Wednesday, 2016-12-21

johnsomrm_work if you want me to have a look at the DIB output log, let me know.00:00
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rm_workthis is the ubuntu image00:02
rm_worki'm working on it00:02
rm_worki mean, i see where it installed requests, definitely py3 as it should be...00:02
rm_workand cloud-init is def running in py3 too00:02
rm_workso that should be fine00:02
rm_workit's there in /usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/requests00:10
rm_workbut i can't import it00:10
rm_workthat folder isn't being looked at00:14
rm_workit's looking in /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages, /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages, and /usr/lib/python3.5/dist-packages00:15
rm_workbut everything is installed in site-packages00:15
kristianjfjonsom and xgerman. thanks for all your help. greatly appreciated.00:17
johnsomSure, hope we have what you need00:18
rm_workso when i build the image on a different box, the stuff goes into the right place (dist-packages)00:18
rm_workwhen I build the image on this box, it goes into site-packages??00:18
rm_worklast successful build was a couple days ago though so maybe something changed upstream and it'd be broken now on my other buildbox too00:19
johnsom????  Umm, that is strange00:19
johnsomWell, I know the gate passed at 12:5200:20
rm_workno idea how that could swap... greghaynes ? any ideas?00:22
rm_workDIB is installing all the python packages into /usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages/00:26
rm_workbut python3 is looking in /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages, /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages, and /usr/lib/python3.5/dist-packages00:26
rm_worki looked at an image i built previously and everything is installed in dist-packages00:26
rm_workis there a setting I didn't set on this machine?00:27
rm_workthe working one (installed in dist-packages) was built via devstack, this one I am doing myself00:27
greghayneshrmmm, so site-packages should always be looked at. dist-pacakges is a debianism so it just looks there for debian installed things00:28
greghaynesstepping back a bit - what is the fail going on, youre seeing a traceback from cloud-init?00:28
rm_workbecause it can't find `requests``00:28
rm_workwhich makes sense, because when i log into the box via console, i run python3, i can't import requests00:29
rm_worksite.getsitepackages() returns only those dist-package locations00:29
greghaynesand is python2 installed on there?00:29
rm_worki ssh into a previously generated image, and i see the packages all installed in dist-packages00:29
greghaynesoh what00:29
rm_work(previously generated, on a different machine also)00:30
greghaynesyea so then the next question is - are you sure cloud-init is running under python3 not python2?00:30
rm_workpy3 is clear from the stacktrace00:30
greghaynesthats messed up :p00:30
greghaynesso this should be 100% debian packages00:30
greghaynessince cloud-init is installed from that00:30
rm_workyeah but those libs are installed by DIB for our amphora as well00:31
rm_workand i see ALL of them00:31
rm_workaren't those done via pip?00:31
rm_workthey're all there, just in the wrong directory00:31
rm_worklike, i watched pip uninstall an old `requests` (maybe in dist-packages?) and install a new one00:32
greghaynesso yea, pip uses site-packages and dpkg uses dist-packages. I suspect what goes on is when you pip install -U requests its rm'ing the dist-packages version when it upgrades requests and then is reinstalling in to site-packages00:32
johnsomYeah, that should be happening here:
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rm_workyeah so why didn't i see this issue before00:32
greghaynesnormally this is fine (although really messy) but no idea why your python isnt looking at site-packages00:32
rm_worki mean, again, I just SSH'd into another amp, and the packages *are* in dist-packages00:33
rm_workall of them.00:33
rm_workmaybe PIP on my system is older?00:34
rm_workis it possible that pip changed the way it installs?00:34
greghaynesI just confirmed my python3 does the same thing00:34
greghaynespossible, oh actually tehre was a new setuptools release I think00:34
johnsomDIB installs pip00:34
rm_workso I bet that's way out of date00:34
rm_workok so it doesn't do anything related to my system version of any of those things?00:34
rm_workthis is an *older* box00:35
rm_worklike, a year older centos release00:35
rm_workearly 201500:35
johnsomNo, it pulls down a fresh one inside the environment00:35
greghaynesyea taht all happens within chroot00:35
rm_workworking on getting a log00:35
greghaynesyou all use the ubuntu element, right>00:36
greghaynesnot ubuntu-minimal?00:36
johnsompip hasn't been update since 11/6 so not likely00:36
rm_workof course my VPN died and interupted it >_00:36
greghaynessetuptools released last week00:36
johnsomYeah, ubuntu00:36
johnsomWell, I know our gate built an image ~three hours ago without issue00:36
greghaynesrm_work: are you on this node ATM?00:37
rm_workboth the old build (working) and the new build (not)00:38
greghaynescan you paste some kind of traceback?00:39
