Thursday, 2014-12-11

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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed stackforge/octavia: Octavia Controller specification
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johnsomsbalukoff: quick question on your comment.  What is the common "OpenStack" way to handle version strings?  A version.txt in the root director?00:54
sbalukoffjohnsom: I have no idea.00:54
johnsomhahaha.... It was your idea....  grin00:54
sbalukoffRight, so if I were writing the code and interested in doing it the "OpenStack way," I'd got have a look in a few other projects.00:55
johnsomProposal?  All of the upstream scripts (triple-o, DIB) don't have version options....00:56
sbalukoffReally? That's terrible! Well, having a version text file is better than putting it directly in the code itself. :P00:56
johnsomI'm just looking to avert a -1 here....00:56
sbalukoffAnd it's easily changed if we decide to do it differently in the future.00:57
johnsomOk, I will look in a few other projects and if I don't find anything, version.txt it is...00:58
sbalukoffSounds good.00:59
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed stackforge/octavia:  Add Amphora base image creation scripts for Octavia
johnsomThere you go...01:15
johnsomsbalukoff: All ready for that +2...  grin01:15
sbalukoffOk, having a look!01:16
sbalukoffUh-oh... I have a nit.01:21
johnsomHit me01:21
sbalukoffNit noted.01:21
sbalukoffElsewhere in the script you're careful about paths, but not so much with displaying the version.txt01:22
sbalukoffSo, it's a pretty minor nit.01:22
johnsomHmmm, fair.  It will be the local directory unless they specify the OCTAVIA_REPO_PATH as, frankly, I have no other point of reference....01:24
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed stackforge/octavia:  Add Amphora base image creation scripts for Octavia
johnsomsbalukoff: Fixed.  +2 away....01:31
sbalukoffOk, looking again...01:31
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johnsomAwesome!  Progress!01:34
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BB_When i create a VIP, see an error03:19
BB_da5b1e52-658d-4ee4-8d58-1f71cd22177e | http-vip | | HTTP | True | ERROR |03:19
BB_How do i debug this03:19
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dougwiglook in /var/log/neutron/server.log05:31
dougwigor if it's devstack, screen 605:32
dougwigsbalukoff: openstack way for version strings is to use pbr and set them in the git tag.05:37
sbalukoffdougwig: Ok.05:38
sbalukoffYou realize at this time of day when you say 'pbr' I'm thinking of "Pabst Blue Ribbon"05:38
sbalukoffAnd I don't even drink.05:38
xgerman_don't you do your best work at night -- that explains it05:38
dougwigit's openstack's setup tools wrapper packaging thing.05:39
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openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Creation of Octavia API Documentation
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johnsomdougwig: I looked at that, but this code is bash scripts and not python, so I wanted to keep it simple.17:34
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/octavia:  Add Amphora base image creation scripts for Octavia
dougwigit's bash, it can do anything.  echo 'print "a"' | python17:46
johnsomIt just seemed odd to have a setup.cfg when there is no python code to setup.  Stephen wanted a separate version chain than the overall project, so I couldn't just pull the setup.cfg at the top level.17:55
sbalukoffNot necessarily a separate version chain-- I wanted the script to be able to report version information. That may be a separate version chain, or it may just report the version for the overall project.17:56
johnsomYou are killing me here....17:56
sbalukoffThat's what I put in my latest comments.17:57
sbalukoffBut I could see this set of build scripts evolving at a different rate from the rest of the project, yes.17:57
sbalukoffSo having flexibility here is a good thing, IMO.17:57
johnsomWhat we put in will work and can be changed later is someone cares enough...17:57
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dougwigin my projects i put a at the top-level of the module, so it's easy for *everything* to just look there.  i wasn't advocating the openstack way, just saying what those projects use.18:06
