Thursday, 2017-03-23

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johnsomWell that is good news.  With event streamer enabled, neutron lbaas-loadbalancer-status is updating like it should....00:12
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Adds v2 load balancer API section
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johnsomOk, I think the load balancer API reference section is ready for review01:40
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Adds v2 load balancer API section
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bbzhaojohnsom, hi micheal, I have left some comments in , You said just accept qos_policy_id. Could we accept the Qos policy details (such as max_kbps and max_burst_kbps), we can use this parameters to create the qos in neutron? Is that OK?02:09
reedipjohnson , rm_work( in case you are awake ) : Is octavia still going to be a part of NeutronStadium?02:17
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reedipbbzhao : I responded to your spec :)02:50
reedipwith my understanding ..02:50
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bbzhaoreedip, thanks for your comments, I 'm returned on the spec now. At first , You are welcome for the work of this spec. Many thanks for help us.:)02:53
reedipthanks bbzhao .. please let me know what you think about my idea ... I think we can directly tie in with Neutron's QoS than to do something new in LBaaS02:54
johnsombbzhao Thanks for chatting02:55
johnsomI was asking if it was ok to just use the qos_policy_id.  It would make the code much easier02:56
johnsomIt was an idea / question02:56
bbzhaooh Sorry for that, I see.02:57
reedipjohnsom : Yes we can  ,IMHO02:57
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reedipjohnsom : I had a query earlier : Is octavia still going to be a part of NeutronStadium?02:59
reedipafter neutron-lbaas is deprecated?02:59
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bbzhaosorry for a meeting..03:00
reedipreason I am asking is, it seems to me that neutron cores would like the client side implementation of projects which are a part of neutronstadium, in neutronclient03:00
johnsomreedip In Ocata, octavia and neutron-lbaas spun out of neutron stadium and became a top level OpenStack project:
reedipjohnsom : ok, sounds good enough for me now ... thanks :)03:01
johnsomI.e. We are in the big leagues now...  We are at the same standing as neutron...03:01
reedipjohnsom : btw I also had an idea03:02
reedipwanted to know if there is any use case for loadbalancers mirroring network packets for network analysis03:02
reedipjust wanted to get an idea about the above idea :)03:02
johnsombbzhao We meet on #openstack-meeting-alt03:03
reedipjohnsom :when  ??????03:03
reedipoh I missed it :(03:04
johnsomreedip Hmm, I know neutron has some port mirroring support or proposals03:04
reedipjohnsom : that is known as Tap-as-a-Service :D03:04
johnsomWe meet every week at 20:00 UTC on Wednesday03:04
reedipyeah , I saw the chat now :(03:05
johnsomThere is a full log of the meeting linked there as well if you missed the meeting and want to see what we discussed03:05
johnsomreedip So, port mirroring.  Do you have a use case for end users doing this or just operators?03:08
reedipjohnsom : currently , port-mirroring is required by telcos03:08
reedipjohnsom : and thats where we are focussing for now, but I guess if need be, telecos who use loadbalancers may need port-mirroring as well. We are waiting for it as of now.  (seems to be a very low priority )03:09
johnsombbzhao It seems more flexible if we just take the neutron qos_policy_id. For example if they add a new feature to neutron qos, like the method CoDel, etc., we don't have to update the octavia API03:11
johnsomreedip I get the value, I'm just trying to understand the "user".  If it is an operator with admin rights, they can use the tap-as-a-service as they can see/access the VIP port owned by the neutron/octavia service account.03:12
reedipjohnsom : operator with admin rights, for now... tenant probably later ....03:13
reedipjohnsom: anyways I think the port created by octavia can be easily tied up with loadbalancer and verified03:14
johnsomSo, operator should be good to go now assuming tap-as-a-service is functional in neutron03:14
reedipjohnsom : yep03:14
johnsomYeah, end users, that is a different story.  I think once we get our load balancer logs story implemented, that will probably address most if not all of the end-user needs03:15
reedipjohnsom : also  , yes in bbzhao 's patch, we do not need to modify the tables , but I think minor Octavia API modification may be required. Also as a QoS policy may have more than one rule, it would be difficult to moderate the flow table filters implemented by the various QoS rules on the loadbalancer.03:16
johnsomWe are trying to investigate the "right" way to expose the LB logs to end users during Pike.  It's something we (as an operator) want.03:16
reedipjohnsom: ok...03:18
johnsomreedip Yeah, where I am leaning is, user passes us a neutron qos_policy_id at LB create time.  We take that and apply it to the LB VIP port for the reference driver, but if the vendor driver wants to do QoS in hardware, they can query the neutron qos_policy_id and sign up for change notifications.  This keeps it simple for octavia/LBaaS03:18
johnsomAs they add features to QoS in neutron we get them for free.03:19
reedipjohnsom : this also introduces lot of verification at our end. Do we implement DSCP Marking? Do  we assure Minimum Bandwidth Garuntee ?03:20
reedipjohnsom: what happens if a QoS policy is modified? Would LB work will with it ?? ( and the scenarios increase with more features :D )03:21
johnsomreedip Right, with just taking the ID and configuring neutron to manage that, we don't have to actually implement any of that03:21
