Thursday, 2015-09-24

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dougwigadam_g: default drivers do not interact with rpc agents at all01:45
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dougwigadam_g: the only driver that uses the lbaas-agent is the haproxy namespace driver.  all vendor drivers and the noop do not use that mechanism.01:46
adam_gdougwig, just attempting to use the default devstack plugin installation /w octavia enabled as default, or later the logging noop driver, the lbaasv2 agent hits an rpc timeout on startup in sync_state(). weird?01:47
adam_gor is the lbaas not intended to be run with those drivers?01:47
adam_g*the lbaas agent01:47
dougwigif you don't have the haproxy driver enabled in [service_providers] in neutron_lbaas.conf, you don't need that process running. nothing will be listening for it01:48
dougwigneither octavia nor noop use lbaas-agent.01:48
dougwigso correct, it's not intended to be run in that case.01:48
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adam_gdougwig, doh! theres my error, i was under the assumption the agent was loading those drivers.. in that case, whats actually loading them and, the case of octavia runnign this? neutron-server?
dougwigneutron-server loads them directly, via the loadbalancerv2 service plugin01:50
dougwigadam_g: ^^  sorry, keep forgetting to prefix.  :)01:51
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adam_gdougwig, okay awesome that clears things up for me alot.01:52
dougwigadam_g: no problem, good luck.  :)01:52
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Guest14599dougwig: is there any doc to enable octavia without devstack?03:19
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xgermannot yet - sbalukoff is working on that03:32
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Brian_shangxgerman: ok, tks.03:43
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Brian_shangxgerman: neutron-server calls octavia api directly instead of lbaas-agent, right?03:48
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kiran-rHi! Can anybody tell me if we can create multiple pools for the same subnet?08:49
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openstackgerritElena Ezhova proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: [LBaaS v2] Improve API tests performance
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openstackgerrityaowei proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Fix lb agent reload loadbalancer
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openstackgerritKobi Samoray proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: (WIP) VMWare NSXv LBaaSv2 driver
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openstackgerritElena Ezhova proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: [LBaaS v2] Improve API tests performance
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mesterylbaas cores: Need this merged ASAP:
mesteryAlso, the issues around tagging octavia and getting it on pypi are on my mind, but are taking a backseat to getting RC1 cut, so stay tuned13:33
mesteryjohnsom xgerman dougwig blogan: ^^^13:33
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openstackgerritElena Ezhova proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: [LBaaS v2] Improve API tests performance
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openstackgerritElena Ezhova proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: [LBaaS v2] Improve API tests performance
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* mestery wakes up blogan dougwig johnsom 14:16
mesteryCan one of you please approve this one:
mesteryIt's needed to open mitaka for that gerrit repo14:16
mesterydougwig blogan johnsom: ^^^^14:16
xgermanSorry can't help...14:19
xgermanBut those not on pacific should be awake14:19
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mesteryWe need that to land before we can cut the RC :(14:22
mesteryI really really really hope blogan dougwig johnsom or another LBaaS core wakes up and merges that14:22
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Brian_shangMissing package name for distro/element: ubuntu/os-collect-config14:36
Brian_shanginstalling ccache_package from base14:36
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openstackgerritElena Ezhova proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: [LBaaS v2] Improve API tests performance
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johnsommestery Done16:12
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bloganhey guys, eezhova brought up an idea we could possibly do to make the tests run even faster, especially for the pool tests so that we can unskip all the ones we did, and thats use the simulated_handler plugin in octavia.  it's that old thing we used in the very beginning that basically just updated the provisioning and operating statuses of each entity, instead of going to the queue18:15
bloganfor the api jobs only, not the scenario tests18:16
rm_workso, it wouldn't launch VMs?18:28
rm_workbut we'd have tested all the launching-vms code paths in the other tests?18:28
bloganrm_work: no it wouldnt launch VMs, it wouldnt even need the controller worker18:30
bloganso it wouldnt test heart beat dependent api changes either18:30
bloganbut those could be scenario tests though18:31
bloganit feels wrong to me right now, but i dont have a good reason because really the api tests just test teh api and validation layers, they shouldnt care whats being spun up on the backside18:31
johnsomI worry about deviating from the live code path.18:31
johnsomI guess we just need to have a holistic testing strategy18:32
rm_workyeah really the place for a lot of the tests we have in "apiv2" really belong in "scenario"18:33
rm_workwe are testing WAY more than just the API18:33
johnsomVery true18:33
rm_workwhich i was having trouble finding the right words for when discussing it with infra18:33
