Monday, 2016-02-01

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Add an explicit BRANCH_NAME to
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anantaHi, I am trying to bring up a devstack based lbaasv2 service with haproxy as backend11:53
anantabut I am getting "Driver not found" error11:54
anantaMy localrc is
anantaDo I need to bring some other service in order to use haproxy as backend?11:54
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Let drivers decide to use region or not
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bloganxgerman: ping16:12
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bloganxgerman: in that one review where I moved region from being passed into the driver, you said we should make a change to the interface too.  what did you mean by that?16:25
xgermanthere is another patch pending16:26
xgermanI need to fix along the same lines16:27
bloganoh yeah that one16:27
bloganohh you mean interface, like keystone interfaec16:27
bloganthought you were talking about the abstract base classes16:27
bloganxgerman: remember when i mentioned one day needing to a config option to change the endpoint url?16:28
bloganxgerman: welp turns out we need this, because the catalog that our keystone/identity service returns already has the /v2.0 on the neutron endpoint, which teh client does not expect16:28
xgermanour catalog is hit and miss, too16:29
bloganso using the neutron client will produce /v2.0/v2.0/networks.json16:29
blogantrying ot hit that16:29
xgermanbut it should be happy once we specify endpoint_type/interface16:29
bloganwell i was expecting ours too as well, but with that one caveat16:29
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xgermanthere should be some oslo service config to deal with that - no kidding16:30
xgermanthis looks like a cross cutting concern if I have ever seen one16:31
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bloganwell i was hoping i could just check if there was a double /v2.0 and strip it if there was, but the client code doesn't really cache it so it goes and retrieves it every time16:31
bloganxgerman: this is actually failing our defcore tests too, so its a problem, and removing the /v2.0 off the endpoint in the catalog will cause backwards compatibility problems with all those users that have written their own clients and such16:32
bloganso that /v2.0 causes big problems :(16:32
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Adds a parameter to specify endpoint type
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xgermanblogan should we make that os_interface/os_networks pluggable?17:38
xgermanor configurable?17:38
xgermanwonder if there is a way to check which extensions are there...17:38
xgermanok, found it17:45
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madhu_akcan someone +2/+A for this patch: ? Thanks a lot!18:06
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xgermanblogan/TrevorV ?18:19
openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Replace depcricated Nova networks with Nova interfaces
xgermanneed to fix those typos18:25
bloganxgerman: actually the endpoint we have is os-virtual-interfacesv2, bc we like it more difficult18:28
bloganwhich is why we just stuck with retreiving the networking information from nova, the os-networks extension, bc every cloud seemed to support that18:32
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xgermanexcept ours18:35
xgermanhad a very interesting talk with our nova team (and you see the result in the patch/e-mail)18:36
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bloganxgerman: so since we're the odd ones, as usual, obvioulsy going with the os-interfaces is the rgiht way to go, but keeping the old way as a fallback mode would help out a lot :)18:39
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xgermanwell, it’s more the new way as fallback but he...18:42
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bloganxgerman: no, you'd try the os-interfaces first, and if that failed then go the old way18:49
xgermanok, I can do that18:50
bloganos-interfaces should be the first attempt since it is the correct way18:50
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bloganand put a TODO to remove the old way at some point, and mention that rackspace needs this temporarily so notify us when its time to change18:51
blogani've blasted out emails trying to see if we'll go to the new way at some point, no responses eyt18:51
xgermanI did the same with supporting the old way and well, they said, “No"18:52
bloganxgerman: ha well i'd expect that answer if yall support the correct way18:53
bloganits us who needs to catch up to it18:53