johnsomIf  vendor wants to go there, they could, it just gets complicated...03:22
reedipjohnsom: on the contrary, I think we might have to , else we may have a complicated scenario in our hand where in instead of  limiting Loadbalancer to a max bandwidth of 100kbps, we assure that the port gets a minimum bandwidth of 200 kbps ( QoS Policies can change that way )03:22
reedipbecause of the changing QoS Rules03:22
reedipjohnsom : I guess the feature owner will have lot of things to read up once his meeting ends :D03:23
johnsomRight, if they change their QoS policy in neutron, the LB would automatically change03:23
johnsomSince octavia isnt' actually doing the QoS but neutron is, using the policy the user specified03:24
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johnsomisnt' == is not, typo03:25
johnsomDoes that make sense?  Does that work for you?03:25
reedipjohnsom : Considering that we would still have to do a lot of FUnctional Test cases to do , for now it sounds ok.... I am a bit skeptical with the type of checks we need to do , but yes, it saves the extra implentation to be done on the Octavia side03:32
johnsomreedip What kind of checks?  We are discussing this and trying to investigate all of the issues, so please voice concerns.03:33
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reedipjohnsom : sorry, I am also having a parallel meeting.... can I discuss with you the same on the patch ?03:33
johnsomSure, we can discuss another time.  It is evening here anyway.  I just want to make sure I hear/understand your perspective!03:36
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reedipjohnsom : hi .. my only concern is that qos policy must only have the bandwidth limit rules. It shouldnt have any other qos rule03:39
johnsomOk, interesting.  So, if they specify a DSCP rule, the load balancer is just going to ignore and strip those right?03:43
johnsomIs your concern about future rules?03:43
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reedipjohnsom : yes03:54
reedipjohnsom : loadbalancer SHOULD .. but would it ? that needs to be checked03:54
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johnsomIt will with octavia driver for sure03:57
johnsomWith vendor driver, wouldn't that be the user's issue.  If their hardware honors DSCP, maybe they are using it for a reason03:58
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reedipthat sounds correct04:00
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openstackgerrithuangshan proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Remove log translations from neutron-lbaas
bbzhaojohnsom, reedip Sorry, back right now for other meeting. reedip raise the issue that I'm concerned too. What we want the function is just the qos bandwith limitation, so the created qos_policy should contained the bandwith limit rule only. But I saw your chat log, only input qos_policy_id, and the more qos_rules in it should be considered by the reasons of the real usage from vendors. That sounds we just extend the octavia API to accept an Qos06:01
bbzhaopolicy, not just for bandwith limit.Right?06:01
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reedipbbzhao : yeah06:04
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reedipbut we need to mention the limitation ( this looks like a limitation for third party drivers)06:05
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bbzhaoThat means we need mentioned this policy is just for bandwith limitation. That sounds we need maintain the usage of qos policy for  vip port. But neutron just allow 1 port can applied 1 policy..06:13
reedipok , so ?06:14
bbzhaoIf extend the API just accept the qos policy id, and maintain the usage about that, we can't know what the users will do in the next. For example, user create lb with qos policy with bandwith limit rule only, we store an "bandwith limitation" about that, then users want add some DSCP rule into this policy on neutron side. Octavia need know the qos usage info should be add some info about DSCP rule addition. So I think this may be a alternative06:21
bbzhaosolution for lb port bandwith limitation.06:21
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reedipbbzhao : this is exactly what I mentioned to johnsom06:47
reediphis idea is that octavia default driver would ignore the DSCP marking06:48
reedipbut I am not sure about the minimum bandwidth garuntee rule06:48
reediphe is correct about dscp06:48
reedipbut the min bandwidth may be an issue or a blessing06:48
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bbzhaoreedip, Yeah, that's why the spec input parameters is all about bandwith limit rule creation. I'm agree that default driver ignore the DSCP marking. I need to think about the effect of min bandwitdt. I need investigate it.06:56
reedipbbzhao : think of it as a DAM on a RIVER06:56
reedipright now, with max bandwidth, you are blocking the river on one end, if you put mim bandwidth, it will block at both the ends ... so the streaming data would be much better06:57
reedipmind it , using both mim bw and max bw will make the VIP port function better if we have streamed data06:59
bbzhaoreedip, Thanks for decription. make sence. It is for the big Network traffic Scenario. Yeah, make sence now07:05
bbzhaoreedip, but I think is OK, eventhough I set the min bd rule is larger than max db rule. The effect should be owned by the users. As lb just read the qos_policy_id and use it. Lb dont create any rules.07:21
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bbzhaoreedip, but if there is no max bd rule in the policy..Wow..octavia need query this qos_policy for verify it contains a max bd rule?07:27
reedipbbzhao : When minimum bw rule is > max bw rule ...
