Monday, 2016-05-16

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PenchalHi i see below line in neutron.conf but still both v1.0 and v2.0 are not working any issue13:35
Penchalservice_plugins =,
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ptoohill johnsom sonar cleared :)15:30
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Penchalam i missed anything in below config for lbaas setup with devstack15:57
PenchalENABLED_SERVICES+=,neutron,q-svc,q-agt,q-dhcp,q-l3,q-meta,q-lbaas ENABLED_SERVICES+=,q-lbaasv2 ENABLED_SERVICES+=,octavia,o-cw,o-hk,o-hm,o-api15:58
Penchalnot able to run both v and v2 lbaas apis getting 404 not found15:59
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bloganjohnsom, dougwig:
bloganfixes the latest scenario job issues, just needs a +A16:33
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fnavalthanks dougwig!17:11
fnavaland blogan17:11
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Neutron-LBaaS: Fix network_resources path
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bana_kI think this is broken udo apt-get install haproxy -t trusty_backports18:24
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bana_kdo we need add any sources ?18:25
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bana_kgot it thanks18:27
ptoohill15.10 doesnt need backport, but theres also some tweaking for the code before it works on 15.10 also :)18:27
ptoohilli.e. upstart is no longer default init system18:27
ptoohillwell, config opt is there18:28
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bana_kI am using 14.0418:33
bana_kmay be thats why18:33
bana_kthanks for the help18:33
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bloganfnaval: probably the most stable scenario tests have been since the session persistence test got added18:58
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
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Guest14013is there a db-manage command for octavia? what needs to be done to create the octavia sql db?19:43
rm_workwe do not have one yet19:44
rm_workbut, alembic handles it19:44
Guest14013I did the db migrate command for lbaasv2, and see it's tables created in my neutron DB, but nothing for octavia19:44
rm_workone second19:44
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rm_workif you cd to octavia/db/migration19:47
rm_workedit alembic.ini to point to the correct DB19:47
rm_workand run `alembic upgrade head`19:47
rm_workit should do everything necessary to give you an octavia DB19:48
rm_workGuest14013: ^^19:48
fnavalblogan: nice, let my boss know. j/k lol19:49
Guest14013This would be the sqlalchemy.url setting, right?19:50
Guest14013(set it to same as we use for neutron, etc..)19:50
Guest14013but /octavia19:50
rm_workyeah, if you want it in the same DB server19:51
rm_workit doesn't have to be19:51
bloganunless octavia has the same tables19:52
Guest14013Thanks... I am guessing this db needs to be created and set then in order to get octavia up and running? Have already installed octavia via -install in same virtualenv as neutron, and modified our neutron.conf to add lbass service plugin and octavia service provider19:53
Guest14013Is there any other steps missing? 1. pulled octavia from git,, etc... 2. Modified neutron.conf to load lbaasv2 and octavia 3. Set /etc/octavia/octavia.conf DB string 4. do the alembic migration manually as you just said19:54
Guest14013oh, have also created a .qcow2 disk image from the img create script. will upload that to image library and set the ID in octavia.conf19:55
rm_workthough we recommend using image tagging in glance, not image ID, if you are on new-ish code19:56
Guest14013nah, using liberty19:56
rm_workah, k19:56
Guest14013ah another question - what exactly is the difference between the lb_network and amp_network?19:57
Guest14013I understand the LB network is a management provider network of sorts.. which connects our octavia/controller node/neutron to the amorpha VMs. so each loadbalancing VM has 1 NIC attached to this mgmt network19:58
Guest14013What is the purpose oft he amp_network?19:58
rm_workerr interesting -- i may not understand those as well as I should19:58
rm_workI was thinking the "amp network" was the provider one19:58
rm_workfor management19:58
rm_workand LB network would be what the VIP attaches to19:59
rm_workbut maybe not19:59
rm_workblogan / ptoohill?19:59
Guest14013when we create the Lopadbalancer and listener, we can specify a subnet to put the VIP on. so i assumed that would take care of attaching a 2nd NIC on the loadbalancing network19:59