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greghaynesalso, can you confirm that python3 -c "import site; print(site.getsitepackages())" is the same on both?00:39
rm_worklol i can't even pip because python can't find the pip module00:39
rm_workbecause it's in the wrong place00:39
greghaynesoh wow00:39
greghaynesso its stupid broken00:40
greghaynesI wonder if ubuntu changed their package00:40
rm_workdoubtful? again, johnsom said he sees passing scenarios in the last three hours00:40
rm_workwho knows00:40
rm_workthose might get cached packages00:40
rm_workand mine definitely doesn't00:40
rm_workwhat packages would i want to check00:40
greghaynespython3 I believe00:41
rm_workit's gotta be something about how DIB chooses to install the packages, right?00:43
greghaynesI mean all dib is doing is pip install00:44
johnsomYes, it looks like they posted two images today00:44
greghaynesoh right00:44
greghaynesso its possible their images are just broken00:44
johnsomI wonder if you were "unlucky"00:44
rm_workI get "unlucky" *a lot*00:45
johnsomI have no idea how to tell what changed in those short of pulling them down00:45
rm_worki'll clear the image in my cache00:45
greghaynesok, I have to run (wifes birthday tonight so really cant skip out on that) but I can poke tomorrow morning if you dont dig anything up00:45
rm_workwell, first i'll see which it is00:45
rm_workgreghaynes: i'll let you know00:45
greghaynesI do think the dist-packages thing is a red herring though - my system has ['', '/usr/lib/', '/usr/lib/python3.5', '/usr/lib/python3.5/plat-x86_64-linux-gnu', '/usr/lib/python3.5/lib-dynload', '/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages', '/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages'] for sys.path and seems to work fine for stuff I pip install00:45
greghaynesI have no idea how, but it seems to00:46
rm_workmaybe my python path is borked?00:47
greghaynesvery possible00:47
rm_workyeah i have the "current" image00:48
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rm_workok well00:50
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rm_workI just did `ln -s /usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages /usr/lib/python3.5/dist-packages` and now it seems fine00:50
rm_work... i'm gonna  ... throw that line into one of our post-inst element scripts and just call it good for now until someone else runs into this00:51
rm_workbecause i'm tired of things not working >_<00:51
johnsomYou and me both, this cycle seems like it has been rough on us.00:52
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rm_workugh and now i don't get networking because the interface is named ens3 instead of eth0 for some reason02:12
johnsomOh, that is bad/strange.  So, I do a bit of "magic" with that02:12
johnsomSince we get the mac addresses, as I move them into the namespace I rename them to the "old" style eth* names02:13
rm_workthis is during cloud-init though02:13
rm_workit's trying to bring up eth002:13
rm_worki think that's something with this cloud02:13
johnsomSo, they should be the new names outside the namespace and get renamed as they move into the namespace.02:13
rm_workI'm going to change the udev rules to name them via the old style02:14
johnsomOh, ok, yeah, ummmm, not sure on that.  Is something injecting it's own cloud-init config????02:14
rm_workyeah i think so02:14
johnsomUmm, hmm, that could go poorly02:15
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rm_workI think it won't02:15
rm_workwhen it's spun via octavia02:15
johnsomI know there is some stuff in cloud-init itself that plays with the interface names.  But I usually can ignore that for the management lan02:15
rm_workthis is me futzing with booting it manually02:15
johnsomAh, yeah, ok02:15
johnsomOk, need to run to dinner.  Catch you tomorrow02:16
rm_workso maybe i just need to test that way02:16
rm_workyeah, later :)02:16
rm_workcrap where did those octavia curl commands go...02:17
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rm_worksbalukoff: do you still have that02:18
rm_workfound it02:19
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rm_workwow our config in devstack is wonky02:42
rm_workeverything is duplicated between [keystone_authtoken] and [service_auth]02:42
rm_workand even within sections there's stuff duplicated02:42
greghaynesheh, so other folks seem to be hitting the same issue you were WRT dist-packages02:50
greghaynesI suspect if we dont root cause it all openstack is likely to be failing tomorrow when images update02:50
greghaynesso, horray you all won the first to fail02:50
rm_worki win that OFTEN02:52
rm_worknot kidding02:52
rm_worki wish I knew which section of this config it's actually using02:53
rm_workwell whatever, made progress, my eyes are starting to blur. gonna get food02:54
rm_worki forgot to eat today02:54
greghaynesyou should eat every day02:56
rm_workthe amphora-agent binary also went to /usr/bin instead of /usr/local/bin03:13
rm_workson of a @*()$YRT#F(P*Fc03:14
rm_workwhy is this happening to me03:14
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openstackgerritAbed Abu dbai proposed openstack/octavia: ACTIVE-ACTIVE - controller network tasks