reedipbbzhao : octavia neednt query the QoS policy ...07:28
reedipbbzhao: whatever policy is set for QoS policy will drive the port data .. LBaaS may not be affected by iot07:29
bbzhaoreedip, hah. I saw the patch. Ok, I forget octavia just extend to accept qos_policy...07:32
reedipbbzhao : yeah , the idea becomes pretty simple if we understand Octavia wont be responsible for the Data flow , that would be QoS07:32
reedipbbzhao : if the port is associated with incorrect QoS policies, then its a user misoperation, though the same needs to be mentioned in the RST and the document which would have the reno for this feature07:33
reedipso thats a ToDO from our end..07:33
bbzhaoreedip, Yeah. It's like we pass a parameter in port update..07:39
bbzhaoreedip, it's very simple if we understood the standing of both side.07:40
reedipbbzhao : I guess thats the intention of johnsom : make complicated things simpler :D07:41
bbzhaoreedip, hah. That's correct.07:42
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openstackgerrithuangshan proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Remove log translations from neutron-lbaas
reedipis it me or is FibreHome really looking into log translations08:11
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia master: Look for all qemu-img/kvm package names in rhel-based distros
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Imported Translations from Zanata
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openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/octavia master: Auto detect haproxy user_group
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rm_workrebase time!13:31
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Octavia v2 API for listeners
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for pools
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for Members
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia master: Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
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rm_workso on pools, having listener_id and loadbalancer_id seems redundant14:49
rm_workbut i guess sometimes you won't have a listener, so you need at least one of the two14:49
rm_workand i do believe loadbalancer_id is mandatory in neutron-lbaas14:49
rm_workbut i almost want to make it not? and do the validation manually14:49
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sshankrm_work, listener_id in pools was made optional right? And loadbalancer_id as mandatory.15:02
rm_workright, but15:03
rm_workif you DO provide listener_id, loadbalancer_id seems redundant in that case15:03
sshankHmm yeah.15:04
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ankur-gupta-f4rm_work: i totally forgot to push up my changes yesterday. My bad. Did u push up some changes to listeners?15:13
rm_workjust a rebase this morning15:14
rm_workdid you have changes to it?15:14
rm_workyou should be able to do a diff against the reflog before you did your amend commit, and then re-apply those as a patch on top of the latest15:14
rm_work(I have that problem quite often)15:15
ankur-gupta-f4Yea some small ones for neutron lbaas alignment. K. Still in bed tho so it might be a bit :)15:15
rm_worki mean15:16
rm_workthat's where I do 100% of my work15:16
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rm_work^^ if someone wants to look at outputs from the v2 patches in octavia, that's what they do15:34
rm_workin their *current* state15:34
rm_worklet me know if you see something wrong15:34
rm_workI'm honestly not 100% sure what they look like in v2, i really don't like the API a whole lot, it feels very compromisey to me15:35
johnsomI have a neutron-lbaas VM running I use to compare as I go along15:38
rm_workah that is a good idea15:40
rm_workalso i should do deletes and unhappy-path15:40
rm_workjohnsom: I am really hopeful we can merge listeners today! what do you think?15:41
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rm_workI don't know if there are any major issues remaining?15:41
ankur-gupta-f4The changes i put in take care of some of the null values returned by listeners15:41
rm_workankur-gupta-f1: what was it that you had to add still?15:41
ankur-gupta-f4Im out of my 1-115:41
rm_workerr, wrong ankur-gupta-f1 apparently15:41
rm_workthere are 1-4 of you? :P15:41
ankur-gupta-f4And unskipped 2 functional tests15:41
rm_workah cool15:41
rm_workyeah if you want help with getting out your changes15:42
ankur-gupta-f4Yea i think i left some clients running at homein texas15:42
rm_worki can help15:42
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rm_workdo you know how to use reflog and make a patch from a diff against that?15:42
johnsomYeah, I will work on testing listeners today15:42
ankur-gupta-f4Yea let me get my coffee n hop onto comp n will let u know.15:42
