Friday, 2015-04-24

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john-davidgeblogan: ping15:48
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openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Amphora SSH Driver
TrevorV|Homejohn-davidge, Not sure he saw this in time, it looks like his connection here just died.16:48
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TangoHello, I would like to confirm the version of LBaaS in the Kilo release. From the page, it appears that Kilo will have V2. Does this mean that if I need V1, I would have to install it separately?17:18
TangoI am using Kubernetes which currently uses V1 API17:18
TangoFrom earlier chat on the IRC, V1 and V2 are mutually exclusive17:20
blogan_Tango: v1 and v2 should both be installed if neutron-lbaas is installed17:38
openstackgerritmin wang proposed stackforge/octavia: Fix Octavia complexity issues
Tangoblogan_: Thanks, there should be no problem with making V1 API call?17:39
xgermanthey don't work at the same time17:41
xgermanyou should only use v1 or v2 -- but not both at the same time17:42
Tangoxgerman: OK, is there a config somewhere that enables V1?17:42
xgermanit's installed by default and the cleint will offer the options17:43
xgermanboth options making it confusing for users17:43
xgermanyou can sort of deactivate things in neutron.conf17:44
Tangoxgerman: I see, so the user would specify the version on the CLI?17:44
xgermanthere are commands called lb- and lbaas-17:44
xgermanlb is 1.0 and lbaas 2.017:44
xgermanso the user would need to know which ones to use17:44
TangoRight, that's the confusing part.17:45
TangoI had one devstack with V2 and the lb- command would return 404 Not Found17:45
xgermanin devstack you get lbaas v1 installed by default and you will have to edit neutron-conf to deactivate17:45
xgermanTango, so you have 2.0 successfully installed ;-)17:46
xgermanthat;s the expected beahavior17:46
TangoSo if I pick up the Kilo release and follow the normal instruction, would I get V1 or V2 by default?17:47
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xgermanif you are doing devstack you would end up with V1 which is part of the devstack repo whereas V2 devstack code is in our lbaas repo17:48
xgermanso getting V2 requires some extra work17:49
TangoOK perfect, that answers my question then.  Thanks xgerman17:49
xgermanyou are welcome17:50
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blogan_stupid time warner18:10
blogan_thanks for answering his questions xgerman18:11
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openstackgerritmin wang proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Admin API tempest for healthmonitor
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openstackgerritmin wang proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Introduced tempest API tests for openstack/neutron-lbaas
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xgermanblogan - we need some sqlachemy help21:20
xgermanespecially the to_data_model is confusing us --21:22
xgermanthis is the test exposing the problem:21:23
xgermanfails line 1721:24
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xgermanrm_work? Is any of you there?21:26
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blogan_xgerman: im here, ill give it a look see22:29
xgermanthanks -- it seems that if you start the recursion in t_data_model at pool then it goes to listener then it own't do default_pool22:29
blogan_xgerman: why can't you just use new_pool at that point?22:30
xgermanit's a test ;-)22:30
xgermanto expose
blogan_xgerman: yeah the to_data_model method won't try to convert what you just came from bc then it'd get in an infinite recursion loop22:31
blogan_if absolutely needed we can add in recursive max depth but that'll definitely complicate it even more (its already quite complicated)22:32
xgermanwell, the work around would be to get the Pool; the xtract the; then get the listener22:32
blogan_but you already have the listener22:33
blogan_and the pool22:33
xgermanthe pool might not be the dedault pool? Is that a valid case?22:35
blogan_is that something that isn't possible?22:35
blogan_right now the listener only has one pool22:35
xgermanyeah, so we should just assume that -- or make it future proof?22:35
blogan_just assume it, when L7 comes around we'll have to make sure that still holds22:36
blogan_though I'm thinking the pool model would be a child of an L7 rule/policy model, not the listener, but thats yet to be fleshed out22:36
xgermanok, so for now: pool : listener is 1:122:40
blogan_xgerman: while you're here, i was looking at that review that improved the complexity of the octavia code22:42
blogan_xgerman: i commented, not sure if you read it yet, but is that tool used in a lot of openstack products?22:42
xgermanI saw the comments -- I don't have any info on that22:43
xgermanI will be touching base with the other HP people (using the tool) next week --22:43
blogan_well like i said, i like the improvements, just have a minor concern on it forcing some style22:43
xgermanyeah, all tools do that22:44
xgermanand part of the exercise was to figure out to look at the quality of the tool's suggestions22:44
blogan_yep, which is why i bring up the whole openstack thing, they definitely support using pep8,flake8 and all of that22:44
blogan_well other than the staticmethods, suggestions looked good22:45
blogan_pycharm's inspections will also suggest using staticmethod22:45
xgermanthey probably all rely on the same open source inspection lib22:45
blogan_yeah you're probably right22:47
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openstackgerritmin wang proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Admin API tempest for healthmonitor
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