Thursday, 2017-05-18

openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Update example config to have more correct keystone_authtoken example
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rm_workUGH this is a nasty bug...00:56
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rm_workre: "nasty bug" -- if you try to create a listener, and it fails to provision on the amp, it goes to ERROR. It can't then be deleted, because when you try to delete it, we try to remove it from the amp config, and it isn't found on the amp, so it reverts the delete >_>05:02
rm_workwe need to "best effort" to delete it from the amp, and if it isn't found, that's OK05:02
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/octavia master: Don't leave LBs in PENDING_DELETE after refusing to cascade!
rm_work^^ that was also BAD (and my fault)05:37
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pksinghrm_work: hello06:11
pksinghrm_work: need some iinformation related to octavia06:12
pksinghpksingh: can you please help m eout06:12
pksinghrm_work: ^^06:12
rm_workmaybe, what is it?06:12
pksinghrm_work: can i write custom user_data during amphora image boot?06:13
rm_worki believe so06:13
pksinghrm_work: any configuration in octavia for that06:13
rm_worki'm not sure where exactly...06:13
rm_workit might be a code change06:14
pksinghi was checking this function
rm_workah, right06:14
pksinghrm_work: but i am not sure from where config_drive_files option is passed06:14
pksinghrm_work: basically i need to change the content of some files06:15
rm_workit might be a code change there06:15
rm_worki'd have to trace that back u06:15
rm_work*up a bit06:15
rm_worktrying to debug something else at the moment though :/06:15
pksinghrm_work: please help if you have time, ok no issue may be after some time06:15
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rm_workpksingh: config_drive_files isn't passed in from anywhere that is used... so you'd need to make a code change there to allow someone to put in custom files... or patch it yourself to put in files, but that's kind of bad. it'd be cool to make it configurable somehow07:27
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pksinghrm_work: what do you suggest, change in amphora image(i.e. custom amphora image) build or in octavia code for this purpose?07:30
rm_workif the files are very static... probably add them to the image07:31
rm_workmake a custom element07:31
rm_workand you can add the custom element to the build easily07:31
rm_workexport DIB_LOCAL_ELEMENTS=my_custom_element07:32
rm_workmaking an element that just adds static files is VERY simple07:32
pksinghrm_work: not very much familier with custom elements07:33
rm_worksee in on line 336, we just add DIB_LOCAL_ELEMENTS to the end of the element sequence07:33
rm_workyeah it's very simple07:33
rm_worktake a look at...07:33
pksinghrm_work: need to look into it07:33
rm_workpksingh: super easy, so just do this07:34
rm_workgo to the octavia/elements dir07:34
rm_workmkdir my_custom_element/static/07:34
rm_workand inside that static folder, put the files you want in, treating that folder as /07:35
rm_workso look at "amphora-agent" for example07:35
rm_workit has static/etc/logrotate.d/amphora-agent07:35
rm_workanything in static/ gets placed from /07:35
pksinghrm_work: thank you sir :)07:36
rm_workthen before you run the create script, export DIB_LOCAL_ELEMENTS=my_custom_element07:36
rm_workand you're set07:36
rm_workthe image should contain the files you want07:36
pksinghrm_work: great07:36
pksinghrm_work: we will try this, and ask for your help if i face any problem07:37
pksinghrm_work: thnx07:37
rm_worki'm about to leave for the night, but I will be around tomorrow07:37
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nmagnezirm_work, here by any chance?12:01
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nmagnezixgerman, o/13:21
xgermanhi, so I will be out the next two weeks beginning tomorrow — so today would be a good day to get me to review stuff ;-)13:22
nmagnezixgerman, first, have a nice vacation :)13:23
nmagnezixgerman, second, nothing too big for me to ask for, still struggling with some tripleO deployment stuff13:23
xgermanthanks — I am in Germany so will be fun ;-)13:23
xgermanyeah, I have too many balls in the air right now to do something meaningful for LBaaS/Octavia13:24
xgermanBTW blogan was legendary to do his best work on Octavia while on PTO13:25
nmagnezixgerman, I was actually running scenario tests post deployment (locally) and getting some errors related to "endpoint not found" and I suspect it is related to the fact that the tempest lib quota client tries to fetch the endpoint with service-type loadbalancer whereas It's service_type=octavia13:25
xgermanservice_type octavia is wrong13:25
nmagnezixgerman, lol, shame he is not around anymore13:25
xgermanyeah, he joined the “Borg”13:26
nmagnezixgerman, really? good I asked you!13:26
nmagnezixgerman, and as for Germany I agree. I love to visit this country. so many places to see13:26
xgermanwe agreed on loadbalancer I think —13:26
xgermannmagnezi it’s great there — but I am biased since I am from there + have family13:27
nmagnezixgerman, your name turns you in :-)13:28
nmagnezibtw what is "Borg" ?13:29
xgermanIt’s Mestery’s team at IBM — lot’s of Neutron people join to be never heard from again13:29
nmagnezimestery, i hope that was not an evil "lol" (aka muhahaha) O_o13:30
mesteryIt's all good :P13:32
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nmagnezixgerman, will it be sane to backport to stable/ocata14:14
xgermanmmh, we can try — but might be an uphill battle14:15
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nmagnezixgerman, you might be right. the thing is, it breaks the Octavia tripleO deployment for stable/ocata14:17
xgermanmmgh, can’t that be configurable in some way14:17
xgermanalso for OSA I just made it the new one (but I am also very lax with tempest tests)14:18
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* blogan still haunts these hallways17:26
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rm_workblogan: hey!19:06
bloganrm_work: ahoy!19:06
rm_worknmagnezi: yeah i'm here19:06
rm_workand BTW it's "load-balancer"19:07
rm_workwith a hyphen19:07
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bloganwho hyphenates loadbalancer19:14
bloganor load balancer19:14
bloganpick a side!19:14
rm_workI've been fighting it for so long19:14
rm_worki tried19:14
rm_worklet me see if i can find the CR19:14
rm_workblogan: finally got this merged: :P19:14
rm_workthe thing i asked you about a while back19:14
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bloganeven kevinbenton +2'ed it19:17
blogani figured he'd -2 everything once he got the ultimate power of ptl19:18
xgermanhe is a good sport19:21
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rm_workheh yeah19:35
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kevinbentonblogan: why are you here?20:37
kevinbentonyou didn't even stop by neutron to say hello!20:37
blogankevinbenton: i got pinged in here, maybe if you cared you'd ping me in neutron!20:37
kevinbentonblogan: i see how it is, can i assign you a few bugs?20:39
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blogankevinbenton: you can do whatever you want in launchpad :) but you can't make me do anything!20:40
bloganyour dark magic holds no power against me anymore20:41
nmagneziblogan, the power of launcpad compels you!20:42
kevinbentonblogan: yeah, you don't want the google results for "Brandon Logan" to be a bunch of open bugs assigned to you :)20:43
blogannmagnezi: im too lazy to giphy the exorcist20:44
blogankevinbenton: i'm probably the most boring google search20:44
kevinbentonblogan: "brandon logan obituary" is the first auto suggest for me20:46
kevinbentonblogan: after i type brandon logan :)20:46
blogani have risen!20:48
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johnsomkevinbenton: he like us best...22:34
johnsomHave fun googling me..  this is by design22:36
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