Thursday, 2016-12-08

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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Fix a unit test that was attempting real requests
johnsomThat fixes the sonar gate00:11
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rm_workseems like that'd work00:16
rm_workguess not? O_o00:17
johnsomUgh, I patched and it looks like sonar didn't come up automagically.  Just a minute00:17
rm_workoh, i mean seems like the original would work00:18
greghaynesrm_work: got a larger log?00:18
greghaynesFor that fail00:18
rm_workit's just requesting a bad URL which should ... "work" (fail)00:18
rm_workgreghaynes: yeah sec, it looks similar to before tho00:18
johnsomrm_work something changed and it's puking looking for certs that aren't there00:19
greghaynesrm_work: probably the same thing of running Python200:19
rm_workgetting you a log, minute00:19
greghaynesrm_work: oh, looks like dib ci failed00:22
greghaynesso thats probably a better place to start00:22
greghayneshah, because centos700:23
rm_workwell there's that anyway00:23
greghaynesoh cool, thats python300:24
greghaynesyea its just not installing python3-dev AFAICT00:25
greghaynesso thats pretty straightforward00:25
rm_work... shouldn't it be00:25
greghaynesI may have made a logic bug or somesuch00:25
greghaynesok, we can wait for that CI to go through...00:33
rm_workyou fix it? i can test quicky now too greghaynes00:35
greghaynesI fixed the centos7 thing which was failing dib, I think you didnt run with -x so there isnt tracing00:36
greghaynesbut the dib logs should show us not installing python3-dev00:36
greghayneser, the dib Ci logs00:36
greghaynesoh actually00:37
greghaynesI think I see it00:37
greghaynesI think yaml is going to read in an int for python_version and the env var is always a string so they wont ==00:38
rm_workthat kinda makes sense00:40
greghaynesok, try with that last one00:41
rm_worker did you only do the one that time00:42
greghaynesI dont understand?00:42
greghaynesoh derp00:42
rm_worknot the whole chain00:42
greghaynesmy rebase push failed00:42
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rm_workcool k00:43
greghaynesok, updated00:44
rm_worki thought `export DIB_RELEASE=trusty` would ... make it use trusty00:45
rm_workbut i guess not00:45
rm_workgot a syntax error there somewhere, sec00:46
rm_work /tmp/dib_build.SrAyLuMs/hooks/root.d/../environment.d/50-dib-python-version: line 26: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'00:46
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greghaynesinfra is gonna hate me00:46
greghaynesso much spam00:46
rm_worknot sure why that isn't right00:47
rm_workmaybe i'll see it if i look harder00:47
rm_workor maybe i'll see it if i actually checkout the right commit00:48
rm_workah you missed a then00:49
greghaynesive gotta rebase real quick00:51
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rm_worki just did the one fix locally00:51
rm_workbut yeah00:51
rm_work> b'Get:2 xenial-updates/main amd64 libpython3.5-dev amd64 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.1 [37.3 MB]'00:52
rm_workthat's good00:52
rm_workso let's see what else breaks :P00:52
rm_workok so it looks like it finished00:55
rm_workbut again, no image wtf00:55
rm_workwhat is happening to it...00:56
johnsomWhen you folks get the DIB stuff figured out, can you update the dependency here: ?  It's currently pointing to my patch that you -1'd00:57
rm_workit's passing "-o /opt/stack/octavia/diskimage-create/amphora-x64-haproxy"00:58
rm_workthat should be right00:58
rm_workbut no image shows up...00:58
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greghaynesrm_work: if you can paste the end of the log I can have a look01:17
greghaynesI dont know of any bugs that should cause that...01:17
greghaynesoh that looks like a fail01:18
greghaynesits pretty silly thought because its os-apply-config which is failing01:19
greghayneswhich you all dont use01:19
rm_workit doesn't seem failey?01:20
rm_workwhere is it failing01:20
greghaynesso if you also use johnsom's stop depending on tripleo patch it should work01:20
greghaynesI dont think it says but that last script before it starts unmounting01:20
rm_workah k01:20
rm_workI was expecting to see like... "fail" or "error" or something01:23
rm_workthat all looks clean...01:23
greghaynesyea, it should print an error message but as far as dib is concerned - something exited with status 101:24
greghaynesits up to the thing that does so to be helpful01:24
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greghaynesyea, but you can just run with the stop depending on tripleo patches, rihgt?01:26
greghaynesI suspect that os-a-c depends on python2 and thats basically what is going on01:26
