allow per-haproxy process logging (ie. each haproxy's log will be written to a specific file readable by operators, etc). I finally got around to working on the patch for lbaas v1, and will be happy if you guys could take a look at it:
jschwarz(morning to most of you, btw :))14:40
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bloganping jschwarz15:52
jschwarzmorning blogan15:52
jschwarzhow was your weekend? :)15:52
bloganit was good, yours?15:52
jschwarzcalm and silent15:52
jschwarzWhat can I do you for?15:52
bloganwell two things15:53
bloganfirst this seems more like a new feature rather than a bug fix, though this is one of those taht fall in the gray area15:53
jschwarzI agree.. there is much room for improvement, ie. later on we can design a REST API to show the logs like someone suggested earlier in the process15:54
blogansecond, this will change current deployments to log to /dev/log by default correct?15:54
jschwarzbut if the cores don't block it for lack of blueprint, I ain't gonna push it15:54
bloganwell thats where the socket will be15:54
jschwarzblogan, it already goes to /dev/log by default15:55
jschwarz/dev/log -> syslog15:55
bloganah okay good15:55
jschwarzit's actually 2 birds in one patch - the part which stops the spamming is like a one-liner and the rest is for the redirection15:56
jschwarzblogan, actually had a question for you15:57
jschwarzdo you know if lbaas with haproxy currently works for ipv6?15:57
jschwarz(lbaas v1 that is)15:57
bloganjschwarz: never actually tested that out but I assume (and we know how assumptions play out) that if neutron can support it then v1 will too15:59
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blogani don't remember seeing any kind of validation or code that would prevent it15:59
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jschwarzblogan, ok :)16:00
jschwarzmarkmcclain, hi16:00
markmcclainjschwarz: hi16:00
jschwarzmarkmcclain, how was your weekend? sorry to ambush you so early in the morning16:00
bloganjschwarz, don't be sorry, being ambushed is markmcclain's coffee16:01
jschwarzmarkmcclain, regarding the haproxy-logging-thingy we talked about a few weeks ago, I finally got around to writing a patch which redirects the logs to the lbaas agent which will dump them to a file16:02
jschwarzmarkmcclain, I added you as a reviewer since you're related to the original code (didn't want to ambush you into a patch without explaining what it's a about)16:02
markmcclainjschwarz: my weekend was good… how was yours?16:02
jschwarzseems like I ambush people a bit ^^"16:02
markmcclainblogan: haha16:02
jschwarzmarkmcclain, calm and silent. seems like the gate is cleaned up finally16:03
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markmcclainjschwarz: sounds nice.. yeah the gate is finally back to normal16:04
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markmcclainjschwarz: I should have some time to look at the review later today16:04
jschwarzmarkmcclain, would appreciate it16:04
jschwarzanyway i'm off (7pm here)16:05
jschwarznn guys :)16:05
markmcclainjschwarz: later16:05
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nealphdougwig: new patchset up for when you have a minute to review. Ping me with any questions!16:57
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sbalukoffjschwarz: Er... I thought that most work regarding lbaas v1 was essentially halted for the time being. Are you developing something similar for lbaas v2?18:07
sbalukoff(Also, apologies if someone else already answered this during my absence.)18:08
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blogansbalukoff: it should be added into v2 if it goes into v118:55
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dougwigsbalukoff: at the least, the bug fix should go in.  but if you have questions, go put them on the review.19:01
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sbalukoffdougwig: Did you see my note earlier about me visiting Boise this weekend?19:08
sbalukoffI'll be in town Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not sure what the plan is (probably some campaign stuff?). But if you're up for it, it would be cool to go grab sushi or something, eh!19:08
bloganelk sushi?19:09
rm_worksounds tasty :P19:12
rm_workis dougwig in Idaho?19:12
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a2hillello govena19:44
sbalukoffblogan: Eating raw red meat generally isn't sushi. That's carpaccio. :D19:53
rm_workdown here at Sushi Zushi they have some steak-based sushi that's pretty good, they sear it but it's still mostly rare19:57
rm_workthen again sushi zushi is not a great sushi place <_<19:58
rm_workbut it's the only one in TX i've seen steak sushi19:58
rm_workMarinepolis on 5th and Queen Anne (right below the space needle, woo) also does steak sushi sometimes19:58
rm_work(also known as Sushiland)19:58
dougwigrm_work: yep, i'm in idaho.20:02
dougwigsbalukoff: that sounds great, except that i will be in philadelphia fri-mon.20:03
sbalukoffdougwig: I see you're planning your trips to avoid me.20:04
dougwigyes, i looked into the future when i bought my tickets, just to give you an in-town -1.20:05
sbalukoffrm_work: Oh sure, "seared" And actually, if you want a good seared steak sushi, I recomment "El Matador" from Japonessa on 1st here in Seattle. :)20:05
sbalukoffdougwig: ;_;20:05
rm_worksbalukoff: :P20:05
rm_workwill try Japonessa next time I come up20:05
dougwigsbalukoff: your father's ad was entertaining, btw.  he needs a different 2A message to have a chance, though.20:06
