Tuesday, 2014-10-07

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rm_workwho owns this? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/123487/215:09
rm_workdougwig: any idea?15:09
rm_workI need whoever it is to do their rebase15:09
rm_workfollowed by https://review.openstack.org/#/c/123491/ I guess, all the way up the chain to mine15:11
rm_workdougwig: maybe try hitting the rebase button and see if it works? >_>15:11
rm_workthat'd be magical15:12
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rm_workdougwig: dooooouglaaaas T_T15:45
dougwigwas driving to work.  sec.  :)15:49
rm_worknow https://review.openstack.org/#/c/123491/15:52
rm_workpress button, receive rebase15:52
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bloganrm_work: do you need some particular code from that rebase?16:04
dougwigrm_work: done16:10
blogandougwig: thats like giving a stray cat food16:10
bloganyou'll never get rid of him now16:10
rm_workblogan: i needed it rebased so I could push an update to *my* CR16:23
rm_workwe talked about this on the phone :P16:23
bloganrm_work: well i didnt get a reason16:33
bloganrm_work: but you can push without rebase to your review with -R16:33
blogangit review -R16:33
bloganin case it happens again in the future16:33
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regXboigreetings - I'm looking for a pointer to documentation for the LBaaSv2 API - specifically how members are specified when adding them to pools.  I've poked around the wiki and some of the etherpads and nothing is jumping out at me17:33
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regXboiA pointer to the current code base would also be nice :-)17:33
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dougwigregXboi: hiya.  code, pull this review: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/123491/17:37
dougwigdocs, one sec.17:37
regXboidougwig: danke for the gerrit link17:38
dougwigthe specs got nuked when they slipped out of juno, and haven't been resubmitted for kilo yet, but you can find them here: https://github.com/openstack/neutron-specs/tree/29b84bfc3ea03c0d1ecbb4bbdc80b54551a9e972/specs/juno-incubator17:40
regXboiok, that's good enough for the moment17:40
regXboijust needs something I can review :)17:40
regXboiand familiarize myself with17:40
dougwigjust holler if you have any questions.17:41
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regXboithe biggest one that jumps out at me is why there isn't a way to identify members by neutron port...17:46
regXboior by (getting crazier) something like security group17:47
regXboibut let's just stay with the port question for now ;)17:48
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rm_workok, new barbican TLS code is out17:53
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rm_workit doesn't "work" yet17:53
rm_workbecause there are still changes necessary in the barbican client17:53
rm_workand I didn't update the config yet17:54
dougwigsuggest WIP, then.17:56
rm_workyeah go for it17:56
* rm_work still can't WIP17:56
bloganregXboi: lbaas v1 did not store a neutron port association with members, so V2 kind of followed suit17:57
rm_workhilariously though, I *can* +1 my own review17:57
bloganregXboi: I do believe it was up to the drivers to create a neutron port for the members or not17:57
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bloganregXboi: I haven't looked into the code in a while so my memory is not so fresh, but I do not remember why it is that way17:58
regXboiblogan: that doesn't quite make sense - if I consider horizontal scaling, the first thing I'm going to do is deploy a new workload that will be added to the member list17:58
regXboiand then the second thing I'd do is add it to the member list and using a port uuid strikes me as more "the openstack way"17:58
regXboinow... honestly, I'm not 100% sure it *matters*17:59
regXboibut it just struck me as .... odd17:59
bloganim sure it won't be the last thing that will strike you as odd17:59
bloganbut I should talk to some of the original people who designed it that way as to the reasons why it is that way18:00
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bloganregXboi: looks like what you want should be added as its own feature, so it should be its own blueprint and spec18:08
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rm_workdougwig: let me know if that review looks better to you now18:09
rm_workat least, the parts I updated (barbican_utils)18:09
rm_workactually I am not sure about the filename barbican_utils.py anymore, was tempted to merge the TLSInfo class into tls_utils.py because, well, obvious18:09
dougwigi started it, and it was looking better.  tls_utils.TLSParseUtils bugged my redundancy filter.  :)18:09
rm_workyeah, though you can18:10
