Monday, 2016-05-09

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openstackgerritYang Yu proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Fix no such option defined for service_auth
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openstackgerrithang cheng proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Add neutron-lbaas-dashboard devstack guide in
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openstackgerritvikram.choudhary proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Using uniform alias for neutron-lib imports
openstackgerritvikram.choudhary proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Using uniform alias for neutron-lib imports
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openstackgerritEvgeny Fedoruk proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Fixing tests to proper compare dicts.
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openstackgerritvikram.choudhary proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Using uniform alias for neutron-lib imports
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openstackgerritvikram.choudhary proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Using uniform alias for neutron/neutron-lib imports
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openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Update/Delete LB Admin Tests
openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Update/Delete Listener Admin Tests
openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Update/Delete Pools Admin Tests
openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Admin Health Monitors Update Delete Tests
openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Admin Member Update Delete Tests
openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Listeners and Pools Protocol tests
openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Listener and Member Port Tests
openstackgerritFranklin Naval proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS v2: TLS Listeners Functional Tests
fnavalit'd be awesome if I could get reviews on those once they pass gate.  thanks in advance! ^^16:59
fnavalthanks blogan!!17:14
fnavalthose were just rebases btw17:14
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Guest19311Hi, see the following issue with LbaasV2 and using OpenvSwitch: - the internal tap interface created by the agent is NOT VLAN tagged. As result all traffic doesnt match the flow rules and gets dropped18:17
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Guest19311the DHCP agents and L3 Agents are properly creating their qg/qr and tap interfaces with tag.18:17
Guest19311if i manually use OVS to change the tag, for example "ovs-vsctl set port tap19c8b5b8-fd tag=15" then it works.18:18
Guest19311Is this a bug, or some lbaas setting i'm missing?18:18
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bloganGuest19311: I assume this is with the agent?18:46
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Guest19311yes, lbaasv2 agent18:47
Guest19311Should it not create the tap interface in the lbaas namespace with a tag?18:49
Guest19311(tag corresponding to the internal VLAN of whatever tenant subnet it is part of)18:49
Guest19311Otherwise it does not match any of the flow rules for br-int, converting from internal VLAN to tenant network VLAN and vice versa18:50
bloganGuest19311: i'm not totally sure honestly.  The agent hasn't received much attention since it got dropped as the reference implementation18:53
bloganGuest19311: i don't know the historical context to know18:53
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Guest19311ok.... wasnt aware the lbaas agent was deprecated19:06
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bloganGuest19311: hasn't been deprecated, just consider it a driver that needs a loving parent19:14
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Merge tag '8.1.0'
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openstackgerritmin wang proposed openstack/octavia: Add failover scenario test for octavia
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skapeHi guys! I need some HELP, with lbaas with haproxy as provider, i've installed the lbaas and created a loadbalancer everything looks OK but IP responds with error 50321:11
johnsomskape 503 means there are no members to respond to the request21:12
skapethere are members listed21:12
johnsomCheck that you have a pool and members defined, then check that the members are up on the port specified21:12
