Friday, 2015-09-11

openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Adds the NO_MONITOR operational status for members
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openstackgerritSherif Abdelwahab proposed openstack/octavia: Amphora Flows and Service Drivers for Active Standby
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Adding new network driver for containers
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Adding new network driver for containers
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Updates for containers functionality
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openstackgerritIhar Hrachyshka proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Removed +x flag from alembic script
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Updates for containers functionality
bana_kblogan : I was checking the old lbaas mail thread n came across this "help on single create call"16:39
bana_khas anyone started working on it ?16:40
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xgermanwe deferred until M16:41
bana_koh ok.16:41
bana_kis it like enabling the heat for lbaasv2?16:42
sbalukoffbana_k: No, I think the idea is to be able to create a complete load balancer configuration in a single API call. I guess that could aid automation / orchestration tools like heat, but it's not meant exclusively for heat.16:50
sbalukoffAlso, good morning folks!16:50
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blogan_bana_k: what sbalukoff said16:54
xgermanblogan ping me when you get in — we probably need to do some PTL business and review the bugs16:54
xgermanthere you are...16:54
blogan_xgerman: im in, but give me a few16:54
bana_kok . got it16:55
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johnsom_Hi all17:07
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johnsom_Bug review would be good.  I have a few more cosmetic bugs to file today.17:08
blogan_xgerman: back17:09
xgerman cool17:09
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minwang2i am testing under devstack against octavia, got some error17:17
minwang22015-09-11 10:14:17.170 33134 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.dispatcher   File "/opt/stack/octavia/octavia/controller/worker/tasks/", line 81, in execute17:17
minwang22015-09-11 10:14:17.170 33134 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.dispatcher     raise e17:17
minwang22015-09-11 10:14:17.170 33134 ERROR oslo_messaging.rpc.dispatcher TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable17:17
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ptoohillminwang2: You are running tests right?17:23
ptoohillon master17:23
ptoohillthe unit tests*17:23
minwang2ptoohill i am just trying to create a loadbalancer, did not do test yet17:23
ptoohillook, i ran into this when i was merging and thought it was something of mine that was broke. Looking a second time it came from some recently merged changes. Give me a bit and I can push a fix17:24
ptoohillyoure on master right?17:25
minwang2ptoohill yes17:26
ptoohillHmm, the fix is in master. maybe this is in a different spot17:27
ptoohilli guess i should fix the ports->port_ids while im here.17:28
minwang2did you try to create a lb under octavia17:29
ptoohillNo, this was in my tests that i discovered. I had a merge and used the wrong one.17:29
ptoohillIt's possible you have old code still?17:30
minwang2it might happen since we merge a lot of code recently17:31
ptoohillthe sig should be execute(self, amphora_id, port_ids=None, config_drive_files={}) in ComputeCreate17:31
minwang2the first time that i see this error was yesterday ,the octavia gate did not pass and see the same error17:31
ptoohillThe reason i got the error and assume its the same is because the config_driver_files=None and you couldnt assign it17:32
ptoohillso if you can verify the sig/up to date code17:32
ptoohillTheres other issues too17:32
ptoohillbut yea17:32
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johnsomI just built a stack, I will give it a shot and try to debug17:38
minwang2thank you!17:39
ptoohillAlright, It looks like the sig has changed a few times back and fourth. Not sure how or why, but I can see in my chain it bouncing back and fourth between {} and None. So it's entirely possible its out of sync somewhere :/17:39
ptoohillThe most recent changes where those to the CertComputeCreate that altered the sigs17:41
ptoohillthink crc32|znc did those.17:41
johnsomfail over flow changed that too17:41
johnsomAs did UDP17:43
blogan_might have been a bad merge after the health manager service17:43
johnsomAre you guys missing the UDP patchset?17:43
blogan_bc i know it worked after the health manager service, so i think the UDP patchset may have had a bad merge17:43
johnsomI just built LBs with no issue17:43
johnsomI am running with the UDP17:43
blogan_i have UDP as well17:43
blogan_and got the error17:43
ptoohillmy case was because i had merge conflicts in my containers code. But the code in master looks correct17:44
blogan_im fully up to date on master17:44
johnsomYeah, master is building LBs just fine17:44
ptoohillfun stuff17:44
blogan_not for me, ill try some more17:44
johnsomThe only setting I have been setting up after devstack build is the controller_ip_port_list17:46
johnsomBut I think it runs without that, just won't fail over17:46
johnsomYeah, it works without because I just had a typo in my config17:47
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blogan_its something happening in the jinja render in the compute create17:54
ptoohillyou sure?17:55
blogan_yeah, for the agent config builder17:56
ptoohillwhats the compute create sig look like for you?17:56
blogan_not haproxy jinja stuffs17:56
blogan_ok fixed it17:56
