Monday, 2017-03-20

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openstackgerritReedip proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Assign dns-name to port during LB creation
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openstackgerritReedip proposed openstack/octavia master: Add Timeout on Listeners
openstackgerritReedip proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Add Timeout on Listeners
reedipjohnsom : ^^ review requested :)08:57
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rm_workreedip_: right, my issue was that the default timeout should be *configurable*09:51
rm_worknot a constant at all09:51
rm_workit should come in via the config file09:51
rm_workand the default would be defined in config.py09:51
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nmagnezirm_work, +109:59
nmagnezireedip, also 5000 looks like a very big value for default
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reedipnmagnezi : sorry , just joined ... network lost.. can you repeat your previous comments if possible ?10:11
reedip( my other account is in India , and I didnt login to that system , so maybe that got the mesages :P )10:11
nmagnezireedip, yes10:16
nmagnezi<rm_work> reedip_: right, my issue was that the default timeout should be *configurable*10:16
nmagnezi<rm_work> not a constant at all10:16
nmagnezi<rm_work> it should come in via the config file10:16
nmagnezi<rm_work> and the default would be defined in config.py10:16
nmagnezireedip, ^^10:16
reedipnmagnezi : right... got it !10:16
reedipwill define in octavia's config file10:16
reedipnmagnezi , rm_work : what do you think should be the default value if you think 5000 is a bit high10:17
nmagnezireedip, rm_work didn't say that this is too high, i did :D10:17
reediphehe ... I saw that, but thought mayve rm_work also stated that10:19
reedipanyways nmagnezi : whats your opinion?10:20
reedip5000 seconds comes out to be >1.5 hours10:20
reedipactually 1 hour 20 minutes ... 5400 is 1.5 hours10:20
nmagnezireedip, i'm going for a lunch break. will ping you right afterwards :)10:20
reedip(wrong sign ... < 1.5 hours )10:20
reedipnmagnezi : sure thing... I will be right here :)10:21
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rm_workreedip: i don't know or care :P10:23
rm_workit does seem long, but10:23
rm_workhonestly i feel like maybe default should be 010:23
rm_workI mean... ok, what is the haproxy default?10:23
rm_workif you don't specify anything10:23
rm_workthat is the value I would go with, since in general they pick very sane defaults10:23
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reediprm_work : hmm ... actually what I was thinking was keeping a very long ssh connection is also not right from security PoV10:29
rm_workyou keep saying SSH10:30
rm_workbut this is totally generic, right?10:30
rm_workthe parameter is for any type10:31
reediprm_work .... It is generic  :) But the request was for ssh connections :D10:31
rm_workyes, but 99% of LBs are HTTP(S)10:31
rm_workso you're welcome to set whatever default YOU want, when using SSH10:31
rm_workbut the default should be sane for the 99% case10:31
rm_worknot the 1% case, even if the reason it is added was for that 1%10:31
reedipAgreed ...10:33
reedipok, I will rework my patch10:34
rm_worklet me know when to review again :)10:39
rm_workI'll be around for a while10:39
rm_worklike... 5 hours10:39
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reedipI would be publishing it tomorrow morning ( 14 hours from now ) but would be looking at the review comments :)10:52
reedipso I guess you can look at it peacefully tomorrow P:)10:52
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openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/python-octaviaclient master: Trivial Fix
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Adds v2 load balancer API section
rm_workjohnsom: do you have a goal for this week?16:43
rm_worklike... get at least the main patches for apiv2 wrapped up?16:44
johnsomYeah, finish at least the LB API Ref.  Do you mean as a team?16:44
rm_workyeah, teamwise16:44
johnsomYeah, I would like to see listener finished/merged.  Pool would be good too16:44
johnsomAn get the scenario tests merged for this API16:45
johnsomThey aren't great/perfect, but it would be something more than we have now16:45
rm_workthere's a bunch of comments on that i think16:48
rm_workfrom diltram16:48
rm_workand I kinda wish we were starting more minimal, rather than "here's aaaaall the stuff from neutron-lbaas""16:49
johnsomWell, we do need to basically start over with tempest in the new repo and use the "new" way of building these16:50
johnsomBack in a few, I need to do a patch reboot16:52
rm_workjohnsom: so ... i'm just gonna push a patchset to the listeners patch17:05
rm_worknothing has happened on it in a bit, and it's sitting in merge conflict17:05
johnsomsindhu Should be here17:06
johnsomI guess it is lunch time there17:07
johnsomIt should be fine17:07
ankur-gupta-f4rm_work: +117:09