johnsomI finished up the load balancer API section last night15:43
ankur-gupta-f4I do not so will need ur help15:43
rm_workok cool15:43
rm_workgit diff $(git reflog | grep "commit (amend)" -A1 | head -n2 | tail -n1 | awk '{print $1}') | pbcopy15:49
rm_workshould put your changes in your paste-buffer15:49
rm_workthen just do a git review -d again to get the latest15:49
rm_workpbpaste | git apply15:49
rm_workmy bash might not be super clean there, but that works for me basically 100% of the time15:50
rm_workbasically that gets all your changes from your latest amend15:52
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johnsomI just posted some initial issues with the listeners patch16:03
ankur-gupta-f4Im on it boss!16:05
rm_workyou got it ankur-gupta-f4?16:05
johnsomWe updated the types, but didn't update the controller16:05
rm_workah when did functionals stop working16:05
rm_worki thought i did that? :/16:05
rm_worki didn't even look at the stuff outside of post/put16:06
rm_workso ankur-gupta-f4 are you going to fix these things too? or just post your updates?16:06
rm_workjohnsom: some counter-comments16:08
ankur-gupta-f4I can do it. Fixing functional tests too16:08
rm_worknote my comments16:09
ankur-gupta-f4Did u put on the patch?16:09
johnsomOk, I was just checking on those.  I guess I haven't got to the conversion code in my review yet16:09
rm_worknext to johnsom's16:09
rm_workyeah it's in the db_prepare16:10
rm_workwhich happens before the validate16:10
openstackgerritNir Magnezi proposed openstack/octavia master: Auto detect haproxy user_group
ankur-gupta-f4rm_work: if u r sick of api this cud use eyes till i do the listeners stuff,
rm_workhmm k16:17
rm_worki don't understand why we need all this boilerplate, if this is just a plugin to OSC?16:18
rm_workcan't we just import anything we need from OSC?16:18
* rm_work doesn't understand how OSC plugins work, exactly16:18
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johnsomankur-gupta-f4 FYI, keep refreshing the listeners API, I am continuing to review so may post new comments16:22
ankur-gupta-f4Yea. The functional tests may take awhile. Plus changing all return status codes as well16:23
johnsomOk, just wanted to give you a heads up, I am still whining about the patch..... Grin16:24
rm_workugh the status code changes are killing me16:26
rm_workgoing from correct statuses to purposefully incorrect statuses16:26
johnsomI know.16:26
rm_workto be backwards compatible... >_>16:27
johnsomBut wrath has come upon those in other projects that tried to fix this exact issue16:27
johnsomBasically they are being forced into microversions16:27
johnsomHmm, yeah, the page on "how to implement a plugin"16:31
johnsomTalks about using osc_lib16:32
rm_workok so yeah, this is the better way to do it then16:33
johnsomYeah, duplicated code16:33
rm_workyeah k16:34
rm_workso my gut WAS right16:34
ankur-gupta-f4Yea. That stuff sits in my WIP patch16:34
rm_workwhy do you have both that AND a patch for the skeleton?16:41
rm_workI think you ONLY need one or the other?16:41
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ankur-gupta-f4Will look later afternoon16:41
rm_workyeah, priority IMO is the API patches16:42
johnsomHmm, so nlbaas we don't let them PUT the protocol or protocol_port....16:49
johnsomI am trying to think of the ramifications if we allow that now....16:50
ankur-gupta-f4running into a fun functional error for 'create_with_one_listener' . Since listener now requires loadbalancer_id.16:53
rm_workjohnsom: right, didn't i remove that?16:53
ankur-gupta-f4and rm_work:16:53
rm_workankur-gupta-f4: are you trying to un-skip the graph tests?16:54
johnsomrm_work no, it's still there in patch 3016:54
rm_workI don't think those will work yet16:54
rm_workwe haven't added the graph-create stuff16:54
ankur-gupta-f4k undoing skip. will just address johnsoms questions and push up16:55
johnsomrm_work If you have a few minutes for review, I would welcome feedback on
rm_workyeah I am doing it now16:59
rm_workit is taking me a while because i am being incredibly nitpicky17:00
rm_worklots of: nit: add "the"17:00
johnsomTotally cool with that17:00
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johnsomIt's a lot of content spread over a lot of distractions....17:01
rm_workwtf is "flavor"17:01
rm_workdid we merge that?17:01
rm_workI thought we didn't have flavors yet17:01
johnsomWe do have it, it did merge, but it's current form is pretty much useless17:02
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openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/octavia master: Octavia v2 API for listeners
ankur-gupta-f4just pushed up. passing tests locally. lets see what happens on Jenkins17:12
ankur-gupta-f4I really want to unskip more tests17:13