greghaynesI say as the person who probably wrote that code like 3 years ago :p01:26
rm_workyes i can01:26
rm_workit's running now01:27
rm_workomg that patch chain is so long01:27
rm_workso many deps01:27
rm_workok here we go01:27
rm_workqemu-img convert is running01:27
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greghaynesoh nice01:27
rm_workso we should be good01:27
rm_workcan we start merging this stuff soon? :P01:27
greghaynesyea, I think I already got a couple +2s on that chain01:29
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia: Stop depending on tripleo-image-elements
rm_workit's getting jenkins -1s tho01:30
rm_workok gotta run01:31
rm_worki'll pick this up again tomorrow01:31
rm_workbut, having an image building finally is good :P01:31
greghaynesyea, im about EOD01:34
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openstackgerritJingLiu proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Check if the member's ip is valid for subnet
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Auto reschedule loadbalancers from dead agents
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Auto reschedule loadbalancers from dead agents
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Implements ProcessMonitor in the haproxy driver
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Auto reschedule loadbalancers from dead agents
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openstackgerritLubosz Kosnik (diltram) proposed openstack/octavia: Add support for policy.json
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openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/octavia: Create Octavia api V2 directory
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bloganjohnsom: so is the namespace driver planned to be supported in octavia as well?16:45
johnsomblogan Yes, it is beeing used by folks16:46
johnsomI suspect it is going to need some rearchitecting16:47
diltramjohnsom: ?16:47
bloganyeah, its going to be more owrk than a normal driver because of its use of the agent code in neutron16:47
diltramyou're talking about this old weird haproxy namespace driver16:47
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openstackgerritLubosz Kosnik (diltram) proposed openstack/octavia: Add support for policy.json
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Auto reschedule loadbalancers from dead agents
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rm_workgreghaynes: i see movement on those patches this morning? :P17:58
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greghaynesrm_work: yep, centos7 was broken17:58
greghaynesJust making it pass dib ci17:59
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Auto reschedule loadbalancers from dead agents
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openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/octavia: Create Octavia api V2 directory
openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Auto reschedule loadbalancers from dead agents
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rstarmerI've been trying to understand the HA capabilites of the LBaaS interfac, and I'm coming up empty.  Am I right in my undrestanding that LBaaS doesn't have HA built into the service, and that this would have to be handled via an underlying plugin?20:50
rstarmerI.e., if20:50
rstarmerI want two SLBs to provide the same VIP/POOL, a plugin would have to handle that configuration?20:50
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johnsomrstarmer Right now the Octavia driver provides Active/Standby HA for you.  Many of the vendor drivers also support it through the device's HA capabilities.21:00
rm_workdlundquist: hey you around?21:01
rstarmerjohnsom:  cool, that confirms what I thought I was seeing (had been looking at the haproxy driver, as that's where I previously had some familiarity).  I've also had a short chat with the folks from AVI, and they implied the same thing.21:01
rm_worksbalukoff: do you exist? :P21:02
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sbalukoffOnly in your imagination.21:03
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johnsomrstarmer Yeah, don't know much about AVI.  But if you want an open source HA LB, you can use the Octavia driver.21:03
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rm_worksbalukoff: do you know the answer to a question about address scoping?21:04
rm_worksbalukoff: i was hoping I could hit up dlundquist21:04
johnsomsbalukoff!  Hey, can you make me an admin on this group?,members21:04
rm_workfollowing up on the work we were doing at the summit21:04
