Tuesday, 2015-05-05

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openstackgerritMadhusudhan Kandadai proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Admin_state_up tempest tests for pools using testscenarios  https://review.openstack.org/18001903:33
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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed stackforge/octavia: Fixed various issues with create lb and amphora flow  https://review.openstack.org/17945206:09
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed stackforge/octavia: Controller worker create lb integration tests  https://review.openstack.org/17970706:09
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openstackgerritAishwarya Thangappa proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Tempest tests for Listener using testscenarios.  https://review.openstack.org/17981808:46
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openstackgerritLIU Yulong proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Restrict delete pool if it has binding healthmonitor  https://review.openstack.org/17968411:04
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xgermanyep, too quiet19:22
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openstackgerritmin wang proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Admin_state_up tempest test for health monitor  https://review.openstack.org/17882720:22
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: Add devstack plugin for octavia  https://review.openstack.org/16779620:25
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: Add devstack plugin for octavia  https://review.openstack.org/16779620:43
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openstackgerritMadhusudhan Kandadai proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Admin_state_up tempest tests for pools using testscenarios  https://review.openstack.org/18001921:08
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: Add devstack plugin for octavia  https://review.openstack.org/16779621:12
openstackgerritMadhusudhan Kandadai proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Tempest tests using testscenarios for loadbalancer  https://review.openstack.org/17802221:20
xgermanjohnsom, blogan meet?21:31
bloganim here sorry21:35
xgermanyeah, I guess we are on our own21:35
johnsomGood afternoon21:35
xgermanso my vision is that we have a devstack which installs and runs octavia21:36
xgermanlet’s go through the components:21:36
xgermandougwig’s driver?21:36
johnsomI would like to see the neutron lbaas- create actually build a working amphora21:36
bloganneeds some work, but i think he can knock that out quickly, though I'd like to get his input21:36
dougwigblogan: +121:36
xgermanok, yellow21:37
blogani think the minimum we want a neutron lbaas create, actually create an amphora and serve traffic to a pool member right?21:37
johnsomblogan +121:37
xgermanyep, but list would be good, too21:37
bloganthere's TrevorV's review up that needs review, I've been meaning to get to it myself21:37
TrevorVBut he neglects me.21:38
dougwigi can get the latest fixes up today for that driver.21:38
dougwigdoes setup.py work for octavia yet?21:38
xgermansort of21:38
dougwigthat'll speed things up.21:39
bloganafter that we will need to make a minor change to load the queue producer handler, and that should start sending api requests to the queue, in which case the queue consumer takes over21:39
blogani believe the devstack plugin already has the code into start up the api and controller worker (which is the queue consumer)21:39
johnsomWhat is the state of those two?21:39
bloganqueue consumer is in, just needs to be tested with integrating with the api and controller worker, shouldn't be much but i expect some minor bugs to pop up21:40
bloganfamous last words though21:40
xgermanI am waiting for green :-)21:41
johnsomDoes anything need to happen to setup the queue?21:41
blogandevstack should already ahve it setup21:41
blogansetup.py doesn't work xgerman?21:41
xgermanit works — I think devstack is siuppsoed to run the db migration?21:42
xgermanyep, setup.py good - devstack bad21:42
bloganand the plugin does21:42
bloganor should21:42
johnsomI think it does run the migration, but I might be wrong.21:42
bloganit is using the alembic.ini though, whereas most projects have their own db-manage script21:43
bloganbut that shouldn't change much21:43
xgermanwell, every time I had to run a migration to get vrrp in21:43
johnsomI didn't have to do a manual migration the last time I did a clean.sh/stack.sh cycle21:43
bloganwell i just been testing the plugin out and it is running them21:43
bloganit should just be doing upgrade head21:43
xgermanok, if it’s just me then that’s ok21:43
bloganand that'll get everything, as long as the links are correct21:43
johnsomIs your localrc pinned to an old git version?21:43
bloganjohnsom is probably right21:44
bloganyou have to update the ps21:44
xgermanso just cloning the latest devstack doesn’t cut it21:44
bloganno, its not in devstack, the plugin is in octavia21:45
xgermanyep, that one21:45
xgermancopy the localrc from there to devstack21:45
johnsomSo, the controller worker fixes https://review.openstack.org/#/c/179452/3 is broken.  I also think it needs a rebase after that patch merged yesterday21:45
