Thursday, 2014-11-13

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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed stackforge/octavia: Implementing simple operator API
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rm_you|blogan / blogan_ sup05:04
rm_you|GO? :P05:04
blogan_i better not05:05
blogan_though i just finished up my stuff05:05
rm_you|i have time for exactly one game05:05
rm_you|if that helps05:05
blogan_ill be so rusty05:06
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sballebedis where are you located? Paris?14:26
roharabedis: i am going to miss this webinar unfortunately14:57
bedisno worries14:57
bedisyou'll ger a mail with the slides14:57
roharai'm quite bummed about it. i have schedule conflict i can't resolve.14:57
roharabedis: thanks, look forward to the slides14:58
roharabedis: will you be recording it by chance?14:58
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bedisrohara: yes, but it seems the sound is bad15:10
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jschwarzdougwig, ping16:53
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dougwigjschwarz: ack17:59
jschwarzdougwig, woohoo :) finally managed to catch eachother17:59
jschwarzsorry i've been afk so much, only working part time since semester started18:00
jschwarzdougwig, i'm pinging re: - wanted to make sure the general approach is fine with you18:00
jschwarzit's generally outdated since i'm working on a new version for that patch, but the idea still holds iMO18:01
dougwigso there are two changes in there: the bug fix, and the log aggregation.  i have a mild general objection to the log aggregation, because that's something that should be handled by the system logger (e.g. rsyslog).18:02
dougwigunless we already had this discussion, and i've forgotten the result, which happens more often than i want to admit.18:03
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jschwarzwe didn't have the discussion - I wanted to achieve an easy solution without handling multiple deployment tools.18:04
jschwarzso far though it's not working since whatever solution I make is hitting numerous brick walls through the devel process18:05
dougwigi'd suggest fixing the logging in the local case first, and ponder aggregation as a second changes.18:06
jschwarzvery well :)18:07
jschwarzregarding aggregation, I think handling this with rsyslog might prove more difficult as the agent should be made aware of rsyslog configurations and possible have access to start new rsyslogs (when new pools are created, for example)18:08
jschwarzany thoughts on this?18:08
dougwigi see it as a deployer/operator issue, since we don't know what logger they're using, how they're centralizing it, etc.18:09
jschwarzco-ordinating with the lbaas agent and the configuration is passes to the haproxy processes is a neutron issue though.. isn't it?18:10
dougwigi might even be tempted to say that there's a kernel of a central openstack logger service here, since this is much larger in scope that lbaas.  :)18:10
jschwarzdougwig, that's quite a temptation to resist ;-)18:10
jschwarzI remember looking at that approach and realising that each different process we use (haproxy, dnsmasq...) handle logs differently18:11
jschwarzdnsmasq for example (iirc) accepts a log file, so it's much easier to debug that18:12
jschwarzthe requirement of using some socket is unique (so far) to haproxy18:12
jschwarzdougwig, anyway, I'll probably abandon this bug for a while and open a new patch for fixing the spamming logs to the screen by lowering the log level18:14
dougwigsounds good18:14
jschwarzthanks for your time18:14
jschwarzI'll make sure to check back if I restart the agregation part again18:15
dougwigsorry for being in and out.  london sightseeing and all.  :)18:21
jschwarzdougwig, oh I'm so jelous.18:29
jschwarzParis, then London?18:29
dougwigyep.  :)18:30
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jschwarzdougwig, enjoy London and visit Camden Town for me! :)18:49
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xgermandougwig is on irc while in London? Switch off that phone and get another pint!!19:53
blogandougwig gives me shit for always being on but look at him19:53
blogani at elast dont stay connected on my phone19:54
bloganbtw did yall see that neutron may have their meetup on dec 15th now?19:54
xgermanprobably because RAX doesn't give you a phone :-)19:54
xgermanWTF? I just booked travle for our meetup!19:54
dougwigmestery just updated it back to the 8th.19:54
blogandec 8-19?19:55
bloganit hink he fat fingered 019:55
bloganbut yeah just read that email, back to the 8th19:55
dougwigi think that was a typo.  he said, "back to the original time"19:55
blogancrisis adverted19:55
xgermanwell, they can overlap we have more than one room in the HP office :-()19:56
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openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Defining interface for compute drivers
openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Nova virtual machine driver spec
openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Nova driver implementation
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rm_worksballe: did you get a chance to go through or have someone from HP Security look it over?21:47
rm_worksballe: would be appreciated, would like to start getting some of that locked down or else know soon that we need to rethink it21:47
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/octavia: Remove VM management calls
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xgermanrm_work in my ignorance how can I view the diag files you posted?23:18
bloganxgerman: go to
bloganxgerman: even better go here:
blogansomething we set up so that the docs get generated and they're easy to view, will have to comment in the actual review though23:37
xgermanwonder why gerrit can't show it that way :-)23:37
bloganxgerman: bc gerrit is just for source code i suppose, would be a good plugin though23:37
xgermanyep. we should dile an infra bug ;-)23:37
bloganthat'd be more of an infra feature23:38
bloganand im sure one they would put in their "later" backlog23:38
xgermansadly, yes --23:39
xgermanI will show that diagram around HP and will have some feedback for Adam in a few days...23:39
xgermanfor me it looks good23:40
bloganxgerman: also look this one over23:40
bloganits a long one, but definitely could use some extra comments, yall have done this with libra so would be helpful to get comments based on that experience23:40

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