skape[root@node1 ~(keystone_admin)]# ip netns exec qlbaas-aad365df-00e2-428c-a371-84ea09956db0   curl  Server 1 ^C [root@node1 ~(keystone_admin)]# ip netns exec qlbaas-aad365df-00e2-428c-a371-84ea09956db0   curl <html><body><h1>503 Service Unavailable</h1> No server is available to handle this request. </body></html> [root@node1 ~(keystone_admin)]# neutron lbaas-member-list 288effc2-2bc8-4757-adb7-5374e6e7241f21:12
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skapeops it's unreadble21:12
skapeneutron lbaas-member-list 288effc2-2bc8-4757-adb7-5374e6e7241f21:13
skape| 79e7f327-ed69-4a2d-af06-b94100edf0e5 |      | |            80 |      1 | e062e9db-63f5-4298-9c53-2aaad9d0519a | True           |21:13
skape| b55cc723-dd9c-4269-bcb8-36e026a5bfc6 |      | |            80 |      1 | e062e9db-63f5-4298-9c53-2aaad9d0519a | True           |21:13
skape| b773d40c-3ece-4ade-b9b6-831219ab52ff |      | |            80 |      1 | e062e9db-63f5-4298-9c53-2aaad9d0519a | True           |21:13
skapeip netns exec qlbaas-aad365df-00e2-428c-a371-84ea09956db0   curl
skape Server 121:14
skapeip netns exec qlbaas-aad365df-00e2-428c-a371-84ea09956db0   curl     ( IP OF Load Balancer )21:15
Guest19311skape: i had issues too with connectivity to the VIP - was unable to even ping it from my qrouter or qdhcp namespaces21:15
Guest19311it turned out the internal OVS tap interface connecting to the lbaas namespace gets created without a tag21:15
Guest19311are you using the openvswitch or linuxbridge?21:15
Guest19311i had to manually do: "ovs-vsctl set port tap19c8b5b8-fd tag=2"21:16
Guest19311for example21:16
Guest19311where 2 corresponded to internal VLAN of the network it was on21:16
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Guest19311and the tap was the tap interface in lbaas namespace21:16
Guest19311if you do an "ovs-vsctl show" in your network host, do you see a tag for it? the interface will be under br-int21:17
skapehow do I get the correct port ?21:18
Guest19311if you do "ip netns exec <lbaas-namespace> ifconfig" (or ip addr)21:19
Guest19311there should be just a loopback interface and 1 tap interface...21:19
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Guest19311other issues I hit: creating loadbalancer/listener doesnt have option to set the security group. SO it got assigned to a default security group that didnt allow any incoming connections. I had to manually update the neutron port the loadbalancer was on, put it on a custom security group21:21
skapethere a tag21:21
skapeI created the security group21:22
skapeand set the port21:22
Guest19311did you do a neutron port-update and put the port the loadbalancer IP is on to that group21:22
Guest19311i tried these steps for testing:
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Guest19311starting w the Topology Setup and Validation21:23
Guest19311(ignore parts above about installation anbd Octavia)21:23
Guest19311also just confirm on your host that the lbaas-agent is indeed running, as is the haproxy process21:24
Guest19311ps ax | grep ...21:24
skapeI've done the same thing21:24
Guest19311aside from those 2 issues i hit, i also saw the controller portion looked fine. but agent or haproxy process has various tracebacks and wasnt actually running21:24
skapeif I run     ip netns exec qlbaas-aad365df-00e2-428c-a371-84ea09956db0   curl    ( IP OF 1 /3 test servers )21:25
skapeI get the correct result21:25
skapebut if I run ip netns exec qlbaas-aad365df-00e2-428c-a371-84ea09956db0   curl    ( IP of the LOADBALANCER )21:25
skapeI get a 50321:25
Guest19311from your qrouter namespace or a qdhcp namespace, can you ping the loadbalancer IP?21:25
skapeone mom21:26
skapeyes I can ping the LB21:27
skapefrom router and dhcp, also from instances in the same subnet21:28
skapeI've tried also to setup a healthmonitor21:30
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skapeany other ideas what should I check ?21:38
bloganskape: paste the haproxy config21:38
blogannot in channel, in something like paste.openstack.org21:38
skapeI also checked both haproxy and agent21:38
skapeok the /etc/neutron/lbagent.ini  ??21:39
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bloganskape: nope, the actual haproxy config that gets set on the agent host21:39
bloganskape: there's a config option that you may or may not have overridden21:40
skapeI just installed haproxy    with yum install haproxy .   maybe we found the error21:40
bloganskape: that's probably the default one that got installed with yum21:42
skapethe content of /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg21:42
bloganif you do a ps | grep haproxy, you should your instance running21:43
skapeyes it is running21:43
bloganand it should tell you the location of thec config file21:43
skapeI found it, learned something new21:44
skapecontent from /var/lib/neutron/lbaas/v2/aad365df-00e2-428c-a371-84ea09956db0/haproxy.conf21:45