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johnsomCool, yeah, I was looking for advice.18:07
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Initializing alembic for separate chain
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BB_i am using neutron-lbaas feature. Would like understand the OF entries. Is there any document on that ?19:37
bloganBB_: OF = openflow?19:40
BB_blogan: Yes19:41
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bloganBB_: lbaas service doesn't directly deal with that, if it does its abstracted through the neutron core plugin19:41
bloganso I dont know of any documentation, but that doesn't mean there isn't any19:41
BB_blogan: it is a 3 node setup with 1 controller and 2 compute hosts.19:41
BB_blogan: I am using HAProxy, you mean to say that HAProxy does not directly install any Openflow entries ?19:42
blogani mean the neutron-lbaas service just sets up the ports through neutron's core plugin, and starts the haproxy process, it doesn't directly handle openflow entries19:43
BB_Okay. If i were to check where actual NAT happens, where do i check ?19:44
bloganNAT of the vip?19:45
bloganso if you look at the host that is running the lbaas agent, it will have network namespaces set up for each vip (which i believe the network namespace has the pool's id)19:47
bloganif you're using the namespace driver, which if you're using haproxy I believe you are19:47
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bloganif you want to get the VIP to have external network access, you'll need to create a floating ip in neutron and point it to the vip port, which the floating ip is NATted to the vip address.  How this is done is in the core plugin and I'm not sure the details on that19:50
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BB_i typed "ip netns | grep lbaas". There are about 5 entries listed19:54
BB_how do i know which one i am using ?19:55
BB_and how come there are 5 entries ?19:55
bloganBB_: one for each pool19:56
bloganBB_: I can't remember if it is the pool_id or the vip_id that is used as the name of the namespace19:56
BB_blogan: I just have one pool but created & deleted pool few times. So, the old one's were not cleared ?19:59
bloganBB_: hmmm if it is prefixed with qlbaas- then possibly20:01
BB_blogan: looks like it is based on pool_id.20:02
bloganBB_: yeah i was pretty sure it was, but a little doubt crept in20:03
BB_blogan: i have only one pool but see 5 entries qlbaas. Seems like the old ones are not getting cleared20:03
bloganBB_: looking at the code, it looks like by default it doesn't clean up the namespace20:04
BB_blogan: i am quite new to openstack, so to lbaas. What file you are looking at ?20:06
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BB_blogan: Are there any pointers to start looking at the code of lbaas ?20:06
bloganBB_: yeah forget everything you see lol20:07
bloganBB_: just kidding20:07
bloganBB_: we're doing a v2 of lbaas, so the models are going to change20:07
bloganBB_: however, to dive in I'd suggest just learning the entry point of subsequent workflow of requests that come in20:08
bloganBB_: main entry point is the file20:08
bloganthats the entry point lbaas cares about20:09
BB_blogan: okay. which directory will i find ?. I am using mirantis. don't find them /etc/opt /etc/neutron etc20:09
bloganoh i don't know that20:10
BB_blogan: okay.20:10
blogandifferent for every distro im sure20:10
BB_blogan: Let me figure that out.20:10
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BB_blogan: Thanks.20:14
bloganBB_: np, hopefully that gives you a good starting point20:14
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openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Nova driver implementation
dougwigBB_: do this:20:47
dougwig$ python20:47
dougwigimport neutron20:47
dougwigprint neutron.__file__20:47
dougwignow use that to find the neutron base20:47
* blogan claps for dougwig20:50
blogandougwig: asked oslo about how to import those, and we should import them bare20:50
TrevorV_Hey dougwig you got some time on your hands today?20:50
TrevorV_xgerman, what about you my man?20:51
xgermanI have 9 minutes --20:51
xgermanwhat can I do :-)20:51
xgermanI just +2'd your latest patch BTW20:51
TrevorV_For the nova IMPL?20:52
dougwigblogan: heh, i asked at 11am and no one answered.  :)20:52
