Saturday, 2015-10-24

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/octavia: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritCarlos Garza proposed openstack/octavia: Implementing EventStreamer
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rm_workblogan: you there?02:28
rm_workffff us texans are f'ed02:29
rm_workflooding due to hurricane02:29
rm_workwrecking a ton of flights tomorrow02:29
sbalukoffOh geez! that sucks!02:40
rm_workwoking through options with airline rep now <_<02:41
sbalukoffGood luck!02:41
rm_worki think blogan's flight may be affected too but not sure02:41
sbalukoffjohnsom: What are the login credentials for that virtual machine?03:07
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rm_workit was ubuntu:ubuntu04:19
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rm_workjohnsom: so it resumes, but there's no nova instances -- did you mean to set up the two lb backend nodes like were setup before?04:46
rm_workoh nm i see them04:46
rm_workthey're on admin now, instead of demo04:46
rm_worknot sure if that's what you meant to do04:46
rm_workcool, well, did the whole demo as "admin" instead of the actual demo user04:51
rm_workbut it works04:52
rm_workso that's cool :P04:52
rm_worknot sure if we want to try to fix that04:52
rm_workjohnsom: is the address in the "simulate a failover section actually right?
rm_workI feel like that's ... not related anymore04:58
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sbalukoffrm_work: Hmmm... the failover didn't work for me.05:43
sbalukoffI'm not sure what I'm doing wrong there...05:43
sbalukoffAnd yes, I ran the whole demo as the admin user as well.05:44
sbalukoffAlso, is it a known thing that a devstack doesn't survive a reboot? (ie. I'm guessing you're supposed to restack after every restart of the machine?)05:45
sbalukoffI've noticed I have to do this every time on other devstacks I've used... I'm just wondering whether I'm doing something wrong. :/05:45
sbalukoffIn any case, it's nice to have this saved VMware image--  it comes back to a "restored" state pretty quickly, and you've got everything already running, ready to do the demo.05:46
sbalukoffOther than the failover which didn't work for me... I'm feeling pretty confident about our lab. Good work there, johnsom, eh!05:46
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sbalukoffAlso learned today: Do not attempt to run 12+ GB of virtual machines on a laptop with 16GB ram while also running a browser with 50 tabs open. And stuff.05:48
openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Adds a Barbican option to local.conf
johnsomSorry, took a break.  I didn't realize xgerman did demo account. I did everything as admin like I usually do.06:08
johnsom172.24.4.1:5555 is the "hack" work around for the controller IP.  It isn't the right answer, but works for now06:08
johnsomReboots always break devstack for me.  I always have to restack.  So, no answers there06:09
johnsomSurprised failover doesn't work.  Did you make sure to set the controller IP setting and restart cw and hm?06:10
johnsomCome to think about it. might not be the right answer with this image...06:13
johnsomWill have to look at that tomorrow06:14
johnsomThe static IP may have changed that.06:14
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sbalukoffAah-- I only restarted cw, not hm.06:39
sbalukoffThat would probably be why it didn't work for me.06:39
sbalukoffSo, I think the instructions only say to restart cw. Should probably add hm in there as well.06:39
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rm_worksbalukoff / sbalukoff1 / johnsom: yeah not sure if that address is right since the image IPs all changed, there's no 172.* on that box at all16:02
rm_workalso, on a reboot you should be able to just use rejoin-stack.sh16:03
rm_worknot actually restack16:03
rm_workit just starts everything again quickly16:03
rm_workhas "worked" for me16:03
rm_workyou have to manually start any nova VMs tho16:03
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johnsomI never get rejoin to actually work.  But maybe that is fixed now.  The processes are going but the bridge interfaces are scrambled17:19
johnsomThe address should be the gateway on the public net I think17:20
johnsomI will give it a go later and find out17:20
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rm_workjohnsom_: if you used HOST_IP= nothing gets scrambled because the addresses can't change :P18:44
rm_workjohnsom_: that is the primary benefit of doing it that way, I believe18:44
rm_workthe bridge interfaces for nova and neutron SHOULDN'T break, but it's possible I guess (might explain some of the wonky stuff we were seeing on German's image actually)18:45
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johnsom_It's the neutron interfaces that broke for me.  It's not that the host IP changes, it's static, it's that the interfaces don't all get put into the files for startup18:53