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sindhurm_work: hi17:23
rm_workah was just about to submit the fixed version17:23
rm_workshould i hold off?17:23
sindhuif u have it ready pls go ahead17:23
sindhudid u have functional tests failing?17:25
rm_worki'm running  through the last of the testing now17:26
rm_workbelieve that was fixed in my other patch that merged17:26
rm_workmostly had to fix some pep817:26
rm_workand somehow the loadbalancer endpoint got lost there17:27
sindhusome of the functional tests are failing for me now17:27
rm_workah no, i see the functionals failing17:28
rm_worki'll get it17:28
sindhuwhich didn't earlier17:28
rm_workyeah i think i know why17:28
sindhusomething changed? or I missed something?17:29
rm_worknah something changed under you17:31
rm_workgot it17:31
rm_workok, just making sure this all passes17:35
rm_workhmm, there's a bunch of functional tests that just say "skip, needs work"17:35
rm_workare you planning to ... work on them before we merge this? :P17:35
sindhuso those are the ones that needs pool17:35
johnsomSome of those are cross patch dependecies17:36
johnsomThey all should be tagged the same way with TODO so we can find them17:36
rm_workdefine "tagged with TODO"17:37
rm_workright now it's just: self.skip('Skip, needs work')17:37
rm_workfor all of them17:37
rm_workshould I throw a todo in there?17:37
rm_worktests all pass17:38
rm_workjohnsom: ^^17:38
rm_worki'm feeling impatient so i might just push it up as-is17:39
johnsomHa, can't even use the restroom...  Yeah, just push it up, we can comment17:41
rm_workI mean, what TODO17:41
rm_workwould you like to see17:41
rm_work@testtools.skip('Skip until complete v2 merge')17:42
rm_workthat maybe?17:42
rm_workthat is what the loadbalancer ones use17:42
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johnsomYeah, that should be it17:42
johnsomI would have to dig back to find it, but I think that was it17:43
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johnsomWe just wanted to have something easily grep-able to find these once we land everything17:43
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rm_workswitched them over to that17:44
johnsomrm_work What are your thoughts on the /graph thing?  Since we never published it (and it doesn't seem to work right now) I am tempted to drop all that and make single call create be just adding to the load balancer body.  Thoughts?17:44
rm_workfucking yes17:44
johnsomNice.  That is three cores leaning that way.   I will work on clarifying that in the API docs I'm writing up.17:45
rm_workthe whole idea of a separate endpoint for that is painful to me17:45
johnsomMe too17:45
johnsomIt's super ugly as implemented IMHO17:45
rm_workso you also ran into the whole "oh, and it never actually worked" issue17:45
johnsomYeah, some strange transaction issue creating the VIP17:46
johnsomblows up17:46
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Octavia v2 API for listeners
johnsomRuntimeError: Method <function create_port at 0x7fa2d7a0b230> cannot be called within a transaction.17:47
rm_workthat's different than what I ran into I think >_>17:47
johnsomThis is neutron-lbaas side17:47
rm_workrebasing the pools patch as well17:49
rm_workand fixing the part where it skips ALL the tests >_>17:50
rm_workactually as of the pools patch, it should be able to add the listener+pools tests]17:51
sindhurm_work: thanks for the patch :)17:52
rm_worknp, just looking forward to landing all this stuff. thanks for doing all the hard work :P17:54
sindhurm_work: :)17:56
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rm_workok this one had some issues, took a little more work18:36
rm_workgetting there18:36
*** blogan has joined #openstack-lbaas18:39
sshankrm_work, Sorry. I was waiting for the listeners to be rebased.18:40
rm_workahh no worries18:40
rm_workactually, i was really only meaning to rebase this18:41
rm_workbut it turned into working on it a bit T_T18:41
rm_workdidn't intend to take over your patch18:41
rm_worki can let you do it18:41
johnsomUgh, this stuff is muddy.  Health checks, we really should have HTTPS and TLS or SSL, where HTTPS actually does HTTP over TLS and "TLS" just does the hello check.18:41
rm_workit's ... a bit of fixes though, as you can't use self.* to store things like loadbalancer_id / listener_id when you are in a controller18:42
rm_workbecause they carry across requests18:42
rm_workwhich is not good18:42
sshankyeah. Brandon had suggested to not store those and instead pass it as args into the methods which use them18:42
rm_workshould i let you handle this?18:46
rm_workI would say I am about halfway done now, but i can either finish this, or sleep :P18:47
sshankI can do it.18:47
sshankBut if you have done it half, you can continue as well. I am okay with anything.18:47
rm_workmaybe update that to "almost done"18:50
rm_workso i can prolly just wrap this up if you don't mind :)18:51
rm_worki'm used to working really closely with folks so sometimes i don't even think about it when i just start hacking on a patch >_<18:51
rm_workyep, done18:54