dougwigwell then.20:52
TrevorV_xgerman, thanks man20:52
TrevorV_ha ha20:52
dougwigTrevorV_: what's up?  not a lot of time today, but i can put you on the queue20:52
dougwigblogan: i think i gave you the wrong bp name20:52
dougwigblogan: i did.  it's services-split20:53
TrevorV_dougwig, I was wondering if you could review my nova implementation review, but if you don't have time don't worry about it :)20:53
TrevorV_sbalukoff, around today?20:53
dougwigTrevorV_: what's up with those pep8/unit failures?20:54
dougwigand yes, i can do it later today.20:54
blogandougwig: well i just changed it within gerrit, hoping it wouldn't restart did :(20:54
dougwigindeed.  but i just got the blueprint email, so it's linked now20:54
TrevorV_dougwig, Not sure, works on my machine.20:55
TrevorV_I'll look at their readouts20:55
dougwigthey were joking this week that we needed to get shirts, "it works in devstack!"20:55
xgermanI have one from Atlanta20:56
TrevorV_That's great.20:56
TrevorV_dougwig, its failing on some crap with import errors... but how can they fail there and not locally?20:57
TrevorV_Now I'm confused.20:58
TrevorV_Maybe my tox isn't running everything it should.20:58
dougwigtox -r ?21:00
TrevorV_I did that, multiple times.21:02
TrevorV_No problems :(21:02
TrevorV_dougwig, ^^21:02
TrevorV_I'll do it again dougwig just in case21:03
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TrevorV_Yeah, no problems dougwig21:07
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TrevorV_I guess I have an extra library or something that is not accessible to jenkins tox?21:07
TrevorV_dougwig, blogan you guys know what this line SHOULD be since its apparently wrong in the jenkins environment?  from octavia.openstack.common import gettextutils as u21:13
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LeanReoxhi everyone, im having an issue that the lbaas section on horizon doesnt appear, can anyone land me a hand on this ?21:15
LeanReoxi already edited the and enabled enable_lb: True21:15
LeanReoxrestarted apache21:15
LeanReoxand nothing changed21:15
LeanReoxis there any known bug about this ?21:15
LeanReoxim running Juno21:15
LeanReoxof course installed and configure neutron-lbaas-agent on the network node21:16
LeanReoxi see the agent running and logging the periodic tasks21:16
LeanReoxbut ... no section on the dashboard21:16
LeanReoxused this guide:
orion__LeanReox: Are you sure you added the 'lbaas' service plugin in neutron.conf?21:18
orion__LeanReox: (and restarted the service...?)21:18
LeanReoxorion__:  on DEFAULT section added service_plugins = router,lbaas21:20
LeanReoxon service_providers21:20
LeanReoxand restarted21:20
LeanReoxon the server.log on neutron21:21
LeanReoxim seeing the module lbaas get loaded21:21
LeanReoxorion__: 2014-12-11 18:46:19.629 25622 DEBUG neutron.service [-] service_plugins                = ['router', 'lbaas'] log_opt_values /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo/config/
LeanReox2014-12-11 18:46:20.639 25622 INFO neutron.api.extensions [-] Loaded extension: lbaas_agent_scheduler21:22
LeanReox2014-12-11 18:46:20.647 25622 INFO neutron.api.extensions [-] Loaded extension: lbaas21:22
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orion__LeanReox: it seems like that should do the trick.  i'm using icehouse and that's the process I went through21:25
LeanReoxany extra config on horizon than puttin the variable enable_lb: True ?21:26
LeanReoxorion__: on the lbaas_agent.ini21:27
LeanReoxadded : interface_driver = neutron.agent.linux.interface.OVSInterfaceDriver21:27
orion__are you using devstack21:27
orion__LeanReox: ^21:27
LeanReoxorion__: no, juno multinode21:27
orion__LeanReox: enable_lb is the only horizon config change needed that i know of.  i don't suppose there's anything interesting in the apache logs?21:30
LeanReoxnothing interesting at all orion__21:30
LeanReoxlike horizon isnt loading at all21:30
LeanReoxthe lbaas view21:31
orion__LeanReox: it's not a browser caching issue or anything right?  log off and back in?  clear cache and/or check incognito mode?21:34
orion__LeanReox: what if you try going directly to "{host}/horizon/project/loadbalancers/"?21:34
LeanReoxorion__: good one, ill try that last one21:35
LeanReoxorion__: i can confirm that accesing the url directly APPEARS OK21:36
