Wednesday, 2014-11-05

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rm_workhmm, nothing interesting today13:01
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ptoohill_well, we have our adv svc talks/sessions13:11
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rm_workdidn't see anything useful in designs14:30
rm_workmaybe talks… but i can't watch those till they go up on youtube later14:31
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rm_workwhelp, heading to the dentist, your "productive" day is almost over, right? :P15:21
rm_worki'll be on later but I expect everyone will be partying15:21
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blogan_mobilerm_work: hey17:24
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henriquerrm_work: Thank you for answering my question yesterday, I was only able to check it today.17:35
TrevorVblogan_mobile adam will be back online later17:35
rm_mobileYeah, still at dentist17:37
TrevorVBy which he means the "dentist"... you know...17:37
rm_mobileThey're figuring out my insurance17:39
rm_mobileAnd telling me I need to floss more17:40
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TrevorV... I don't think I've flossed ever.17:46
TrevorVAlways felt weird to me to floss.  Oh well, probably should17:46
dougwigYour dentist must love you.  Time for a new beach house!17:49
TrevorVwho me dougwig ?17:49
TrevorVmy dentist is my aunt, and I can't say I've ever been charged by her :)17:49
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rm_workso blogan is gone for the day by now I assum,e19:20
blogani am back20:09
bloganrm_work ^20:09
rm_workback from partying early? :P20:09
bloganwhats up20:09
blogannah didnt go to the party tonight20:09
bloganjust out to eat20:09
rm_workblogan: so,
bloganyou been busy eh?20:10
rm_workblogan: for anything like that to work, our public-facing (Operator? >_>) API needs to be able to take in EITHER a "container_id" that links to whatever storage mechanism we use, *or* the raw certificate data20:10
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rm_workbecause there's no way anyone could get their data into a local system, other than through our API20:10
rm_workblogan: so, we'll just have to accept both, and reject their request if it contains a bad combination, I guess?20:11
rm_workbut if we accept both, then we're going to be in the business of storing people's cert data in barbican on our own account20:11
rm_workwhich is fine20:11
bloganyeah we can do that20:11
rm_workbut just noting that it'll change it to be two different options20:12
blogani mean we can do the api validation20:12
rm_workEITHER they set it up in barbican first, or they're lazy and just pass it directly to us20:12
bloganisn't that a shadow copy that no one wanted?20:12
bloganwell if they proivde the cert data then its not a copy20:12
rm_workbecause there's no "original" in storage that we're aware of20:12
bloganso we'll need to either retreive from barbican or store it?20:12
rm_workif it's in barbican, we verify it and just store the ID20:13
rm_workif they passed us raw data, we verify it and store it in barbican, and then store the ID20:13
rm_workI updated the seqdiagrams actually20:13
blogandoesn't have either20:13
rm_workdiagram #120:13
rm_worknow has "if Certificate is <c>"20:14
bloganlove that octavia.io20:14
bloganwe should give phil a cigarette for that20:14
rm_workyeah it is immediately handy20:14
rm_workI should give Phil a vape for that :P20:14
rm_workptoohill_: I think I've asked you before if you've ever used a vaporizer instead of actually smoking cigs, don't remember if you had20:15
bloganso why the switch to allow raw cert?20:15
rm_workit's better for ya :P20:15
rm_workblogan: as I was saying, in order to implement any kind of local-storage driver, or possibly certain other keystores, the user won't have access to the storage mechanism outside of our system20:16
ptoohill_I have not20:16
