Thursday, 2017-01-19

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rm_workbut seriously what is this o-hm0 interface for?00:12
rm_workdo we really have a health-manager specific interface?00:13
rm_workI didn't see anything in our devstack plugin about creating it but maybe i'm blind00:14
rm_workI see it in *config* as the default "lb_network_interface"00:15
rm_workbut ... it doesn't actually seem to be used to communicate with anything?00:15
rm_workand not seeing what actually brings it up00:15
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Clarify that octavia-db-manage should be used
johnsomrm_work It is so the amps have a route back to the health manager process for health messages00:20
rm_workhow does it call that o-hm000:20
johnsomand as a path to the rest API00:20
rm_workoh wtf00:20
rm_worki see it right there00:20
rm_workwhy the heck isn't this showing up in my project search00:21
johnsomGrin, if it makes you feel better, I put up a patch with pep8 issues, so I'm not on my game today either00:21
rm_worki mean it seriously isn't showing up00:21
rm_worki'm double checking search options00:21
rm_workit's in this file like 15 times rofl00:21
rm_workOH *(#&$)@$(*&#_(@$00:22
rm_workit's set to regexp mode00:22
rm_workwhich ... o-hm0 means something different because of the hyphen00:22
rm_worki honestly don't care if i did something dumb, as long as I know what it is :P00:23
rm_workok now I just need to figure out why adding this interface completely breaks ipv4 routing by default00:23
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rm_workand wtf does this mean: "Network interface through which to reach amphora, only required if using IPv6 link local addresses." <-- help text for `lb_network_interface` which defaults to 'o-hm0'00:25
rm_workseems required to do health messages for ipv4 as well? or no00:25
johnsomHa, you and Dustin added that.00:25
johnsomSo, that is only needed using the link-local ipv6 mode.  In that case you have to append an interace00:25
rm_worki thought his stuff didn't ever merge for link-local because people were hemming and hawing about the oslo changes00:25
* rm_work goes back to check00:26
johnsomI thought we just worked around it or something00:26
rm_workyeah i guess we might have00:26
rm_workwell, I also thought the conclusion we came to was that the link-local ipv6 thing *doesn't work* because of some reason, but I'd have to ask dlundquist00:27
rm_workmaybe I'm wrong00:27
rm_workanyway, does it not break your networking when you do an ubuntu devstack?00:29
rm_workI had to add this to my scripting:
rm_workwhich only works sometimes, because sometimes it breaks networking before is finished and the stack fails00:29
johnsomNo, I don't have a problem with that00:29
rm_workwtf is different about my setup00:29
rm_workI literally just installed ubuntu with default options from the image on their site00:30
johnsomAh, if you are getting a new default route for that network, I'm pretty sure it's the DHCP client "automagically" messing with your routes.00:30
rm_work(ubuntu desktop 16.04 using Parallels)00:30
johnsomThe only problem I have with a fresh xenial is there is now no route automatic to the private network, so I can't curl the VIPs until I add it.00:31
rm_workI wish my networking mojo wasn't so shameful >_>00:31
johnsomThat was a devstack change or something00:31
rm_workah yeah that's the second thing i linked00:31
rm_workif you DO have that problem, i guess we should file a bug and look at fixing it00:32
rm_workthough it appears to work in zuul >_>00:32
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rm_workmaybe they moved handling it to a different layer00:34
rm_workso zuul still gets the route added but we don't00:34
rm_work*zuul jobs00:34
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johnsomYeah, it is an odd one.  Should we really auto add that route?  We don't create the private network in our code....00:36
rm_workhmm yeah it would be a bug in devstack then I guess00:37
rm_workunless they did it on purpose00:37
rm_workerg k more airport time00:39
rm_workwell, i'm already there -- just more plane time00:39
