Saturday, 2015-05-16

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johnsom_Alright, got it working using the linux bridge for a vip network I created.01:03
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bloganjohnsom: how are you setting the bridge up?02:22
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johnsomblogan I am creating a vip network and tenant network (for the members)  For each I light up an instance then find the linux bridge and tap interface created for the instance.02:51
johnsomThen I assign the bridge interface a static IP on the network I created02:51
johnsomWorks great02:51
johnsomJust a little hand waving....02:51
johnsomI'm loading up Doug's driver now to give it a shot.02:52
johnsomIf I wasn't fighting my sinuses it would have been a 30 minute fix, but oye...  I hope it clears up by Monday.02:53
bloganjohnsom: ok great, i think using ip rules on the amphora will solve this as well but doubt i'll be able to actually get it working by the demo02:53
johnsomRight, this is a short term, hand waving, hack...  Not a long term solution02:54
bloganworks for me :)02:54
bloganthanks for doing it02:54
johnsomNP, feeling much better about the demo now.  Thanks to you guys for all the patches too, couldn't pull it off without them02:55
bloganlikewise, all the controller and taskflow setup was great02:55
blogani'm feeling really good about having a great foundation to iterate off of02:55
bloganwell by great, i mean working lol bc there are still many many things to do on it02:56
johnsomSigh, yes, but a decent start02:56
bloganrome wasn't built in a day02:56
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johnsomSo close:03:09
johnsomstack@OctaviaDevStack:~/devstack$ neutron lbaas-member-create --subnet 7d409262-e1c7-45b2-bf2a-865a7bebf6af --address --protocol-port 80 450183c0-f86e-4312-a530-2c031a1d038a03:09
johnsomAn error happened in the driver03:09
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johnsomGot a 404 back from the api it looks like03:11
johnsomAh, member vs. members03:12
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bloganah lol03:18
bloganbug in dougs code03:19
johnsomBut caused two interfaces to come up in the amp and the network is borked.  Taking another run at it with a new lb03:19
blogani hate that damn driver error message, and its my creation03:21
johnsomCool!  LBaaS driver works with that fix:03:23
johnsomstack@OctaviaDevStack:~$ curl
johnsomHello OpenStack from
johnsomThe demo will be with the neutron client!03:24
blogangood job man03:27
johnsomIt takes a team03:27
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bloganvery true03:28
johnsomOk, calling it a night.  Will practice demo and take a video tomorrow.03:28
bloganquick question03:28
bloganthe slides have a demo slide, then later octavia specific slides have a demo slide03:29
bloganis the first demo slide the point where all the other vendor demos get shown?03:29
johnsomYeah, I think the earlier demo slide is about the vendor demos03:29
johnsomThat is my thought.  I think the octavia fits better with the context around it03:30
bloganyeah your right03:30
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johnsomI expect 80% of the room to have not heard of Octavia03:30
bloganat this point if i my portion is 5 minutes i'd be happy03:30
bloganor less03:30
bloganyeah these talks will made up of a an audience that isn't very active in the community03:31
johnsomOk, yeah, I had hoped we had a good timeline/plan by now, but...03:31
bloganlol me too, i do wonder if we will run long though with demos of vendors, horizon, octavia03:32
bloganbut better than last year where we went way short03:32
bloganlast summit03:32
johnsomYeah, I worry about time too.  Maybe Doug will be sick and we breeze through intro.  So far I only have video for radware and it's a quick one03:33
johnsomMy fear is we hit Monday and we don't have horizon or other vendor videos and we run short.03:34
bloganwhat portion doug talking on?03:34
johnsomThe cool thing is right after our session, around the corner, HP will have food and beer so we can all go relax...03:34
blogani tend to speed through everything i'm talking about03:35
blogani will be relaxing right after i get off stage03:35
johnsomI think he wanted to cover lbaas, what it is, history sort of stuff03:35
bloganso that'd be more the beginnign then03:35
johnsomAre you updating slides?  I hope to pull the content down tomorrow and clean it up in powerpoint for the presentation03:36
bloganwell hopefully we have the horizon demo from ebay so I can reference it when i mention horizon support03:36
blogani'm going to add one or two03:36
johnsomCool, sounds good.03:37
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blogani'm not totally sure other than horizon, L7, and pool sharing we'll want in liberty03:37
bloganoh octavia as ref impl03:37
bloganand then segue to you03:37
johnsomYep, sounds good.03:38
johnsomflavor framework too.  We are putting resources into that03:38
bloganoh yeah, god i'm so out of the loop on that03:38
johnsomSadly so are we, but we are trying to pick it up03:39
bloganbut that should benefit neutron in general, or at least the other advanced services03:39
bloganwe should mention in the links to octavia that it will change to openstack/octavia from stackforge/octavia03:40
johnsomI think I did in once place at least.03:40
johnsomBut update as you see it03:40
mixosWill Octavia LB VM can be boot with various favors like cpu / mem /etc for balancing different types of loads ?03:41
johnsomOk, anything else I can answer tonight?  Otherwise I will be online again tomorrow.03:41
bloganoh yeah you did03:42
bloganno thats all i got03:42
johnsommixos That is where we would like to go.  Plus let you mix in hw and software offerings03:42
johnsomblogan Ok, have a good one and see you in Vancouver if we don't chat before03:43
bloganjohnsom: you too! have a safe trip up03:43
mixosThat's cool. like mixing netscaler, f5 + sw03:43
mixosthat'd be nice. really nice.03:43
bloganhw will be interesting for sure03:46
blogansince as sw we don't really have a concept of a physical device03:46
bloganit just assumes there is some kind of appliance and its already provisioned03:47
mixosneeded feature for different level of service.03:47
bloganyeah we at rackspace are definitely going to want that03:47
mixoslooks like netscaler sort of having this kind: mixing sw +hw03:48
mixosnetscaler SDX / MDX / VDX03:48
mixoshope that Ocativa provides general framework for this for future.03:49
mixossorry SDX / MPX / VPX03:50
mixosby going through addition appliance. (NCC : Netscaler Control Center).03:52
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mixosyoutube video:
bloganmixos you wouldn't happent o be going to the summit would you?04:01
mixosno. unfortunately not. I really want to. but again. all of you are in SA. :- )04:02
mixosif my patch go through . I can next time. I think. LOL04:03
mixos             :p04:03
mixosagain.. I seriously want to do something for Octavia. I will beg for any small portion when you guys come back.04:04
bloganwe're not all in SA, johnsom is in seattle he works for hp04:12
bloganthe summit is in Vancouver04:12
bloganat least i think johnsom is in seattle04:12
bloganhe might be in portland04:12
mixosGood luck on summit. hope I can be part of it later on. :- )04:16
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bloganmixos: me too04:31
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