blogan_dont know why johnsom wasnt getting it though17:57
ptoohillwhat was the fix17:57
blogan_controller_ip_port_list config option default to empty lit17:57
johnsomYeah, I have been filling that in (last time with bad info)17:58
blogan_ah okay, well i think an empty list default owuld make sense, at least to get it past this if the option isn't specified in the config17:59
johnsomIt should still work empty though....17:59
johnsomIt is an empty list....17:59
blogan_it gets value of None, and then the jinja render breaks bc of that for some reason18:00
johnsomdef execute(self, amphora_id, ports=None, config_drive_files={}):18:00
blogan_so if you dont specify that option in your config, you get an empty list?18:00
johnsomIf you don't have that, you don't have the UDP patch18:00
blogan_no i have that, thats not the issue18:00
ptoohillThat was just an issue with my merge, but similar error18:01
johnsomOk, let me try with that commented out18:01
johnsomThere are some bugs filed around this btw:18:02
openstackLaunchpad bug 1490707 in octavia "Octavia should give better error for health_manager controller IP missing" [Medium,New]18:02
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blogan_ah thats the same issue18:02
blogan_well then do yall think defaulting to an empty list would be better or returning back a better error message on the controller worker start?18:03
openstackLaunchpad bug 1490033 in octavia "Devstack scripts need to enable lb-network controller IP" [Critical,New] - Assigned to Brandon Logan (brandon-logan)18:03
blogan_bc waiting for actual commands isn't good to throw the error18:03
johnsomblank should work18:04
blogan_i think at least for nwo defaulting to empty list would fine18:04
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johnsomJust no failover18:04
blogan_blank? you mean it works for you without that option in your config?18:04
blogan_johnsom: yeah no failover is i think acceptable18:05
blogan_johnsom: as long as we make a comment in the config about it and other places i suppose18:05
johnsomOk, yeah, it's broken with nothing in that field, but works ok with bogus info, just no failover18:05
blogan_ok ill push this up18:06
johnsomWork completely with (but that IP is the wrong answer)18:06
blogan_yeah i havent had the chance to get the listen ip o the devstack host yet18:06
blogan_that second bug18:06
blogan_you listed18:06
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blogan_ok looks good with this fix, pushing up in a second, also throwing in an extra fix for mutable defaults18:16
blogan_which isnt much of an issue but is the correct way18:16
johnsomThere is a bug with the devstack script too, the iniset for the heartbeat_key needs to have an uncomment in front of it18:17
johnsomExtra credit if you fix that too18:17
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/octavia: Default controller_ip_port_list option to empty
blogan_missed what you said18:18
blogan_let me fix that18:18
blogan_johnsom: line 67 in
johnsominiset $OCTAVIA_CONF health_manager heartbeat_key ${OCTAVIA_HEALTH_KEY}18:20
blogan_add an iniuncomment line after that?18:20
johnsomThat line creates a duplicate entry.18:20
blogan_so change that to just an uncomment18:21
blogan_is what you're syaing18:21
johnsomSo, uncomment before?18:21
johnsomWell, it still should be set18:21
johnsomI thought iniset would uncomment if it is there, but for some reason it is not18:22
blogan_so its already there, but needs to be set and uncommented, so uncomment first will allow the iniset to see it exists and set it18:22
johnsomYeah, I think so18:22
blogan_lets try it18:22
blogan_restacking brb18:24
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ptoohillis inicomment a thing18:27
johnsominiuncomment is, I don't know about inicomment18:27
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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/octavia: Default controller_ip_port_list option to empty
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johnsomCool, I am going to restack too18:33
minwang2johnson blogan_ if i restack, just need to cherry pick the patch above refs/changes/22/222722/2, that’s it right? i have updated my devstack repo, it has some new patches merged as well18:38
johnsomOr just checkout since it depends on master18:38
blogan_minwang2: do you have changes that need to go on top of that?18:39
blogan_minwang2: if not, just git review -d should be sufficient as it should be based off current master18:39
minwang2i dont have any patch on top of it, will just do review -d18:40
minwang2i usually cherry pick it18:40
blogan_i usually just cherry-pick when i want to test my patch out with another patch not yet merged18:41
openstackgerritDivya ChanneGowda proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Add device_id when a loadbalancer is created instead of at listener create
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minwang2blogan_ your patch fixed the issue that i met when creating lb, i just created a lb perfectly19:08
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minwang2i am testing the tempest test as well, hopefully this fix can solve the problem in tempest test too19:18
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blogan__minwang2: good, i hope so too19:38
rm_workyeah i thought that was what you were looking at fixing yesterday evening19:39
rm_workdidn't you push up a thing?19:39
rm_workhey blogan go +2 this
rm_work+1 sorry19:39
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Default controller_ip_port_list option to empty
rm_workok now you want to rebase your patchsets19:41
rm_workso they'll include that19:41
rm_work(just click the rebase button on the review, should be all that is necessary)19:42
rm_workoh hey were you guys aware of this?