sbalukoffrm_work: It used to be totally hipster.20:06
rm_workI used to *swear by* Marinepolis Sushiland, but lately... I feel like they have gotten a bit meh20:06
sbalukoff2A? Oh yeah, Adams county.20:06
dougwigheh, no.   guns.20:07
sbalukoffIs referring to counties by their license plate abbreviation just an Idaho thing? Does any other state in the union put their counties on their licence plates like that?20:07
sbalukoff2nd Amendment?20:08
*** markmcclain has quit IRC20:08
rm_workis your dad anti-gun? >_>20:08
dougwigwell, we do refer to every bad driver as a being 2C (canyon county).20:08
sbalukoffdougwig: Yeah, he refuses to kowtow to the NRA, even though he's a proponent of gun ownership. :P20:08
*** jorgem has quit IRC20:08
sbalukoffdougwig: Yeah, I know what you mean.20:08
sbalukoffdougwig: We get 2C drivers here sometimes even. It's sad how accurate that stereotype is.20:09
sbalukoffrm_work: He took issue with both the NRA's inflammatory politician survey.20:09
sbalukoffWhich has questions on it which might as well have been: "Are you in favor of the right of Americans to own any type of weapon they want, or are you in favor of letting American babies die at the hands of terrorists when they attack?"20:10
rm_workyeah it's kinda sad how badly framed most of the political stuff is these days, so polarized20:11
dougwigthe NRA swung radical just like the anti-gun folks did.  i don't think either group represents the sane people anymore.20:11
rm_workeither you hate babies or you hate women (with regard to abortion)20:11
sbalukoffdougwig: Indeed.20:14
*** jorgem has joined #openstack-lbaas20:14
dougwigman, if centurylink buys you guys, that'd be horrid.  i can't even imagine a universe where "fanatical support" crosses the streams with the customer support nightmare that is CL.20:32
blogani have no experience with them20:38
bloganor none that i know of20:39
bloganthis will be my reaction20:40
dougwigthey provide DSL and phones here.  i would rather open a vein and use my rivers of blood as a data conduit than ever deal with them ever again.20:40
*** HenryG has quit IRC20:48
sbalukoffdougwig: Yeah, Centurylink changed its name because Qwest had such an incredibly poor reputation. Clearly, it was the name that was the problem.20:48
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-lbaas20:50
rm_workhey, could you guys look at this and see if it makes sense to you?20:59
*** HenryG has joined #openstack-lbaas21:00
rm_worklike, I am not actually sure whether conceptually #5 should be in the LBaaS column >_>21:00
rm_workand if so, I should probably put LBaaS in the middle21:01
sbalukoffIf #5 doesn't go into LBaaS, where should it go?21:01
rm_workwell, it's "LBaaS reading info from Barbican"21:02
sbalukoffAlso yes, I understand the flow but the column placement is awkward.21:02
rm_workI agree21:02
rm_workthat's why I'm looking for suggestions21:02
rm_workI'll try another thing, sec21:02
dougwiglogical flow makes sense; not at all indicative of where it happens.21:03
rm_workworking on it21:08
*** jorgem has quit IRC21:08
rm_workthis... doesn't necessarily look a whole lot better but21:08
rm_workI think it is more correct? >_>21:08
rm_workstill looks awkward, but I think things are "in the right place"?21:10
rm_workcan fix up the spacing to make it look less dumb21:10
rm_workbut was trying to get the idea out quickly21:10
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed a change to stackforge/octavia: Initial migration for database structure
sbalukoffIt might help if the steps went roughly vertically (ie. with diagonal lines downward to the next step), keeping the idea of columns to show which service is doing that step.21:12
sbalukoff(So 1 is above 2 is above 3 and so on.)21:13
blogancentury link was Qwest? the telemarketing company?21:14
dougwigrm_work: i think that's much better.21:15
dougwigqwest was/is a telco.21:16
rm_worksbalukoff: yeah, so just more spacing21:16
rm_workand don't ever put two things on the same line, even if they're in the same layer?21:16
rm_workI'll get on that21:16
openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed a change to stackforge/octavia: Initial creation of db models, modules, and tests
blogannvm iw as thinking of west21:19
bloganwest telemarketing21:19
rm_workdougwig: ^^21:24
dougwigi like the 2nd better.21:34
rm_workdougwig: is the 2nd the newest one, or the last one?21:37
dougwignot the last one.21:40
sbalukoffLast one would work better with diagonal lines instead of orthogonal lines, IMO.21:44
sbalukoffMaybe also color-coding to show which actions are done by the user, and what are done by the system.21:45
*** mikedillion has quit IRC21:46
bloganmaybe a paint-by-numbers version as well21:48
dougwigthe good news is that we're off in aesthetics land, not questioning the content.21:57
rm_worksorry sbalukoff, i just don't like diagonals :P22:01
rm_workdougwig / sbalukoff:
dougwigwhat's your audience/goal?  that last feels a tad busy.22:07
rm_workThis is going to the ML22:12
rm_workand also will be used when I talk to Keystone / Barbican people22:12
rm_workaudience is technical22:12
rm_workalso, if anyone has seen Frozen and plays TF2:
rm_workthere we go22:29
rm_workah what22:29
rm_workdoesn't let you view, nm22:29
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*** TrevorV_ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:39
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rm_worksbalukoff / dougwig / blogan / a2hill: updated:
*** TrevorV_ has quit IRC23:53

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