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Replace depcrecated Nova networks with Nova interfaces
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Set config values and fix casual failing of nc service in scenario tests
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sbalukoffHowdy, folks!20:42
sbalukoffAny chance we can get a couple +2's (or +2 +A's) going on for these pretty short optimization patches?20:47
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johnsomsbalukoff I have been playing with the DNS 273990 patch a bit today20:48
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johnsomI'm still ending up with a resolv.conf20:48
sbalukoffjohnsom: Does the resolv.conf contain nameserver info?20:48
sbalukoff(Because it doesn't in my devstack...)20:48
johnsomI am pretty puzzled20:49
sbalukoffWhat's in /etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d directory?20:50
johnsomdebug  noresolvconf20:51
johnsomAs you can imagine I have looked at the obvious20:51
sbalukoffOk, that makes no sense!20:51
sbalukoffI'll try reproducing the problem in a fresh devstack today.20:51
johnsomStrange thing too, it has the header:20:51
johnsomgenerated by resolvconf(8)20:51
johnsomBut that package isn't even installed20:51
sbalukoffI thought it was something called by dhclient.20:52
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johnsomI think something is copying it off the image build host20:53
johnsomIt just doesn't get much later in the image build process than finalise.d/9920:54
sbalukoffAnd again, this has been working fine in my tests of it locally.20:56
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sbalukoffI'm confused as to what's different between our environments.20:57
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TrevorVxgerman sorry was at lunch earlier, I assume brandon answered all your questions?20:59
xgermanI was fishing for +2s… but I think we are good21:00
TrevorVxgerman I have no such power :)21:01
xgermanso it’s all ptoohill21:02
TrevorVYou're correct :D21:02
xgermansorry, I always confuse you two when it comes to +221:02
TrevorVYep, its ptoohill21:02
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rm_worksbalukoff: in there is no problem with the linebreak midquote I guess?21:08
sbalukoffrm_work: Nope.21:08
rm_workIt just looks super odd but I guess that's fine21:09
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sbalukoffjohnsom: In the /etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/noresolvconf file:  Does that look like it's supposed to on your install?21:10
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johnsommake_resolv_conf() { : ; }21:11
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johnsomSo, yes, I think so21:11
rm_worksbalukoff: i guess this is less to do with your patch since it already existed before, but21:12
rm_workecho -e "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\nContent-Length: ${OUTPUT_LEN}\r\n\r\n${OUTPUT_STR}" | sudo nc -l -p 8021:12
rm_workthis doesn't work on OSX or Ubuntu21:12
rm_worknc doesn't seem to like those options21:12
rm_workdo we use a special version of netcat?21:12
johnsomrm_work That is my patch21:12
sbalukoffOn OSX or Ubuntu?21:12
rm_workoh yeah sorry this is johnsom i guess21:13
sbalukoffNo worries.21:13
rm_workyou just linked them all :P21:13
johnsomThere are fork issues with nc21:13
rm_workjohnsom: yeah trying to test this since it's super simple and i can't get it to run on Ubuntu or OSX21:13
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rm_workwhich is a bit disturbing because AFAIK this needs to run on default ubuntu21:14
johnsomStrange that it doesn't run on ubuntu21:14
johnsomWhat is the error (other than port in use...21:14
rm_workit just prints out the usage data for nc21:14
johnsomWe typically run this in the cirros image21:14
rm_workdon't see an error message21:15
*** doug-fi__ has quit IRC21:15
johnsomSomething else is going on as I works on my 14.04 ubuntu box21:15
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rm_workhmmm k21:16
rm_workah crap this is 12.04 sec21:16
rm_workok guess 14.04 works21:17
rm_work+2/+A on two of those21:18
rm_work+2 on the other21:18
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* mhayden is having one of those "OMG octavia is running" moments21:25
johnsomCongratulations mhayden21:26
*** doug-fis_ has joined #openstack-lbaas21:27
*** doug-fish has quit IRC21:28
mhaydenso i'm getting "No providers specified for 'LOADBALANCERV2' service, exiting", but neutron.conf has a service_provider listed21:31
*** doug-fis_ has quit IRC21:32
mhaydenthis is a snippet from my neutron.conf -- am i missing something here?