rm_workptoohill_: I'll get some decent liquid in mine and let you try it20:17
rm_workmine... does not actually have any nicotine :P20:17
ptoohill_adam made it actually useful, honestly everything changed so i really did nothing with that20:17
bloganah okay, makes sense20:17
rm_workptoohill_: pfft, i just cleaned up the code and fixed some bugs20:17
rm_workit's the same core idea still :P20:18
ptoohill_which means everything changed :P20:18
rm_workand I only did it because I was bored and you were getting on a plane and couldn't, lol20:18
bloganrm_work: i do hate having to add an api field for testing purposes though, but i suppose it doesn't have to be just for testing, just for incredibly insecure storage20:18
rm_workblogan: or another provider that the user might not necessarily have access to20:18
rm_workblogan: for instance, if Barbican was still internal-only at our launch20:19
rm_worklike we were afraid it might be20:19
rm_workor for other deployers who don't expose Secret as a Service (Barbican / etc)20:19
bloganokay im convinced20:19
rm_workbut will run it internally20:19
rm_workoh, I made Dev2 BTW :)20:20
rm_worknow I won't be able to nag jorgem about it tho >_>20:20
rm_workthat's almost disappointing20:20
bloganyou can still nag him20:20
bloganits what his job is about20:21
blogani made dev2 as well20:21
dougwigwe should write a Service as a Service for the new Services group.20:21
bloganalso ceo, but thats insider trading20:21
rm_workdougwig: good plan20:21
rm_workdougwig: how abstract can we get, do you think? :P20:21
bloganwe should write hotboxing as a service, and dougwig will be the implementation20:22
ptoohill_congrats rm_work!20:22
rm_workoh, right, so, if you guys sit down and do any reviews (like maybe if there's not much going around the conference at any point):20:22
rm_workTLS Data Security:
rm_workSupport for Certificate Data handling:
rm_workInsecure (local fs) implementation:
rm_workBarbican implementation:
rm_workptoohill_: thanks :)20:22
blogani may attempt to tonight20:23
bloganthis will be a good test on dougwig's theory that i always give -1's on first review20:23
dougwigblogan: if it makes you feel better, i made a fool out of myself cackling like a madman as i rounded the corner into someone.20:23
rm_worksomeone on cloudcafe stole 132579 >_>20:23
blogandougwig: if it makes you feel any better, a woman got in the elevator exactly where you were standing on the next floor and rode the elevator up with me20:24
blogancloudcafe stole 132579?20:24
bloganhow? they copied the change-id?20:25
rm_workI submitted both reviews at the same time but they got the middle review #20:25
bloganoh nvm20:25
bloganyou wanted the sequence20:25
rm_workyeah :P20:25
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rm_workbusy watching now20:30
ptoohill_oh dear20:30
ptoohill_whered that come from20:30
ptoohill_That should never have been seen again20:30
rm_worklooks like a decent crowd :)20:31
ptoohill_it was20:31
ptoohill_was nervous20:32
ptoohill_i choked so much, hahah20:32
ptoohill_so bad20:32
ptoohill_turning this off and deleting this from their account20:33
rm_workLOL audience plant20:33
rm_workcalling on sbalukoff... pfft20:33
ptoohill_AND Vivek20:33
ptoohill_skip to the 13 min mark20:34
rm_workheh "The first thing we fixed was to create a LoadBalancer root object"20:35
rm_workthat was practically a civil war20:35
rm_workHEY, 13m would be past your part T_T20:37
ptoohill_oh, so sam only 7 mins, no wonder :P20:38
rm_worknot gonna get away with your shenanigans :P20:38
bloganwhy is this recorded, i don't want to see this20:38
ptoohill_Hack into their account, pls20:39
rm_workI am enjoying myself immensely :P20:39
rm_workyes, only slightly obvious that you were nervous20:39
ptoohill_Thats all a blur20:40
blogan15:12 dougwig almost dropps an f bomb20:41
ptoohill_yea, hahaha20:41
jorgemoh hey there gents20:41
bloganlook who it is20:41