orion__LeanReox: you are looking for "Load Balancers" in Project > Network right? :)21:37
LeanReoxhahaha orion__ yes ! :)21:39
LeanReoxtake a look at the screenshot orion__
LeanReoxits actually funny with the section expanded not showing the screen that im accesing directly from the url21:39
LeanReoxdoesnt appear in an incognito section either21:41
LeanReoxsection = session21:41
LeanReoxtried chrome , chromium, firefox, all the same21:42
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orion__LeanReox: kinda looking like a bug to me.  the enable_lb setting you changed was in /etc/openstack-dashboard/ right?21:45
*** BB__ has joined #openstack-lbaas21:46
LeanReoxright orion__  also looked at the one under /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/local  but it was a symlink to the one at /etc/openstack-dashboard21:47
LeanReoxmaybe il should go and ask at the horizon channel ?21:48
orion__LeanReox: yeah, i would.  your lbaas config seems sane (sane enough anyway to not cause the horizon issue)21:50
LeanReoxorion__: thanks a lot for your help21:55
LeanReoxworking with horizon guys right now21:55
orion__LeanReox: np - good luck!21:55
dougwigTrevorV: try: "pip install -U hacking"21:55
dougwigyou might be downrev21:55
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BB__i am trying to do a code walk thro', if i am right the LBaaS call's the bin of corresponding driver. Is that right ?22:08
BB__In my case, have installed haproxy. So the code call's haproxy with necessary configuration, Am i right ?22:09
BB__blogan: ?22:10
bloganBB_: its renders the haproxy config and writes it to a specific directory and then makes "cli" calls to start haproxy or restart it pointing it the config it wrote22:11
BB__blogan: It me, looks like my session has not logged out from freenode22:12
BB__blogan: Got it. If i am looking features like HA, LBaaS has nothing to do it expect providing necessary config while have to look for support with HAProxy ?22:16
bloganBB__: you mean having HA load balancers?22:16
BB__blogan: Yes22:16
bloganBB__: yeah that driver doesn't do that22:17
*** xgerman has joined #openstack-lbaas22:17
bloganBB__: however, if you're lookign for an open source driver that will, most of this team is working on doing that with the Octavia project22:17
bloganBB__: it's early in its development and isn't functional yet22:18
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dougwigBB__: if you're looking for a hardware vendor that does HA, we can point you at several.22:19
BB__doubwig: i am looking for a scale-out LBs using virtual LBs.22:22
BB__dougwig: i am looking for scale-out LBs using virtual LBs.22:23
BB__dougwig: So, not looking HW. Do you suggest any other SW based vendor ?22:23
bloganBB__: open source? or do you have a particular vendor in mind?22:23
dougwigoctavia is aiming to be the open source version of that.  several of the big hardware LB vendors have soft VM solutions as well.22:24
blogandougwig, xgerman: what was the decision on the version in the octavia API? just show details of the version?22:24
bloganor the versions supported22:24
xgermanthere was no decision22:26
xgermanso what I want is with a curl / we get some json showing supported/deprecated versions22:26
bloganxgerman: so this will just be a placeholder until a final decision?22:26
xgermanand it's up to you to name things /v1/ or /v1.0/ or /1/ or /1.0/22:26
xgermanand it seems we need to make a second bleuprint to support microversions22:27
xgermanI would like to keep the curl / sinc ethat;'s very Restful22:27
bloganprobably, which i still need to look at how nova is going ot make everythign an extension22:27
bloganand how they're going to organize the code22:27
dougwigi suggested leaving the version thing to a subsequent patch/debate, so iteration can begin.22:27
xgermanyep, but I think we should have some info of supported verison when you do curl /22:28
bloganwell I'm thinking I'll just return a hard coded string for now, and once we decide how to do it then that will be a minor feature iteration22:28
xgermansounds good22:28
xgermanas long as there is a way to ask for the verison22:29
xgerman(we operator like to be able to do that)22:29
bloganxgerman: btw you were getting an actual response from curling the root?22:29
bloganyou operators are so demanding22:29
blogani hope i never work for one22:29