bloganskape: there's the problem21:45
bloganskape: haproxy config did not get the member's set21:45
skapebackend seems empty21:45
johnsomYep, missing members21:46
skapeok I will try to reconfigure the members21:47
skapewhy does neutron show the members ?21:48
Guest19311neutron info is from the DB on controller node21:57
johnsomThat is really strange.  I'm not really sure how the haproxy configuration would have the frontend information (meaning at least some level of the agent is working) but only the database would be updated for members.21:57
Guest19311the haproxy and lbaas agent runs on the network host or remotely21:57
konghi, johnsom, if you have some time, please take a look at the namespace backport patch
johnsomThanks kong.  I want to give it a try, then I will vote.  Currently I'm poking at the failover issue.22:00
skapeHey it works now thank you very much learned a lot22:00
kongjohnsom: ok, thanks22:00
johnsomI'm close on the failover issue, so shouldn't be too long.  I really want to get that merged too22:01
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skapeI'm using cirros and the nc does'nt closes the conection very fast so it's not perfect yet but I will test with real web servers it should work fine22:02
johnsomfailover is just giving me headaches with the namespace driver22:02
kongjohnsom :-)22:02
kongjohnsom: our operators started to build packages for octavia22:02
skapeTHX Guest19311     johnsom  blogan22:03
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johnsom^^^ better cirros web server22:04
rm_worki've actually stopped using actual VMs for the servers22:05
rm_workeasier to just launch two nc processes on the controller host and use those as the two members <_<22:06
johnsomYeah, you are probably right22:06
rm_workfnaval: BTW if you want to fix the nc issue maybe look at johnsom's patch22:06
fnavalhi rm_work - netcat issue?22:06
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rm_workfnaval: the issue you were having with the commands not finishing?22:07
rm_workmaybe easier to drop that script on there and run that22:07
rm_workthough .. actually i guess your issue was more of an ssh quirk probably than actually being nc's fault22:07
rm_worki remember now22:07
fnavali think it was a paramiko issue but it seems to be not happening again with the latest22:07
fnavaldevstack rebuild22:07
johnsomWe did have an nc issue at one point, that is why we ended up with this.  You can make it even simpler if you don't want the incrementing value22:08
johnsomI used to just use -w 1, but this is better/faster22:08
skapeI don't think ssh as anything to do with it because a ran the nc while loop from console22:08
fnavalinteresting - that is good way to count connections; i may revise22:09
fnavali think was a paramiko issue with how it creates/closes ssh connections22:10
fnavaljohnsom: cool script - I'll see if I can incorporate that in base.py22:18
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rm_workfnaval: ah, so maybe it is fixed and you don't need to use the custom ssh client?22:22
fnavalrm_work: probably22:22
rm_workthat'd simplify stuff22:23
fnavali didn't make a custom one though22:23
rm_workerr well22:23
rm_workthe OpenSSH one22:23
fnavali just overrided the execute command of the tempest ssh client22:23
rm_workyeah i saw22:23
fnavalthat made the hanging stop22:23
rm_workjust got through that part of your review22:23
skapeok it's working great now !!!!  the script is much better.22:29
skapeanother issue how I enable the horizon loadbalancer interface22:29
*** piet has quit IRC22:30
skapeI edited the file /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings  and set enable_lb to true but no effect22:34
rm_workfnaval: review posted -- i wasn't sure whether to +1 or -1 but I decided to err on the side of being pedantic :P22:35
fnavalkk thanks for the review!22:36
rm_workreally it's just the SNI thing that bothers me22:36
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johnsomThere are some steps there required for the dashboard22:49
fnavalrm_work: yes thank you for pointing that out.22:50
rm_worklol, thanking me for being pedantic, that's a first :P22:50
fnavalhmm. either I remove it or I add that functionality in22:50
fnavalrm_work: i appreciate it because I saw that it was missing too but wanted someone to make sure22:50
rm_workI think that could be a different test probably?22:51
fnavalon an unrelated topic,  how do I remove a defined seesion persistence from a pool?22:51
rm_workfnaval: I think you set it explicitly to "NONE"22:51
fnavalrm_work: yea probably will make a different test or another step22:51
johnsomfnaval I think it's broken22:52