mhaydenoh wait, that's v121:32
mhaydennevermind :|21:32
* mhayden hides in the corner21:33
*** doug-fish has joined #openstack-lbaas21:33
johnsomsbalukoff I added echo "" > /etc/resolv.conf.ORIG21:34
johnsom and it works now.  I think some older versions of DIB do something stupid with resolv.conf21:34
johnsomThey copy in a resolv.conf from the host during the build21:34
sbalukoffjohnsom: aah! Ok, I'll get that added to the finalise.d/99 script.21:35
sbalukoffthanks for finding that.21:35
johnsomTechnically it's a bug in DIB, but you know....21:35
bloganmhayden: haha21:35
sbalukoffjohnsom: Well, this is kind of a hack anyway. XD21:35
johnsomTrue enough21:36
openstackgerritStephen Balukoff proposed openstack/octavia: Optimizations for tempest tests
mhaydenblogan: well, everything is up now and it's not spewing errors! :)21:42
bloganmhayden: thats a good sign21:42
johnsomThen it must not be working....  JK21:43
bloganmhayden: may the rest of your journey be error free21:43
bloganmhayden: if you use the noop driver it'll work flawlessly21:43
johnsom(we have a few log message bugs)21:43
* mhayden isn't that lucky21:43
bloganexcept for the load balancing feature21:43
mhaydeni've heard the noop driver hauls ass21:43
elarson!m mhayden21:43
openstackelarson: Error: "m" is not a valid command.21:44
mhaydenblogan: i'll set up some networks and kick the tires here21:44
*** rcernin has quit IRC21:44
bloganmhayden: don't kick 'em too hard21:45
*** TrevorV has quit IRC21:47
* mhayden has keystone probs :(21:47
mhaydenblogan: do you have a working copy of neutron_lbaas configs? i think i'm missing a keystone configuration for neutron_lbaas21:50
mhaydenit's looking for keystone on localhost21:50
bloganmhayden: if i do it'd also be looking on localhost too21:53
bloganmhayden: oh might have one in our lab setup21:53
mhaydeni think i'm missing the [service_auth] config section21:53
mhaydenor perhaps missing a configuration in it21:54
fnavalsbalukoff: Hi Stephen - is there anything else that needs to be done with ?  Sorry for the pestering, btw.21:56
fnavalthanks in advance!21:56
sbalukoffI'll have a look; Things have gotten surprisingly crazy in the office for me today as we have a bazillion out of town team members here for the annual party at the end of this week.21:57
fnavalsbalukoff: kk no worries - (though, that's my ticket to the next summit)21:57
sbalukoffReally? Dude, find a typo somewhere! XD21:58
sbalukoffSeriously, though, I'll have a look.21:58
mhaydenblogan: i found the tox genconfig stuff -- i think isee what i'm missing here22:00
fnaval=) thanks sbalukoff22:08
*** thomasem-away is now known as thomasem22:09
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bloganmhayden: sorry iw ent to looking for it and then SQUIRREL! sidetracked22:13
openstackgerritAishwarya Thangappa proposed openstack/octavia: Adding "region and endpoint_type" parameters to
mhaydenblogan: now realized i forgot to run db migrations :|22:14
*** thomasem is now known as thomasem-away22:15
bloganmhayden: happens all the time22:15
sbalukoffDammit, is our gate broken again?22:16
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openstackgerritAishwarya Thangappa proposed openstack/octavia: Adding "region and endpoint_type" parameters to
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mhaydenblogan: if i try to migrate the db, i get -> Can't locate revision identified by 'c3a73f615e4'22:34
mhaydenshould i use something other than "upgrade head" ?22:34
rm_workis head/HEAD case-sensitive? :P I ran into that once I think22:39
rm_workno idea what you're doing right now though, so22:39
mhaydeni'm running this from an installed venv -- not in a git repo22:39
rm_workyeah i mean for the db commands I remember some stuff being case sensitive, but I feel like if that were the issue it wouldn't even have a revision number to spit back at you22:40
mhaydenhere's what i'm getting ->
mhaydenwell, the same output comes back from upgrade head22:41
rm_workIIRC you might also have to be in the directory with the migration files?22:42
rm_workcan't tell your `pwd`22:42
ptoohillmhayden: You running inside ..local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/octavia/db/migration?22:42