rm_workI'm starting to understand what it must feel like to be dougwig :P00:39
rm_workhave you been more grounded as of late? :P00:40
dougwigyeah, I'm at ibm now, so the travel is few and far between.00:41
rm_workaaah man, I missed that transition00:42
rm_workI thought they basically dropped working on openstack tho :/00:42
johnsomYeah, he is just slumming it....00:42
johnsomThe real question is does he have his "songs of IBM" and tie yet....00:44
dougwigOn the first day they passed the mic and made you tell about yourself, kindergarten style. In a room of 60.00:47
dougwigThat almost got me to quit00:47
johnsomJust say "Ever onward" and you will be fine....00:48
rm_workoh, right. i was gonna get on a plane00:49
* rm_work runs00:50
dougwigHappy flying00:50
* dougwig passes his status over00:50
johnsomOh, dang!  Bonus for Adam...  Though, sadly, I started getting status last year...00:51
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dougwigI have to switch to delta. Sucks.00:58
johnsomUgh, yeah, not a fan00:59
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dasmjohnsom: o/ i've marked this bug as duplicate of
openstackLaunchpad bug 1607585 in neutron "duplicate for #1657668 neutron server report error when get loadbalance status" [Medium,Fix released] - Assigned to dongjuan (dong-juan1)14:49
openstackLaunchpad bug 1607585 in neutron "neutron server report error when get loadbalance status" [Medium,Fix released] - Assigned to dongjuan (dong-juan1)14:49
dasmjohnsom: probably it should be backported to Mitaka, but I believe Mitaka is in Phase2 now, so only critical+high bugs should be backported.14:49
dasmjohnsom: just fyi. maybe you'll know how to proceed in this case. according to my knowledge. it was fixed in Newton release14:52
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rm_workhuh yeah, both of those have the same misspelling too <_<15:29
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brad_behleHello.  Just tried to restart neutron server, and it won't start, getting an lbaas error: "ERROR [req-72009483-467b-4281-b491-8a8db25e42b2 - - - - -] Delete associated loadbalancer pools before removing providers ['']"16:52
brad_behleI looked up the error in the code, and best I can tell, it thinks I have a load balancer using a provider named '' (empty string), and since it isn't finding that provider, it exits out?16:53
brad_behleOr maybe I'm misinterpreting?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.16:53
johnsombrad_behle Interesting.  What version of openstack are you running and which LBaaS API?  v1 or v2?  Do you have any LBaaS providers (drivers) loaded?16:56
brad_behleIt's LBaaS v1, Liberty codebase (old, I know).  Using the HAProxy provider16:58
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johnsomOh, yeah, LBaaS v1 is deprecated (not even in the code tree since Newton).  Personally I don't have much experience with LBaaS v1.16:59
johnsomI would expect the provider field to have haproxy for a load balanacer built under the haproxy driver. (at least under v2)17:00
johnsomThere really should not be a reason to have a blank provider IMHO.17:01
johnsomSo, I would just go into the DB and update that field to haproxy (or make it look like the other rows) and see if neutron starts then.17:01
brad_behleYep, agreed.  Do you know what DB Table that info might be in?  Right now I would be happy manually deleting that row in the table so I could get neutron-server to start17:01
johnsomAt worst, you won't be able to make changes to that LB if we get the provider wrong.17:01
brad_behleYep, but I can't find the right DB table, can you point me in the right direction?17:01
johnsomYeah, just a second.17:02
brad_behleI've looked in lbaas_loadbalancers, lbaas_pools, lbaas_members, lbaas_listeners, and they are all empty17:02
johnsomFor v1 it should be VIP I think, but I need to go back in git to look17:03
johnsomNo, lbaas_* is LBaaSv217:03
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brad_behleOkay, that explains that.17:04
johnsomYeah, for V1 it is called VIPS17:05
johnsomThat is the base DB.  There may have been patches on top of that which changed the schema, but at least it will give you a pointer17:06
