Wednesday, 2017-07-12

johnsomIt will slow down inserts and updates00:00
rm_workah hmm00:00
johnsomI'm in favor of doing the project_id, we will hit that a bunch for sure00:01
johnsomBut we should be cautious about adding too many00:01
johnsomAh crumb00:05
johnsomYeah, we still have an issue in the API around deleting objects in error.  Some of these controllers are passing in "PENDING_UPDATE" as the target status instead of the true "PENDING_DELETE".00:06
johnsomThis could use a nice refactor too00:06
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rm_workjohnsom: ah, darn, you fixing that?03:21
rm_workI am happy to do some refactors03:21
rm_workif you point me at the issue you're seeing03:21
rm_workwhere do the *controllers* pass through PENDING_UPDATE/DELETE?03:22
johnsomI don't have the cycles right now to work on it, plus I'm still noodling it.  Let me get you some pointers03:22
johnsomThis is the bug:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1613956 in octavia "Can not delete listener from a loadbalancer in ERROR status" [High,Triaged] - Assigned to Michael Johnson (johnsom)03:23
rm_workjohnsom: i don't see where any controllers pass a status?03:24
rm_workthey just use handler.delete()03:24
johnsomSo, the problem is this check:
rm_workI always thought that was odd03:25
johnsomWhich only looks at the target status, which for these is really the right status for LB and listener (pending_update) when you are deleting a pool for example.03:25
rm_workwait what03:26
rm_workwhenever something goes to error, the objects above it do too, no?03:26
johnsomThe refactor is like every controller has a derevitive of this:
rm_workwhat stays in PENDING_UPDATE?03:26
johnsomWe are telling it we want those to go to PENDING_UPDATE which is right if we are deleting a member03:27
rm_worki see, i think03:27
rm_worki'll have to noodle that s well03:27
johnsomThere are some weird combinations here.  LB in error, listener is not, LB has pool with members.  Standard delete on LB won't work.  Standard delete on the member to burn up the chain won't work.03:28
johnsomThis week I have a few internal deliverables, so can't take on any big projects.03:30
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openstackgerrittuninger proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Update members data based on haproxy stats data.
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: FYI, is down, review.o.o is slow - please have patience until this is fixed06:51
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openstackgerritEvgeny Fedoruk proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Enhancements for the the back-end system
nmagnezirm_work, o/07:10
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openstackgerrittuninger proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: Update members data based on haproxy stats data.
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rm_worknmagnezi: o/08:44
nmagnezirm_work, o/08:44
rm_workah crap today is meeting day isn't it08:45
nmagnezirm_work, may i ask u to have a look at , yesterday i discovered that this issue persists08:45
openstackLaunchpad bug 1690812 in octavia "Octavia active/standby config+ pool with sourceip session persistence configuration- Service is not available and LB is not deleted after test" [Critical,Triaged]08:45
rm_workearly morning08:45
rm_worki probably won't make it08:45
nmagnezirm_work, yeah.. it's becoming an impossible time for me as well08:46
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nmagnezirm_work, but we had a democratic vote, so that's fair :)08:46
rm_worklol yes08:47
rm_worki did find out many years ago that democratic often means "worst for everyone"08:47
nmagnezirm_work, lol. i tend to agree :)08:48
openstackgerritBernard Cafarelli proposed openstack/octavia master: DIB: drop custom mirror elements
rm_workwho was it that wanted the new time?08:48
nmagnezii don't remember.. I think it was for folks that reside in India's timezone (no sure which one specifically)08:49
rm_workyou're IST?08:51
rm_workah this is an active/standby bug08:51
rm_workyeah our testing of that is not great at the moment08:51
rm_workbut SOON I'll be running that configuration in my cloud08:51
rm_workit'll get a lot more of a workout :P08:52
nmagnezirm_work, i'm at UTC+03:0008:52
rm_workoh IST isn't what I thought it was08:52
rm_workoh wait it also is08:52
rm_workIST is India Standard Time *AND* Israel Standard Time08:52