Guest14013so am having trouble understanding what this hardcoded amp_network is for19:59
rm_workI'm not sure, I have a weakness in the area of "actually using octavia in reality"19:59
rm_worki live in fairytale developer land19:59
Guest14013yea, im not using devstack at all :)20:00
ptoohillamp_network is the networks to boot amphoras on, the management net. Where do you see lb network20:00
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bloganGuest14013: what context is the amp network you're seeing?20:00
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rm_workok, so amp_network is the management net20:00
Guest14013i see an amp_network, and an lb_network_name20:00
bloganlol since lb network told me mgmt net and amp network made phil think that was the mgmt net, sounsd like they're prob jsut redundant20:00
rm_workcool, not insane20:01
rm_workyeah i feel like one might be deprecated20:01
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bloganah yeah, lb_network_name should be deprecated20:01
rm_workor is one the n-lbaas name and one the octavia name?20:01
Guest14013[octavia_network] lb_network_name =(StrOpt) Network to communicate with amphora20:01
rm_workwe might have bad docs20:01
bloganit was back when we couldn't get the network id from nova20:01
Guest14013amp_network =(StrOpt) Network to attach to the Amphora.20:01
bloganbut the nova driver doesn't use it anymore i don't believe20:02
ptoohillwell, thats kinda still used for certain drivers :)20:02
ptoohillbut, yea, amp_network is the octavia amphora management network(s)20:02
blogansounds liek that driver can register that option itself and still use it :)20:02
ptoohillamp_boot_network_list, you can supply a list here as amp_network is deprecated20:02
Guest14013does it take the CIDR/prefix format?20:02
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Guest14013or must I first create a provider network via neutron, then specify name of that network20:03
bloganGuest14013: you need a network alreayd created20:03
ptoohillThere should be an example there for amp_boot_network_list20:03
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Guest14013and network must be created via neutron as provider net?20:03
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rm_workoh that might not be in liberty20:10
rm_workrather, i'm 99% sure that isn't in liberty20:10
rm_workamp_network should be it20:10
rm_workamp_boot_network_list is definitely mitaka20:11
ptoohilloh, yea20:11
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openstackgerritPhillip Toohill proposed openstack/octavia: Network driver should generate network configs
rm_workFYI looks line DIB is failing on master right now20:17
rm_work*looks like20:17
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bloganGuest14013: doesn't have to be a provider network, but thats the best option if you can do it20:28
blogandevstack currently just sets it up as a regular tenant network20:28
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Guest14013is it always the amphorae that initiate the connection to the controller? Or can controller also initiate connections to the amphorae? Basically trying to figure out if we need to allow incoming connections or only outbound  (security group settings for amphorae), and whether their LB network Ips need to be reachable from controller node20:46
bloganGuest14013: both20:47
bloganGuest14013: controller sends configuration actions to controller, and amp sends heartbeats and stats to controller20:48
Guest14013ah ok20:48
blogansorry controllers sends configuration actions to amp20:48
Guest14013and i am guessing the amphorae get assigned their IPs as any other regular VMs on tenant networks do, staticLly or via DHCP based on how i create the network in neutron20:48
Guest14013and is assigned/configured via the network and nova drivers20:48
Guest14013ah thx20:49
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bana_kgetting this error 2016-05-16 20:04:25.186 | *** /tmp/image.7drh58nZ/mnt is not a directory from 2016-05-16 20:04:25.055 | dib-run-parts Mon May 16 20:04:25 UTC 2016 Running /tmp/image.7drh58nZ/hooks/block-device.d/10-partition21:00
bloganimage creation failures isn't it?21:01
openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Merge tag '8.1.0'
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kongblogan: hi, i want to listen to your comment about, i'm not sure how to continue with that21:25
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kongand is there any chance for stable branch core reviewers to take a look at, the namespace issue backport21:25
kongwe really need it, as we are packaging the mitaka octavia21:26
