Monday, 2016-01-25

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idonotknow_Hi,everyone, I am new to lbaas. I have achived using it yesterday. But today,when I curl my vip, it shows that no route to host. Everytime it will fail after a certain time. Anyone know why?please healp me.04:08
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a2hillOkie, that patch finally merged, let the rechecks flow!16:19
openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Encode certificate data for processing
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a2hillDo all updates to n-lbaas api need to go in extensions?16:28
a2hillNot just features, but bug fixes/updates too?16:28
xgermanbug fixes don't16:29
xgermancan you also submit cert changes to stable/liberty for back porting...16:29
openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed openstack/octavia: Amphora create will add a 'fake' heartbeat on creation
xgermanwell, I am hoping to use the stable/liberty ssl cert stuff in an upcoming HP product so would like them all backported16:31
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rm_workI think for neutron-lbaas everything should mostly already work, might need a version of the patch a2hill just submitted... but backporting the patch of mine that just merged might be a bit tricky16:33
rm_worksince it touches so many things16:34
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xgermanyeah, I was more thinking of a2hill’s patch — that seemed straight forward ;-)16:39
xgermanalso I stumbled this weekend on — looks really promising for a light weight amphora OS16:46
xgermannow if I had a lot of free time...16:46 -- look really promising too16:49
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TrevorVI actually worked on that a little last week16:57
TrevorVTrying to get pycharm/tox to run on windows16:57
TrevorVIt failed miserably16:57
TrevorVBut I tried it :P16:57
blogani bet it can work16:58
blogantoo much time to get it to work though, as it would just be wasteful16:58
xgermanblogan — not sure with VT-X disabled having a light weight OS might be something which let us run more tests17:00
xgermanbut Windows is a waste of time; rm -rf17:00
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bloganxgerman: we should go with
blogandear leader will allow us to run all tests18:10
xgermanindeed and it’s similar enough to windows to please TrevorV18:11
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Remove unused compute clients
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
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TrevorVxgerman its not so much that I need windows to be pleased, its more so that I'd love to be able to say "Hey, Openstack peeps.  Octavia works 100% on Ubuntu, Mac, AND windows!!!"19:03
TrevorVThat would be insane19:03
rm_workyeah I was never able to get anything building right on windows (I actually tried briefly too)19:04
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openstackgerritAishwarya Thangappa proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Adding "region and endpoint_type" parameters to
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sbalukoffa2hill: Sweet!19:13
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sbalukoffa2hill: Thanks again for finding that bug in my shared pools patch. I think I have fixed it, and if you have time again, I would appreciate it if you can verify that. :)19:16
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TrevorVsbalukoff you'll have my eyes on those reviews shortly as well.19:17
TrevorVI've been touching-up and testing my 2 bug-fixes lately, so it'll be more testing but finally of someone else's stuff :P19:18
sbalukoffYay! cool!19:20
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TrevorVsbalukoff is shared pools the "bottom of the stack" so to speak, in reviews?19:36
TrevorVThis new gerrit layout isn't simple for me to consume :(19:36
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sbalukoffTrevorV: Yes.19:47
dougwiga2hill: if it changes the end user API, it technically needs an extension. i'm sure we can exercise some judgment on that, but in general, even a breaking bug fix will break the client.19:47
sbalukoffTrevorV: If you're going to run it in devstack, I recommend doing the Octavia shared pools patch, the Neutron-LBaaS independent pools patch, and the python-neutronclient independent pools patch on the same devstack.19:48
sbalukoffDougwig: And if your changes are 100% backward compatible?19:49
dougwigsbalukoff: no need for an extension.  :)19:49
sbalukoffAaw! I already went to the trouble of making the neutron-lbaas patch an extension. :P19:50
sbalukoffWhatever. It still works.19:50
TrevorVsbalukoff I'm planning on consuming the reviews at a high level, and then attacking the deployment testing (via devstack) later19:50
sbalukoffTrevorV: sounds good!19:50
TrevorVBut definitely thanks for the heads up :D19:50
sbalukoffTechnically the Octavia patch should be backward compatible with the octavia driver in the current / master neutron-lbaas tree.19:51
sbalukoffSo it *could* be tested independently. But... then you kind of miss the point of the added feature of being able to do shared pools anyway. XD19:52
sbalukoffAnyway, gonna go grab lunch. Thanks in advance for the review!19:52
openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Migrate some stuff to neutron-lib
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TrevorVDid I do that wrong?20:00
TrevorVDon't you just post a comment with "recheck" and it should rerun tests, right?20:01
TrevorVI mean rerun the gate jobs right?20:01
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blogansbalukoff: but you do change teh API so someone who wants to know whether or not the shared pools exist will not know if thart API allows it without an extension20:25
blogansame with L720:25
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rm_workTrevorV: yeah it will, but it doesn't mark anything on the CR, did it not show up as running the gate check in zuul?20:28
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TrevorVI didn't look... cuz I'm a doofus20:41
TrevorVrm_work I had to employ brandon's help.20:50
TrevorVHe's digging as we speak20:50
blogansome reviews in octavia got merged with failing scenario tests20:54
rm_workare you sure the scenario tests were failing at the time they merged?20:54
