Wednesday, 2016-02-10

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ptoohillThe tests? I was about to look into it, dealing with a fire00:09
johnsomno, the bug issue00:09
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johnsomptoohill It sounds like tempest is broken due to oslo_config 3.6.000:11
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johnsomFYI, this is the bug for the gate breakage:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1543841 in cliff "Invocation error: tempest verify-config: error: unrecognized arguments: -uro ../../../../tmp/tmp.FR5OHabb3Y" [Undecided,New]00:20
johnsomAnd proposed patch:00:21
xgermanblogan the NotImplementedError your proposed gets swallowed in _call_driver_operation00:47
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: [WIP] Adds Cascade option for load balancer drivers
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openstackgerritReedip proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Add Timeout on Listeners- DO NOT REVIEW
openstackgerritReedip proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Add Timeout on Listeners
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bloganxgerman: modify that method to catch and reraise03:16
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Allow user-data on amphora creation
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xgermanI figured you would say something like that…04:10
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xgerman somebody ought to test if that works with our stuff05:01
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johnsom_So confused... How did this timeout after 50 seconds when the code is hard coded for 600...
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openstackgerritStephen Balukoff proposed openstack/octavia: WIP: Add L7 jinja template updates
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openstackgerritStephen Balukoff proposed openstack/octavia: Add L7 jinja template updates
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openstackgerritTrevor Vardeman proposed openstack/octavia: Get Me A Load Balancer API
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xgermanblogan more plugin questions:16:27
xgermanneutron.common.exceptions.ExtensionsNotFound: Extensions not found: ['n-lbaasv2-cascade-delete'].16:27
blogandoes your extension have that alias?16:27
xgermanis there some place I need to register that extension16:28
bloganoh whoops, change the extension class name to Cascade_delete16:28
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xgermanI guess that mechanism wa invented by the man “who shall not be named"16:31
bloganxgerman: i'd also suggest renaming the extension module to loadbalancer_cascade_delete because when someone does a neutron ext-list, cascade_delete is not clear what it is for16:40
bloganwhich means you'd have to change the class name to Loadbalancer_cascade_delete16:40
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xgermanyep, understood16:40
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: [WIP] Adds Cascade option for load balancer drivers
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xgermanremade in blogan’s image ;-)16:53
bloganxgerman: if that's true, it'll be a colossal failure16:54
xgermanI will let dougwig decide ;-)16:55
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rm_workit'd be LoadbalancerCascadeDelete if it's a class, right?17:13
rm_workor do neutron-extensions force us to badly name classes17:13
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bloganrm_work: yes, its forced17:29
bloganrm_work: and awful, but its how it is17:29
ptoohillAnd thats why we cant have nice things, that whole it is what it is mantra17:33
ptoohillFix it all, now, blogan17:33
bloganpretty sure i could make the loading logic also look for correct class names17:35
ptoohilldo all the things17:36
bloganbut its a beautiful wart17:36
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ptoohillwarts arent beautiful, i had a withc help me get rid of mine17:36
bloganand thats how you met jenn eh?17:37
blogansick burn son17:37
ptoohillim telling17:37
bloganthats fine, she calls me worse17:37
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Clean up removed hacking rule from [flake8] ignore lists
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fnavalim running into some issues with creating the tests18:07