rstarmerjohnsom:  Yep, looking into that more now. I'm using Kolla for deployment, and looking at adding Octavia into the deployment workflow.21:04
rm_worksbalukoff: BTW I got through: Snow Crash, Anathem, Seveneves, Cryptonomicon, and 90% of REAMDE <_<21:05
rstarmerjohnsom: The other question my customer has is whether we can balance E-W traffic (e.g. two tenant networks, one SLB service).  The desire is to not use FloatingIPs for the VIP, rather use a local tenant network address.21:06
johnsomrstarmer Yes, the Octavia driver can support that use case21:07
rstarmerjohnsom: fantastic, looking forward to using it!21:07
sbalukoffJohnsom: sure! Will do later today once I get to the hotel.21:07
rm_worksbalukoff: ah where are you now?21:07
sbalukoffRm_work: I will poke dustin. i am in line at an in-n-out in L.A.21:08
rm_workAH :P heh21:08
rm_workI'm in Sunnyvale at the moment21:08
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rm_workbut back up to WA tomorrow21:08
rm_workI should hit up in-n-out before I head out...21:09
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rm_workthough if kevinbenton is to be believed, I have dinner plans tonight...21:09
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kevinbentonrm_work: aye21:13
kevinbentonrm_work: gonna take you to this awesome place that does artisinal burgers21:14
kevinbentonrm_work: it's called mcdonald's21:14
kevinbentonrm_work: pretty sure it's local to the bay21:14
johnsomkevinbenton So jealous21:15
rm_workdlundquist: I just found and FML21:18
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kevinbentonrm_work: keep scrolling. ipv6 addresses are actually turing complete :P21:20
kevinbentonrm_work: that's where you are i think21:24
kevinbentonrm_work: if the office is where i think it is21:24
rm_workif my camera wasn't borked i'd have a shot out the window of here looking at you by now21:31
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kong_hi, guys, i have a question. Currently, octaiva is still a neutron lbaas plugin, right?21:41
kong_I heard octavia will supplant neutron lbaas, how soon will that happen?21:41
johnsomkong_ Yes, but we are working to change that.21:41
johnsomWe are hoping you could, optionally start using Octavia API instead of neutron in Ocata release.21:42
kong_johnsom: thanks for the answer. so, ocata?21:42
johnsomWe hope, it's a chunk of work, but we are working on it.21:43
johnsomOf course you will still be able to use the neutron API for some time21:43
kong_johnsom: if we deploy octavia (newton) now, will it be smooth to upgrade to the new way?21:44
johnsomYes, very.  The intent is to allow it to work as it does today.  There will be an API endpoint for octavia API  which you can start using instead of the neutron API endpoint.   Otherwise we don't expect any chanages21:46
rm_workkong_: we also expect to have a shim implemented in neutron-lbaas so it will directly forward things to octavia, so you wouldn't even have to mess with keystone catalog endpoints.21:47
rm_workjohnsom: that is still the idea, right? ^^21:47
kong_rm_work: hah, got you. so is it right that it's possible we have multiple endpoints in keystone for loadbalancing service?21:49
kong_for some time21:49
kong_or, we just need to switch endpoint if octavia is ready21:49
kong_for the first citizenn of loadbalancing service in openstack21:50
johnsomRight, the existing endpoint is actually neutron, so we will be adding "octavia" as a new endpoint21:50
kong_johnsom: ok, cool21:50
kong_btw, i am from catalyst cloud in new zealand. actually, we have been planning to deploy octavia for some time, but don't have much resource for that. we just finished the higher priority tasks above octavia, i think now is a good time to come back and check the status of octavia :-)21:51
kong_thanks your guys for the answers, johnsom and rm_work21:52
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kong_johnsom, rm_work, do you guys know there is some testing that demonstrate the performance difference between haproxy deployed on physical server and in vritual machine?22:15
johnsomkong_ No, it varies a lot with the hardware used, hypervisor, etc.22:16
kong_johnsom: i see...i was just wondering how i could answer customers potential questions, and you gave me a good example for the answer22:17
rm_workjohnsom: can we plz merge:
rm_workjohnsom: needed to make building work with dib22:19
rm_workjohnsom: the reason for everything failing is probably because like a billion things need to happen for it to work22:19
rm_workyour other patch might be able to rebase on top of this and then pass22:20
johnsomI was holding off until the scenario test passed, i.e. the other patch merged22:20
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rm_workright but it won't22:20