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rm_workjohnsom: are we still using a review priority etherpad?17:08
rm_workcan we put that in the topic possibly?17:08
rm_workkk i'll give some of those a look today17:08
johnsomHmm, good idea.  I think I have the power.  Let me look into that17:08
rm_workah sorting is still not merged? and in conflict? :/17:08
johnsomThe paging stuff was broken last time I reviewed.  Not sure if it got updated yet or not17:09
rm_workI can at least rebase it17:09
rm_workand I can poke at it17:09
rm_workis diltram out this week?17:10
johnsomdasm Thanks BTW.  I will take a look17:10
johnsomYeah, he is out for a few weeks.  New baby17:10
rm_workaaah cool17:10
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brad_behlejohnsom: Thanks for the help!  There was one row in "pools" that wasn't in "providerresourceassociations" at all.  We removed that pool row (since it's tenant_id and id were both empty), and all is well now.17:35
johnsombrad_behle Awesome, glad I could help.  I hope you can move to LBaaSv2 soon.17:35
rm_workERROR: InvocationError: '/bin/sh ./tools/'17:36
rm_workI'm getting that during pep8 tox run... anyone else?17:36
rm_workmaybe a mac issue?17:36
johnsompep8 was working yesterday17:37
brad_behlejohnsom: Yes, the plan is to move off of this ASAP.17:37
rm_worki mean, maybe it's just an OSX issue for me17:37
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rm_workoh maybe this is actually a valid error17:38
rm_workPO files syntax is not correct!17:38
rm_workah but it's really: xargs: illegal option -- -17:39
rm_workso probably not17:39
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rm_workyeah my version of xargs on OSX is different >_>17:49
*** beagles-brb is now known as beagles17:50
rm_workso, --no-run-if-empty is a GNU extension... and --check-format doesn't even exist on the linux box i'm comparing to...17:53
rm_workthis thing is very non-compatible17:53
rm_workerr, non-portable17:53
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia: Implement sorting and pagination for octavia
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rm_workalso I don't have msgfmt..17:57
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rm_workthis is super non-portable, kinda not liking that this got added this way to -epep818:02
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johnsomIs that in our code or something else?18:05
rm_workit looks like copy/pasted18:06
rm_workit seems to be in many openstack projects18:06
rm_worklooking to see when it was added18:06
rm_workah yeah you added it, prolly from a big copy/paste18:07
rm_workpart of the translation patch18:07
rm_work^^ shorthash18:08
johnsomOh yeah, that...18:11
rm_workugh basically everything is breaking again for me. this is going to be a fun day18:11
johnsomI stripped a bunch out of that too18:11
johnsomIt came from neutron18:11
rm_workno developers on OSX for neutron? :/18:11
rm_workmaybe it's just me...18:12
johnsomNo comment18:12
johnsomCan't you just install a newer xargs?18:12
rm_workdoesn't look like it's available in brew18:13
rm_workthat was the first thing i tried18:13
rm_worki could maybe build it18:13
rm_worki was able to install gettext for msgfmt18:13
johnsomOr fake it up some way on your system.  That check is really for the gates when we get translation files posted.  I'm not sure there is a lot of value for the developer in that test.18:16
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rm_workyeah but constantly seeing pep8 failing and having to dig in every time makes me want to ignore it entirely, which is bad18:18
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johnsomI was thinking create an xargs wrapper in your path that looks for that signature and returns 0, otherwise passes it through to xargs.  Just put it higher in your path18:21
rm_workok I think coreutils comes with xargs18:21
rm_workso I will get that for gnu-xargs18:21
rm_workand see if it works18:21
rm_worknm, doesn't come with xargs, bleh18:22
rm_workoh it's part of findutils18:23
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johnsomYeah, I guess it comes in as gxargs in homebrew18:24