fnavalapparently, the octavia API does not require the root tag in the body of requests that are made18:08
fnavalthis is inconsistent with how it's done in neutron_lbaas where we explicitly send in the root tag of a request body18:09
fnavalcould we do the same in octavia?18:09
fnavalin fact, I think all of the core openstack services have the root tag in the request and response bodies18:09
ptoohillneutron_lbaas/neutron also doesnt follow some general 'rules'. Its defined somewhere that the URI defines the resource18:09
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fnavali know for compute and glance, the root tag is needed18:10
ptoohillWe can keep going down the wrong road, or start to make it better18:10
ptoohillWe planned on making our two apis more consistent with it leaning towards octavia18:11
fnavalhmm.. this might block testing; i'll see if I can hack around it.  but I'll file a bug then18:12
ptoohillAnd it looks like its even part of the api-wg18:12
ptoohillStill reading, but:
ptoohillIs supposed to be the rules were all supposed to be working towards18:12
ptoohilllinked 'tags' but can back up18:13
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ptoohillthe other page shows something a bit different18:14
ptoohillso i guess we do want tags, which goes against rfc a bit18:14
ptoohillyea, i guess so. Well fnaval there is a task out there somewhere to make apis more aligned. And well end up following the 'rules'18:15
ptoohillThough I disagree with this a bit, it is what it is?18:15
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fnavalhmm.. yeah, it's kind blocking my testing with tempest at the moment18:16
ptoohillwell yea, that probably wont be done for a while18:17
ptoohillwhy are you concerned with neutron-lbaas if youre testing octavia?18:17
xgermanyeah, how can you be blocked?18:17
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ptoohillYou should be testing that api as it is, and well have to update it when we get to that point18:17
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fnavali was hoping to use the same tempest client structure as in all the other projects18:18
fnavalbut I'll have to hack around this one apparently18:19
ptoohillcan thank blogan for this18:19
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fnavalit's cool. either way, I can probably push through without it18:22
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fnaval#bug 154421418:23
openstackbug 1544214 in octavia "Octavia: Root tags should be required for request and response bodies" [Undecided,New]
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TrevorVDid I forget something somewhere in my assumption that when I do a query to retrieve a LB it would have all its children sorted out?19:42
TrevorVFor example, if the LB I wanted to "GET" had listeners, the query to get an LB should populate its listeners right?19:42
rm_workdo you mean via the API19:42
rm_workor like19:42
rm_workinternally I think that happens19:42
TrevorVI'm in the repositories file?  have I confused myself?19:42
rm_workbecause of the SQLAlchemy model magic19:42
sbalukoffThe API doesn't show that because you can get it from a known URL.19:42
rm_workbut yeah the API doesn't19:43
rm_workbut yes, you mean internally19:43
rm_workso yeah it should19:43
TrevorVyeah, well it doesn't.19:43
TrevorVNot as far as I can see right now at my debug point....19:43
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TrevorVBoth of the objects I'm looking for exist, but neither has a reference to the other in their object structure...19:44
rm_workare you actually trying to access them19:44
rm_workor just look19:44
rm_workbecause the pycharm debugger may not SHOW those19:44
rm_workuntil you try to use them19:44
rm_workit's kinda magic19:44
TrevorVWhen running the functional test it throws a "none object has no 'id' field" type of error, and whilst in the code, it shows that its "none"19:45
TrevorVHowever, it "shouldn't" be none.19:45
rm_workso you do like19:45
rm_worklb = lb_repoget_loadbalancer()19:45
rm_workor whatever19:45
rm_workand then ?19:45
rm_worki think it might be lb.listeners[0].id19:46
rm_workor something19:46
rm_workbut yeah that should work19:46
rm_worki am not sure exactly how you're accessing it19:46
TrevorVI just made that as a "watch" in pycharm19:46
rm_workerr k hold on19:46
rm_workdo you have a review you can link me19:46
