Wednesday, 2015-02-18

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openstackgerritmin wang proposed stackforge/octavia: Create database models for healthmanager
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openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron LBaaS: Initial Load Balancer Tests
Varun_LodayaHey Guys, I am new to Openstack and LBaaS, would love to get more involved and contribute, any small bugs I can take up to get more familiar with the code?04:03
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rm_you|Varun_Lodaya: there is probably some cleanup work that could be done somewhere, I'm sure04:22
openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: New directory structure
rm_you|Varun_Lodaya: a good deal of us are on US time and so are thinking about sleep soon, but the channel should be more active later04:23
rm_you|except xgerman who is still on Germany time I assume :P04:23
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xgermanI am nowerdays tired at all times :-)04:24
Varun_Lodaya@rm_you: Though I am on US time too and thinking about sleep soon :)04:25
Varun_LodayaI will try to look around and find some bug/code requiring cleanup, thanks @rm_you.04:27
rm_youVarun_Lodaya: lol, what are you doing asking questions like that this late? :P04:31
rm_you(says the person who is up answering questions this late)04:31
rm_youxgerman: I'm midway through season 2 of Fringe now BTW :P04:32
xgermanCool - we totally should name something Observer :-)04:32
rm_youpretty interesting right now, I hear it gets kinda bad in the later season(s) though?04:32
xgermanyeah, it looses steam -- like most shows unfortunately04:33
rm_youah well, looking forward to seeing how this arc resolves. going to go watch one now -- see ya'll tomorrow :)04:33
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openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron LBaaS: Creating Pool API Tests
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TrevorVHey HP peeps, who took up the Amphora API tasks?18:59
sballe__TrevorV: as xgerman said I am :-)19:02
TrevorVAwesome, so sballe__ whenever you get started (assuming you haven't yet) feel free to get that blueprint and task assigned to you.  Right now they're under my name :D19:02
TrevorVActually I don't think the blueprint is actually under my name...19:03
TrevorVI think its still sbalukoffs19:03
sballe__Oh Ok. I am starting later today. I have been working on getting my env setup19:03
TrevorVHey not a problem19:04
TrevorVI just had a second and went through the octavia tasks and noticed I was assigned is all :)19:04
xgermanactuallt ptoohill has it:
xgermanTrevorV - you have the link?19:10
TrevorVOh snap!  The link that you just shared?19:10
xgermanso ptoohill -> sballe19:11
xgermanok, I can make that change - not that Phil complains ;-)19:13
ptoohillthats not the api bp though?19:16
TrevorVYeah, xgerman I think his BP is a different one19:18
sballe__TrevorV: I agree.19:19
ptoohilleh, i suppose this does fall under this one. You guys were going to focus on the api itself, should this maybe be split up afterall or do you want to finish the driver aswell?19:19
sballe__We need to give this one back to ptoohill19:19
xgermanI never took it19:19
ptoohillyea, its still marked for me19:19
xgermanbut the API  has also a part where we need a driver to talk to it19:20
ptoohillI was really only focused on the driver though, where as balukoff/trevor had the api side. But this one does mention the api19:20
ptoohillwell yea, which is why those are deps for the driver in reviews19:20
ptoohillwhich is why im asking if we should split the bps up and make one specifically for the api19:21
ptoohillor, will you guys also be taking over the driver which this bp mentions?19:21
xgermanyep, that makes sense19:21
xgermanwe will need to make a driver which talks to the API19:22
xgermanand y'all will make one which talks ssh19:22
ptoohillOk, so this bp already has code associated with it calling the API that was mocked up. Are you guys not going to use this at all?19:27
sballe__ptoohill: Will look at it in details today and tomorrow and will let you know tomorrow19:29
sballe__I am assuming we probably will reuse some of it19:29
TrevorVHold up.19:32
TrevorVI had to talk to a colleague for a minute.  Either way, I'll look for the balukoff review here ina second19:32
TrevorVMy bad... It wasn't a blueprint19:34
TrevorVThat's what I was talking about re-authoring19:34