rm_workwhich leads me to believe we may be doing it wrong ,_<18:33
johnsomThat's what I am thinking.  We need to step back and come up with a overall testing strategy.  What tests, run at what layers, etc.18:34
rm_workfnaval: ^^? :P18:35
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bloganrm_work: what tests are doign what a scenario test shoudl do?18:36
bloganmost of what ive seen is just checking successful create, updates, and deletes, along with negative tests for testing validation18:37
bloganprobably one or two that could be put in scenario but i dont remember them18:38
rm_workblogan: right but checking an API call does not require doing a whole end to end test does it? >_>18:38
bloganyall wanna get this merged so we can have working scenario tests now though?18:38
rm_workI would think it would be more like what you were saying with the simulated_handler18:39
bloganrm_work: it doesn't and that kind of decides it for me bc if we just tested the simulated_handler, we're nto testing the controller worker code actually updtes the db status correctly18:40
rm_workmaybe simulated_handler needs to be further down the chain?18:40
rm_worklike, replacing the nova and neutron amp/net drivers18:41
rm_workso it still goes through the queue/controller18:41
bloganwell that would just be the noop drivers at that point18:41
rm_worki was thinking originally that's what it was supposed to be18:41
rm_workdo we HAVE noop drivers?18:41
rm_workwell, can we switch to those in the API tests?18:42
bloganthat woudl be better18:42
bloganbut still doesnt test that the nova interactions are correct :)18:42
bloganwhich is something we'll have to figure out at some point, do we need a job for every single driver and all the permutations and combinations of drivers18:43
rm_workright but18:43
rm_workwe have other tests for that18:43
bloganwell the scenario tests would test that sure18:43
bloganjohnsom: opinion on using the noop drivers?18:44
bloganor if anything, the noop compute driver18:44
bloganalthough, that would probably not play well with a real amp driver18:44
bloganor network driver18:44
bloganso noop for all18:44
pc-potholeI still find it interesting this is being considered 'over-testing' :)18:45
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bloganpc-pothole: what do you mean?18:45
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pc-potholeidk, the timings and what nots. even with vt-x our tests are still huge right18:46
bloganlike they're not testing teh right things?18:46
pc-potholeidk, i just keep hearing were testing more then anyone else and i find it interesting that its a problem18:46
openstackgerritIhar Hrachyshka proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Kill HEADS file
pc-potholemaybe im just misunderstanding. i retract my 2 cents18:47
bloganpc-pothole: well its kind of a catch-22, the more we test for the longer we take18:47
bloganif everyone had 5 hour jobs, the gate would probably never clear up18:47
bloganso i understand the need for the hard limit18:47
pc-potholethrees got to be a better solution then ripping the tests apart to test less though18:48
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bloganwell there is, fast running tests :)18:48
bloganbut that could hit the limit too with a lot of tests18:49
pc-potholefast == less?18:49
blogani know what you're saying but i have no idea how to solve both18:49
bloganno i mean, in our case, fast boots18:49
pc-potholeor with some of the api tests. i see that as a valid solution to clean that up18:49
rm_workyeah we could actually *test* more18:51
pc-potholeso much for the 'test throughly' mantra in openstack. Now it's test the minimum to be under time limit. Sounds like theres a bigger problem with the gate then with testing strats18:51
rm_workif we focused on just testing the API for each call18:51
rm_workand not testing "does an amp boot for each call" as well18:51
rm_workbecause 98% of the test is testing duplicated stuff (amp boot, network plug, flows, etc)18:51
pc-potholeim probably just rehashing things. can ignore me18:51
pc-potholewell yea, but im somewhat against the idea of one lb for all the tests too18:52
pc-potholethat doesnt give you true idea of the potential failures for certain calls18:52
pc-potholein some cases its acceptable18:52
pc-potholebut not if were trying to do that for ALL the tests18:52
pc-potholemessy problem it is18:53
pc-potholeill give example of why i see in some cases that could be potential problem.18:53
pc-potholeyou create basic lb, it boots18:54
pc-potholenow what?18:54
pc-potholeyou update stuff right?18:54
pc-potholebut, there happens to be a bug with configuration on create, not on update18:54
pc-potholewe will never hit that bug18:54
bloganyah i was just thinking of this18:54
bloganyou're rgiht18:54
rm_workyes, you are not wrong18:54
pc-potholemessy fun18:54
bloganbut since we are in the situation we are, is that edge case worth having these long running tests18:55
rm_workI think the real solution is still moving a bunch of them to a 3rd-party CI18:55
pc-potholesuper bad bug that we never catch18:55
rm_workin the long run18:55
rm_workwe just need a bit of time to get that moving18:55
bloganwell if we never catch it, that means a user never catches us, thus it doesnt exist :)18:56
rm_workas long as they're *working* for now...18:56
rm_workwe shouldn't need to change anything yet18:56
bloganwell the load balancer one takes 1:45 right now18:56
bloganthat is pretty long18:56
bloganbut at this point i dont care too much about it, just sucks we had to skip tests in the pool18:57
pc-potholeso all tests run in the gate right?18:57
pc-potholewe cant just decide on a subset, or a MVP for tests and those run in gate?18:58
bloganwe do have that for tests that neutron run for us18:58
bloganour co-gate with neutron18:58
bloganis the name of the job18:58
pc-potholei see18:58