rm_workand tell me what file/line19:46
rm_workonly one load_balancer on a pool19:47
rm_workwhich is ... ugh i still hate that19:47
TrevorVYeah, so that didn't throw an error, but it still says "NoneType"19:47
TrevorVI'm a little lost at this point.19:47
rm_workreview + file + line19:47
sbalukoffWhat does the database look like?19:47
rm_workso I can have some context19:47
TrevorVrm_work I don't have the changes I'm looking at UP in a review19:47
TrevorV... You'd definitely have context if you were sitting next to me right now.... :P19:48
TrevorV*hint hint nudge nudge*19:48
TrevorVI'm still on brandon's single-create API review, for the base context.19:48
TrevorVI can push up a revision, but I don't even have a solid IDEA down yet, I'm still sorting out rebasing...19:48
TrevorVWhich is a nightmare in and of itself19:49
sbalukoffAlso, did this go through a to_dict() at some point? Because one of those transformations doesn't follow sqlalchemy links.19:49
sbalukoffLet me see which that is...19:49
TrevorVNot balukoff's fault, but balukoff's fault, ya know?19:49
rm_workok can you gist the function at least19:49
sbalukoffI'm a jerk!19:49
TrevorVNah, I'm strictly in the repositories class right now19:49
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fnavalquestion: is the lbaasv2 extension required to run octavia?19:49
fnavalTrevorV nodded at me and softly said yes19:50
sbalukoffThat's right-- if you go to the data_model then .to_dict() on that, you lose your sqlalchemy relationships (by design)19:50
rm_workfnaval: no19:50
ptoohillfnaval: no19:51
rm_workfnaval: when testing if you are using my script to spin VMs you can remove everything referencing neutron-lbaas19:51
rm_workwhich would be one enable-plugin line and a couple of ENABLED_SERVICES lines19:51
sbalukoffTrevorV: which line of that is giving you problems?19:51
rm_workTrevorV: ok so which line is breaking19:52
fnavalrm_work: ptoohill do upstream octavia gate jobs require the lbaasv2 extension?19:54
TrevorVI thought franklin was talking about CLI.  To use neutron lbaas-loadbalancer-list and such you need lbaas v219:54
TrevorVBut not to just hit the octavia API for scenario tests19:55
TrevorVI clarified with him19:55
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johnsomAgenda for today's meeting:
TrevorVThe LINES giving me problems are 11 and 1919:55
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TrevorVin this case, the test I'm trying to fix has to do with line 1919:55
TrevorVdb_pool.load_balancer == NoneType19:55
TrevorVSo it can't get the id off it19:56
TrevorVThe commented out stuff is what USED to be there, and was throwing much more interesting errors.19:56
TrevorVThe commented out lines couldn't even find a pool in the DB previously... o_019:56
TrevorVBetween 8 and 10 there should be more commented out stuff, but I accidentally deleted it.19:57
TrevorVsbalukoff rm_work19:58
sbalukoffRight... so in the original code I wrote there, I get the pool_db in a different place because the query for each if statement is different.19:58
TrevorVYeah, I saw immediately what you were doing, but testing for some reason wasn't finding any LB or Pool or anything.19:59
rm_workfnaval: i would assume no, we'd be hitting Octavia directly via requests or somesuch in the tests, so no reason Octavia scenario gate would need neutron-lbaas19:59
TrevorVReturned No object at all.19:59
sbalukoffCan you gist a dump of your database load balancer, listener and pool tables?19:59
johnsomOctavia meeting starting on #openstack-meeting-alt19:59
TrevorVto be honest sbalukoff I'm not entirely sure how to look at those when talking about in memory DBs20:00
fnavalrm_work: kk thanks for the clarification20:01
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johnsomdougwig 1541670 Our gates, except for scenario, no longer depend on DIB.  For this bug, what is your ask?  Setup an Octavia image gate in DIB project?21:00
openstackLaunchpad bug 1541670 in neutron "lbaas tests gate on dib" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to Michael Johnson (johnsom)21:00
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fnaval#bug 17219921:10
openstackbug 172199 in Inkscape "Use of native GUI components on Mac OSX and Windows" [Low,Won't fix]
fnavaloops wrong21:11
fnaval#bug 154429021:11
openstackbug 1544290 in octavia "Octavia: Create load balancer operating status does not go ONLINE" [Undecided,New]