minwang2blogan_ good news is a lot of test cases passed because of your fix, the other news is that we still have some issue19:47
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rm_workwell, that's still good news -- actual data on real failures is great news in my book :P19:51
blogan__was not19:55
blogan__minwang2: do you have a link i can look at for logs?19:55
minwang2hang on, let me get the full log for you19:56
blogan__rm_work: i have no idea what that review does, the infra one20:05
blogan__but it looks fine :)20:05
*** rm_you| is now known as rm_you20:07
rm_youit is so we can enable Barbican in another gate check20:07
rm_youerr, in our gate20:08
minwang2in order to do that you need to register Barbican in the PROJECT ENV list, not sure anyone take care of that yet?20:15
rm_youminwang2: that is the review I linked to blogan above20:16
rm_youthey are in a freeze right now though so can't merge it until later20:16
rm_youso we20:16
rm_youare stuck for a little bit20:16
minwang2nice , you got +1 from doug and +2 from clark, good progress20:19
rm_youyes I am good at nagging apparently :P20:21
rm_youbut leaving them alone for the time being as they have a major thing going on right now20:22
openstackgerritBertrand Lallau proposed openstack/octavia: Remove bad INFO log "Starting Octavia API server"
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openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Fix health monitor ops in lbaas octavia driver
johnsomYou are on a roll....20:40
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Fix health monitor ops in lbaas octavia driver
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blogan__ha, gotta polish this turd up!20:41
blogan__there's a diamond underneath!20:41
* johnsom hands blogan__ the simonize can20:42
* blogan__ looks up simonize20:42
johnsomah, it's simoniz, no e20:43
* blogan__ is now edumacated20:43
blogan__it came up with an e in google20:43
blogan__ah simonize is a synonym for plural, but simoniz is a product20:43
johnsomIt must be a regional joke....20:43
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blogan__ptoohill, dougwig, ajmiller:
ajmillerblogan__ looking21:09
*** blogan__ is now known as blogan_21:10
blogan_fix my name so its not so annoying21:10
rm_work... but still somewhat21:11
rm_workwhy such _21:11
johnsomI haven't had a minute to test, but glad to have a fix in for it21:11
rm_workblogan_: so it's just the same for fail or pass?21:12
rm_workif max_retries is 5, it takes 5 fails to move it to "DOWN" and 5 passes to move it to "UP"?21:12
rm_workshould it be like "max_retries" for "fall" and like "1" for "rise"?21:13
rm_workor is that naive21:13
rm_workblogan: ^^21:14
blogan_rm_work: its kind of a cop out right now since neutorn_lbaas has no concept of fall_threshold21:16
blogan_err rise_threshold21:16
blogan_to bring it back up21:16
blogan_so i think having hte same number of attempts to say its DOWN as to bring it back UP is an okay concession21:17
rm_work<_< k21:18
blogan_you think always being 1 is better?21:18
blogan_for rise21:18
rm_workeh, maybe21:19
rm_worki mean21:19
rm_workit might cause flapping though21:19
rm_workreally it needs to be configurable <_<21:19
blogan_we can add it in, but it can't be required so we don't break backwards compatibility, so since max_retries is required we'll probably end up doing it this way anyway if the rise_threshold (or whatever we call it ofr neutron-lbaas) is not specified21:20
ajmillerblogan_ so 'id' just wasn't being used anywhere?21:20
blogan_ajmiller: not for octavia21:20
blogan_ajmiller: octavia just does pools/{pool_id}/healthmonitor21:21
blogan_octavia's primary key is the pool_id, so its always a 1:121:21
ajmillercool, got it.21:21
*** blogan_ has quit IRC21:29
*** blogan_ has joined #openstack-lbaas21:32
*** sherif has joined #openstack-lbaas21:35
johnsomFYI, new critical bug:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1494956 in octavia "health monitor delete does not remove health monitor" [Critical,New]21:35
johnsomI will dig into this one21:35
TrevorV|HomeWait, what?  doesn't remove it in the config johnsom ?21:37
TrevorV|HomeAs in haproxy still has the hm?21:37
blogan_johnsom: i see what it is21:37
blogan_octavia driver21:37