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greghaynesrm_work: johnsom
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greghaynesrm_work: ^ this is the root cause of your latest issue and your previous import errors08:48
greghaynesThat was super fun to track down08:49
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Add tempesttest for the N-LBaaS API
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ankur-gupta-f1diltram: you got that etherpad link for the ocata merge priorities?16:13
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Introduct Test Base classes for V2 API
diltramankur-gupta-f1: yes, you need it?16:23
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diltram - this one16:23
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ankur-gupta-f1yup. Just adding German's patchset to it16:26
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johnsomgerrit is slow today16:48
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Add tempesttest for the N-LBaaS API
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rm_workgreghaynes: at least you had a head start :P17:31
rm_workwasn't that a change that someone JUST added yesterday?17:32
rm_workgreghaynes: uhh also what the fuck
rm_workerr, sorry, language...17:32
rm_workgreghaynes: we going to revert that when yours lands?17:33
johnsomWhat a hairball17:34
greghayneswe were a bit concerned that all of openstack was going to break17:35
greghaynesand wanted something quick17:35
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greghaynesand yes, python2 - 3 is a giant pain17:36
rm_workok so17:36
rm_workwho do I have to bribe/murder/blackmail to make this happen quickly17:36
rm_workwhatever i'll just do it myself locally17:37
rm_worksorry I am frustrated because I am *pretty sure* that I am starting to actually believe in curses, and that I have one17:42
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johnsomYeah, in reality the issue is with coordinating major shifts like this.  There should be clear statements from OpenStack about what versions and releases are expected to work in each cycle, including a timeline when changes like this are going to occur.17:45
greghaynesI'm not sure any statements or anything are really the issue though - you still have to tackle the change?17:47
johnsomYes, but we could have been ready for it instead of halting work on the project for 2+ weeks!17:47
greghaynesor said differently, I think the statement is you have to py3 next cycle, so we'd jsut be solving these issues in a few weeks17:47
rm_workI might have to agree with greghaynes on this17:47
johnsomreverts == not prepared17:48
rm_workwe know py3 has to work... we really wouldn't have fixed it completely until we were forced into getting this working17:48
rm_workthis revert is really about some VENV setting change17:48
rm_worknot py2->317:48
greghaynesI think reverts == bugs, not quite the same. The issue is really a lack of testing coverage which is just the reality when you have a huge support matrix17:49
rm_workreverting that seems like it was a hack17:49
greghaynesI am pretty confident that no matter how long ago I was told I would have made that same mistake because this behavior is just crazy and unexpected17:49
johnsom"reverting progress towards py3 because it breaks the world"17:50
greghaynesso, for you all, if youd like to not deal with the python3 stuff you should be able to pin yourself to python2 very easily17:51
greghaynesthe sort of root bug in all of this is we never intended to change the default python on xenial, were supposed to just provide the ubuntu defaults17:51
greghaynesand the ubuntu default changed to python317:52
johnsomI understand it is a bug, but it's hugely frustrating on the lack of planning and coordination on the whole transition.  I can't point to a wiki page that says, projects should be on this OS release in this cycle, and we will transition gate hosts on this day, then we will transition image builds to default differently on this date.  Same with python2 -> 317:52
rm_workagain, what broke the world is the VENV change17:54
greghaynesah. I think the way that works is we try to use whatever is the latest supported of the distros, and leave it up to them to decide what dependencies look like. Just for practical reasons it doesnt end up being immediate because it takes time to switch nodes and iron out bugs17:54
rm_workthe py3 revert was ... maybe a snap reaction?17:54
greghaynesso its not so much tied to our release cycle as the upstream distro release cycle17:54
johnsomBut we didn't.  We were still running on py2 after the xenial switch.17:55
johnsomAnyway I am done venting my frustration17:55
rm_worki'm not done venting mine, i'll be doing it the rest of the week probably... it's just slightly less directed17:56
rm_workit's seriously almost FUNNY now17:56
rm_workhow every time i'm about to make progress on something17:56
rm_worksomething breaks upstream17:56
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greghaynesI think the larger concept is - we dont get to pin all the dependencies in the world. Even if we wanted, if a distro changes a package to something else there is literally 0 we can do except beg them to change it back17:57