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blogankong: oh sorry i didn't come back to repsond to your comments in an acceptable timeframe, ill do that afetr the neturon meeting21:29
kongblogan: ok, thanks very much21:29
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/neutron-lbaas: Updated from global requirements
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blogankong: replied on the review21:40
kongblogan: thanks, just to ensure, what do you mean by 'octavia/cmd/ pull in this file for the app'?21:41
blogankong: that's the current file that starts the octavia-api using wsgiref.simple_server21:42
blogankong: it does some of the same stuff your file does, it can pull the app from instead of calling the same methods is21:43
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Updated from global requirements
blogankong: or it just might be better to roll it into
blogankong: in fact i like that better21:46
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kongblogan: hmm...I am thinking of how to update my a uwsig app, we need to initialize the log/conf, and then get the pecan app.21:55
kongblogan: can we just move octavia_service.prepare_service into
kongfeel it a little ugly21:56
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blogankong: we can probably do that22:24
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openstackgerritLingxian Kong proposed openstack/octavia: Add WSGI support for octavia api
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kongblogan: thanks for your guidance,  patch updated22:42
*** csomerville has joined #openstack-lbaas22:43
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blogankong, one problem with that sorry22:46
blogani didnt notice the call to setup_app()22:46
bloganat the bottom of app.py22:46
blogancan uwsgi not just call setup_app?22:46
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC22:47
konglet me see22:47
*** piet has quit IRC22:50
blogankong: if not we may have to do a anyway, but just move that one line into it22:50
blogankong: bc if the regular octavia-api is used it'll create 2 apps, one in the module, and one in the setup_app method22:50
kongblogan: application object is not needed22:50
blogankong: so you can point to setup_app?22:51
blogankong: excellent, mind removing that last line?22:51
kong--pythonpath /vagrant/octavia/octavia/api --module "app:setup_app()"22:51
kongthis way22:51
blogankong: yeah i remember being able to do something like that with guniconr22:51
kongblogan: yes, sure, will do it22:51
blogankong: thanks22:51
*** piet has joined #openstack-lbaas22:52
kongI hope our operators will not blame me :-)22:52
openstackgerritLingxian Kong proposed openstack/octavia: Add WSGI support for octavia api
Guest14013Must the octavia controller reside on the same physical host as our controller node (where neutron-server and lbaas is installed)?22:54
Guest14013or could it be placed itself on a separate hypervisor or our network node running l3agent, dhcp agent, etc..22:55
rm_workit can live anywhere22:55
rm_workit just hits neutron / nova via API calls22:55
rm_workyou could run it in a VM somewhere inside your dataplane for all it matters22:56
rm_workor a raspberry pi on your desk :P22:56
bloganit still needs to be able to have connectivity to the amphorae which are nova VMs though22:56
rm_work(not that I recommend that)22:56
*** BjoernT has quit IRC22:56
bloganso however your infrastructure is setup, it needs to ensure that22:56
rm_workyes, as long as the network connectivity exists, it can be anywhere22:56
kongi think we need provide some recommend configuration in our docs. since many people ask that22:57
kongso do our operators22:58
*** csomerville has quit IRC22:59
kongif octavia-worker resides on the network node, how can we config it to communicate with Nova/Glance/Neutron as well as amphorae? I didn't ask how our opeartors think about that23:00
*** doug-fish has joined #openstack-lbaas23:02
Guest14013yea that is what I am a little unclear on as well23:03
kongwe have 'theroetical' recommendation like here, but no practical guide23:05
kongexcept for the devstack plugin script23:05
*** piet has quit IRC23:07
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rm_workit just hits their APIs23:09
rm_workvia service-catalog23:09
rm_workand the service account in config23:09
rm_workit actually uses python-*client23:10
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openstackgerritLingxian Kong proposed openstack/octavia: Add WSGI support for octavia api

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