nmagneziwe should really have a scenario tests job configured with ACTIVE_STANDBY amphoras08:52
rm_workwe need so many gates...08:53
nmagnezimaybe I should put this in the meeting agenda so johnsom will decide is this is sane08:54
nmagnezirm_work, in any case, i'm not sure what's wrong with the haproxy peers config, but if there's something you'd like me to try (manual modifications to haproxy.cfg) I have a live setup for this. and I'd love to submit a patch as soon as we figure out how to change that config08:56
rm_workyeah i'll need to look in the morning i think08:57
openstackgerritBernard Cafarelli proposed openstack/octavia master: DIB: drop custom mirror elements
nmagnezirm_work, aye :)08:57
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openstackgerritJon Schlueter proposed openstack/neutron-lbaas master: removing WebTest from test-deps
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openstackgerritCarlos Puga proposed openstack/octavia master: Spec detailing Octavia service flavors support
johnsomnmagnezi Commented on that bug14:07
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nmagnezijohnsom, thanks Michael! I'll recheck the image and report back16:42
sanfernjohnsom, Do we need to do any specific changes to amphora image to get assigned ipv6 for lb mgmt net?16:50
johnsomNo, it should be all on the controller side16:51
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sanfernok, my amphora didn't get ipv6 assigned, but nova show reports it16:52
johnsomThis may be of interest to you:
johnsomIt's for link local, but should give you an idea16:52
johnsomI think it will preference IPv4 if it is available16:53
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sanfernThanks johnsom, let me have a look.16:58
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johnsomOctavia meeting starting soon on #openstack-meeting17:00
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ssmithWhich version of openstackclient supports octavia loadbalancer commands?  I'm using pip to install17:06
johnsompip install python-octaviaclient17:07
johnsomThat will install our plugin17:07
ssmithWhat about this?
johnsomYes, those command will be available after our plugin, python-octaviaclient is installed17:15
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ssmithYep, that works.  couldn't find anything referring to that in the documentation though. Thanks.17:22
johnsomYeah, all of OpenStack docs are moving around right now.17:23
johnsomThere is a link from the main page:
johnsomFor installation instructions.17:23
johnsomssmith Where would you have expected to find that info?  I might be able to add it to help others17:23
ssmithYes there is but doesn't reffer to anything that it hooks into the openstackclient which led me to beleive that it was a standalone like some others17:24
johnsomAh, gotcha17:24
ssmithWhen the docs reffer to 'openstack loadbalancer list'17:25
johnsomI will update that to be more clear.  I will also be hooking this into our main docs site soon as well.  It's all part of these docs changes17:25
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ssmithDoes Octavia have a Public endpoint? -->openstack loadbalancer list -->17:32
ssmithpublic endpoint for load-balancer service in RegionOne region not found17:32
johnsomYes, it is load-balancer17:32
johnsomMaybe your keystone is not setup correctly?17:32
johnsom"openstack endpoint list | grep octavia"17:32
ssmithDid that and there's just an internal endpoint.17:33
johnsomHmm, yeah, our devstack plugin creates all three.17:34
ssmithThis is production deployed via ansible17:35
johnsomAh, yeah, I don't think the ansible has been updated for the Octavia v2 API endpoint yet17:35
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ssmithIs there an ENV setting to set it to internal?17:43
ssmithWhere could I find a conf setting for public endpoint - I can do it manually for now17:48
xgerman_you would need to change playbooks in ansible which is annoying - or set it your self via keystone17:50
xgerman_but then they won’t be set up in OSA’s load balancer :-(17:50
xgerman_I really need to get around adding some of the Pike features17:51
johnsomI think this is what you are looking for:17:51
johnsom  --os-service-provider-endpoint <auth-service-provider-endpoint>17:51
johnsom                        With v3adfspassword: Service Provider's Endpoint (Env:17:51