greghaynessometimes we have control in the case of a major release17:57
johnsomI'm not yet to that phase of grieving for the weeks lost in Ocata.17:57
johnsomYeah, but we have plans and RC's to test with the distros17:57
greghaynesbut really we have decided we dont want that - the goal is to let the distros handle it and we should just work on whatever the distros are doing17:58
greghaynesright, which is why we do all this CI - so we dont release in the broken state but we do have to test on latest packages otherwise we end up having requirements other than 'we run on ubuntu'17:58
johnsomAt least these changes didn't happen in o-317:59
greghaynesyea, and really the correct way to handle this IMO would have been 'were not ready for xenial yet'18:00
johnsomWell, I guess they kind of did18:00
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greghaynesit really should have been caught there, but, bugs18:00
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greghaynesI also forsee next cycle being mostly this :p I think you all are going to be one of the lesser painful service vm transitions18:02
greghaynesnot looking forward to some of the other ones18:02
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greghaynesrm_work: btw, did you end up merging the symlink site-packages deal?18:03
*** ihrachys has quit IRC18:03
greghaynesif so youll probably want to propose a revert that depends-on
rm_workgreghaynes: no i just did it locally18:04
greghaynesah ok18:04
rm_workbut i did revert it and grab your patch just now18:04
*** ihrachys has joined #openstack-lbaas18:05
johnsomYeah, that is a bit hack-ish to merge18:05
greghaynesat around midnight last night when we were all scratching our heads at what on earth was going on we definitely considered doing it18:06
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rm_workjohnsom: still working on the ens3 issue18:11
johnsomrm_work If you want you can send me your console.log and I can compare to one of mine.  See where cloud-init is deviating18:12
rm_workok well everything else looks good18:14
rm_workbesides that18:14
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Add quota support to Octavia
johnsomDarn, I guess I missed touching a few files... Ugh, this patch...21:22
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Add quota support to Octavia
rm_workjohnsom: is it possible to boot a VM with TWO of the same network-id bound? :/21:27
johnsomUmmm, hmmm.  I suspect it is possible.21:28
bloganrm_work: so you get 2 interfaces on the same network?21:28
johnsomWe make sure that doesn't happen when we manage our amp namespace21:28
rm_workblogan: ^^ yeah21:29
bloganrm_work: do you just need an extra ip?21:29
rm_workno i want to fake out having the mgmt-net also just be public net, but have two interfaces21:29
johnsomYeah, I can think of some *strange* reasons to do it.21:29
bloganrm_work: i think if you create 2 different ports on teh same network you can do it through nova, i dont know if octavia is setup to use a port to do that htough21:30
johnsomThat should work as one will be in the default namespace, the other will be in the amphora-haproxy namespace.21:30
johnsomThough, the check to make sure we don't double up *might* still be in the code21:30
bloganjohnsom: i feel like nova fails avlidation for teh same network, but i might be wrong21:30
bloganbeen a while21:30
blogani can test it out real quick actually21:31
johnsomhmmm, we hot plug the second one, so maybe that bypasses the nova idiot tst21:31
blogannow that i have everything running in my lxc deploy21:31
bloganyeah a hot plug might bypass it21:31
bloganbut i could also be thinking about rackspace's internal nova that gave me that error :)21:31
johnsomI mean you would want to be able to do it if you are moving the ports into different namespaces in the VM21:32
johnsomThere are also some creative port load balancing systems that could make use of multiple ports on the same network, but I suspect neutron wouldn't allow those.  Certainly not with DVR21:33
bloganyeah nova allowed me todo it21:34
bloganand 2 diff itnerfaces on the amp21:36
rm_workhmm ok21:37
rm_workwait blogan what command did you use to boot that21:37
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Add quota support to Octavia
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia: Add tempesttest for the N-LBaaS API
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rm_workgreghaynes: if I need to add a custom arg to the grub commandline (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub) in DIB how should I do that?23:51
rm_workgreghaynes: is there an element or something?23:51
rm_workor can I just throw it in one of the other random scripts that runs23:51
johnsomI don't know of any grub magic off my head, you might be adding that to an element or creating a new one23:56
johnsomI know there is a grub2 element in DIB, but we don't use it to my knowledge23:57
johnsomI think it's an ironic thing23:57
rm_workyeah i might just ... throw this sed line into a script23:59
rm_worksome random post-install.23:59

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