bloganand you just add enable_plugin in your localrc, ther'es a readmine in the octavia/devstack directory21:45
xgermanyep, saw that21:46
bloganjohnsom: is it broken from unit tests or functionality?21:46
ptoohillenable_plugin octavia https://git.openstack.org/stackforge/octavia refs/changes/96/167796/44 will get you the latest. But I have one more update im about to push soon21:46
xgermanok, wait for that21:46
xgermanwill wait for that21:47
johnsombroken pep8, but fails execution too.  The changes for allocate VIP blow up21:47
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bloganjohnsom: ive been running with real nova and neutron, gotta be something missing21:48
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johnsomAre you calling through the api or ?  I get failures saying load balancer object doesn't have port_id or network_id because load_balancer.vip is None21:49
blogani've just started testing it out with the devstack plugin and once i get that all good i'll push it up21:49
xgermanok, sounds like a plan21:50
bloganjohnsom: sounds like an issue i ran into bc the devstack plugin was doing something wrong with the config21:50
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: Add devstack plugin for octavia  https://review.openstack.org/16779621:50
bloganjohnsom: i'm testing it with just calling controller_worker.create_load_balancer, didn't want to get the API to queue in the way, that's the next thing ill be testing21:51
xgermanyeah, that plugin does a lot wrong21:51
bloganof course we'll still need to get the listener, pool, and member creates working21:51
bloganwell if they arent working21:51
johnsomOk, so your database loading scripts must be better than mine.21:52
bloganjohnsom: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/179707/21:52
johnsomThey all worked prior to this patch, so should still work21:52
bloganthats exactly how im testing it21:52
johnsomCool, I will take a look21:52
bloganwhether we merge that test or not, doesn't matter, just watned to get it up21:52
bloganjohnsom: i couldn't get it working without these changes before the patch, so hopefully its not one of those things wher eit works for me and not you and vice versa21:53
xgermanand you use the config file pothole generates?21:53
bloganxgerman: i think the plugin is getting there, there have been a few bugs but I think its almost good21:53
openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed stackforge/octavia: Adding sudo permissions to SSH Driver commands  https://review.openstack.org/18033621:54
bloganxgerman: yes it will21:54
xgerman(Mac has autocorrect — pothile is funny though)21:54
johnsomblogan Did you see this got merged? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/179277/  I thought I had WIP21:54
johnsomWIP'd it, but I only did the first patchset.21:54
bloganjohnsom: haha no i didnt, thats why when i rebased it did a huge merge conflict21:55
*** ptoohill is now known as pothole21:55
bloganjohnsom: well i think i fixed the merge conflicts on that21:55
potholeYea, I think things are working21:55
bloganlol pothole21:55
*** TrevorV is now known as trevhole21:56
trevholeI just wanted to be like pothole21:56
johnsomtowgan, pothole, who wants to be roadkill21:56
bloganso lets get a definitive list of things needed to be done (From what we know now)21:57
bloganlet me set up an etherpad21:57
xgermanand I like to sync each day...21:57
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bloganlets sync everday at this time22:01
bloganxgerman: lol why did you add creates listener and creates pool again?22:02
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xgermanmmh, wasn’t in my etherpad22:03
bloganxgerman: i'm having connectivity issues22:03
johnsomWasn't on mine until xgerman added it either22:03
bloganyeah i reloaded and its all good now22:04
bloganwho wants to own what?22:05
bloganwell the review I got up should address #722:06
bloganptoohill and ajmiller have #122:06
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed stackforge/octavia: Add devstack plugin for octavia  https://review.openstack.org/16779622:06
xgermanajmiller has been redirected22:06
johnsomdougwig has #222:06
xgermanso I probably need to step up22:06
bloganajmiller was sent to be re-educated?22:07
potholeYou can't have any meat22:07
xgermanno, he just got thrown on another internal project22:07
ajmillerLOL.   I think pothole has things pretty well under control there with #1.22:07
johnsomblogan I can keep testing but I feel like I am getting in your way on patches.  Is there something else I should focus on?22:08
bloganajmiller will you be coming back?22:08
*** nuxxer has joined #openstack-lbaas22:08
ajmillerI'm not really going away, just have tons of other priorities.  I do have a couple of small changes queued up that I'd still like to get in but nothing major.22:08
xgermanyeah, he will22:08
bloganjohnsom: the listener, pool, and member ones still need to be done and verified basically, but I think you said you've already got that tested22:09
johnsomI tested down to the right config file landed on the amp22:09
nuxxerHi guys... can anyone point me to octavia topology diagram ?22:09
bloganajmiller: okay good, you've done a great job on the devstack scripts, thanks for stepping up on that22:09