johnsomYep, after delete it is still in the config.  My guess we missed a update call21:37
johnsomblogan_  Hahaha, ok, you got it then?21:38
blogan_johnsom: lol yeah21:38
blogan_i should have caught it in my other review21:38
*** TrevorV|Home has quit IRC21:39
blogan_well i can just add it in!21:39
blogan_its not +A'ed yet21:39
johnsomI can pull it down quick and test when you're done21:39
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Adding new network driver for containers
openstackgerritBrandon Logan proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Fix health monitor ops in lbaas octavia driver
minwang2blogan_ here is the details of the log for tempest test
openstackLaunchpad bug 1494960 in octavia "Neutron LBaas v2 API Tempest test error against octavia plugin" [Undecided,New]21:46
blogan_minwang2: ok thanks21:46
johnsomblogan_ Yep, you got it21:47
minwang2it is a bit late, the previous test did not catch the whole log and then the resources are full, so i cleaned up the devstack and run it again, otherwise i can give you a big faster blogan_21:47
blogan_a big faster blogan_? ill take a faster blogan_, but blogan_ is at maximum capacity21:48
minwang2i mean that i supposed to give you the log earlier , you asked me about 1 hour ago21:49
blogan_minwang2: i know, i was just being dumb, no worries though, i'll look at it now21:49
minwang2blogan_ thanks, we failed 20 cases, the rest are good, which is pretty good21:50
johnsomThat is great21:50
blogan_i bet these health monitor fixes will actually fix some of those21:51
blogan_minwang2: unless you tested with those patches21:51
blogan_err that patch21:51
minwang2i did not apply the health monitor patch on the testing yet21:53
minwang2should i try it?21:53
blogan_well the health monitor tests passsed in that run :(21:53
openstackgerritDivya ChanneGowda proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Add device_id when a loadbalancer is created instead of at listener create
blogan_but neutron lbaas didnt throw errors, so that is expected21:53
blogan_so that patch wont improve anything21:53
bana_kand I am not able to run the active-standby code in devstack :/21:55
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Updates for containers functionality
bana_kwhere is the HEAD for the octaiva db migration ?22:11
bana_ki could not find it in the versions folder22:12
bana_kn when I run devstack its complaining about Multiple head revisions are present for given argument 'head';22:12
*** diogogmt has joined #openstack-lbaas22:14
blogan_bana_k: means the links aren't correct22:15
bana_koh what does that exactly mean? in neutron-lbaas n all we have a HEAD file of there is a prob with that it used to throw this kind of error.22:18
bana_kblogan_ :
bana_kI see 2 head in the o/p22:18
blogan_bana_k: so neutron uses theur own neutron-db-manage client, and we use that for neutron-lbaas, thats the the wrapper around alembic that does the actual reading of the HEAD file in neutron22:23
blogan_we dont have that yet for octavia, so we just use straight alembic22:23
blogan_so what you're seeing there is the migration file in the vrrp patch hasn't been rebased and relinked to the head that is currently in master since a new migration merged since the vrrp review was last rebased22:24
blogan_so if you point the back_revision of the vrrp to the NO_MONITOR migration, that should fix it22:24
blogan_sorry down_revision22:25
johnsombana_k I will update.22:35
*** blogan__ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:36
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Amphora Flows and Drivers for Active Standby
*** blogan_ has quit IRC22:38
*** blogan__ has quit IRC22:41
bana_kthanks a lot :)22:46
*** xgerman has quit IRC23:03
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bana_klooks like review openstack is down :/23:04
bloganmaintenance i suppose23:06
*** codekobe has joined #openstack-lbaas23:06
bana_koh ok.23:06
ajmillerI think there was some notice about downtime to rename a bunch of projects23:08
rm_you<rm_work> oh hey were you guys aware of this?
*** madhu_ak has quit IRC23:35
johnsomSeems to be up again23:36
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC23:46
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-lbaas23:47
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