rm_workfrom tls_utils import TLSParser, TLSInfo18:11
rm_workthe Utils at the end is maybe a bit bleh18:11
rm_worknow I am rethinking TLSInfo >_>18:11
rm_worktls_utils.BarbicanCertificate.get() ?18:11
rm_workneed the whole cadre of jesters here to have a naming circus18:12
* regXboi hears echoes of "the merry go round broke down" in the background18:14
dougwigno, openstack hacking rules mean you can't import like that.18:15
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rm_workdougwig: err, i don't think they do prohibit that...18:21
rm_workit's done in quite a few places IIRC18:21
rm_workyou can't do splat imports...18:21
rm_workok, so I see H30218:21
rm_workmaybe they don't enforce it and it is just ignored by a lot of people? :/18:22
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dougwigit used to be enforced.19:46
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rm_worksballe: so if you're my new boss, will you send me to Paris? :P http://www.cbronline.com/news/hp-split-will-it-now-buy-rackspace-439686320:16
sballe:-) Off course20:20
sballeBut remember HP cut down on its attendance a lot too this time. xgerman and I are just lucky to go20:21
rm_workah, thought they were still sending everyone :)20:22
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dougwigfloating ips - why are we worrying about them at the lbaas vip layer?  isn't that a function of neutron to map a FIP to any internal neutron IP port?  (not counting mapping members fip's; different topic.)20:28
blogandougwig: the reason is we (and I believe HP) is planning on having the floating IP be the customer facing VIP20:29
bloganand if lbaas creates the vip first, then the customer will see that IP first20:30
dougwigright, but that's a neutron function, not an lbaas function.  it's two steps: vip ip, then map a fip to that ip.  just like how you do it today.20:30
dougwigwhy wouldn't your UI just make two api calls?20:30
bloganbut how will neutron lbaas show the fip to the user?20:30
dougwigit's in the floating ip list, and horizon can optionally display it if it wants, just like nova.20:31
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bloganwell what i mean, strictly through the API, the vip_address comes back after a load_balancer create20:31
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bloganvip_address is already populated with the neutron port's fixed ip20:32
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bloganthe fip association with the neutorn port would happen at the driver layer, and since this is async the driver will not be able to change the vip_address shown to the user20:33
blogannow the driver could do teh fip association before it starts the async portion, but then we'd need to have the plugin show the fip address20:35
dougwiguse nova instances as a model; you get back the internal ip.  whether you choose to publish those to users is up to you, but nova show will have that internal IP.  the FIP mapping is separate.20:35
bloganand not the neutorn port's fixed ip20:35
dougwigi'm not sure why we'd deviate from the nova model here.20:35
bloganalright so you're saying that the user will be responsible for creating the FIP afterwards?20:36
dougwigor the operator's UI or wrapper, yes20:36
bloganI feel like that should automatically done for the user if teh user wants it20:37
bloganhowever, that is a reasonable starting point20:37
dougwigthere is a setting for that in nova, and i could see us having one as well.20:38
bloganbecause that requires no changes to lbaas20:38
dougwigyeah, that can go into the plugin at any time.20:38
bloganokay so now when we want it done automatically20:39
bloganwhat are you saying should happen?20:39
bloganthe operator UI or wrapper?20:39
bloganwhat do you mean by that20:39
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dougwigi mean you'd hide two operations in one: neutron lb-vip-create blah; neutron floatingip-associate blah blah20:41
dougwigor we'd add a config item to auto-allocate and associate as the final step of lb-vip-create.20:41
bloganhow will the neutron lbaas api show the user what fip was createdf or them?20:42
dougwigneutron lb-vip-show would have tow IPs; the internal one and the fip.20:42
dougwigor, neutron floatingip-list would also contain the mapping.20:42
bloganokay so changes to lbaas then would be required20:42
bloganwell i think its better to have neutron lbaas show the fip if it auto-allocated20:42
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dougwigfor nova parity in features, yes, though today it happens by getting the vip internal ip and then parsing the floatingip-list manually.20:43
dougwigbecause *you can do this today*; it's just the display issue that doesn't happen.20:43
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