BB__dougwig: i don't have any vendors in my mind right now but looking for an opensource version that supports HA22:29
xgermansorry blogan22:29
xgermanI just need a way to figure out what version we have installed :-)22:30
bloganwere you curling http://localhost:9191 when you got that version string print out?22:30
xgermanwell, in libra's case I need to curl some <dns>/22:30
bloganxgerman: oh nvm, you were giving me a libra example22:31
BB__dougwig: You can also suggest any vendors too.22:31
xgermanI hope that makes sense22:31
xgermanonce we have that I am happy :-)22:32
bloganjust added it22:36
bloganbut i hope you aren't creating tools that can't change to hit this API that will always require the version structure this returns22:37
bloganBB__: then Octavia will be the solution for you, just not right now :(22:37
bloganBB__: how quickly do you need this?22:37
dougwigBB__: F5, A10, Citrix all have soft vm solutions.  (disclaimer: I am from A10)  i expect a few others as well.22:38
blogandougwig: you should have put that in alphabetical order so you always ahve an excuse to put A10 first22:39
dougwigi'm trying super hard to not sound like a dirty vendor pushing wares.  this isn't the channel for that.22:39
blogani need to come up with a product called A0022:39
dougwigwouldn't just plain 00 be even before that?22:39
dougwigand then you could use "double aught" as your out load name.22:40
blogandepends on the sorter i suppose, seen some put numbers before letters, those thats an exception22:40
BB__blogan: I am not in a hurry right now. Doing some POC and learning the current stuff.22:40
bloganBB__: well if you'd like to get involved with Octavia and bring in some requirements you need, let us know22:41
BB__blogan: Sure will do.22:41
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed stackforge/octavia: Implementing simple operator API
blogan^^ will fail pep8 but i gotta run so I pusehd it up so I can work on it from home22:42
bloganBB__: okay great, we hang out in here for both neutron-lbaas and octavia22:43
BB__blogan: Great. Will get in touch once we decide.22:44
blogangotta run, will bbl22:44
*** BB__ has quit IRC22:45
*** johnsom has joined #openstack-lbaas22:46
dougwigdo we really want to put *any* version in the initial api commit?  shouldn't that wait until a decision is made?  stuff that sneaks in tends to stay23:01
*** orion_ has joined #openstack-lbaas23:04
*** orion__ has quit IRC23:07
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*** sbfox has joined #openstack-lbaas23:12
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xgermandougwig - in my view wrong version is better than no verison23:21
dougwigone man's wrong version is another's technical debt that never goes away.  i agree there should be a version mechanism before release of 0.5, but this patch is not that.23:21
dougwigi won't lose sleep if you're adamant that it must be included before we can move forward, but i won't say that i agree that doing it wrong is a necessary precursor.  :)23:22
xgermanI was really hoping we had an easier time to agree on some approach23:26
xgermanbut with everything in flux inside open stack whatever we do might be starting out wrong23:26
xgerman(in flux versionwise)23:27
dougwigi'd like to land blogan's patch before the meetup, so multiple people can start tweaking on it.  and versioning seems like a nice conversation to have at the meetup itself.23:28
xgermanok, I don't think this will preclude us from doing that23:30
xgermanor we just write something ridiculous in it23:30
xgermanto force us to change it :-)23:30
xgermananyhow, blogan has my +223:30
xgerman(as soon as pep8 passes)23:30
*** johnsom_ has joined #openstack-lbaas23:32
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dougwigi'll add mine as well, if he addressed my other issues.23:33
*** johnsom has joined #openstack-lbaas23:39
*** johnsom_ has quit IRC23:41
xgermanok, so still wotking on that split #223:42
xgermanubuntu@devstack-ge:~/devstack$ neutron service-provider-list23:42
xgermanNot Found (HTTP 404) (Request-ID: req-e93d3bcb-e6a3-4c7e-bdb7-e2e00de940ef)23:42
xgermanis that what's wrong and it should return an empty list23:42
dougwigdo you have any service plugins enabled?  and any drivers?23:43
xgermanI don't think so23:44
xgermancore_lugins don't count23:44

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