ankur-gupta-f4but i guess we cant till graph17:13
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rm_workjohnsom: ok i am about to post for at least the first few sections17:27
rm_worklots of nits, have fun :P17:30
rm_workfor the status codes, I don't actually know what's correct anymore since we're changing a bunch of stuff to be purposefully incorrect per HTTP spec17:32
rm_workI am just assuming you put the right ones :/17:32
johnsomI am matching neutron-lbaas and adding any that I know Octavia may return for errors.17:33
rm_workhmm PUT/DELETE seem fine actually17:35
johnsomFeel free to put in comments about questionable status codes.  I don't mind double checking them17:35
johnsomHa, that is all....  I put more comments than that on German's operator guide....  Grin17:36
rm_workoh, cool17:37
rm_workthis fixes that dumb bug in neutron-lbaas where the status call doesn't actually show members' operating_status17:37
rm_workwhich i almost went in and fixed17:37
rm_worki don't care because neutron-lbaas needs to die17:37
openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/octavia master: [WIP] LB/Listener Stats
openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/octavia master: [WIP] Add loadbalancer status tree call
johnsomOh yeah, the quotes thing.  I forgot that I started fixing those and didn't finish...17:43
ankur-gupta-f4purging env rebuilding for testing purposes17:44
rm_workankur-gupta-f4: gonna rebase the next two again17:47
rm_workafter i make sure they actually pass17:48
ankur-gupta-f4the next two?17:49
ankur-gupta-f4which two17:49
rm_workah they fail functionals :/17:49
ankur-gupta-f4just double check with ndahiwade and sshank in case they are working on it currently17:50
rm_workwait so17:51
rm_workALL creates are 201???17:51
rm_worknot 202?17:51
*** links has joined #openstack-lbaas17:52
rm_workndahiwade / sshank ?17:56
rm_worki can push up rebases, it won't matter if they want to override them with their own patches later17:56
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for Members
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce Octavia v2 API for pools
sshankrm_work, we were out for lunch.17:57
rm_workno worries17:57
rm_workwas just seeing if it was safe to push some changes17:57
rm_workif you were out for lunch, i assume the answer was "yes" :{17:57
rm_workspeaking of eating... i should go to sleep soon, and pop on in the morning to check on status17:58
rm_workerr, actually, that doesn't have anything to do with eating <_<17:58
openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia master: Initial version of the operator guide
*** links has quit IRC17:58
xgermanpep8 couldn’t access something on my box… so rolling the dice17:59
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-lbaas18:00
*** gcheresh_ has joined #openstack-lbaas18:03
rm_workxgerman: fails for me too18:06
rm_workah yeah lots of pep8 issues18:06
xgermantime to start drinking…18:06
rm_worknot too bad i guess18:07
*** catintheroof has quit IRC18:07
xgermanok,  better fix that18:07
*** nakul_d has joined #openstack-lbaas18:11
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openstackgerritGerman Eichberger proposed openstack/octavia master: Initial version of the operator guide
johnsomThat is neat18:58
johnsomThat is some scripts we pulled in from neutron18:58
johnsomOh, I think I have seen that before with something.  It's an issue with the version of xargs.  You are running that on a mac native aren't you....19:00
johnsomI think the solution is to go get the xargs from the "fix macOS" repository19:01
*** gcheresh_ has quit IRC19:04
*** kobis has joined #openstack-lbaas19:08
KeithMnemonicis that the guide, i said i would walk though? or was it a differnt one. finally up in SUSE so i can now work on this19:14
*** eezhova has quit IRC19:19
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*** dougwig has joined #openstack-lbaas19:39
johnsomKeithMnemonic That is a different guide.  German is working on a high level operator guide (how to do some maintenance).  You signed up for a setup/install guide19:45
johnsomIf I remember correctly19:45
KeithMnemonicok thanks for the reminder ;-)19:45
KeithMnemonicit took us a while to get settled into SUSE19:45
johnsomI hope it is going well so far19:46
johnsomThat is kind of the starting point for the install guide work19:46
johnsomOur notes from the PTG are here:
openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Adds v2 load balancer API section
KeithMnemonicgoing well, you know "drinking from the firehose"20:02
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openstackgerritAnkur proposed openstack/octavia master: Introduce TESTING.rst for quick developer reference
*** blogan_ is now known as blogan21:10
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