rm_workyeah i added it to my path directly18:25
johnsomI have been poking at os-testr.  We switched over to it for tox (I guess it prints out the tests being run), but it's broken for --until-failure which I use to find bad tests.18:27
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rm_workyeah ok18:31
rm_workgot stuff installed for pep8 to pass18:32
rm_workbut i am worried it might break other builds...18:32
rm_workwe'll see18:32
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rm_workhmm the pyXX tests also fail on master for me...18:33
rm_workah maybe i need a rebuild18:34
rm_workyeah k18:35
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rm_workI wish this stuff worked properly with detox18:36
johnsomYeah, hmm, ostestr is all kinds of busted with --until-failure...  If I fix the initial problem, more pop up.18:37
rm_workwell maybe it does now18:37
rm_worklet's see :P18:38
rm_workI love detox18:38
rm_workhmm looks like it doesn't work still, but for a weird reason <_<18:41
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rm_workwait, when did we add "functional" to the default tox runlist? that won't work locally18:58
rm_workerr, outside of like, devstack18:58
*** beardedeagle has quit IRC18:58
*** beardedeagle has joined #openstack-lbaas18:59
johnsomYes, functional runs outside of devstack18:59
*** ianychoi has quit IRC19:00
rm_workhmm ok19:00
johnsomFunctional are the tests that use the sqllite DB.  They are mostly DB/repo tests and API tests19:00
rm_workah k19:01
rm_worknothing touching neutron/nova then19:01
rm_worklol and the docs tests fail after the first run, have to delete docs/build19:01
rm_workevery time19:01
rm_workyou have that problem or no?19:01
johnsomThey used to always run as part of the unit tests, but the changes for tempest meant we had to create a seperate job19:01
johnsomNo, I don't have that problem19:02
rm_workhmm bleh19:02
rm_worki think it's a bad version of graphviz19:04
rm_workyep updated graphviz fixed it19:08
rm_worki bet i'm missing sqlite or something for functional19:09
openstackgerritboden proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas: Use neutron-lib portbindings api-def
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xgermanjohnsom do we still store amphora images somewhere on the Interweb?19:18
johnsomThat "Did not go well"  ^tm19:19
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rm_workjohnsom: you have any tricks to get functional tests to run in pycharm? they aren't loading the right config it seems, if i run them from inside pycharm19:41
rm_worknot sure what tox is doing differently, the tox.ini doesn't do much for functional19:41
johnsomI don't know.  I rarely use pycharm19:41
*** yamamoto has quit IRC19:43
rm_workeh I got it19:43
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johnsomOut of curiosity, what was the issue?20:09
*** ankur-gupta-f has quit IRC20:10
rm_workhave to run the whole functional directory20:12
rm_workif you run just tests in functional/api/ for example it dies20:12
rm_workbecause something at the higher level is initializing the config I assume?20:12
rm_worknot exactly sure what20:12
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia: Implement sorting and pagination for octavia
rm_workhad to fix the tests to actually use project_id20:14
rm_workseems ok now20:14
rm_workhoping it'll pass through20:14
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*** darrenc_ is now known as darrenc20:15
rm_workthough sonar failed on something earlier... hmm20:15
rm_workoh, ok same thing20:15
rm_workso should pass i hope now20:15
rm_workah we moved to ""? :P20:16
rm_workI need to go buy like 30 .cloud domains, brb20:17
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blogansindhu, sshank_: would yall prefer me to use one of yoru existing reviews to change or make a new one for a new resource?20:39
sindhublogan: I don't have a patch now, nakul has a patch which can be used20:41
*** pablo|500| has quit IRC20:57
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johnsomrm_work Yeah, disappeared and I didn't feel like paying $75 for it, so I registered  Through you folks actually since I already had a domain account there.21:04