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johnsomrm_work The public net is still so should still be correct19:02
johnsomIt is on br-ex19:03
rm_workhmm k19:03
rm_worki don't see it19:04
johnsomneutron net-list19:04
rm_worki did:19:04
johnsomWhat is your public lan19:04
rm_workifconfig | grep 17219:04
rm_workand nothing19:04
rm_workdoes it not show up as a bound interface?19:04
johnsomI have it on mine19:05
johnsomsudo ifconfig br-ex gives me the address19:05
johnsomIf you rebooted you may have lost that interface19:06
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rm_worki did not...19:16
rm_workoh, no nevermind, it's showing up now wtf19:17
rm_workk, well19:17
rm_workmaybe i was just hallucinating last night19:17
rm_workor typo'd somethinf19:17
rm_workjohnsom: oh you will need to have them do19:18
johnsomOr forgot the sudo19:18
rm_worksudo chmod go+rw `tty`19:18
rm_worknah the interfaces don't change whether you sudo or not19:18
johnsomYeah, xgerman put the "script /dev/null" trick in the slides19:18
rm_workjust have to run it from /sbin/ifconfig explicitly19:18
rm_workthat is... less optimal19:18
johnsomYeah, but if you don't sudo ifconfig gives an error so the grep will come up empty19:18
rm_workthan just fixing the tty perms19:18
rm_workjohnsom: it ... doesn't?19:19
rm_workifconfig runs fine as any user19:19
rm_workit's just a debianism that it's in sbin19:19
johnsomIt's not in the path for stack user I think19:19
rm_workno actual permissions issue19:19
rm_workyou just have to run it from /sbin explicitly19:19
johnsomI usually use the chmod trick, this was the first I had heard of the script trick19:19
rm_workyeah the script trick has weird side effects tho19:19
johnsomSo, failover works.  If you don't nova delete the instance.19:20
johnsomIt looks like the failover flow reverts if the instance was deleted.  It tries to delete it and fails19:20
rm_workabout to test it19:20
rm_workjust restarted o-cw and o-hm19:20
johnsomThe steps are: update octavia.conf with controller IP/port, restart cm and hm, create a new load balancer19:21
rm_workdoing that19:21
johnsomThen stop the haproxy on the amp, wait 10 or 30 seconds, whatever is in the conf19:21
johnsomI just opened for that instance delete issue19:22
openstackLaunchpad bug 1509706 in octavia "Failover fails when instance is deleted" [Critical,New]19:22
xgermanin airport19:23
rm_workxgerman: >_>19:24
rm_workxgerman: at home waiting for rescheduled flight tomorrow at 6am >_>19:24
xgermancharging all my devices again...19:25
johnsomso, since we can't just delete the instance, we should stop the amphora-agent19:25
johnsomSince haproxy isn't running until a listener is configured19:26
rm_workhow long does it take to fail over19:26
johnsomThen you can stop the haproxy instance19:26
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rm_workok there it went19:26
rm_workit took a sec19:26
johnsomYeah, the default config as a long interval19:27
rm_workbut it worked19:27
rm_workcool k19:27
rm_workthis is using the UDP heartbeat stuff? :P19:27
rm_worknice to see it actually *working*19:27
rm_workok, i'll start imaging this tonight19:27
rm_workor maybe right now19:27
johnsomCool!  Thanks Adam!19:28
rm_workso many drives to do, and they are soooo slow >_>19:28
xgermannow you have more time...19:28
rm_worki still haven't looked at the troubleshooting section, hopefully someone has filled in something T_T19:28
xgermanI did19:28
rm_workwell, i WAS planning to do it on the plane :P19:28
xgermanwe are good19:28
rm_workkk cool19:28
rm_workhonestly I feel like it'd be more useful just to have a couple of us wandering around19:29
johnsomxgerman fyi, I updated the slide to include restarting the o-hm19:29
rm_workhelping people do the commands to unpack everything, get stuff up and running, etc19:29
rm_workso the speaker can just keep doing the speaker thing and not be interrupted19:29
johnsomYeah, I think we will have as many of us as people19:29
xgermanjohnsom thanks — worked for me without but who knows...19:29
rm_workheh yeah19:30
rm_workseems that way19:30
johnsomthe o-hm might only be needed to failover the failover instance19:32
johnsomOk, I am going to stop monkeying with the image, it seems to be in good shape.19:33
johnsomI wrote some slick scripts for the demo last night, so I need to make the recordings19:34
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rm_workheh k19:59
rm_workimaging the first set19:59
rm_workthen will test one of them19:59
rm_worklooks like ~60m each to write19:59
rm_workdoing 8 at a time <_<19:59
rm_worki love tmux pane-sync20:00
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johnsomOk, I have my demo videos and I have cut the presentation to clean up on the plane21:02
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johnsomInteresting, NTT has a talk where they say they need UDP in LBaaS22:19
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