johnsomfnaval That is a good question21:13
fnavaljohnsom: spoke with brandon/trevor/adam about it and they say that octavia should be ACTIVE/OFFLINE until a member is added.   This is inconsistent with neutron-lbaas and I forsee some confusion with this in the future.21:14
xgermanwe should file a bug21:15
johnsomHe did ^^^^21:15
mhaydenis it possible to remove an lbaasv2 load balancer from its associated agent, as you can do with the l3 agent?21:15
johnsomfnaval FYI, I also created an operating state of NO_MONITOR for pools with members but no health monitor.  I added that to both Octavia and LBaaS21:17
fnavaljohnsom: good to know - i'll take note of it21:18
fnavaljohnsom: I don't see any mention of it in the octaviaapi docs; it would be good to have that info in there somewhere21:18
johnsomHmm, do we have that status in the docs?21:19
dougwigjohnsom: or make the scenario non-voting. either would work21:19
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longstaffHi. I'm looking for help on the procedure for contributing a vendor (third party) LBaaS v2 plugin/driver to neutron-lbaas. I'm aware of the neutron project guidelines for contributing new extensions to Neutron ( but it's not clear to me if those guidelines apply to neutron-lbaas. Can anyone provide guidance?21:28
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dougwighiya longstaff21:29
dougwigfile a wishlist bug and go to town, that's it. i'd recommend you host it out of tree with a stub in tree, but you can submit the entire thing if you wish (for now).21:30
dougwiglongstaff: what package or vendor is this for?21:30
dougwiglongstaff: and welcome.21:30
longstaffThank you. This is for F5 Networks. We have a shim and unit test ready.21:31
longstaffI submitted an RFE, 1539717. Is that what's needed?21:32
longstaffThank you.21:33
dougwiglongstaff: yep, that's good. if your code is ready, go ahead and submit it to gerrit with that bug id.21:35
longstaffGreat. Thanks for your help.21:35
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xgermandougwig while I have your ear:
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johnsomblogan fnaval Am I having a senior moment, or are the statuses backwards here:
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
fnaval_johnsom: ah yes they are aren't they21:56
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fnaval_let me do a fix for that21:56
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johnsomfnaval_ Ok thanks!  While you are there, can you add the NO_MONITOR?21:58
johnsomThat is why I noticed, I was going to push a patch for you that adds it21:58
fnavalgood catch - where does it go?21:58
johnsomUnder the "true" operating status21:59
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fnavaljohnsom:  k, it will show: Operating StatusONLINE, OFFLINE, DEGRADED, ERROR, NO_MONITOR22:00
johnsomYes, I think that is correct22:05
johnsomAt least based off the file22:05
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rm_workweird, why didn't the bot report that22:09
fnavalyea strange22:09
johnsomYeah, I was wondering the same22:09
* rm_work pokes openstackgerrit 22:10
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fnavalwell anyway - that review should be good to go22:12
fnavaljohnsom: np thank you too. =)22:14
*** kev0 has joined #openstack-lbaas22:16
bloganjohnsom: yes they are22:17
bloganjohnsom: i think fnaval confirmed alreayd though22:17
*** armax has quit IRC22:19
fnavalthanks for the quick review turnarounds!22:21
*** woodster__ has joined #openstack-lbaas22:22
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madhu_akfnaval: I posted comments for
fnavalmadhu_ak: cool. thanks madhu_ak - I will review and address when I get a chance.22:47
*** neelashah1 has quit IRC22:47
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TrevorVthanks sbalukoff for breaking changes... what a jerk face.22:52
TrevorVYou added "lb_algorithm" to PoolPOST and it was already there.22:52
TrevorVNot a breakage, just kidding with ya, but it does just overwrite a previously defined lb_algorithm field :D22:53
*** localloop127 has joined #openstack-lbaas22:55
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rm_workhe was just poking fun about
rm_workwhich i let through too so whatever :P23:08
sbalukoffOh! That was probably a rebasing error.23:08
rm_workdoesn't actually affect anything23:08
