Friday, 2017-05-12

openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Add v2 health monitor API section
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rm_workjohnsom: hmmm01:18
rm_workdoes that mean an ACTUAL health-monitor?01:18
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johnsomThere is no health on an HM02:15
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openstackgerritcheng proposed openstack/octavia master: Add allocate vip port when create loadbalancer in server side
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Gerrit service on is being restarted to address hung remote replication tasks.13:37
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atothbeagles, what are these reno files that you mention are missing from ?16:10
johnsomreno is the release notes tool.  "<reno new short-title-for-release-note>"16:11
beaglesfor more deets16:11
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atothjohnsom, beagles thanks, I'll look into it16:12
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xgermanon it16:25
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johnsomThanks, we waited so long on that it needed a minor update since you last +2'd16:26
openstackgerritMerged openstack/octavia-tempest-plugin master: Initial setup of the octavia-tempest-plugin repo
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johnsomHa, not much in the way of gates there yet...16:29
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rm_workjohnsom: can you post an update on that bug with the exact details of what you're seeing? (the HM status thing you mentioned)17:07
rm_workbecause I am not sure I follow exactly17:08
rm_workLike, repo + what am I looking for on what object17:08
johnsomSure, I just created a HM and it never goes online, it just sits OFFLINE.  I think we need to fake up the ONLINE in the flow like we did with the others that don't actually have anything to monitor for health17:08
xgermanrm_work still in BOS?17:09
rm_workxgerman: over the midwest17:09
rm_workjohnsom: yeah ok so on the *actual HM object*17:09
xgermanmy planes were so small they didn’t even have space for a backpack inside17:09
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johnsomYep.  There is nothing on an AMP to monitor, so when we mark it active we should be marking it ONLINE too17:09
rm_workwas trying to connect to gogo and failing, it wouldn't actually list the plans... eventually i noticed i could still get to google and some other https sites somehow17:10
rm_workand eventually it redirected me to a gogo splash page with a "connect" button and said "Enjoy your free Gogo Internet session" >_>17:10
rm_workanyway, works now17:10
johnsomCool, amazing you have room to actually type.  Anyhow, updated.17:12
rm_workAlaska is pretty good for space...17:13
rm_workanyway yeah I thought I fixed that too17:13
rm_workguess I'll go looking17:13
johnsomOh, interesting, it is there:17:13
johnsomOh, nevermind, I am an idiot17:14
johnsomMy test script set admin state down17:14
johnsomrm_work ^^17:15
rm_worklol k17:17
johnsomI should get through health monitor today.  That will leave l7policy, l7rules, quota left for the API-ref.  Those will have to wait until after my vacation (assuming no one else is motivated)...17:18
johnsomI might be able to at least get one of the others started today though.17:19
atothjohnsom, beagles, is the convention to use the name of the BZ as the name of the reno file?17:21
johnsomatoth It should just be something that people can match to the release note contents.  There is no real convention.17:22
atothok, thanks17:22
beaglesatoth: I just give it a descriptive name - afaik there is no hard rule17:22
beaglesjohnsom beat me to it17:22
johnsomFYI, we have had so much recent impact on the stable branches from outside changes, I'm posting some test patches to have them cycle through the full gates.  If all is good I will try to cut a stable branch release today.17:24
johnsomSorry for the patch spam, but it's the fastest way for me to check that we have resolved all of those issues.17:25
rm_workyeah I think that's fine17:26
xgermank, send links so we know what to review with priority17:27
rm_workhmm, I met someone at the summit that said they had a lot of experience with image building with Alpine and they might have time to look at our stuff and help get something up and running17:28