pc-potholewell damn18:59
pc-potholeeven our minimal is maximal18:59
bloganand johnsom got that to run under an hour18:59
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*** barclaac|2 has joined #openstack-lbaas18:59
johnsomRight at an hour18:59
johnsomIt basically calls the create tests on each of the high level parts.19:00
pc-potholei suppose in a way this is a good problem. We know we have lots of coverage, and if we have to audit it, it will give us a better understanding of our tests and where we can improve.19:01
bloganand if we just run a few of our tests in our gate, then the other tests probably wont ever run, unless we do an honor system, which is a terrible idea19:01
pc-potholemessy fun it is19:01
bloganits a hard problem to solve19:01
bloganand i aint got the smarts to solve it19:01
bloganim just a lowly country boy19:02
pc-potholemy brain has the dumbs19:02
blogani think your brains has thumbs19:02
bloganjohnsom: opinions on using the noop drivers so we can re-enable the pool tests?19:03
bloganpretty sure the noop drivers would need some work as well19:03
bloganhavent tested htem in a long time19:03
xgermanyeah, I am with pc-pothole more tests take time and infra should create a way for us to run them (e,g, nightly)19:03
bloganthere are periodic tests19:03
bloganwe dont haev them,b ut i see that zuul runs them19:04
bloganxgerman: opinion on noop driver?19:04
xgermanwell, if we do periodic tests we can chainsaw all our tests19:04
blogannot all of them19:05
xgermanno, not all of them19:05
xgermanbut a substantial amount19:05
bloganits good to know when code pushed up breaks shit and stops it from being merged19:05
bloganyeah we just have some of the most common cases enabled for the check and gate19:06
xgermanyeah, so my preference is to just sue bigger boxes + wait longer for merge19:06
xgermansince both options have been taken from us we are grasping for straws19:07
xgermannow, we could set up a 4rd party CI with VT-X and run the test suite19:07
xgermanand have some very basic tests on the gate19:08
xgermannow, should those tests use the no-op driver or just be pep8 and uni tests and the rest happens on our 3rd party CI?19:09
bloganif we had CI that tests all the edge cases I'd feel a lot better about the noop drivers19:10
blogannoop drivers in a very basic set of tests19:10
johnsomblogan yeah, 99.999% sure the noop drivers needs some work19:13
xgermanok, or we live with what we have and once container work we switch to that19:14
bloganim fine with that option19:14
bloganim pretty sure im giong to start writing a magnum compute driver soon bc it'll bother me19:14
bloganthough im sure there will be a ton of bricks falling on my head before i get it to work19:15
johnsomYeah, I hope to have a loop at the container patch today or tomorrow19:15
xgermannice — I think I need to start playing with magnum more, too19:15
bloganwell its really just a non-hotpluggable flow and network driver19:15
bloganbut it does solve the containers issue of not being hot pluggable19:16
johnsomLet me noodle a bit on the test landscape.  I think we need to break up the layers a bit and have each focus on testing what is needed in the layers.  We still have other drivers, etc.19:16
johnsomI worry about neutron making a chance the breaks our hot-plug magic and we don't know about it until after the fact....19:18
bloganjohnsom: you mean if we switch to containers that can't hot plug the hot plug code won't be tested?19:18
johnsomSame thing with nova and config drive, etc19:18
johnsomYes.  I still assume that the hot plug issue with containers will be fixed at some point19:19
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bloganjohnsom: yeah i worry about all the drivers we are giong to have that we can't possibly test all the combination, but hot plug vs non hot pluggable is big enough to warrant 2 jobs in my mind19:20
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rm_workI feel like we need 3rd-party CI that tests EACH driver, really19:23
rm_workand honestly it seems there's a 1:1 mapping happening between compute and network drivers19:24
johnsomThat is kind of the right answer19:24
rm_workfor noop compute you really need noop network19:24
rm_workand same for container-compute19:24
rm_workand same for vm-compute19:24
rm_workwe may have over-decomposed19:24
blogannetwork driver can be made comptue agnostic for the most part19:25
rm_workwell, the different compute systems need different network handling <_<19:25
bloganit needs to handle both hot pluggable and not hot pluggable19:25
rm_workah, i guess maybe it could be split out in that way19:25
rm_workhot-pluggable, cold-pluggable, no-plugging19:25
bloganah cold-pluggable, is that a real term or did you just come up with it?19:26
rm_workit's the opposite of hot <_<19:26
bloganlol thanks19:26
rm_workit's a real term *now* if that's what you want to know :P19:26
bloganso difference between cold-pluggable and no-plugging?19:26
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bloganyeah ive wanted an alternative to non-hot-pluggable19:27
rm_workblogan: no-plugging == noop network19:27
rm_workwhich we need for example with noop-compute19:27
bloganbut cold-pluggable implies its pluggable in some form19:27
rm_workor probably if we used a compute system where the neworking was just auto-handled internally19:27
rm_worki suppose so19:27
bloganthat woudl be nice, but we can't just assume that19:27
rm_workso what you're saying is, it's probably still 1:119:28
rm_worksince we can't assume anything19:28
rm_workor MAYBE something like ... n-1:n19:28
rm_workwhere we manage to reuse like one driver, once19:28
bloganthere is some tight coupling right now19:29
bloganeven without the non hot pluggable vs hot pluggable19:29
bloganbut i cant remember19:29
blogani put a note in the driver though19:29
bloganin the code19:29
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