rm_workbecause it also needs this22:20
rm_workthey're going to be co-dependent to pass22:20
rm_workand hopefully this one is simple enough you can look at it and verify that it's fine22:21
johnsomCan't you rebase the tripleo one now to test?22:21
rm_workhmm yeah probably22:21
johnsomI mean it looks fine to me, but I haven't *tested* it22:21
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kong_rm_work: is this one the reason for the faliure of building amphora image?22:22
rm_workyeah one sec22:22
johnsomkong_ Yeah, the diskimage-builder project made a change last night that broke a bunch of stuff22:22
rm_workkong_: there's like 8 patches outstanding that are why amp images won't build22:22
rm_workI'm ... working on it22:22
kong_ok, so i won't try again and again :-)22:23
johnsomright, ugh, week22:23
kong_good to know22:23
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia: Stop depending on tripleo-image-elements
johnsomHa, yeah, eight patches in that chain....22:24
rm_workkong_: if you need an image to build, you SHOULD be able to use that patch ( and its parent (so checkout, don't cherry-pick), and then have diskimage-builder cloned and check out THIS patch (again, long chain):
rm_workgreghaynes: you still working on making these things pass the DIB gates?22:24
kong_rm_work: ok, thanks22:25
greghaynesrm_work: yea we hit an unrelated failure we had to debug in dib22:29
rm_workturtles all the way down...22:29
greghaynesthats new22:30
greghaynessomehow were making an ubuntu image that doesnt have python installed22:31
rm_workpython_path is, i assume, supposed to be non-empty?22:31
rm_workubuntu-minimal is that, no?22:31
greghaynesoh I see22:31
rm_workminimal has like NOTHING22:31
rm_workso I could imagine it missing python22:32
greghaynesok, new fix incoming22:32
rm_workwoo! T_T22:32
greghaynesactually, no, thats not right22:33
rm_workwait are you on ubuntu-minimal or debian-minimal?22:34
rm_worklooks like ubuntu22:34
greghaynesubuntu-minimal uses debian-minimal22:35
rm_workah O_o22:36
greghaynesdebian-minimal == debootstrap22:36
rm_worki was pretty sure they were sufficiently diverged by this point to preclude such magics22:36
greghaynesyea it just uses the same tool but points at the ubuntu repos22:36
greghaynesok, I think thatll work22:37
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rm_workgreghaynes: still failing :(23:31
*** rcernin has joined #openstack-lbaas23:33
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greghaynesis it fedora mirror derp?23:34
greghayneswere hitting a lot of that ATM23:34
greghaynesI hacked up
rm_workso the issue causing our issue has a possible fix but it is being blocked by another issue23:35
rm_workalso jQuery's CDN was down for ~10m earlier, the internet is practically *on fire* today :P23:35
greghayneswelcome to integration testing :p23:36
greghaynesdib is like the pentultimate of integration testing issues23:36
greghaynesjust sort of the nature of the problem23:36
rm_workwill a recheck be useful here?23:36
greghaynesweve been seeing it a fair amount the past few hours so not likely, im trying to poke some people who grok rh23:37
greghaynesbut also if that change to use infra's mirrors works then thats should be much better23:37
rm_workk... how long until THAT would merge23:40
rm_workif I assume that we can get one of these patches to merge every day...23:40
rm_workthen we'll have octavia working by Christmas23:40
rm_workand I'm afraid that might be generous23:40
greghayneswe can merge stuff pretty fast once its passing23:40
rm_workwe're now relying on 11 patches23:41
rm_workjust to get amps building again23:41
greghaynesyea, but really thats the tradeoff weve made - our CI is pretty complex but if it passes were pretty confident things work so we can merge quickly23:41
rm_workyeah, k23:41
greghaynesthis one has gotten pretty gnarly though23:42
greghaynesbut ianw +2'd about half the stack already so in theory it just needs to pass23:42
rm_workugh, my build seems to have locked up on: 2016-12-08 23:40:57.363 | Missing package name for distro/element: ubuntu/pip-and-virtualenv23:44
rm_workis that normal? :/23:44
rm_workmaybe it's just slow? :(23:44
xgermanYou are in a hotel?23:44
rm_worknot at the moment23:45
rm_workalso this is running in a cloud23:45
rm_workI don't do anything local23:45
rm_worki guess my ssh session could be toast23:45
xgermanI do almost everything local - just discovered VPN is evil ;-)23:45
rm_workyes, RAX VPN was my personal hell for many years23:45
xgermanVpn running doesn’t let me log in/so stuff in my VM23:46
*** rcernin has quit IRC23:49
rm_workyeah ok it continued eventually23:55

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