rm_workwhich would be sweet17:28
johnsomHa, and Suse...17:29
xgermanSuse has their own people17:29
johnsomI just remember someone asking about Suse Amphora images in one of the talks17:33
rm_workI think they can contribute that one themselves17:33
rm_workbut we can have a gate to make sure it works still17:33
rm_workagain, non-voting, already too many voting jobs IMO <_<17:34
rm_workmultiplying the effect of random errors in our gate exponentially17:34
johnsomYeah, we still have to make lbaas voting long enough to close out of py35 goal17:34
rm_workit is17:35
rm_workisn't it?17:35
rm_worki thought we did that17:35
johnsomNo, the requirement is voting gates, we aren't on the lbaas gates17:35
rm_worki see the jobs voting17:35
rm_workgate-octavia-v1-dsvm-py3x-scenario-ubuntu-xenialSUCCESS in 26m 40s17:36
rm_workgate-octavia-v1-dsvm-py3x-scenario-multinodeSUCCESS in 34m 11s17:36
rm_worknot enough?17:36
johnsomThose are octavia gates, I'm talking about the lbaasv2 gates17:36
rm_workthat project is dead17:36
rm_workwho cares17:36
johnsomNot in the eyes of the TC17:37
rm_workso just turn them on17:37
rm_workwe don't need to merge anything anyway17:37
xgermanthat TC again…17:37
rm_work*turn them on for n-lbaas, not octavia*17:37
johnsomYeah, that might be a trick17:37
rm_workthey seem to be passing last I see17:38
johnsomYeah, they are passing17:38
rm_workthey aren't a dependent project of octavia17:38
rm_workso we don't need to gate them on octavia17:38
johnsomThe only real issue we have at the moment (knock on wood) is the random OVH host failures17:38
rm_workpretty clear cut IMO17:38
rm_workyeah but in n-lbaas we can recheck 1000 times17:39
rm_workjust don't enable the n-lbaas gates in octavia and it's fine17:39
johnsomWell, and those strange 404 issues with the amp agent17:39
atothbeagles, I'm wondering about your comment in around octavia interaction and if we would guard against other lbaasv2 implementaions being active. are we not allowing for multiple lbaas providers to be active at the same time?17:43
johnsomneutron-lbaas and octavia can be run concurrently17:43
beaglesI'm thinking of how the service providers are configured17:45
* beagles double checks17:45
xgermanmmh? LBaaS V1 and V2?17:46
atothjohnsom, my work is around tripleo, from the sessions this week @ summit I thought I heard that the current tiple0-octavia integration was around the octavia-lbaas2 setup. Is that looking to change for Pike?17:46
johnsomYeah, neutron-lbaas is under "networking" (i.e. neutron) and octavia is under "load-balancer"17:47
johnsomLBaaS V1 is dead and the code is gone, so ignore that17:47
atothxgerman, yeah, behind the times slightly, but not V1 behind :-)17:47
xgermanok, there is no issue17:47
xgerman—provider is your friend17:47
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atothI'm trying to get the generic one in before doing the F5 integration17:48
johnsomatoth Not sure I follow.  At the end of Pike, Octavia with have it's own endpoint implementing a superset of LBaaSv2 API (we are kind of calling it Octavia V2 API) and has a service type in keystone of "load-balancer".17:48
johnsomYou can still use the neutron-lbaas endpoint however, if you need.17:49
xgermanwith F5 he needs it17:49
xgermanuntil wer have the shim ready17:49
johnsomYeah, we don't have the providers stuff in Octavia v2 API yet17:50
atothjohnsom, discussions on the octavia -tripleo integration was thin :-) just reconciling my understanding17:50
johnsomYeah, I'm not super familiar with the tripleo stuff either.  nmagnezi is the expert here17:50
xgermanyeah, I don’t use it so have to go on good authority from nmagnezi17:50
rm_workyeah we are running n-lbaas v2 that is providing a hardware vendor's lbs, and also octavia which is doing the service-vm thing17:51
atothmention nmagnezi one more time and ... oops just did17:51
xgermanI know they asked questions here about how we did OSA and were thinking doing the same17:51
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beaglesjohnsom: can you run lbaas with something other than octavia as a backend at the same time?17:51
* beagles concedes his understandings of all things lbaas is limited17:51
beaglesok cool17:52