jorgemparlevou francais?20:41
jorgemoh yeoui20:42
blogani sound like kermit the frog20:42
rm_workso. Tacker.20:43
bloganyes tacker20:43
rm_workdo we ditch all the lifecycle management stuff we were doing? :P20:43
rm_workdoes Tacker serve that purpose?20:43
bloganneed to look at it more20:44
blogansome guy suggested looking into heat as well which i don't think is a good idea20:44
rm_workuhhh lolwut no20:44
rm_workHeat would not be especially helpful?20:44
rm_worksorry, that was not meant to be a question20:45
rm_workooo, Octavia meeting in 15 min20:45
ptoohill_in -alt right?20:45
rm_workdoubt anyone will show up :P20:46
TrevorVby -alt you mean a bar in paris, yes.20:46
rm_workyeah you guys should definitely hold the meeting. in a pub.20:46
ptoohill_think most of us are in rooms already20:46
bloganits canceled20:46
rm_work<_< damnit blogan20:46
TrevorVblogan is against drinking20:46
blogani drank a glass of wine last night20:47
ptoohill_i got him to drink a small/tiny glass of wine20:47
TrevorVblogan is probably a cryer when drunk20:47
bloganim a happy drunk actually20:47
bloganand quite a social drunk20:47
bloganwhich is why i should get wasted before a talk20:47
TrevorVYou can be social and cry20:47
ptoohill_I think i gave 85 fist bumps last night after 11pm20:47
TrevorVI have stories to tell about New Orleans when you guys get back, fo drizzle20:48
ptoohill_to random people20:48
bloganhp's party last night will never be topped i don't think20:48
ptoohill_was a blast20:48
TrevorVSounds fun :)20:48
rm_workyeah I heard it was good20:48
rm_workof course now HP has to top it next summit20:48
ptoohill_Just mute this prior to watch… there was def beer involved20:49
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ptoohill_Notice the cheater getting carried by his colleges20:51
dougwigow, that was painful to watch.20:51
dougwig(my part; i skipped everyone else's)20:51
rm_workoh hey sbalukoff has a barbican shirt too :P20:52
TrevorVThat's a funny video :)20:53
rm_workhow does one cheat? :P20:53
ptoohill_was letting others pedal20:53
ptoohill_its not automagic20:53
ptoohill_required manpower20:54
ptoohill_supposed imgur was blowing up with photos if you guys want to see more of the venue20:55
TrevorVI went to a carousel bar in New Orleans20:55
ptoohill_man powered?20:55
TrevorVThe bar was in constant spinning motion... Slowly, but spun.20:55
TrevorVNope, automagic20:55
ptoohill_so like the tower kinda?20:55
TrevorVDo not suggest when drunk20:55
ptoohill_thats best time to do dumb things20:56
TrevorVWell a spinning bar isn't all that dumb... just sitting on it while you're already uneasy is dumb :P20:57
TrevorVIt was also a cougar bar, which was interesting in and of itself20:57
ptoohill_they liked em young?20:57
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johnsomDid we have an Octavia meeting today?21:11
dougwigno, it is canceled.21:14
johnsomOk.  I had the meeting down without the UTC component, so thought I missed it.21:14
TrevorVnah its not going johnsom21:14
TrevorVThough I did just add a comment to your newest review21:15
johnsomYeah, I noticed that too.  I'm not sure how that ended up on the review.  I checked out head, created a local branch.  Any idea how that happened?21:15
TrevorVI'm not entirely sure.  As far as I know you'd have to be on that review branch and then do a commit21:16
TrevorVYou might have needed to checkout "master" specifically and then make your changes and push a new commit21:16
dougwigyour first WIP!21:16
rm_workjohnsom: i feel like the same thing happened to me21:16
johnsomWell, I had the spec before21:17
rm_workmine ended up on his review somehow21:17
rm_workinstead of HEAD21:17
johnsomOk, I will attempt to undo that dependency this afternoon.21:17
TrevorVSure thing21:17
TrevorVDon't forget to update the octavia prioritized reviews etherpad21:18
TrevorVIt helps me find everything that's pending really quickly21:18
