Sunday, 2016-03-06

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bharathmrm_you: you commented py27 failed for But all I see is py34 failures. Am I overlooking something ?02:16
bharathmnvm.. Was looking at old logs02:17
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rm_youyeah sorry02:18
rm_youi was looking at Zuul directly02:18
rm_youit hadn't updated yet02:18
rm_youit was still stuck in zuul but the failure had already happened02:18
rm_youit just doesn't update the review until all the tests finish02:18
bharathmYeah.. that's what happened. I refreshed the page and bam! the failure was there02:44
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bloganxgerman: that's the Cascade Deelete, i'm not sure what that does03:05
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xgermanWho knows... Maybe a tree?03:12
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Remove swift related content in the sample local.conf
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rm_youi'm just babysitting some of these through the gate while it seems a bit unstable -- i assume it's cycling out bad nodes and eventually they'll all be clear03:37
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Updated from global requirements
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idonotknow_anyone know octavia? here is my error log. when I try to create a loadbalancer. Thank you for help.
idonotknow_I am suffering from octavia these days...I can not even create a loadbalancer.07:54
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rm_youidonotknow_: is this devstack?09:01
rm_youit looks like the image tag or id that is configured as the amphora image does not exist in glance09:02
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rm_youidonotknow_: can you paste your octavia.conf ?09:02
idonotknow_rm_you,OK,it is devstack09:07
rm_youhmm if it was devstack, and you used our devstack setup (via enable_plugin) then it should have done it all for you to add the correct image to glance09:08
rm_youpaste your octavia.conf09:08
idonotknow_yeah, so it is really weird09:10
idonotknow_rm_you,any suggestions?09:18
rm_youso that's the image id09:20
rm_youcan you find out if that exists in glance?09:20
rm_youI think:09:20
rm_younova image-show c39b74bf-4cbf-4295-a7a5-6900f70acd1f09:20
rm_youi don't work with glance much09:20
idonotknow_I have tried nova imgae-list,there exists the image,but I do not know why the error happens09:22
idonotknow_So I roll back my octavia to an old version....computewaittimeout exception raised...09:23
rm_youwhat version did you install with?09:23
rm_youor, what version were you on?>09:23
rm_yourecent pull from master?09:24
idonotknow_yes,just now09:24
idonotknow_I have cleaned all my env and reinstall devstack again09:24
idonotknow_But still bad result09:24
bloganidonotknow_: are you doing a glance/nova image-show as the admin account?09:26
idonotknow_no,I source openrc demo demo every time09:26
bloganidonotknow_: check if the admin account can view that image09:26
idonotknow_I can see it using demo account09:27
bloganwell the reason i ask if you can see it as admin is because the admin account is the one booting the the compute instance with that image id09:28
blogani would think the admin would be able to see it regardless of tenant scope, but i dont know how glance/nova work in that case09:28
idonotknow_I test it just now,I can see it in admin account09:28
bloganidonotknow_: can you paste your localrc/local.conf?09:29
bloganok nothing abnormal09:32
bloganidonotknow_: in your octavia.conf, try commenting out the amp_image_tag line under hte controller_worker section09:33
blogani wonder if there's a bug when they're both specified09:33
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idonotknow_OK,I will have a try.09:34
rm_youoh, i didn't see that it was09:35
rm_youit SHOULD prefer tag to ID09:35
rm_youah yes it is09:35
bloganit should choose id over tag09:35
rm_youbut it should be throwing a "no tagged image found" exception, not what it threw09:35
bloganand code looks like it does09:35
rm_youoh right09:35
rm_yousorry, other way around09:35
idonotknow_as the log said,it chose id,the former onw09:37
bloganthis would be a problem with all the scenario tests though, tag is being setup with devstack09:38
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blogansooo i think this is just a weird case09:38
bloganbc while the scenario tests aren't succeeding all the time, this would cause a fialure 100% of the time09:38
idonotknow_what is bc?09:40
idonotknow_I have no idea how to deal with it driveme crazy09:43
bloganidonotknow_: commenting out the line and restarting o-cw didn't help?09:43
idonotknow_yes,did not work at all09:45
bloganidonotknow_: so looking at the scenario tests, amp_image_id is not being used09:46
bloganso try commenting out that line and keeping amp_image_tag uncommented09:46
bloganmay very well be a bug with the devstack script09:47
blogandid you add amp_image_id manually?09:47
idonotknow_it failed again09:49
blogansame failure? can't find requested image?09:50
bloganalso i dont see how it'd be automatic, the script as it is in master, will not add in that line09:51
idonotknow_No,missing imageref attribute09:51
bloganidonotknow_: you know what? i bet thats from a previous build before the image tag came in09:51
blogandelete your octavia.conf09:51
bloganand restack09:51
idonotknow_you mean there is something wrong with the conf file?09:52
bloganbleh you said that image was being returned, so i dont know09:52
bloganthis is a weird one09:53
bloganbut yeah last thing i'd try is rm octavia.conf and restack09:53
bloganmaybe that'll work09:53
idonotknow_OK ,I will have a try09:53
bloganits odd that the amp_image_id is still in there09:53
bloganidonotknow_: okay, i gotta go to bed, but let me know how it goes, i idle in here09:54
rm_youyeah you said you "rolled back"09:54
rm_youhow far back is that09:54
rm_youyou should ideally be on current master09:54
rm_younight blogan :P09:54
bloganmorning rm_you09:54
idonotknow_I will change it to the latest version this time to have the test09:55
rm_youthat is best10:08
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Add pre_test_hook to run gate jobs
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