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rm_workthe shim is re-worked a little bit and seems to be ... "passing" our basic tests, but we need a vendor to get some CI set up and their driver shoved under it17:52
rm_workso we can see if it REALLY works17:52
xgermanyou can select with —provider WHERE the load balancer should be created17:52
rm_workI'm honestly a little stalled on it until that happens17:52
johnsomYes, the providers parameter defines the driver used for the load balancer17:52
beaglesso atoth, then the thing you need to make sure of is that one does not "wipe out the other"17:52
* atoth see beagles knowledge points increase17:52
xgermanand you can pick one as the default17:52
xgermanthough all products/installs I can influence make Octavia default17:53
atothhow would they collide with different endpoints?17:53
rm_workyep :)17:53
rm_workthey would not collide ^_^17:54
* beagles is referring to configuration only17:54
beaglesI'm not sure if there is any overlap at all, but the docs are kind of wonky in this regard so I'm exercising caution :)17:54
rm_workif both are using Octavia though, you'd use the proxy driver instead of the regular octavia driver17:54
rm_workin neutron-lbaas17:54
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johnsomOr the old octavia v1 driver17:55
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atothso can you even guard against it if multiple providers are allowed?17:57
rm_workI just don't even understand what collisions you're even considering17:58
atothwhich ever ones beagles is exercising caution against ;-)17:58
beaglesrm_work: the collisions I am referring to are actually all tripleo and configuration specific17:59
rm_workbut like17:59
rm_workcollisions between... what and what?17:59
beaglesso like the implementation of the service_plugins for lbaas wipes  out octavia17:59
beaglesand so on17:59
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beaglesthere probably is little else.. I'm guessing?18:00
rm_workok yeah I guess you lost me18:00
atothme too :-)18:00
atothbut that just shows how new I am to this maybe18:00
rm_workthis is with tripleo automated configuration elements or something?18:01
rm_worklike it deletes config sections?18:01
beaglesrm_work: yes, but no18:01
* atoth loves the clarity18:01
rm_workAFAIK there should not be any possible collisions when the services are running, pretty much no matter what your configuration looks like18:02
rm_workso if you find one, file a bug I guess :P18:02
beaglesrm_work that's not what I'm referring to18:02
rm_work(with clearer repro steps than what you've described here so far ^_^)18:02
johnsomTo clarify, the neutron service plugin will be lbaasv2 if you want neutron-lbaas in neutron.18:02
beaglesjohnsom: an afaik it is also lbaasv2 if you use octavia with neutron18:03
rm_workbeagles: right, I have yet to be able to follow what you're actually referring to T_T18:03
johnsomThen service_provider is a list of drivers18:03
beaglesjohnsom: yes .. an afaict the lbaas config code doesn't treat it as such - it kind of sidesteps the neutron configruation of same18:04
beagles(puppet config code)18:04
johnsombeagles Yeah, it's lbaasv2 if you use neutron-lbaas.  Independent on the backend driver(s) that you have in neutron-lbaas.  The drivers list is service-providers.18:04
beaglesso my comments to atoth patches, were along the lines of making sure they either can work together or make them not deploy togehter18:04
beagles(it really doesn't have anything to do with lbaas I think, just make sure they can be deployed properly)18:05
atoth Sounds like a QA thing ;-)18:05
atothso when I get to the point of adding test to the ci pipeline, I should make that the test case18:06
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xgermanyeah, we are of little help when it comes to tripleO18:12
rm_worknmagnezi can speak to that maybe? :P18:12
atotha little new knowledge doesn't hurt :-)18:12
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rm_workkk landing shortly18:54
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/octavia master: Add v2 health monitor API section
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johnsomxgerman Can you take a quick look at this:
johnsomstable/newton fix22:40
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