Sunday, 2014-09-28

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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed a change to stackforge/octavia: Implementing simple operator API
rm_youblogan: orly07:27
bloganrm_you: go feast on that huge review07:27
bloganthere will be plenty to nitpick and also plenty of decisions to question07:27
rm_youdid you seriously stop playing CS on a weekend night at midnight, so you could work on that? >_>07:28
bloganif i said yes would that be bad?07:28
rm_youhmmmm 2000 lines...07:28
rm_youhow much of this isn't REALLY code that needs to be reviewed? :P07:28
rm_youcrap, looks like it might all be real code >_>07:29
bloganjust saw a file I don't need07:29
bloganits a WIP so pep8 fails07:30
blogandidnt even run tox07:30
blogani keep telling myself to just run tox every time and fix what pops up07:30
bloganbut since its WIP i seem to brain fart on that07:30
blogansome white space only changes in a file07:31
rm_youremember not to use \ to do line breaks07:32
rm_youalways ( )07:32
bloganblame trevor on that one07:32
bloganand before you blame him, which file?07:33
rm_youI had a CR that was literally just changing \ to ( ) in like 60 spots07:33
rm_youah, just saying, haven't looked through this all yet07:33
rm_youit's a WEEKEND07:33
blogandamnit, you're supposed to work on weekends and weekdays07:33
rm_youi'm here to respond to questions, isn't that enough? >_>07:33
rm_youoh, oh, oh07:33
rm_you look at all those +2s07:34
rm_youjust need workflow07:34
blogandid that hotel say they were going to get back to you on monday?07:34
rm_youthey emailed me and were like "wat did u want"07:34
rm_youand I emailed back07:34
rm_youeven though I told them what I wanted when I called >_>07:34
bloganwell its not lookign promising07:35
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sballeThanks I was in fact looking thw wrong place and so was xgerman apparently17:19
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rm_worksballe: I was looking in the wrong place at first too :P18:15
rm_workwas expecting specs, not docs, but I guess docs make more sense for longterm specs? >_>18:15
sballerm_work: :-)18:33
sballeCoudl somebody point me to the latesr doc around the Neutron LBaaS v2 APIs? I seem to have lost my bookmark for that link. Thanks18:34
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