rm_workor did n-lbaas changes break them20:54
bloganthey failed the check20:54
bloganafter being rechecked20:54
blogannvm they weren't rechecked20:55
bloganthese don't make sense as the culprits though20:55
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bloganthef could be that the session persistence test needs to be stabilized and just has false negatives20:57
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TrevorVsbalukoff you around?20:59
sbalukoffTrevorV: I am back now.21:01
TrevorVI'm consuming the octaviaapi.rst right now21:01
sbalukoffIt's delicious, isn't it?21:01
TrevorVYou have marked pretty much every pool related request as "deprecated" when concerning listeners included in the endpoint, except "List Pools"21:02
TrevorVIs that on purpose?21:02
TrevorVWhy would you want to list pools on a listener, but not be able to operate on those specifically?21:02
sbalukoffYou can operate on those.21:02
TrevorVBut they're deprecated21:03
sbalukoffI have a sneaking suspicion we're about to get into the "pools are children of loadbalancers, not listeners" discussion that we re-hashed last Friday again...21:03
TrevorVI don't think I was paying attention to that... So its ENTIRELY possible... :(21:04
sbalukoffI don't understand what you mean when you say, "but not be able to operate on those specifically"21:04
sbalukoffBecause there is a URL in there to operate on pools.21:04
TrevorVWhen you allow a specific endpoint... as such:21:04
blogani think Trevor is asking why you are deprecating most of those old endpionts but not the one to list the pools off a listener21:05
TrevorVThat's correct21:05
TrevorVI don't care about deprecation as long as they ALL are deprecated21:05
sbalukoffBecause it is sometimes useful to know which pools, specifically a listener is using.21:05
sbalukoffWhat I mean is:21:05
sbalukoffWhat gets returned is going to be context-specific.21:05
TrevorVCouldn't you do that more cleanly with a query parameter?21:06
sbalukoffSo if you ask for:   get /v2/loadbalancers/UUID/listeners/UUID/pools...  you get a list of all the pools that listener is *currently* using.  If you do get /v2/loadbalancers/UUID/pools...  you get a list of all the pools on that loadbalancer.21:06
sbalukoffProbably, yes-- but we want to support backward-compatible URLs.21:07
TrevorVExcept when you're deprecating the other ones?21:07
sbalukoffAnd don't people here feel squeamish about query parameters in RESTful interfaces?21:07
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blogansbalukoff: on GETs, no21:08
TrevorVIts defined in the RESTful specs, why be bothered by it?21:08
sbalukoffblogan:  Oh! Ok.21:08
sbalukoffWell, I can add that, then, and deprecate the /v2/loadbalancers/UUID/listeners/UUID/pools URL if you want.21:08
TrevorVThat's 100% more consistent to me and would make me happy21:08
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TrevorVOf course, if people disagree then I'll be the odd man out and life will go on :P21:08
sbalukoffSorry, I guess I was anticipating push-back after the discussion of a query parameter on a DELETE method url...21:09
blogani feel squeamish about adding a query parameter that intends to delete a resource, but is not executed by the DELETE http method21:09
sbalukoffTrevorV: It's good feedback, and I agree that it's more consistent.21:09
sbalukoffTrevorV: I'm OK with changing the behavior there as you describe.21:09
TrevorVYeah I did catch some of that conversation previously.  GET's having query parameters are 100% necessary... consider Paging.  Right?  limit=100&marker=10 etc etc21:10
bloganhow much do we have to be backwards compatible with the octavia API, its not meant to be a user facing API21:10
bloganright now its not i mean21:10
sbalukoffblogan: If I can get rid of all the deprecated URLs immediately, I would.21:10
sbalukoffblogan: But I thought I'd get a lot of push-back about that?21:10
blogansbalukoff: i know, johnsom had issue with it, and the only reason i'd like to keep them is to preserve my still correct thinking that pools are children of listeners :)21:11
sbalukoffjohnsom: Are you around? Is it you who wanted backward compatible URLs in the Octavia API?21:11
sbalukoffblogan: Are you *asking* for me to destroy you? ;)21:11
rm_worksbalukoff: he's not wrong though :P21:12
bloganno it was johnsom, and i understand why, but i really don't have a problem with  breaking octavia's backwards compatibility because its not meant to be a user facing API right now21:12
sbalukoffblogan: I'm happy leaving it for now. We can always remove it later when y'all see the light. ;)21:12
bloganthe light is being snuffed out by the endless darkness that is your soul21:12
sbalukoffAnd this patch is already rocking the boat enough--  if johnsom and HP want backward-compatible URLs, I'm OK giving them that. :)21:13
sbalukoffblogan: Wow! Can I quote you on that?21:13
blogansbalukoff: certainly!21:13
johnsomI'm out sick today, doing my expense report.21:14
sbalukoffjohnsom: Oh, sorry to ping you then! I think I've gotten my answer for now. You can go back to sleep, eh. :)21:15
johnsomI think I asked to mark them deprecated since we have released with the old paths21:15
sbalukoffjohnsom: Yep, that's what I remember too.21:15
bloganjohnsom: but you'd be okay with breakign backwards compatibility adn remove them after a deprecation period?21:16
johnsomYes, absolutely21:16
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bloganjohnsom: ah okay, sounds good to me then21:17
johnsomI know we have postman bundles for the current API.21:17
blogani've got advanced rest client projects!21:17
johnsomIf it is really a nightmare to give them a cycle deprecated we can talk more about it21:17
bloganbut i dont mind changing them21:17
bloganno its not21:18
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blogani was just afraid of having them being in a state of deprecation like the % string operator in python, it never gets removed21:18
johnsomNo, no, I'm thinking like one cycle.  It lets us be async with the lbaas driver too21:19
TrevorVsbalukoff should I add that as a comment on the review?21:21
sbalukoffTrevorV: Sure!21:21
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TrevorVsbalukoff I -1'd for it :P21:23
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Fix typo in migration README.rst
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