Sunday, 2016-02-21

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Remove unused `paramiko`
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ptoohillThe scenario seems to be failing consistenly now02:17
ptoohillnot just on my patch02:17
ptoohilleven things that just got merged02:17
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Update flake8 exclude
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rm_workptoohill: hmm i am pretty sure i just saw it PASS on the paramiko one (pre-merge)02:38
rm_worki think there's just enough intermittent failures now that if one doesn't trigger, another does02:38
rm_workthe model rework should fix most of them *crossing fingers*02:38
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rm_workptoohill: passed somehow on
rm_worktotally random unrelated patchset i'm working on that is still WIP, but scenarios did pass somehow O_o02:42
rm_worksbalukoff: did you work with DIB at all?02:48
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rm_workptoohill: yeah i have no idea :/05:37
rm_workwell that's not true, i have SOME idea <_<05:38
rm_workwait is octavia still on the naughty-list for requirements updates? :05:38
rm_workit's been a while since i saw one05:38
rm_workurg probably we never got added back even though i fixed the issues, will have to remember to poke at someone on Monday05:39
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sbalukoffrm_work: I have not had time yet to work with DIB.07:27
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sbalukoffrm_work: I was going over your gist from a couple days ago where you ended up getting the "pool not found" error message when adding an L7 rule, when the pool was clearly in the database..08:22
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sbalukoff I suspect the problem was a project_id mismatch, because I don't think that I'm checking project_id in my L7 policy "redirect to pool" verification code. In any case, I'll see about fixing that, if that's the case.08:24
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: project_id should not be UUIDType in API validation
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Fix improper egress security rule deletion
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openstackgerritStephen Balukoff proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Shared pools support
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johnsomrm_work os-collect-config is heat related stuff17:18
johnsomrm_work Also, the elements are "supposed" to work on all of the OS platforms unless the explicitly say otherwise.17:22
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openstackgerritDoug Wiegley proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Expand gate hooks to allow for more than just octavia testing
dougwigsbalukoff: that ^^ is actually for your pool stuff, believe it or not.20:44
sbalukoffOh? Good?20:45
sbalukoffYou what would be even better for my pools stuff?  Getting merged! ;)20:57
sbalukoffs/You/you know/20:57
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sbalukoffSpeaking of people who have the power to merge it...  ajmiller! Do you think you might have time to review the neutron-lbaas shared pools patch? We've only got a little over a week until the big deadline to get both it and L7 in...20:59
ajmillerHi sbalukoff -- yes, I am hoping to take some time this afternoon and look at it again.21:00
sbalukoffNice! Thank you!21:00
sbalukoffI'm going to spend some time today adding Octavia driver updates to Evgeny's neutron-lbaas L7 patch. That's basically the only thing missing from it, then I think it ought to be ready to merge once the Octavia L7 stuff merges.21:01
sbalukoff(Chatted with him last night and he wanted me to do the Octavia driver updates to that patch, which I'm happy to do.)21:01
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johnsomYeah, once I'm done making sure we didn't break things I plan to check out the neutron-lbaas stuff and start testing the L7 functionality21:57
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sbalukoffyay, thanks!22:15
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nmagnezijohnsom, hello :)22:21
nmagnezijohnsom, i wish to work on this one, but I'll need some advise first:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1548070 in octavia "Amphora agent fails to start in a Centos based amphora" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Nir Magnezi (nmagnezi)22:22
nmagnezijohnsom, should the amphora agent be OS aware? meaning, should I write a patch that adds the OS distro information so the code flow can act by that information when needed?22:24
johnsom_nmagnezi Hi, let me have a look22:27
nmagnezijohnsom, thanks :)22:27
johnsom_nmagnezi Yeah, in fact there are challenges with straight debian as well.  I think yes, we probably should make the agent OS aware.22:30
nmagnezijohnsom, aye. I would love to get your input about how/where in the code, So I'll start working on it and invest my time in the right direction :)22:31
johnsom_sbalukoff It looks like I don't see anymore issues with regressions.  I'm going to check out the neutron-lbaas and CLI patches and give the actual L7 code a go22:32
rm_workok yeah I'm giving up on additional performance improvements on devstack, I think I squeezed enough out of it just with the basics I got now22:33
rm_workjohnsom_: quick question tho, it IS a "sequence", am I right in assuming order DOES matter?22:34
rm_workit seems like it might22:34
rm_work(for DIB elements)22:34
johnsom_For the files inside the phases, i.e. install.d/01-foo the 01 indicates order the steps will be executed inside that phase22:35
rm_workok so... it doesn't matter what order they are in the "AMP_element_sequence"?22:36
rm_workor does it22:36
johnsom_nmagnezi octavia/octavia/amphorae/backends/agent/api_server/ will need the get_network_interface_file method updated22:36
johnsom_rm_work no, that does not matter22:36
johnsom_nmagenzi I there will be work in in the same directory as well.22:37
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia: Reduce devstack build time by properly using pip caches
rm_workk then this should be good enough22:38
rm_workand i'm going to stop being sidetracked and finish the last testing on L7 I wanted to do22:38
rm_worksbalukoff: I think you are right, it was probably project_id mismatch22:38
rm_workbut that SHOULD be consistently handled22:38
johnsom_nmagenzi and then I think the templates in the templates file one level below will need some work or special templates for RH tribe22:39
rm_worktomorrow is going to be fun, I *just* woke up22:39
nmagnezijohnsom, yup, I was wondering if this OS information by part of some existing data structure of some sort, so it will be widely accessible in the code - rather than in a specific function/module22:44
johnsom_nmagnezi No, right now we don't have any code that is looking at the OS.  Maybe there is a python way to get that? If not, I guess a little code to look in /etc/lsb-release22:46
nmagnezijohnsom, i know about import platform ; print platform.dist()[0]22:47
johnsom_nmagnezi that would probably work22:52
nmagnezijohnsom, :)22:52
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sbalukoffjohnsom_: Good to know, eh! Please note that the neutron-lbaas L7 patch isn't ready yet: It's missing updates to the Octavia driver (but that's about it). I'm working getting those updated today.23:20
sbalukoffrm_work: that's true.23:21
johnsom_Ah, so non-functional via neutron-lbaas...23:21
sbalukoffjohnsom_: For the moment, yes.23:21
sbalukoffjohnsom_: Though changes to Octavia are backward compatible. So, you should still be able to use neutron-lbaas with Octavia right now (with the shared pools patch there even), but neutron-lbaas doesn't presently have l7 code that works with Octavai.23:22
sbalukoffIf you're looking for regressions in the Octavia code, it may still be worthwhile to check the Octavia L7 stuff against neutron-lbaas right now.23:23
johnsom_Yes, that is how I have been testing23:23
sbalukoffOh, ok!23:23
sbalukoffok, well, I'll get my butt in gear getting Evgeny's patch updated with Octavia driver updates.23:23
johnsom_sbalukoff Yeah, I had hoped to do end-to-end testing this afternoon.23:24
johnsom_Instead, can you send me the link to your gist again?23:25
johnsom_Thanks, I'm on my laptop and don't have the link here.23:25
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johnsom_Thanks.  I will poke around with the octavia api23:26
dougwigsbalukoff: ha, yes, i started reviewing. will finish in the morning.23:36
sbalukoffdougwig: Great!23:37
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