rm_workptoohill was the owner of .io21:04
rm_workregistered through IIRC21:04
rm_workhosted at RAX21:05
rm_workdid he let it expire?21:05
johnsomYeah, I think sponsorship disappeared...21:05
rm_workthere wasn't any <_<21:05
rm_workhe was paying for it even though i kept telling him to expense it :P21:05
johnsomWell, anyway, it died and I moved it over21:05
xgermanso we are now ?21:06
rm_workcurrently debating .cloud .website and .email for my last name :P21:06
rm_workyeah, seems good to me21:06
rm_workhonestly maybe better21:06
xgermanI have eichberger.de21:06
johnsomYes, well, for sonar...21:06
rm_workcouldn't get *grin*21:06
johnsomHahaha, I think he would be popular in that case21:07
rm_worki still tell that story sometimes21:07
rm_work"I know this German guy named German... I asked him what it was like in Germany with the name German... He reminded me in Germany the country is called Deutschland. I facepalmed because I took German language for three years and still forgot that." :P21:08
*** eezhova has joined #openstack-lbaas21:09
rm_workcool, I now own harwell.email21:10
rm_workaaanywho, back to work21:10
blogani see a few with your name on it :)21:11
blogansindhu, sshank_: ill do the pools one, i may push up patches for both of your reviews21:12
bloganrm_work: someone else already owns logan.email21:12
bloganrm_work: the best one i could find is sadly, logan.uno21:13
blogani really wanted though21:13
rm_workdo you like Uno?21:13
blogani actually do21:13
rm_workOr, do you often feel singular and alone? >_<21:13
bloganuno is the loneliest number21:13
*** _ducttape_ has quit IRC21:14
*** ducttape_ has joined #openstack-lbaas21:15, that would be awesome21:18
johnsomOk, there we go.  If you go to it redirects to our docs page21:19
*** woodster_ has joined #openstack-lbaas21:30
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Fix the docs page title
rm_workdamnit i forgot to run pep8 tests again after i fixed the last test >_<21:34
rm_workjohnsom: i'm going to let this run finish, because:
rm_workunless you've had a chance to look at one21:36
johnsomrm_work Unfortunately...
johnsomMaybe blogan can look at:
bloganjohnsom: only for a real cookie!21:38
rm_workah right it didn't merge yet21:39
rm_workah it's testrepository.0 we need, right21:39
* blogan eats his screen21:39
johnsomYeah, the raw file...21:39
bloganthis cookie has glass in it21:39
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia: Implement sorting and pagination for octavia
rm_workok this should be "good" for review21:39
rm_workmoving on21:39
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Fix the docs page title
sindhublogan: yea, those are the patches for just introducing v2 controllers, but pls go ahead :)21:41
sshank_blogan, Thanks.21:42
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Fix the docs page title
blogansindhu, sshank_: i may just do the load baalncer controller and types work21:44
sshank_blogan, Okay. We will use it as an example for pools and others.21:46
sindhublogan: ok :)21:50
rm_workhmm, just noticed the doc warnings about doc/source/main/Anchor.rst and doc/source/specs/version1/n-lbaas-api-parity.rst not being included in any of the toc21:57
johnsomI have a docs patch up for the title, I can add those to the index if you would like21:59
rm_workI was about to do it but can't decide the best place for them to go22:00
rm_workif you have an opinion you could add them to yours22:00
johnsomWell, the specs one is easy, we have specs sections at the bottom of the index22:00
rm_workso is that for Version 1.0? :P22:00
rm_workI actually appreciate that 1.0 will be our merge release22:01
johnsomWell, that is/was the plan22:01
rm_workI think that's fitting22:01
johnsomIs that anchor stuff still valid?  Does it work?22:01
rm_workI think so22:01
rm_workxgerman: ?22:01
johnsomxgerman might know, I think he did that22:01
bloganjohnsom: ugh, since neutron-lbaas now shows tenant_id and project_id, do we have to show both?22:01
rm_workblogan: ummmm ffff22:01
xgermanyep, worked22:01
rm_workthat would be so dumb22:01
johnsomblogan yes22:02
blogani knew the answer to it22:02
