Monday, 2014-10-20

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ptoohillIf were trying to get Octavia .5 in K as the ref impl, this review no longer matters?
ptoohilli.e. should it just be marked as abandoned?15:20
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rm_workhey dougwig19:25
rm_workin Octavia, you checked in this method:19:25
rm_workdef get_random_string(length):19:25
rm_work    """Get a random hex string of the specified length.19:25
rm_workit is completely unused besides a single test for it19:26
rm_workwhat is it supposed to be for?19:26
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rm_workif you're generating uuids, theres a uuid lib...19:26
dougwigBoilerplate.  You can nuke.19:26
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blogansbalukoff: you back from vacation?20:08
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xgermanI am back from vacation :-)21:00
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rm_workhey! I was wondering where you went21:00
rm_workkept trying to include you in mass pings and x<tab> was failing me T_T21:00
xgermanI went to Washington, DC, and checked out the Smithsonian21:01
xgermannow I can compare the capital of the US with the one of France21:01
bloganyou can compare the smithsonian with the louvre21:02
bloganxgerman: welcome back btw21:04
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xgermanthanks. I went to air&space so that might not be a fiar compariosn :-)21:05
bloganlol no it won't21:05
bloganid probably enjoy the smithsonian more than I did the louvre21:06
xgermanyeah, I was planning on a week of load balancing and not much sightseeing21:07
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ptoohill-ooDoes anyone know where to find a presentation format template or example for the summit?21:17
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sbalukoffblogan: I am indeed back from vacation and am catching up on the goings on now. :)21:20
sbalukoffI'm planning on spending a few days sightseeing in Paris after the convention.21:21
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sbalukoffAlso, my Mac died last night when I tried to get Yosemite installed on it. So now I'm in the process of setting up my new Ubuntu laptop. :)21:23
sbalukoffIt's good to be back on Linux again. :D21:24
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rm_workso, anyone know where the Octavia config is expected to live? oslo.config.cfg.CONF doesn't look like it's picking up a config file, not sure where the path for the config file is supposed to be configured :P21:26
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rm_worki see a thing in common/ where cfg.CONF() is called with project="octavia" but that's still not clear21:29
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rm_workthis also looks like a dougwig commit21:32
dougwig /etc/octavia/octavia.conf21:33
rm_workhmm... k21:33
dougwigtemplate is in etc/octavia.conf21:33
rm_workthat was my first guess21:33
dougwigcfg is the programmatic interface.21:33
rm_workyeah, I added my stuff to the template, then put the template in place21:33
dougwigit wraps up some oslo stuff for overrides on the command-line and such.21:33
rm_workand when it tries to read anything out of cfg.CONF it appears that the loaded config is completely empty (debugging)21:33
rm_workso I am doubtful as to whether it is actually reading from /etc/octavia/octavia.conf :P21:34
dougwigthe controller agent needs to initialize it; see the neutron-server startup code.21:35
dougwigthere's one call that's needed.21:35
rm_workok so, the config will never be initialized for unit tests? >_>21:35
rm_workI guess that makes sense (they should be able to run in-place, regardless of config)21:36
rm_workI'll ... tweak my approach21:36
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ptoohillNo examples anywhere that anyone knows of?22:23
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roharaptoohill: i might have a link, one sec23:20
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roharaptoohill: i lied, my template is red hat branded :(23:22
ptoohillAh, no worries, thanks for taking a look though!23:22
roharayeah sorry i could've swore i had a generic openstack summit template ...23:23
roharai'll keep looking23:23
ptoohillYea, im coming up short on the searches myself :( Ive found plenty of info about the logos, but no presentation formats or things like that. Though, i swear i remember seeing something and its driving me mad that I cant find it again.23:24
roharaptoohill: yeah i seem to recall seeing something, too23:24
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roharanow you're going to drive me mad23:25
IZebraI comment about the current workflow of loadbalancer :23:25
IZebraThe user can create one health-monitor , one pool, one listener, one l7policy. But the user can only link the health-monitor with one pool, link the pool with only one listener as default/or one l7policy as redirected pool , link one l7policy with only one listener. I think this will make the user feel uncomfortable because he/she created so many parallel resources but has to get to know weather the resources has been referred by each other.23:25
IZebraI suggest that the health-monitor must be created in the pool, and the l7policy must be created in the listener. And the only link operation is : link the pool to one listener or l7policy.23:25
ptoohill:P rohara23:29
ptoohillIZebra, I believe blogan is working through some of these comments on the review if thats what your referring to?23:30
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ptoohillThere were talks early on regarding a lot of these topics that are just now being brought to people attention. I know blogan and others want some of these things to change, but in the current state of the code im unsure the path forward. This may be a good ML topic.23:31
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IZebraptoohill, thank you.23:33
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dougwigIZebra: still around?23:59

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