johnsomFYI, it will build an ubuntu image with the defaults.  I haven't put much testing into it yet.  It certainly isn't tuned for our needs yet either.21:18
johnsomYeah, It's WIP, review if you want, but don't spend time that could be used to review others that are not WIP.21:19
TrevorVSure thing21:20
bloganTrevorV: if you just go here,n,z21:30
bloganyou'll have everything pending21:30
TrevorVyes, but not prioritized my man blogan21:30
bloganjohnsom: thats the point of a WIP, reviewers shouldn't be nit picky, just comment if the structure and direction is flawed21:31
bloganjohnsom: glad you got it up, hopefully Ill have time to look at it21:31
johnsomI understand that.  I'm not sure everyone does...21:32
TrevorVblogan phrasing bro21:32
bloganTrevorV: just review everything thats open and not a WIP, once that is done your free to do WIPs21:32
TrevorVblogan you anywhere near susanne right now?21:33
blogani liked my phrasing21:33
bloganno im in my room, its 103021:33
TrevorVShe reviewed something of mine and I think got confused about something21:33
TrevorVNow I'm concerned ha ha21:33
TrevorVOh well, wait til tomorrow I guess21:33
bloganoh i saw it, you responded correctly21:34
TrevorVYeah?  I thought so :)21:34
TrevorVJust wanted to make sure she understood21:34
johnsomHmm, everyone's current reviews depends on Al's.  Maybe this is the way it is supposed to be.  Like the git log....21:35
bloganis Al's right below yours in the git log?21:36
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bloganAl's is merged21:37
bloganso you're dependent on master now, so you're good21:37
johnsomOk, cool.21:38
blogansballe: TrevorV requested you21:38
rm_worklol dougwig said the code is there now to play around with TLS and such :P21:38
rm_worknone of that will work at all ATM I believe <_<21:38
sballeblogan: Just got back from dinner21:39
ptoohill_rm_work, think he meant in reviews21:39
ptoohill_Which is correct21:39
johnsomI was trying to figure out how I could have ended up with a dependency on my review because it was a very simple check in and I didn't pull anything out of gerrit21:39
rm_workptoohill_: err, the code in the CRs for TLS is totally broken21:39
bloganrm_work: oh well21:39
ptoohill_while it may not be complete it can be played with21:39
rm_workit actually won't compile at the moment >_>21:40
bloganit can be played with with the noop logging driver!21:40
rm_workor, you know what I mean21:40
bloganactually nvm21:40
bloganit cant be bc its not in the API at that point21:40
rm_worklol no it can't because the interface isn't broken21:40
ptoohill_didnt know it was that broken21:40
rm_workerr, is broken21:40
bloganyeah its broken21:40
rm_workyeah i basically abandoned it when we switched to Octavia21:40
bloganwon't work without barbican21:40
bloganwell we could just pass it directly to the driver21:41
rm_workand that layer isn't actually implemented properly right now21:41
rm_workbecause stuff changed21:41
bloganuntil barbican is complete21:41
bloganif people really wanted to play wtih it21:41
ptoohill_what is 'it'?21:41
bloganwe require container_id only21:41
ptoohill_yea, need to fetch something21:41
rm_workha, just got to the "do you have a dongle" part21:43
ptoohill_youre still watching that? :P21:43
rm_worki had to pause for a bit21:43
TrevorVsorry sballe you around?21:46
TrevorVsballe I'm leaving for home to beat traffic in this bad weather, I'll jump back on when I get there and see if you're around21:48
*** TrevorV_ has quit IRC21:48
sballeTrevorV: No problem. Over here it is bed time. Talk to you tomorrow?21:51
blogani don't know how the "le" sound got added in21:51
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TrevorV_sballe you around?22:58
TrevorV_Its all good, I'll catch her tomorrow hopefully :)23:00
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jorgemI think she's partying :)23:24
jorgembut most likely asleep23:25
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