ptoohillyea, what rm_work just said above :)22:43
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bloganmhayden: we don't have an octavia-db-manage client yet so we're just using alembic as is for now, so you probably will need to update the alembic.ini file and run alembic from that directory22:44
bloganoctavia-db-manage has been low on our priority list22:44
mhaydenyeah, my pwd isn't in the migrations directory22:46
rm_workok, you need to be there :)22:47
bloganpretty sure alembic takes a config file path too, but i just go to the directory bc i never remember it22:50
mhaydenhwere's what i got ->
mhaydeni changed the sqlalchemy.url to match my database server22:50
mhaydenis there something else i need to change?22:50
bloganmhayden: it is pointing to the octavia db right?22:51
bloganyour connection string?22:51
bloganmhayden: pulling down from master or stable/liberty?22:51
bloganmhayden: its possible our migrations got delinked22:52
bloganmhayden: but unlikely, let me test it otu real quick22:52
mhaydenso if i do a "show tables" in the octavia db, it has 168 rows22:52
mhaydenit seems like something ran22:52
bloganshow tables does?22:52
mhaydenyeah, 168 tables in the octavia db22:52
mhaydenwait wait22:53
bloganthat seems excessive22:53
mhaydenthis looks like neutron tables22:53
bloganthat still seems excessive22:53
mhaydenit seems i might have put the lime in the coconut here22:53
*** bank_ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:54
bloganmhayden: quick testw as able to complete the migrations locally22:54
mhaydenoh, this was my error22:55
openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Adds a parameter to specify endpoint type
mhaydenyeah, i crossed the streams with my neutron config22:57
bloganmhayden: use neutron-db-manage for octavia?22:57
elarsonmhayden: you're on :fire: here.22:58
bloganoh neutron does have that many tables22:59
mhaydenthanks for the tweet :)22:59
mhaydenoverwrote the neutron variables with octavia ones23:01
mhaydenso yes, i guess i did put the lime in the coconut23:01
bloganbetter than putting the coconut in the lime23:01
* mhayden fires up a new OSA build23:02
mhaydenthanks for putting up with me today, folks23:02
*** yuanying has joined #openstack-lbaas23:02
bloganmhayden: you'll be returning the favor in no time23:02
blogangrrr are our jobs broked again23:04
ptoohillxgerman, johnsom, others How stongly do you feel about config-drive? Or, the real question, does anyone care that were not really using config drive now, but instead using personality files.23:05
bloganson of a23:05
johnsomI feel pretty strongly about configdrive23:05
ptoohillAlright, then we have a bug.23:06
johnsomI have the image setup to only look for our files and data in configdrive23:06
johnsomI have disabled ec2, etc. as they just add boot time23:06
ptoohillright now the code is sending what gets translated into personality files23:07
ptoohillso, the files get put where we want them, but were not sending the user-data that config-drive is actually expecting23:07
ptoohillnor building an init script or anything23:07
johnsomUmm, I disagree on that one.  cloud-init is picking up our details via configdrive23:08
ptoohillwere not sending the user-data though23:08
johnsomI'm slightly confused, what data are you looking for?23:10
johnsomIt sets up the user ssh key from the keypair23:10
ptoohillSo, I may be completely misunderstanding things, but config-drive expects user-data, were not sending it, instead we are sending personality files (--file)23:11
johnsomThe files are in addition to the normal stuff23:11
johnsomThose are just files we are telling it to place23:11
ptoohillthat gets translated to --file which are personality files23:12
ptoohilland not considered config-drive from what im reading into23:12
sbalukoffOh, someone should slap a +2,+A on this one as well to get it off the list:
ptoohillreason this comes up is we have issue were our personality limit is at 1k and this fails23:12
johnsomConfigDrive is the method of delivery.  We are asking it to load up some files, in addition to our main config data23:13
ptoohillyea, those are personality files23:13