johnsomUntil we can kill tenant_id22:02
blogani just wanted everyone to feel my misery22:02
johnsomI did that on my quota patch....22:02
rm_worktenant_id needs to die in a fire22:02
rm_workthanks blogan >_>22:02
xgermannot that I tested it recently but it worked - now I am not sure how healthy anchor is22:02
bloganmy pleasure, your misery!22:02
johnsomrm_work Ok, I will spin my docs patch22:02
xgermanstill stuff happening:
xgermanso would keep it22:04
johnsomOk, adding a link for the docs22:05
johnsomUgh.  Version number is going to be an issue for Ocata though....  We used 0.9.x for newton22:05
johnsomI need to think about that a bit22:05
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia: Fix the docs page title
*** beardedeagle has quit IRC22:16
rm_workwhy is that a problem22:19
rm_workperfectly valid semantic version number22:19
rm_workand actually pretty funny for a pre-1.022:19
rm_workjohnsom: ^^22:19
johnsomHmm, yeah, good point22:20
*** diltram has joined #openstack-lbaas22:21
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Archive the testrepository file before processing
rm_workI'm +2 for 0.10.x ^_^22:30
*** matt-borland has quit IRC22:32
johnsomYeah, I think that is a good plan22:32
johnsomI will put it on the agenda for next week just to have a forum.22:33
rm_workget a quorum; have a forum! :P22:33
johnsomWell, since doug isn't around anymore, there isn't much point in having a vote....  Grin22:33
openstackgerritNakul Dahiwade proposed openstack/octavia: Introduce Octavia v2 API for pools
openstackgerritNakul Dahiwade proposed openstack/octavia: Introduce Octavia v2 API for Members
rm_workjohnsom: so is that spec technically for 1.0 then or 0.10?22:46
rm_workdo we not think we'll get the stuff done until 1.0?22:47
rm_workeh I guess that's fine22:47
rm_workjohnsom: we should merge IMO22:48
johnsomWell, if 0.10.0 (Ocata) is done next week (feature freeze) I don't think we are going to have API parity for 0.10.0.  The plan was for the API release to be 1.0.0, so... yeah, it's a futures...22:48
rm_workyeah that's what i decided too22:49
*** ianychoi has joined #openstack-lbaas22:49
rm_workso i gave you a +222:49
johnsomCool, thanks.  Looking at that patch22:49
rm_workwish diltram was in but he shouldn't be :P22:49
rm_workoh he is online now wut22:49
johnsomI hope it is just a bouncer...  Otherwise he gets my scorn22:51
openstackgerritNakul Dahiwade proposed openstack/octavia: Introduce Octavia v2 API for Members
openstackgerritShashank Kumar Shankar proposed openstack/octavia: [WIP] Introduce Octavia v2 API for Pools with LBaaS align
rm_workcool looks like sorting/paging is passing zuul22:54
rm_worki don't even know who we need to have review this now22:55
rm_workI guess you :P22:55
johnsomI will take another pass at it.22:55
rm_workactually reading your comments, it looks like even though units were passing, it wasn't working in practice?22:55
rm_worklet me give it a shot in my devstack22:56
rm_workor maybe the tests just suck22:56
johnsomYeah, that was my original issue.  Lubosz said I was making the sort call wrong (think he is right as I used the neutron way), but the pagination was just broken22:56
rm_worklol something treating project-id as integer22:56
rm_workalright yeah NM i'll own this for now22:57
rm_worklet me figure it out22:57
johnsomHey, I think that is valid actually22:57
johnsomAwesome, thanks22:57
rm_workproject-id as integer is valid? :P22:57
rm_workI guess base 16 integer...22:57
rm_workbut you lose some uniqueness I think once you do all that subtraction :P22:57
johnsomI thought I remembered some operator running with ints for their IDs...  Maybe I am remembering that wrong.22:58
johnsomAh well, I'm not going to get too worried about that though.22:59
rm_workyes but just because some do, doesn't make it valid :P23:00
*** ducttape_ has quit IRC23:16
*** armax has quit IRC23:19
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*** eezhova has quit IRC23:44
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia: Remove dumplicated config option 'cert_generator'
*** saju_m has quit IRC23:58

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