rm_worksbalukoff had to do some crazy workaround because the neutron client was kinda dumb about nulling things22:52
rm_workjohnsom: oh is it? I thought sbalukoff had figured it out22:52
fnavali did it but I got this:
rm_workhaven't been tracking tho22:52
fnavalyeah, i don't think there's a way to remove session persistence johnsom22:52
johnsomYeah, but someone was trying this recently and we went through a ton of combinations with no success22:53
fnavalthats why the session persistence scenario tests are faiing22:53
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577987 in neutron "neutron-lbaas v2 - update pool's session_persistence to None fails" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Brandon Logan (brandon-logan)22:53
rm_workis that actually on the neutron side or the octavia side?22:54
fnavalok added my notes to the bug also22:54
johnsomNot sure.  I looked a little and saw some changes related to neutron-lib on this code.  Could be client side broken too22:55
fnavalIm trying with empty string to see if that fails also22:55
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bloganthat's assigned to me!??!?!23:00
blogandamnit i must have missed that one23:01
blogani thought there was a fix for this23:02
*** diogogmt has quit IRC23:06
bloganoh that's not it23:07
blogannvm me23:07
* johnsom chuckles...23:08
bloganoh wait no that is it23:11
* blogan demands johnsom takes back his chuckle23:11
* johnsom chuckles louder...23:12
*** yuanying has joined #openstack-lbaas23:14
bloganeven though that review says it fixes it, i'm not actually sure it does23:15
fnavalhmm... thats a fix but it appears that iti didn't fix it?23:15
*** madhu_ak has quit IRC23:15
bloganwell, if session_persistence isn't provided then it defaults to an empty dict, in which case anytime you do a pool update without SP it would get deleted anyway23:15
bloganfnaval: but you're saying you can't delete it now?23:15
bloganit always remains?23:16
fnavalif set to None it gives the error that NONE is not in the list of valid types23:16
fnavali'm checking to see what happens if i set it to empty string23:16
bloganwell its json, did you try null?23:16
bloganwhat i mean is in the json do "session_persistence": null23:17
bloganfnaval: nooo, set session_persistence to null23:18
blogannot {"type": null}23:18
fnavaloslo_serialization  jsonutils.dumps take care of sanitizing the put request prior to making the client call23:18
blogan"session_persistence": null23:18
fnavalthat fails too. one sec23:19
bloganok set "session_persistence": None23:19
bloganin python23:19
johnsomStand on your head, rub your tummy, it must work somehow....23:19
johnsomI think it's just broken23:19
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fnavalwell, it times out23:22
fnavalit doesn't remove the existing setting23:22
fnavalby setting session_persistence: null23:22
bloganwhat times out?23:22
bloganthe request?23:22
bloganor the LB update?23:22
fnavalso when we do the put we poll the pool to see if it changes23:22
fnavalthe type and cookie23:22
fnavalbut it never changes - default was 10 seconds, I upped it to 100 seconds and still the type and cookie name did not change23:23
bloganwell that should be a synchronous change23:24
bloganyou should see it immediately on the next GET request23:24
*** BjoernT has joined #openstack-lbaas23:24
bloganthat review is missing a test for this23:25
bloganso let me write a quick test see if i can see the problem23:25
bloganthere is atest for it23:26
fnavalempty string also fails: Details: {u'message': u"Invalid input for session_persistence. Reason: '' is not in ('SOURCE_IP', 'HTTP_COOKIE', 'APP_COOKIE').", u'detail': u'', u'type': u'HTTPBadRequest'}23:27
fnavalyep theres a test23:27
bloganyeah it wouldn't be doing anything with type23:27
bloganit should be just session_persistence: null23:27
bloganfnaval: i mean a unit test23:27
fnavalah, ok let me test it23:27
blogani thought you just did23:28
*** zancas has quit IRC23:29
*** BjoernT is now known as Bjoern_zZzZzZzZ23:30
fnavalretesting with session_persistence=None23:30
fnavalah so, in we dont explictly set it, i think thats where the bug lies23:31
fnavalthat should probably be:  update_data={"session_persistence": None}23:31
fnavali'm testing that now23:31
bloganyeah this unit test wouldn't fail if it didn't work23:32
bloganat least at the api level23:32
blogani mean it would fail23:33
*** chlong has joined #openstack-lbaas23:33
*** Bjoern_zZzZzZzZ is now known as BjoernT23:33
bloganfnaval: i updated the bug to Invalid, if you continue seeing it updaet the bug23:34
bloganim going home now23:34
*** minwang2 has quit IRC23:36
fnavalkk thanks23:36
*** BjoernT has quit IRC23:38
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