*** bdrich_ has quit IRC23:13
johnsomIf you disable config drive, you would need to build a new image as it would need to do ec223:13
johnsomYeah, we aren't using "--user-data"23:14
*** piet has joined #openstack-lbaas23:14
johnsomWant to do a quick hangout?  I have an amp booted and we can look at the cloud-init log23:14
*** armax has quit IRC23:15
ptoohillok ok, i understand this now, config drive is for both of them23:15
ptoohillyou have 'files' and 'user-data' user-data will take things like cloud-init scripts where as files are considered personality files23:16
ptoohillEnable and access the configuration drive~23:16
ptoohiller, i think**23:17
johnsomconfig drive just means we are using a r/o drive to pass the data into the instance.  For the amp, cloud-init will search for and mount the volume (/dev/sr0 in our case) and pull the configuration data from there.  It's a bunch of stuff, including the files we are shoving in.23:18
*** crc32 has joined #openstack-lbaas23:18
ptoohillOk, well in our particular case, and where this code maps to it led down to an issue of a personalityfiles limit. I certainly misunderstood this a bit.23:19
johnsomsbalukoff I posted a comment, open to feedback on it.23:20
ptoohillWhich means well need to utilize the user-data, so my initial question was wrong as my understanding of config-drive/cloud-init and personality files were skewed. Thanks for chatting about it23:20
johnsomptoohill You got that error in the cloud-init.log?23:20
ptoohillits in our cloud23:20
johnsomI think there is a limit on the user-data size too23:21
johnsomI seem to remember trying it and failing23:21
johnsomIf you haven't looked around here, this site is helpful:
ptoohillThank you23:23
sbalukoffjohnsom: Sure! Simple fix to a simple fix. I'll get another patchset uploaded momentarily.  (This was only inspired because I saw an extra space in the comment whenever I was running that loop to try to reproduce the scenario test session_persistence intermittent bug that affects jenkins...)23:24
openstackgerritStephen Balukoff proposed openstack/octavia: Fix minor typo in warning message
*** ducttape_ has quit IRC23:28
*** armax has joined #openstack-lbaas23:29
johnsomptoohill FYI, "files – A dict of files to overwrite on the server upon boot. Keys are file names (i.e. /etc/passwd) and values are the file contents (either as a string or as a file-like object). A maximum of five entries is allowed, and each file must be 10k or less."23:34
ptoohillThat releates directly to our really small limit23:34
ptoohilland is where issue for us is happening23:34
johnsomAh, so smaller limits than wider OpenStack has...  It took me a minute to find that as they have moved everything around.23:35
bloganwe're having issues with all the little differences with wider openstack23:36
bloganits been great fun23:36
johnsomI can imagine.  We have had our little bumps too, but at least we are working against liberty23:36
*** ianbrown has joined #openstack-lbaas23:36
bloganour jobs are failing bc keystone is returning 404s it seams23:39
bloganour tempest tests23:39
bloganmight have to do with tempest in tree bs again23:40
sbalukoffHere's another short one that needs a +2,+A (that will make me very happy as I keep running into this bug running tox locally):
sbalukoffblogan: I suspect you're right.23:40
blogani'd hold off on +As until its fixed23:41
sbalukoffEh...  just means that anyone can 'recheck' to do the merge later once the gate is fixed. :)23:41
*** ducttape_ has joined #openstack-lbaas23:41
bloganyeah but not point in stacking the gate if we know its going to fail23:41
johnsomI meant to ask xgerman about that one.  Why wouldn't all the other tests in that file need that?23:42
bloganactaully i can't remember if it fails the check voting jobs will it even be pushed to the gate23:42
johnsomNot that I have had time to look at what that code does...23:42
johnsomWhy don't the other tests also need that?23:43
xgermanthat’s the one which failed for me23:43
xgermanI searched and found like another instance where that might be of use but they are checking something else23:44
*** amotoki has joined #openstack-lbaas23:51
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