Friday, 2015-03-06

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TrevorV|HomeAnyone being a tryhard tonight?05:37
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openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Implemented dynamic loadbalancer status tree
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed stackforge/octavia: Implements the haproxy amphora agent api server
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blogangot a question for the room. does anyone have a use case where protocol on the pool object is useful that can't be accomplished with what the listener attributes give?17:43
xgermanblogan I think it won't be useful for us but that sounds like a ML/Vancouver question because I am sure there is a vendor soemwhere...17:49
bloganxgerman: only reason I ask now is we can't remove it once it is in (then again we are marked as an experimental API)17:49
blogandont want to break backwards compatibility17:50
bloganbut maybe the experimental tag gives us a shield17:50
xgermanwell, only use case is around HTTPS you could have a pull have protocol HTTPS or TCP and maube mix&match17:51
bloganptoohill just came up with a good reason to keep it17:54
ptoohillwhen we decide to share pools, right now it doesnt make sense17:54
blogannvm ptoohill recants17:55
ptoohillhmm maybe not17:55
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openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Amphora SSH Driver
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openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron_LBaaS: Update README for Tests
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Aishfnaval have u updated the tests aswell?20:45
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bloganxgerman: btw got an answer on what to do with the tempest tests21:15
xgermanblogan, what's the answer?21:23
bloganxgerman: sorry menat to finish my htought but go distracted...we have to pull everything we need from tempest into our tree21:29
bloganxgerman: its how neutron is going to do it21:29
bloganand it gives a stable tempest21:29
bloganbut obviously its odd and has its own issues21:29
xgermancan we piggy back on neutron21:30
xgerman(after all we are a subproject)21:30
blogannot right now, they dont have it done yet21:30
xgermanso we could use "their" tempest?21:30
bloganso its not in their tree21:30
xgermanah, ok,21:30
blogani would definitely do that though21:30
bloganbut when they do it, we'll also be bringing v1 in and thats when we can do it, but we'll also have to fix the v2 tests to work with that tempest21:31
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xgermanmmh, we can always ln -sf /opt/stack/tempest... /opt/stack/neutron_lbaas21:33
xgermanthe other way21:33
xgermansctach that21:34
bloganwouldn't make a stable tempest though21:34
bloganchasing trunk again21:34
xgermanyeah, so we just put a copy of tempest in our tree - UGLY21:35
bloganvery, but it allows us to have a stable tempest and slowly integrate tempest-lib as features get introduced21:36
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bloganand hopefully we can just use neutron's21:36
xgermansounds like a plan + we should put a README in with our plan so people know ;-)21:37
bloganyep was going to21:38
xgermanawesome + thanks for looking into that21:38
bloganand on the commit message with this massive review ill be pushing up today21:38
xgermanyeah, I will +1 it ;-)21:39
bloganwell hopefully yall will bea ble to pull it down and actually run tempest tests this way21:39
xgermanthat would be fantastic!!21:39
juliancash_FYI, Franklin said that he would not make the meeting today + I'm very distracted right now with something else.  I'm hoping we can start doing a Google hangout meeting on Mondays rather than IRC.  Again, this would be just for planning out testing.  For the "WIP: Test Plan" tab in ,I'm eager for us to assign owners to who is writing which tests.
juliancash_I will setup a Monday meeting with a Hangout url.21:47
juliancash_Assuming nobody minds.21:47
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juliancash_Doug + Franklin + HP folks + anybody else who is interested.21:48
Aishjuliancash_: +121:56
xgermandougw, fnaval - juliancash you need to use their irc handles :-)21:57
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