ajmillerblogan thanks22:10
johnsomajmiller yeah, +1 on the devstack work22:10
blogannuxxer: you can probably find what you need sifting through this22:10
xgermanajmiller, +100022:11
johnsomnuxxer There is a high level, logical view in: http://www.octavia.io/review/master/specs/version0.5/controller.html22:11
nuxxer@johnsom Appreciate it.22:12
nuxxer@blogan Thanks I will read through the link. appreciate it.22:13
johnsomOk, so this afternoon I will take a look at the integration test and figure out why my runs are failing and keep testing.22:13
bloganjohnsom: i've modifying those tests to run with the devstack plugin, which will basically just be commenting a lot of the setup code22:14
johnsomYeah, I currently have devstack scripts 40.  I'm sure this will point out what I have wrong on my devstack22:15
xgermanI installed 4422:15
xgermanthe services are still not starting automagically22:16
xgermanpothole — how should we split the work?22:16
bloganxgerman: did you add octavia,o-api to ENABLED_SERVICES?22:17
blogani hit that one22:17
xgermanwell, I would expect devstack to do that...22:18
blogani did too, but i think since plugins will be made up of different services that may or may not need to be enabled, thats how its done22:18
johnsomYou have to tell devstack to do that in localrc22:19
xgermanok, we should have a sample loclarc which does all that :-)22:20
johnsomIt's in the readme22:21
ajmilleralso, in devstack/samples is an example local.conf and local.sh that should do it all22:22
xgermanyeah, I am trying to be a typical user who doesn’t read Readmes22:23
blogani dont know how to open readmes22:23
xgermanyep, that one22:24
johnsomOk, so do we have our plan for today?22:24
xgermanI think so22:27
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johnsomCool.  Thanks blogan, xgerman22:28
xgermanthanks - you guys rock22:29
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xgermanpothole - really? admin_tenant_name = 222:45
bloganhow did that happen22:47
bloganlooks like it should be admin22:49
xgermanI am trying to figure out what went wrong22:50
blogando you have that environment variable set for some reason?22:51
xgermandoubt it22:51
bloganwell its set to admin on mine, just ran it22:53
bloganshould default to admin22:54
xgermanthat is wrong — in the source file it says OCTAVIA_ADMIN_TENANT_NAME=${OCTAVIA_ADMIN_TENANT_NAME:-"admin"}22:54
xgermanwonder how AUTH_VERSION got in there22:54
ajmillerThis looks odd: why OCTAVIA_AUTH_VERSION22:54
bloganah i didnt see that22:55
xgermanthe wrong one is in /stack.octavia22:55
xgermanI ran enable_plugin octavia https://git.openstack.org/stackforge/octavia refs/changes/96/167796/4422:55
xgermanand pothole switched to 4522:56
xgermanso maybe just a regression bug22:56
xgermanrunning 4522:57
bloganyeah i didnt try 4422:57
xgermanI did — after all he advertised it in irc22:57
bloganlol well he must have caught it quickly22:57
dougwigdo we have a "starting octavia for dummies" guide yet?23:05
xgermanI am dummy23:05
xgermanand I can’t make it go23:05
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xgermanactually w have a  vagrant file to get stuff installed/setup but it’s outdated23:06
dougwigso far, "sudo python setup.py install" and then "octavia-api" have been promising.23:07
xgermanwell, the devstack setup gives you some additional stuff (like the ssh key for the ssh key driver, etc)23:08
bloganyeah i think the devstack plugin will be the best for dummies thing23:08
bloganit needs nova and neutron anyway23:08
dougwigi'm fine with 100% no-op from the api for driver dev.23:08
dougwigholy shit, how did that load.  that's not possible.23:10
xgermanon my end with the latest devstack:23:13
xgermanBadRequest: Bad networks format: network uuid is not in proper format (1) (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-99cf7575-c99d-451d-b848-351aa9d9bbb7)23:13
blogani had that one time, i can't remember what it was23:14
xgermanyeah, it sounded familiar23:15
xgermanI haven’t applied your patch wihichnfixes everything yet23:15
bloganthis is just you trying to run devstack right?23:15
blogannot actual controller worker code23:15
xgermandevstack and then some script to build amphora23:15
xgermanwith the controller worker23:15
xgermanI like devstack to set up things right ;-)23:16
bloganso the review i pushed up hasn't gone trhough the create_amphora flow, just the create load balancer one, which does create an amphora23:17
madhu_akbtw. zuul is not happy today?23:19
bloganzuul is never happy23:19
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed stackforge/octavia: Fixed various issues with create lb and amphora flow  https://review.openstack.org/17945223:28
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed stackforge/octavia: Controller worker create lb integration tests  https://review.openstack.org/17970723:28
bloganjohnsom, xgerman: those tests should work with the latest devstack plugin (keyword "should")23:29
bloganill be on later, comment on those if you get a chance to test it out and it doesn't work23:30
johnsomSounds good23:30
*** shakamunyi has quit IRC23:31
xgermanwill do23:32
*** chlong has joined #openstack-lbaas23:37
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