*** doug-fis_ has joined #openstack-lbaas23:08
sbalukoffYeah-- half the reason I was so anxious to get that patch it was because rebasing it was a nightmare.23:09
sbalukoffSo congratulations! I foisted that problem off on to y'all! ;)23:09
sbalukoffAnyway, is there a patchset to remove the redundant lb_algorithm in there?23:10
*** doug-fis_ has quit IRC23:10
*** doug-fis_ has joined #openstack-lbaas23:11
sbalukoff(that'd be a super simple ATC if anyone is still looking for it, eh.)23:11
rm_workyeah i think trevor will prolly just do it as part of his larger patch23:11
rm_workhe's working on Single-LB-Call23:12
sbalukoffTaking over from Brandon on that?23:13
sbalukoffOn that front:  One of these days, someone should go through and clean up a bunch of the code smell issues that sonar complains about.23:14
rm_worksome of them are valid23:14
johnsomSome are not so valid23:14
rm_worksome ... yeah23:14
rm_worknot so23:14
rm_workmight want to tweak the profiles as we find stuff that isn't valid23:15
*** localloop127 has joined #openstack-lbaas23:15
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sbalukoffptoohill: Ping23:18
*** Aish has joined #openstack-lbaas23:18
*** localloop127 has quit IRC23:22
*** ducttape_ has quit IRC23:24
rm_worksbalukoff: for testing L7 stuff in devstack, where should I start with the CRs? like, should I grab all the way from the very end of the chain, or somewhere in the middle?23:24
ptoohillsbalukoff: pong23:24
rm_workobviously i can't test the db updates directly really23:25
rm_worklike should I just check out and test everything from that point?23:25
rm_work(that looks like the end of the chain?)23:25
sbalukoffptoohill: responded to your comment on my L7 jinja patch. Could you verify whether I'm understanding your correctly?23:25
ptoohillI just read that23:26
sbalukoffrm_work: Yes, work off the latest one. Also note that I've not had time to run this through scenario tests myself yet, so I'm expecting to find breakage.23:26
ptoohilli was thinking everything under commong/jinja, so..23:26
ptoohillcommona/jinja/haproxy/ and common/jinja/templates/haproxy/templates.j223:26
sbalukoffThat's fine. I was going for a name less dependent on the technology in use, but in all honesty it's very unlikely we'll use a templating system other than jinja.23:27
rm_workyeah i would vote we standardize on that23:27
ptoohillcommon/templates by itself didnt make a whole lot of sense, otherwise it was on the right track23:27
rm_worki don't think there's anything Jinja just *can't* do23:27
sbalukoffptoohill: Ok, I'm not sure I follow.23:27
ptoohillok, i see your point though23:28
sbalukoffWhat is
ptoohillhmm23:28 in that case23:28
ptoohillso in my case i would have23:28
sbalukoffAre suggesting I rename to
ptoohillno, lol23:29
sbalukoffAah, ok.23:29
ptoohillthose were just generic names23:29
ptoohilldirectory structure is in question here23:29
ptoohillI see you point about 'nameless' templater23:29
ptoohillI suppose we could use something else, but those templates are designed for jinja23:29
sbalukoffSo, I'm OK with common/jinja/<thing_we_are_templating>/stuff23:29
sbalukoffWhere stuff consists of a templater and a 'templates' directory.23:30
ptoohillwill they work for another templating system? maybe? most cases probably not?23:30
ptoohillbut you would want common/templates to remain?23:30
sbalukoffIt's not whether they will work with another templating system, it's whether we will want to use a different templating system.23:30
rm_workwell i mean... if we did use a different system, we'd also need a new different file for that one too right? :P23:31
sbalukoffI don't see us using anything other than jinja for templates for the forseeable future. :)_23:31
rm_workit wouldn't be the same file23:31
ptoohillthat's what im thinking23:31
ptoohillI think were on the same page here23:31
sbalukoffOk, so.... then what I explained in my response comment is I think what we're describing.23:31
ptoohillOK, then yea, what you describe there works for me, a bit different then what i described, but this makes more sense. So yay!23:32
*** doug-fis_ has quit IRC23:33
ptoohillThank you sbalukoff23:33
sbalukoffNo problem, eh!23:34
sbalukoffAnd thank you as well.23:34
openstackgerritStephen Balukoff proposed openstack/octavia: Add L7 jinja template updates
*** chlong_ has quit IRC23:46

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