ptoohillTheres a couple ways we could go about this and is why im curious. We only wanted to ssh to get it done as quickly as possibly for end-end examples.  We could essentially refactor that into ssh-haproxy-driver and submit new review or we could have a wrapper of sorts and choose between the 'backends' and both utilize the same driver or i could abandon this one so you can start over if you dont want to19:34
ptoohillreuse it. This is also why i was curious about creating a new bp for it19:35
TrevorVptoohill the driver will still look the same, just have a different implementation, is that wrong?19:35
TrevorVBy that I mean the methods/structure will be the same, just different actual bodies.19:36
ptoohilldepends on how we want to do it, the ssh driver is a temp thing and i am curious how we should go about it. But not a big deal at the moment, im focusing elsewhere19:36
ptoohilldoesnt have to be, we could call a wrapper that calls either or 'backend' if we wanted to.19:37
xgermanon another note is blogan out today?19:38
TrevorVYeah xgerman19:38
TrevorVIts all you here in 20 minues :D19:38
xgermanyep, I alreday created an agenda:
xgermanwanted to check with him on that :-)19:38
TrevorVHe may actually be on just for the meeting, but as far as I knew he was visiting family19:39
TrevorVHe had some time off to burn :P19:39
TrevorVYessir.  So prefer no voting today :P19:41
xgermanno voting19:44
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openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron LBaaS: Initial Listeners API tests
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openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron LBaaS: Initial Load Balancer Tests
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openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron LBaaS: Adding test cases for Members.
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TrevorVSo dougwig20:48
TrevorVYou got a minute for me to pester you about that?20:49
dougwigpester away20:51
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TrevorVI guess I don't know what you mean about scheduling.20:53
TrevorVYou're talking about process scheduling as in computing resources?20:54
dougwigwait, when have we been discussing scheduling?20:55
TrevorV20:32:40 <dougwig> TrevorV: the point of a quick and dirty ssh driver is schedule risk mitigation.  that's it.  by tying it to *any* part of another schedule, you're diluting the point.  it's not meant to be long-lived with tendrils into other things.. IMO.20:55
TrevorVI was just reviewing the log making sure I wasn't missing something ha ha20:56
TrevorVIf its better to have this conversation in a PM we can do that instead20:57
dougwiglet me phrase this in trevor-world: if you want to play foosball, insisting on four players when you have three, it makes things more complicated than just using two.  adding a dependency between two schedules is like insisting on four players.20:57
TrevorVSee that's where I'm getting confused.  "two schedules"... The communicative effort being called a schedule is where I get lost.20:58
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dougwigis blogan actually vacationing today?21:04
rm_worklooks like21:04
TrevorVYes dougwig21:04
dougwigi don't believe it.21:04
TrevorVHe'll be back online tomorrow and then out again Friday21:04
rm_workBTW, if there are any reviews that you think are ready for review for Octavia, ping me -- I've been dragged into internal stuff but I'll be able to review things that need eyes, I just can't be actively trolling gerrit for them at the moment21:04
TrevorVHe's got time off to burn, so he be doing that21:05
dougwigdoes 'pip install -U oslo.config' work for anyone on a mac?21:05
TrevorVI don't think I've ever tried dougwig21:06
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openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed stackforge/octavia: Fix over-zealous oslo incubator namespace fixing
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dougwigfix for the oslo syntax error23:16
johnsomThanks doug!23:16
johnsomThat seems to simple.  Do you get a clean install now?23:18
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xgermanrm_work your turn to +223:19
xgermanand thanks doug!23:20
dougwigjohnsom: trying that now.  i was over-focused on fixing oslo.  :)23:20
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dougwigjohnsom: no.  next layer of onion:23:23
openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron LBaaS: Adding test cases for Members.
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