johnsom                        OS_SERVICE_PROVIDER_ENDPOINT)17:51
johnsomFrom the openstack command help17:51
johnsomOr maybe this one:17:52
johnsom  --os-url <auth-url>   With token_endpoint: Specific service endpoint to use17:52
johnsom                        (Env: OS_URL)17:52
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ssmithI changed the RC file to say export OS_INTERFACE=internal and use the internal URL for keystone but get a 404 error. Does Octavia support Keystone v3?18:00
johnsomYes it does18:01
johnsomCould it be you have an Octavia deployment older than master/Pike?18:01
ssmithProbably it's Ocata18:02
johnsomAh, yeah, you don't have the v2 API in your octavia18:02
ssmithoh boy18:02
johnsomWith Ocata you are running through neutron-lbaas, so you need to use the "neutron" client18:03
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rm_workssmith: for the record, if you are on an ocata cloud, there is nothing that would prevent you from running pike/master Octavia18:13
rm_workssmith: I'm running octavia from master, on a liberty cloud, with no issues18:13
rm_workin fact I would highly recommend running as close to master as possible18:14
rm_workthe amount of usability work that was done in the Pike cycle is pretty insane18:14
rm_workjohnsom: did I miss anything in the meeting?18:14
ssmithWe're on Newton and think that stable/Newton was installed.  Can we use master (which I'm assuming is Pike)?18:15
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tomtomtomI'm looking at the version we're using18:22
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tomtomtomok so is the octavia from about 1 or 2 months ago current enough?  Should I be installing stable/pike to run with newton? or straight up master branch?18:25
tomtomtomis there a way to tell the version I'm using compared to what I should be running?18:25
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ssmithCan we use master (which I'm assuming is Pike) on Newton?18:30
xgerman_yes, rm_work does that18:34
rm_workI use master on Liberty :P18:35
rm_worktomtomtom: actually even a couple months back MIGHT be too old18:35
rm_worktomtomtom: we're literally wrapping up the APIv2 stuff this cycle18:35
tomtomtomok then master it is18:36
ssmithHow did you handle the python inconsistences?18:36
johnsomThe other thing to consider is in theory, the python-octaviaclient can be pointed to the the neutron API.  It's un-tested, but for the most part should work.  Though the neutron client is tested, etc.18:37
ssmithThere are other issues we're having too so might as well re-do with the master branch18:38
openstackgerritCarlos Puga proposed openstack/octavia master: Spec detailing Octavia service flavors support
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rm_workssmith: python inconsistencies?19:50
rm_workjohnsom: AUGH is there a doc somewhere about how to use this stupid systemctl stuff to restart devstack processes?19:51
rm_workI'm dieing here19:51
rm_workjust want to restart nova and can't remember how, digging through my notes for the last time you told me how19:51
rm_workwhat was wrong with screen T_T19:51
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johnsomThere is that19:52
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rm_workperfect, thanks19:54
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rm_workugh just lost my logs for the past week20:15
rm_workah i guess they're on my ZNC but it's really annoying to get to those20:15
johnsomUgh, yeah, you can also always look back on evesdrop20:16
rm_workah true20:23
rm_workrestarted n-* in devstack and the whole system became non-responsive, eventually rebooted itself20:24
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johnsomGeez, 2U servers out there with 3TB of RAM using 128GB DIMMs.  Now we are cooking with gas....20:26
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nmagnezijohnsom, o/21:20
nmagnezijohnsom, so, should I attempt to add a non-voting active standby amp gate?21:20
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johnsomnmagnezi Sorry, was in a meeting.21:44
johnsomWe talked about the need to start spinning up a proper tempest plugin.  I have the repo setup:
johnsomIt's just we need to do the base development for that.21:45
johnsomI fully agree we need that gate, it's just building on good foundations rather than the outdated tempest code we have today21:45
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