rm_workjust running tests18:54
rm_worksshank: ^^18:54
sshankNo problem. :)18:55
rm_workstill needs to be gone through with a fine tooth comb18:55
rm_worki just kinda fixed the obvious stuff with the merge and with that issue18:55
rm_workthere could still be bugs18:55
rm_workpools patch actually ends up fixing some stuff that we should have caught on the LB patch >_> ah well18:57
rm_worki'll stop after this one and let you guys get the rest of them >_>18:59
sshankOk. I'll look into it as well.18:59
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for pools
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rm_workahhh lol just noticed the pools patch was using v1 members until we added the v2 member controllers as the next CR :P19:01
rm_workgood thing i didn't dive into the member stuff19:02
rm_workwho was doing the members patch19:02
rm_workwas that sindhu ?19:02
ankur-gupta-f4members is either ndahiwade or sshank19:03
sindhurm_work: all the patches are under my name but I am working only on Listener and Health Monitor19:03
sshankndahiwade, Was talking care of members19:04
rm_worktrying VERY hard not to do the rebase on that one right now too19:04
ndahiwaderm_work: Members and L7policy are mine19:04
rm_workndahiwade: you can go ahead and rebase :)19:04
rm_worklisteners/pools are up to date now19:04
ndahiwaderm_work, will do :)19:04
rm_workndahiwade: out of curiosity, in the controllers/ why did you move the endpoints out of the base and into both LBaaSController and V2Controller?19:08
rm_workseemed like was fine untouched19:08
rm_workndahiwade: oh and note that delete is status 204 not 20219:09
rm_workndahiwade: unless you are busy with other things, then i am perfectly happy to do that rebase too :P19:12
ndahiwaderm_work: I was looking into other stuff, but I am good with anything :)19:13
rm_worklol k if you are on other stuff I can do it really quick19:13
rm_workI am really wired right now for some reason and just chugging through these >_<19:14
ndahiwaderm_work: sure go ahead:)19:14
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for Members
ndahiwaderm_work: I had moved the endpoints to both LBaas and V2 controllers because of Brandon's patch :
ndahiwadeBut i am not sure we are moving ahead with that19:19
rm_worki just cancelled the changes to that file for now19:20
rm_workwe can go back and fix it once at the end if we want to19:20
rm_workbut yeah that patch looks ... dead maybe?19:20
ndahiwaderm_work, yes it does19:21
rm_workerr... i mean, it just looks straight up wrong right now19:21
rm_workremoves everything?19:21
ndahiwaderm_work, So we'll stick with all three in the __init__?19:22
ndahiwadeBaseV2, Lbaas, V219:22
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*** aojea has joined #openstack-lbaas19:22
rm_worki mean19:23
rm_workwe can fix it at the end19:23
rm_workthat's what he was doing19:23
ndahiwaderm_work, yes, agreed19:23
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for Health Monitor
rm_workwoo rebase button worked19:26
ankur-gupta-f4best feeling19:26
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rm_workbut, that HM patch needs some work19:28
rm_worksame issue as the pools one -- can't be using self to store stuff in controllers19:28
rm_workwho was HM? sindhu?19:32
sindhurm_work: yes19:33
sindhurm_work: that needs work19:33
rm_workor was it you ankur-gupta-f419:33
sindhurm_work: it needed DB migration19:33
sindhurm_work: which got merged recently19:33
rm_workyep! woo19:33
sindhurm_work: will work on the remaining required work now19:34
rm_workcool cool19:34
rm_workREALLY want to try to get ALL of these (at least the initial patches) merged this week19:34
rm_workah ndahiwade I promise I am not doing anything to the L7 ones, so if you have time to get to those, awesome19:35
rm_worki'm out for now19:35
sindhurm_work: you are on a roll :)19:35
ankur-gupta-f4we need to tackle listeners and pools first19:35
rm_workI got those rebased, passing tests, and mostly fixed up for the stuff i saw19:36
rm_workI am hoping they are very close to good19:36
ankur-gupta-f4hmmm. its questionable19:36
rm_workyes :P19:36
rm_worki mean, i only looked at them very briefly19:36
rm_workthe tests were pretty good though, caught some stuff19:37
ankur-gupta-f4since the listener/pool patch also needs to un-skip the skipped tests for the load_balancer controller. and need to make sure the lb controller returns the right stuff based on the listeners and pool controllers19:37
rm_workI figured we'd go through and unskip everything at the end19:37
ankur-gupta-f4i mean it should be sequential19:37
rm_workrather than try to figure out on each patch what more can be unskipped19:37
ankur-gupta-f4shouldn't be too hard19:37
rm_workbut yeah, you are probably right19:37
ankur-gupta-f4if the listeners scenario tests are passing and returning the right info19:38
ankur-gupta-f4the un-skipped tests should also pass19:38
rm_workneed to actually run scenarios against them19:38
rm_worki haven't tested this stuff in devstack yet19:38
ankur-gupta-f4k boarding. catch up Wednesday19:39
rm_workyeah sleeping, same19:39
rm_workerr well, tomorrow in my case :P19:39
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ndahiwaderm_work, sure will do. thanks :)19:57
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diltramjohnsom: do we have some problem with DIB currently?20:11
johnsomI am not sure, it was Friday last time I stacked20:12
diltramdiskimage_builder.element_dependencies.InvalidElementDir: ELEMENTS_PATH entry '/opt/stack/diskimage-builder' is not a directory20:12
diltramand there is no /opt/stack/diskimage-builder dir20:12
johnsomYeah, it isn't used anymore20:13
johnsomAnkur saw that last week, I did not.  Is it DIB code or something in ours?  Gate or local?20:13
diltramour is throwing that20:14
johnsomI am making lunch at the moment, but can look at it with you after if you want20:14
diltramok, I'm going home to eat something too20:15
diltramI will ping you later :)20:15
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diltramjohnsom: found bug20:19
diltramwill send to review later20:19
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openstackgerritReedip proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for Health Monitor
reediprm_work, sindhu  : changed some minor stuff ^^20:34
sindhureedip: will look into it20:35
rm_work^^ still need to fix the self.* issue20:36
openstackgerritNakul Dahiwade proposed openstack/octavia master: Align Octavia API to n-lbaasv2 for L7Policy
reediprm_work : mentioned that in the updated comments :)20:37
rm_worklol k20:37
rm_worki was too quick20:37
rm_worki'm out tho, catch you tomorrow20:38
reediprm_work : If we only need to remove it because its set to None, then it can be done....20:38
reediprm_work .. okay, sure :)20:38
rm_workah, no20:38
rm_workeverywhere that uses that as well20:38
reedipI know, its not as simple as it sounds :D20:38
rm_worki did it for pools20:38
rm_workit might be very similar20:38
reedipthats why I pinged the author ( sindhu )20:38
rm_workcan look at how I changed pools in the latest patchset20:39
reediprm_work : yeah checking that20:39
reedipnmagnezi: \o/20:40
*** KeithMnemonic1 has joined #openstack-lbaas20:40
nmagnezireedip, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯20:40
reediplol :)20:40
nmagnezireedip, i forgot to ping you back about the default value :<20:41
*** KeithMnemonic has quit IRC20:42
reedipnmagnezi : no issues, I just woke up ( its 4:00 AM here :D )20:43
reediplemme know your opinion20:43
nmagnezireedip, oh so you are like rm_work.. you never sleep :)20:43
reedipi dont know about rm_work , but I woke up bcz its chilly  nmagnezi :D20:44
rm_workah heh, reedip it is 5:45am here :P20:44
rm_workbut this is just when I work >_>20:44
nmagneziit is 22:45 here :D20:44
reediprm_work : whats ur time zone ?20:45
reedipseems to be JST20:45
reedipI guessed right :D20:45
openstackgerritNakul Dahiwade proposed openstack/octavia master: Align Octavia API to n-lbaasv2 for L7Policy
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openstackgerritLubosz Kosnik (diltram) proposed openstack/octavia master: Remove local DIB elements dir
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openstackgerritNakul Dahiwade proposed openstack/octavia master: Align Octavia API to n-lbaasv2 for L7Policy
nmagnezijohnsom, o/21:55
johnsomnmagnezi Hello21:55
nmagnezijohnsom, hey Michael21:55
nmagnezijohnsom, how are you?21:55
johnsomI am well for a Monday afternoon, you?21:55
nmagneziI'm well for Monday night :)21:56
nmagnezijohnsom, I'm having some issues with amphora images, which makes it a bit hard for me  to debug stuff, maybe you'll know better21:57
nmagnezifor each image I create21:57
nmagnezieither ubuntu or centos/fedora/rhel21:57
nmagnezidns seems to be completely disabled from inside the instance21:58
johnsomYes, we do that on purpose21:58
nmagneziwhy? and how can I enable it? (for development)21:58
nmagneziI don't know how you did it but it was done very well.. :D21:59
johnsomWe did it because the design of our amps/load balancers does not use DNS names, we only accept IP addresses.  However, many other services on the amps attempt to look up names even though there is no DNS server available to them (not all amps have interfaces on the internet for example).  These services slow down startup and logins among other issues, so22:01
johnsominstead of trying to go service by service disabling DNS lookups (likely missing some) we decided to overall disable DNS in the image.22:01
reedipspeaking of DNS22:02
johnsomnmagnezi This is the how part:
reedip :)22:02
johnsomreedip lol22:02
nmagnezijohnsom, sounds reasonable. actually even as smart optimization.22:02
johnsomNice one22:02
nmagnezijohnsom, thank you!22:02
johnsomreedip After I am done with this section of the doc I am working on, I will spin a new VM and test the parts I am worried about.22:05
johnsomAt the moment I am a bit deep into single-call-create documentation22:06
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/octavia master: Auto detect haproxy user_group
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